What’s the Best Quick Service at Magic Kingdom? These 7 Will Help You Decide!

If you’re looking for the absolute Best Quick Service at Magic Kingdom, you’re in luck! Because I’ve created a list of seven knock-out restaurants that are as magical as they are delicious!

Sure, when it comes to foodie fun, EPCOT and Animal Kingdom seem to get all the extra pixie dust. But Magic Kingdom has quite a few bites that are not only fast but affordable, as well.

Well… for the most part. (Yeh, I’m looking at you Be Our Guest!)

And in case you’re wondering… all of the Counter Service locations listed below are perfect for solo travel, as they provide plenty of readily available seating with a ton of fun Imagineering details to check out!

Cinderella Castle at Disney

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1. Pecos Bills (Frontierland)

Stop in, grab some grub, and hang on tight… ‘cause this here is the wildest Quick Service in the wilderness!

Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn Cafe Entrance Magic Kingdom Orlando Florida

Pecos Bills is modeled after an Old West saloon! Throughout the restaurant, you’ll uncover items that once belonged to legendary western figures, including a mask from Lone Ranger, a pot from Johnny Appleseed, Davy Crockett’s coonskin cap, and more!

Despite the fact that this is a Counter Service location, there is so much to see, you just may find yourself wanting to stick ‘round and stay a spell.

The Food at Pecos Bill

The menu specializes in tasty Tex-Mex fare, from chicken fajitas and southwestern salad to bacon cheeseburgers and loaded nachos. Oh – and did I mention… mini churros with dipping chocolate?! YUM!

Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe Entrance Magic Kingdom Food

There is plenty of seating, as well as a few outdoor options that make for an extra special view of the passing cavalcades! In my opinion, you just can’t go wrong with Pecos Bills!

  • Serving: Lunch/Dinner
  • Top Pick: Fajita Platter – Pork Carnitas and Seasoned Chicken with Yellow Rice, Beans, Fajita Vegetables, Lettuce, Tomato, Sour Cream, Salsa and Flour Tortillas – $14.99

Hipster Power Tip: If you’re looking to cut costs, there is no better belly-filling deal in town than the tortilla chips! Here, you can pile high with free sides of cheese, salsa, sour cream, jalapeños, and more.

2. Casey’s Corner (Main Street, U.S.A.)

Step right up to a true slice of Americana!

Inspired by the “Casey at the Bat” segment of the animated feature Make Mine Music, this turn-of-the-century corner store offers the best of the ballpark!

Disney World Casey Corner Hotdogs Best Quick Service Magic Kingdom
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The theming is a homage to the golden era of America’s favorite pastime! Inside, you will find vintage portraits of famous athletes, pennants, and more!  Outside, sits red and white striped tables, as well as a life size Casey!

In addition, you’ll be serenaded by the Main Street Piano Player, tickling the ivories in ragtime-fashion.   

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The Food at Casey’s Corner

The restaurant serves up fan favorites, such as hot dogs, corn dog nuggets, French fries, and nachos with chili and cheese!

Magic Kingdom Halloween Casey's Corner with Baseball Guy

Though the interior is small in terms of seating, there is extra seating right outside!

What else can we say?! Casey’s Corner is a homerun!

  • Serving: Lunch/Dinner
  • Top Pick: All-Beef Foot-long Hot Dog – Served with a choice of French Fries or a Cuties® Mandarin – $11.49

Hipster Power Tip: Time your trip to Casey’s Corner just right and you can grab a seat outside to enjoy Magic Kingdom’s new fireworks spectacular, Disney Enchantment!

3. Tortuga Tavern (Adventureland)

Ahoy, Matey! Whether ye be a scoundrel or scallywag, Tortuga Tavern is a treasure to behold.

Tortuga Tavern Entrance Magic Kingdom

Tortuga Tavern is located across from Pirates of the Caribbean and fittingly so, as it is named after Tortuga Island, the sanctuary of Caribbean Piracy.

Tortuga Tavern Entrance at the Magic Kingdom Theme Park

There are a handful of nods to Pirates of the Caribbean here, namely a Code of Conduct, a wagon filled with provisions, and a crew roster for The Black Pearl listing Jack Sparrow as the captain!

The Food at Tortuga Tavern

The food is standard fare, including burgers and hot dogs. But seasonally they roll out more adventurous items, such as the Jerk-smoked Brisket Sandwich.

Tortuga Tavern Menu Options Display Magic Kingdom Food

Most of the seating at Tortuga Tavern is open-air. However, it shares a building with Pecos Bills, where plenty of indoor seating can be found.

  • Serving: Lunch/Dinner
  • Top Pick: Veranda Chicken Tenders – Chicken Strips tossed in a Sweet Orange Soy Glaze topped with Green Onions – $10.49
  • Pro Tip: Visit Tortuga Tavern directly after riding Pirates of the Caribbean for an extra dose of seafaring fun!

4. Columbia Harbour House (Liberty Square)

Now, when you’re talking about the Best Quick Service at Magic Kingdom, you can’t skip over Columbia Harbour House! After all, they’ve been delivering the goods since 1972!

Columbia Harbour House Entrance Magic Kingdom

Located on the corner of Liberty Square, this salty seaside tavern celebrates the nautical history of New England and is bedecked with immersive artwork, model ships and oceanic relics! Even the dining areas are appropriately named after New England port towns!

