Disney Magic Kingdom Cinderella Castle with Dumbo 50th Anniversary Statue

Magic Kingdom Roller Coasters: ALL RANKED for 2022!

Are you ready to conquer ALL of the Magic Kingdom roller coasters on your next Disney trip?

When it comes to classic attractions, Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom is home to most of them, and many of those classic attractions happen to be roller coasters.

The best part about the roller coasters at Magic Kingdom is that they come in all shapes and sizes and all thrill levels. 

If you’re thinking about hopping on and pulling down the lap bar on any of these coasters, but have questions before you get on, I have you covered.

This is the ThemeParkHipster official ranking of the Magic Kingdom roller coasters. 

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Where are all disney parks located with castle, epcot ball, hollywood tower hotel, and tree of life at animal kingdom.

Where are All the Disney Parks Located? (Disney theme parks to put on your bucket list)

Question of the week: Where are all the Disney Parks located?

The magic of Walt Disney can be found all over the world, not just in Florida and California. Just in case you did not know, there’s a total of 12 Disney theme parks and 2 water parks across the globe.

In this guide, we’re going answer where are the 12 Disney Parks, what’s unique about each one of them, and where to get your Disney park tickets.

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Pocahontas and Meeko sail down Discovery River as part of the holiday celebrations happening at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Kent Phillips photographer

Disney World Characters: Where to Find Them ALL at Walt Disney World? 

Question of the Week: Where to meet Disney World characters inside the parks?

One of the things frequent Disney parks visitors have been looking forward to the most since they reopened during the pandemic, was the return of Disney character meet-and-greet experiences.

These experiences are essential to what makes the Disney parks so special. Everyone, no matter the age, always recalls how special it is when they meet Mickey Mouse for the very first time.

Every person nostalgically looks back on that moment when they met their favorite princess, Pixar or Star Wars character in real life in the parks.

This is because these characters are given so much life, personality and relatability. The ability to be able to see a part of yourself in these characters are what truly make these such pivotal and iconic moments in the lives of those who visit.

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Rainy day At Magic Kingdom Orlando Florida

What’s the BEST Rain Poncho for Disney? These 7 Will Help You Decide

Are you trying to figure what the best rain poncho for Disney is for your upcoming trip?

We’re heading into the summer months this year, and you know what that means?! Yup! Rainy season in Orlando, FL.

As you might already know, rainy season in a tropical area is quite different from what you might experience in less extreme climates. Rainy season in Florida often means one hour of rain each day so heavy, that you can barely see two feet in front of you!

And so, for that reason, today I’m going to talk about the Best Rain Poncho for Disney!  Or, more specifically, our seven favorite rain ponchos for Disney.  Because…after all… every ThemeParkHipster has different desires and needs!

And so, without further ado let’s talk about the which ponchos are the recommendation for your Disney World trip! Because a dripping wet vacation is not very magical, am I right?

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Let’s learn what items you never knew you could buy for your next Walt Disney World vacation from Dollar Tree.

33 Incredible Dollar Tree Items You Must Pack for Disney World (2022)

Did you know that you can find all of your Disney essentials at the Dollar Tree?


I know!

As a ThemeParkHipster, I love saving money and showing you ways to save money on your Walt Disney World Vacation.

It’s for this reason that I recommend giving the Dollar Tree a chance to get your Disney shopping list done for a low price.

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Drinking Around the World Epcot Tips.

19 Do’s and Don’ts of Drinking Around the World at Epcot

Walt Disney World for Adults: Tips for Drinking Around the World at Epcot – What You Need to Know

You guys know I’m a fan of drinking around the world at Epcot just as much as one would image an adult ThemeParkHipster would be.

However, there have been times at Epcot where the Epcot Twilight Zone begins right before the sun is about to set.

It’s a time in the evening where adults change from docile human beings to playful big kids doped up on cotton candy.

The only problem is that it’s not cotton candy.

The culprit?


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What is the Genie Pass at Disney World

Disney Genie Plus vs Lightning Lane: Everything You MUST KNOW!

We have officially left the FastPass era and have entered the new golden era of Disney Genie and Lightning Lane. In early August of this year, Disney Parks provided us with the first details regarding Disney Genie, the new in park planning tool within the My Disney Experience app.

They also mentioned that the system would debut at Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts this Fall.

This new addition was first announced during the 2019 D23 Expo and Disney had been tight lipped ever since up until that point.

In early September, rumblings sparked that Cast Members were beginning their training. Finally, Disney Genie’s rollout was announced to debut on October 19th at Walt Disney World, with Disneyland’s version following shortly with no date reveal as of this post yet.

Those who do not frequent the parks often might be overwhelmed by such a big change that is highly dependent on the My Disney Experience app. But many of your questions will be answered here today, so have no worries or fears!

Today, I will be going over Disney Genie, Disney Genie+, Lightning Lane and everything in between that comes with it!

This includes how to navigate, purchase, what is included and much more.

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Best drinks to have a Epcot

21 BEST Drinks in Epcot – Your Cheat Guide

Alcoholic Drinks at Disney World: Best Drinks in Epcot

Epcot, the Disney park made for ThemeParkHipsters, hosts a world of some of the best libations.

Globetrotting around Epcot is one of the most amazing places to have a crisp beer, a fruity glass of your favorite Pinot Grigio, or an enticing cocktail.

You’ll have fun enjoying some of the best drinks in Epcot.

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Disney Hollywood Studios Stormtroopers on Rise of the Resistance

Happy May the 4th Be with You! 5 Ideas to Celebrate Star Wars Day at Home

Every year Star Wars fans around the world come together to celebrate May the 4th Be with You, or Star Wars Day, which is lovingly dedicated to everything from a galaxy far, far away.

Star Wars fans have had a lot to celebrate recently like the adorableness of The Child, aka Baby Yoda, new Star Wars series coming to Disney+, and the opening of an entire Star Wars-themed land at both Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios and Disneyland Park.

If you can’t make it to Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and don’t feel quite comfortable going to a movie theater to watch old Star Wars movies, there are plenty of ways to celebrate Star Wars from home.

I’ve rounded up my top five May the 4th Be with You ideas and activities that you can do without leaving home.

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