Personal Thoughts About Solo Travel and Why You MUST Do It

Welcome to the world of solo travel. I thought it would be great to give you my reflections on why I feel traveling alone is so important and why I emphasize it so much.

Yes, I do know that just the thought of traveling by yourself can be scary, but it can also be exciting and liberating. Taking those first steps are usually the hardest for you, but do worry. I’m here for you and your journey.

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Solo Travel Tips for Theme Parks with White Ferris Wheel

7 Reasons Why You MUST Travel Solo

Although I focus mainly on theme parks, I want you to know that as we go through this reflection of traveling alone, the same thoughts and ideas can also help you for any type of solo travel around the world.

1. Self-discovery

What I’ve realized on my solo travels is just how capable that I am.

If anything, I’ve been able to see how I am able to adjust to every changing situations. And I really get to know my true self, because I have to decide what decisions I need to make in everyday scenarios of life.

Now, this may seem very small to you, but to a lot of us who are so used to being around people, this decision and sense of independence and freedom is definitely something that we’re all striving to get better at.

Solo Traveler NikkyJ in front of classic Universal Studios Hollywood sign

On my solo travels, I have really come into my own. I’m very confident about the woman I am today much more than before I started my solo travels.

That’s why I’m such an advocate for anyone who’s thinking about going out by themselves to any destination. Especially to both Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando theme parks.

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2. Happy Without Perfection

Solo travel forces you to be okay with things not being perfect all the time. You will be happy overall, but I think the disappointment comes when you over plan and your expectations end up disappointing you if they don’t go the right way.

Don’t get me wrong. I do recommend always planning out your trips.

However, overtime I’ve learned that you have to outline what you want to do, but you also want to be open with the unexpected things that may come.

Westgate Lakes Resort & Spa. An Orlando Resort near Disney and Universal Studios. Solo Travel with NikkyJ

Simply because the unexpected experiences and stories that arise from your trip alone may just be the adventure you needed to change your life in a positive way.

It doesn’t mean that you are losing control, you just see a change come and you embrace it. And this can go with anything in life and it helps you with life.

When new changes come, your comfort zone is tested. You’ll find out if you have the stamina, the strength to just be okay, to go with the flow and say, “Hey, I know this was not what I expected, but let me make the best of it.”

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3. Growth

I cannot tell you how much I have grown over the last decade with traveling alone to theme parks. One thing is that I’ve become a very strong person.

I’m more confident as I have always had to push myself to do things like talking to someone by myself. This has been done by simply sparking up a conversation with a total stranger in the queue of Flight of Passage at Animal Kingdom.

Flight of Passage Queue

Growth has also made me more responsible with everyday “adulting” with things such as my budget and planning better.

Because when you’re on your solo trip, you don’t want to come back with the disappointment that you overspent.

So, I have learned to plan out my trips in the form of setting a budget and knowing what I want to spend on the experiences things that I really want to see and do.

Especially, those special adventures that I know if I went with people, they wouldn’t want to do it. So, I budget for that. And that might be my most expensive thing, but I also set like a moderate budget for dining, drinks or little trinkets.

Solo Travel Tips for Theme Parks with Red and Blue Roller Coaster

It’s up to you. But overall, the growth of being a better planner, a better budgeter, and just being able to create these fun itineraries have helped me grow as a person.

As a result, I have become more strategic and more focused on this blog and on my personal goals because solo travel pulled that out of me.

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4. Independence

Yes, everyone talks about independence. And I am that person who is a big advocate of the independence that you get when traveling alone.

No longer do you have the option of depending on someone. And that was something so scary for me at first, but it no longer matters anymore.

NikkyJ Christmas at Universal with Gold Ornament
Christmas at Universal Studios Florida

I love to be able to do what I want to do and not always having the opinion or the judgment from someone who’s like, “eww are you really about to go to Disney again?”

I like the independence and the freedom. And that’s something that solo travel grants you every time. Once you have that sense of freedom traveling by yourself, you’ll want that in your “real” life too!

For instance maybe you’re at a job that you hate, but on your trips alone you realize that you are giving someone way too much of your life. And now you want that freedom AND independence back each and everyday! And that independence may come in the form of your own business. You never know.

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5. Courage

Yes, we all know that traveling alone is scary as heck. And I can’t attest to that because anytime I go to a new theme park for the first time by myself, I am a bit terrified, but I push through the fear anyway.

Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point Roller Coaster Sign

I will tell you that traveling alone has made me more courageous.

When the fear comes up, I know that I’m on a right path because when things are too comfortable in life, you life can get complacent and boring.

But when you have these little inklings of fear that says, “Hey, you shouldn’t do this because such and such might happen.”

Push pass the fear and do it anyway!

Just as long as it’s not going to be a harm to your life.

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6. Small Steps

I have always talked about how solo travel needs to be done in small steps, period. You have never, ever heard me give a “tips post” about solo travel here on this site, where I did not mention start small.

This is because if you try to dive in the deep end of this form of travel, you may end up being highly disappointed and never wanting to do it again. So, I take solo travel in the same way.

SeaWorld Tips and Tricks with blue roller coaster Manta

Just start with little things such as going to a fast food restaurant by yourself, and then maybe doing a staycation in your own town by yourself. And then you work your way up to doing a full out vacation.

But if you’re an adventurous person, then jump out there and go for it!

I will say that the “small steps” aspect of solo travel has spilled over into my real life. So, when I have these big goals that I want to accomplish with my business, with my family, and with myself, I just start taking the goal one step at a time.

And when I start small, guess what? I ended up conquering the whole big goal.

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7. Travel at Your Own Pace

We all know that when you are planning a trip with friends and family, the bigger, the party, the more of a headache.

And a lot of times you may miss out on those things that you really want to do or see on your vacation.

Pink Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Paris

What I have learned with my own solo travels, as I reflect on it in this post, is that I really appreciate being able to have my own agenda.

I like having my own travel goals and itineraries. And I like being able to say, “Hey, I just want to go to the Magic Kingdom and eat all the best snacks. That’s the only thing I want to do.”

Disney Dining Waffles at Sleepy Hallow with Olaf from Frozen

No one is with me to complain or to shoot down my awesome idea. And I like that freedom because if I was with the average person going to the Magic Kingdom, there is no way they would want to do that.

Unless you have a really cool, dope friend that you know, who is rocking with you no matter what. So, traveling on my own path and at my own pace is why I love this freedom of solo travel.

Final Thoughts

Yes, I know solo travel isn’t for everyone. Some people embrace it while other want to avoid it like the plague. You have to be okay with being alone and I’m okay with being alone.

Don’t get me wrong, I do like my time with friends and family, but I really cherish those solo trips to theme parks, like Walt Disney World.

Solo travel why you must travel alone

I hope this guide helps you get out there to be courageous and to travel to any of the theme parks alone with confidence and with the plan.

Until next time, Happy Park Hopping Hipsters!


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(Original Article Date: August 27, 2020/Updated April 2, 2020)

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