The Food at Columbia Harbour House

But where this tavern really sails its menu of fried fish, shrimp, chicken, lobster rolls, and New England clam chowder, making it some of the most unique food inside the Magic Kingdom.

Columbia Harbour House Menu Magic Kingdom Food

And don’t worry about getting a seat here! Columbia Harbour House is a two-floor establishment!

  • Serving: Lunch/Dinner
  • Top Pick: Lobster Roll – Chilled Lobster with a touch of Mayonnaise on a New England-style Bun and served with French Fries – $16.99
  • Pro Tip: Don’t eat and run – take a few minutes to walk around and check out the artifacts. You just may find a few hidden Easter eggs, such as a mysterious painting of the Flying Dutchman!

5. Be Our Guest (Fantasyland)

Ever wish you could walk right into a fairytale? Well, now you can!

Enter the Beast’s enchanted castle, impeccably staged with medieval windows, majestic murals, and three exquisite dining: the ballroom, the West Wing, and a magical gallery!

Be Our Guest Restaurant with gargoyle and castle

The Food at Be Our Guest

This menu has a wonderful selection of French and American fare; French Onion Soup, Pan-seared Sea Scallops, Fillet Mignon! And as for dessert… try the Grey Stuff – it’s delicious! And though the serving sizes are relatively small, the dinning experience more than makes up for it!

Be Our Guest Restaurant Grey Stuff Cupcake in Silver Wrapping Best Quick Service Magic Kingdom

Just keep in mind, an Advanced Dining Reservation is required.

  • Serving: Breakfast/Lunch
  • Top Pick: Center-cut Filet Mignon – Robuchon Yukon Potatoes, Seasonal Vegetables, and Cipollini Marmalade with a Red Wine Glaze

Hipster Power Tip: Stalk the Disney Experience App for that Advanced Dining Reservation!

6. Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café (Tomorrowland)

Blast off to a dinner show that is out of this galaxy!

Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe Entrance Magic Kingdom

Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe is a counter-service that comes with a side of whimsy! The restaurant features a space-age theme, showcasing the one and only Sonny Eclipse, a singing audio-animatronic!

Cosmic Ray Cafe Disney
Photo Courtesy of Flickr: Steven Miller

The Food at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe

The menu is about as “old school” theme park fare as you can get, offering very few surprise. But if you like a bit of entertainment with your cheeseburger, hotdog, or fries… Sonny Eclipse is sure to please!

  • Serving: Lunch/Dinner
  • Top Pick: Burger to the Moon – Impossible™ Burger with Guacamole, Tomato and Cabbage Slaw, served with French Fries

Hipster Power Tip: Outdoor seating has great views of Cinderella Castle!

7. Pinocchio Village Haus (Fantasyland)

You don’t have to wish upon a star to get a taste of this beloved Disney classic!

Pinocchio Village Haus highlights a Bavarian architectural style that contributes to Fantasyland’s quaint neighborhood feel. The inside feels like a cozy Italian cottage with colorful murals from the films, as well as a few three-dimensional figures.

New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom The Pinocchio Village Haus

The Food at Pinocchio Village Haus

The menu showcases a festive variety of flatbread pizzas, as well as an impressive Caesar salad, and tasty tiramisù.

We wouldn’t suggest making Pinocchio Village Haus your main meal. But it is a great option for a quick pick-me-up in the middle of the day – no strings attached.

  • Serving: Lunch/Dinner
  • Top Pick: Korean Short Rib Flatbread – Korean Barbecue Shredded Beef, Mozzarella, and Red Cabbage Slaw drizzled with Spicy Ginger Mayonnaise – $11.99

Hipster Power Tip: Grab a seat in the Monstro Room, which features windows that hover over the loading dock for the it’s a small world.

What to Know Before You Go

Now that you know what my top places to dine at Magic Kingdom are, let’s go through a few of the most commonly asked questions.

View of Space Mountain from Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse

What is the Best Quick Service in Magic Kingdom?

While everyone has their own personal favorites, the most popular Counter Service is Casey’s Corner. This is most-likely due to their quality, consistency, location, and nostalgia factor.

Is The Disney Quick Service Plan worth it?

Whether the Disney Quick Service Plan is worth it or not is a matter of opinion, as well as how well you optimize it’s potential. It really comes down to whether you like to have your meals prepaid or not while you’re on vacation.

Friar's Nook Buffalo Chicken Tater Tots Best Quick Service Magic Kingdom
Friars Nook Buffalo Chicken Tater Tots

Many people appreciate the peace of mind of not having to pull out cash or a credit card when dining at Walt Disney World, creating an “all-inclusive” vibe.

Is Be Our Guest Quick Service for Lunch?

Yes! Be Our Guest is a Quick Service for both Breakfast and Lunch! But an Advanced Dining Reservation is required.

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Wrapping Up…

Well ThemeParkHipster, our journey through the Most Magical Place on Earth has come to an end. I hope our list of the Best Quick Service at Magic Kingdom provided a few supercalifragilisticexpialidocious tips for your next tip!

Hopefully you’ll walk away with a better idea of where to go for solid theming, food, and fun so you can make an informed decision on your next trip to Magic Kingdom!

Is this the best food at disney Counter Service Magic Kingdom
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OH – and one last thing before we go rolling – be sure to list your FAVORITE Quick Service at Magic Kingdom in the comments below before you leave this page – because you never know when you may inspire another ThemeParkHipster!

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