6 Best Things To Do At Disney Springs For Solo Travelers (Disney Solo Trip)

A Walt Disney World vacation isn’t complete without a stop at Disney Springs for a solo trip. The shopping, dining, and entertainment district is filled with dozens of celebrity chef driven restaurants, stores with everything Mickey Mouse you can imagine, and live music around every corner.

No matter if you go to Disney Springs at the beginning of your trip for part of the day or near the end to pick up any last minute souvenirs there’s so much to do for solo travelers. 

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1. Enjoy A Wine Tasting At Wine Bar George

One of the most popular restaurants at Walt Disney World just happens to be at Disney Springs. Wine Bar George is a gorgeous two-story building that’s should be considered the Mecca for wine enthusiasts.

Wine Bar George Orlando Entrance at Disney

The wine list has over 100 different wines, which are all served by the bottle, glass, or ounce, and can be made into a personalized wine tasting by any one of George’s fantastic waitstaff.

Just tell them what you like and they can make something magical happen.

If you’re hungry there’s also an incredible food menu filled with small plates, sharable charcuterie boards, and scrumptious entrees.

Do not miss out on the burrata, which is paired with seasonal tomatoes and grilled bread! Because Wine Bar George is so popular you’re going to want to try to get a reservation through Disney or on OpenTable at peak times like weekends and holidays. 

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2. Stop And Listen To Live Music

There quite a few places to stop and listen to live music at Disney Springs, but our favorite is the stage near World of Disney.

Live Entertainment at Disney Springs Solo House of Blues

This area is quite large and has benches to sit on while enjoying the sounds of the season (whether that’s Christmas, Black History Month, or summer).

Disney Springs Christmas Tree at Entrance

The bands Disney brings in are usually from the Orlando area, so not only are you supporting the arts while catching a show, you’re supporting the Orlando community.

Each performance is free and open to the public, so there’s no need to get a ticket in advance. Just show up and hang out. 

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3. Taste Your Way Through Celebrity Chef Driven Restaurants

All over Disney Springs you can find restaurants with celebrity chefs at the helm. We love Wolfgang Puck Bar and Grill and Rick Bayless’ Frontera Cocina as solo travelers because they both offer first come, first served bar seating that doesn’t require a reservation.

Morimoto Asia in Disney Springs with Saki Sangria and Sushi
Morimoto Asia in Disney Springs with Saki Sangria and Sushi

We also love these two because the menus are unique and the atmosphere is very laid back and relaxed. These are the spots to unwind after a long day in the parks or after a long travel day to Orlando.

Morimoto Asia Sushi Nigiri Chefs Choice
Nigiri and Sushi

Other celebrity chef restaurants at Disney Springs include Jaleo by Jose Andres, Chef Art Smith’s Homecoming, and Morimoto Asia. 

4. Take An Amphicar Ride Around The Lake

One of the most unique things to do at Walt Disney World is an Amphicar ride at Disney Springs. These floating retro cars can be found near the entrance of The Boathouse restaurant.

The Boathouse Orlando Amphicar in Water Disney Springs Solo Travel Tips

The rides are about 25-minutes long and takes you around the lake Disney Springs is nestled on. While aboard the captain can point out landmarks and give out fun facts about the Amphicars.

Boathouse at Disney Springs Strawberry Shortcake with Whipped Cream
Boathouse at Disney Springs Strawberry Shortcake

One that we learned recently is that there are less than 400 of these types of cars in the world! 

5. Create Your Own M&M’s Design

The taste of M&M’s can instantly take someone back to their childhood at grandma’s house, where you knew she likely had a bag of the candy hiding in a kitchen drawer somewhere.

MM Store at Disney Springs
Photo Credit: Disney Co.

Now you can relive those memories at the brand new M&M’s store at Disney Springs. The brightly colored interior has a huge wall of M&M’s in almost every color imaginable, and you can customize you’re own M&M’s with fun designs like castles, Mickey faces and more.

The unique treat and souvenir is a fun way to remember your trip and have a snack for the car ride back home at the same time. 

6. Hang Out At The Disney Springs Speakeasy

One hidden gem of Disney Springs is actually located under a restaurant and down some stairs. Enzo’s Hideaway is a trendy speakeasy that’s serving up yummy Italian cuisine and mixing up classic cocktails.

Maria and Enzo Hideaway Disney Springs Solo Travel Tips

The underground restaurant is easy to miss if you don’t know where to look, so be sure to keep an eye out for it while walking along the water at Disney Springs.

The Edison at Disney Springs Outdoor Entrance
The Edison is also a great place to visit for Happy Hour!

We love this spot because of the secluded feel, simple, but tasty food and drinks, and ease of getting in. When it’s busy at Disney Springs this is the spot to be because it likely has plenty of tables and bar seating available. 

The Edison at Disney Springs Happy Hour Hours with Stiff Bourbon Drink

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Top Disney Springs Solo Travel Tips

  1. Try to go during the week. Disney Springs gets super busy on weekends and holidays. If you can, go during the week to avoid some of the crowds and actually do what you want when you want without having to join a wait list somewhere. Yes, a wait list even exists to get into stores like World of Disney on super busy days. 
  2. Make dining reservations where you can. There are some places at Disney Springs that don’t take dining reservations like Gideon’s Bakehouse and The Polite Pig, but others like Wine Bar George and Wolfgang Puck Bar and Grill do. Having those reservations will ensure you have a table waiting for you when you get there and relieve any stress about finding somewhere to eat. 
Gideon Chocolate Chip Cookie at Disney Springs Solo Travel Tips

Let’s Wrap this Up

We hope this guide helps with planning a day at Disney Springs as a solo traveler. Be sure to follow ThemeParkHipster on our social accounts for more theme park tips and tricks. 

Gideons Bakehouse at Disney Springs Solo Travel Tips
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Until next time, Happy Park Hopping Hipsters!

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