Japan Pavilion Exterior View

What EPCOT Japanese Restaurant is the Best?

Are you trying to figure out which EPCOT Japanese restaurant you should visit on your trip?

EPCOT attracts foodies from around the world to its theme parks with an extraordinary gastronomic scene. The food offerings at EPCOT encompasses everything from home-style American burgers to a delicious platter of authentic Japanese sushi.

Scattered across this eater’s paradise are over 50 restaurants, of which some of the top choices are in Japan Pavilion alone.

It should be no surprise that gourmands often visit this Walt Disney World park, especially to sample multiple cuisines. In this post, I will guide those of you who are in pursuit of scrummy Japanese dishes. Get ready to chop-chop with the chopsticks.

Here is a list of best EPCOT Japanese restaurants.

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Christmas at Ft. Wilderness Lodge

4 Best Disney Resorts at Christmas (Enjoy Them for Free!)

It doesn’t quite feel like the holidays until you make a trip to the Disney resorts at Christmas!

There’s nothing like the holiday season at Walt Disney World. Even if it’s just sitting cozily next to a fireplace with family or feeling the spirit of Christmas while walking around the Walt Disney World onsite hotels.

Although I love both activities, I think you’d probably guess that the latter has become my new holiday tradition.

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Epcot Mexico Pavilion Pyramid View

ULTIMATE Guide to Epcot Mexican Restaurants 2021 (menus, ambience, comparison and more!)

Are you wondering what are the BEST Epcot Mexican restaurants? Or… Ever love a particular cuisine so much that you have considered relocating for it?

I have.

It’s Mexican food all the way for me! I love the flavors, the spice, the way they make it, oh my. You may relate with me (even if its a teensy bit) because who does not like Mexican food right?

Well, I’ve got good news for you.

You don’t need to relocate to Mexico to find good Mexican food. Epcot offers plenty! 

Epcot Mexican restaurants are all stomach-grumblingly mouth-watering (if there is such a word). You can start with tacos, move on to enchiladas, throw back an avocado margarita and end the feast with some flan. Of course, this is but a fraction of what’s on the menu!

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Cinderella Castle at the Magic Kingdom in Orlando Florida Solo Disney Trips

Are Solo Disney Trips Fun? (Traveling Alone)

Question of the Week: Are Solo Disney Trips Fun?


Solo trips to Walt Disney World or Disneyland can seem daunting, especially if it’s your first time doing one.

Questions that may zoom through your head could include will people notice I’m alone, will I be treated differently, and will they let me ride everything even though there might be an empty seat next to me?

The short answer to the overall question is yes, solo Disney trips are definitely fun!

If you’ve even thought about going to a Disney park alone then you should act on that thought. No matter if you’re going to Epcot to eat and drink around the world, or you’re going to Disneyland Park to explore Walt Disney’s original ideas going alone is fun.

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Test Track at Epcot

Is Test Track at Epcot Scary?

So, you wanna ride Test Track at Epcot?  Well to be honest, we can’t blame you! This ride is the perfect mix of thrills, surprises, and family fun. Plus, it constantly ranks as a favorite among Disney guests.

But, what is the history of this ride? What should you expect before going on? At what point during your park day should you plan to ride it?  

We know your head is probably spinning with questions, but don’t worry! 

All these questions, and more, will be answered in this very post! So what are you waiting for? Sit back, relax, and buckle up your seat belt- we’ve got lots to get to!

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Is Disney Open for Thanksgiving Day. Yes it is with lots of activities to choose from.

Ultimate Guide to Thanksgiving at Disney (Dinner, Tips, and Crowd)

You may be wondering if Disney World is open during Thanksgiving Day?


If you’ve never experience Thanksgiving at Disney World, then you’re definitely missing out on one the best ways to jump start the holidays.

From delicious Thanksgiving dinners to festive décor and treats, you’ll want to try a day at Disney during this holiday weekend.

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Candlelight Processional at Epcot

Your Guide to the Epcot Candlelight Processional (Listen to the Story of Christmas)

The Epcot Candlelight Processional is the perfect way to enjoy all of the festival food, drinks, and culinary adventures with a yuletide treat to end the of your solo day.

If you’re planning on attending the Epcot International Festival of the Holidays, then you must listen to one of your favorite entertainers narrate the beautiful Christmas Story at this joyful event.

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Best Christmas Quotes for Disney with Christmas Trees

25 Best Disney Christmas Quotes to Get You in the Holiday Spirit

With the holiday season quickly approaching, you need to have a few Disney Christmas quotes to help lift your spirits this year.

As I sit here prepping for the festivities to come, I realize that each year goes by faster and faster. Sometimes the earlier portions of the year feel so far in the distance, like a thick foggy Florida morning.

It’s truly hard to believe the end is quickly approaching, but with that comes the holidays.

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Boardwalk Inn Disney Gingerbread House Display with Majestic Christmas Tree

Where are the Disney World Gingerbread Houses?

Can you smell the sweet aromas of the Disney World gingerbread houses coming from this page?

Well maybe I am pushing the imagination button just a bit, but I’m super excited to share with you something really cool that Disney does for the holidays.

Each Christmas season, the Disney Parks and resorts displays the most over-the-top gingerbread houses for everyone to enjoy each year. Many of the beautiful displays can be seen for free and yes, I did just say free!

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