How Do You Make Money Blogging (Disney Travel Blog)

Do you think it’s hard to make money blogging with your Disney travel blog?

You know, in this time of so many technological advances, knowing what a blog is, as well as understanding its importance, helps to activate the imagination and entrepreneurship that we all carry inside and are capable of doing.

Personal and corporate strategy in these times, where online presence is a trend, having a blog is essential.

Many experts suggest that you wait a while or at least until your influence has grown a bit in order to start monetizing. I agree with that to an extent, but I also suggest doing things early to make your site as profitable as it can be.

There are many options for making money with your blog even if you’re just starting out.

I recommend you continue reading the article if you are of those who have wondered how to make money travel blogging or how to start a Disney travel blog.

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How To Create A Travel Blog And Earn Money?

To start your own Disney travel blog or any other, start by knowing what your purpose will be. You need a clearly defined purpose and you must know your why and who in the Disney community you want it to reach.

If possible, do a market study. It will help you understand your future audience’s needs.

Keep in mind that you will want to seek out a specific niche in the Disney industry. If your blog is too broad, you run the risk of confusing your potential fan base and growing your blog business at a slow rate.

Once you are clear about that, then it is possible to start a successful blog and make money within a decent amount of time.

How Passionate Are You to Help Others?

This career path is a marathon. I am not here to sell you on some “get rich quick scheme.” If that’s what you’re here for, then you’re not going to find that answer here.

So, go ahead and bounce over to another blogger who’s promising you hundreds of thousands in the next year.

In this industry you want to constantly be thinking of ways that you can help others. That’s why I state over and over to find a problem and solve it for that Disney Guest.

It can be in the terms of helping vegans plan their trip or helping single moms plan the vacation of a lifetime for their kids.

The key is to help!

How Hungry are You?

Are you willing to write about a specific top day after day for years?

If the answer is yes, then there is clarity and you are definitely serious about your blog which means that you will need a place to host your blog. You will also need the perfect domain name (the name of your website).

TPH Home Page Screenshot how to start a travel blog with bluehost

When you want to have a more professional blog, you will have to invest some money.

To create your Disney travel blog, just go through this  step-by-step guide, where each step will take you between 10 minutes to half an hour to execute.

Congratulations on your decision to get your first Disney travel blog out there! Keep in mind that blogs are not a quick fix plan.

Remember, the key to success depends on your perseverance. If you want to make money, strive to maintain and grow your investment. Invest in yourself!

Be sure to sign up for the Disney Travel Blog Crash Course to start your blog today!

How to Get Paid for Blogging?

With the right ideas and strategies, there is no limit in the ways that you can monetize your blog. However, as mentioned earlier, everything takes time.

Let’s go through the 7 ways to make money blogging with your Disney travel blog.

1 – Join an Ad Network

You will want to keep quality and updated advertising on your website: the quality of the content advertised on your blog brings a brutal value to it. That effort will help to get more visits and more subscribers to your blog.

Google Adsense

One of the first things I did was join Google Adsense. Before I knew any better, I thought some money was better than no money.

But having Adsense on my site didn’t earn me anything and it made the user experience terrible for my readers because that ads were not targeted well for anyone visiting the site.

Woman on computer to make money blogging.

The good thing about Google Adsense is that you don’t need a specific amount of monthly pageviews to join and start earning income.


The Ad Network, Mediavine, is my recommended choice. Once you get 50,000 sessions to your blog per month, you can apply to be a part of their organization.

In my first month with Mediavine, I went from $1 per 1000 sessions with Google Adsense to $18 per 1000 sessions with Mediavine.

This means I went from $25 per month in ad income to $450 with my new Ad Network.

That’s insane!

This is why I recommend just working your butt off to get on a quality Ad Network, instead of settling for something that’s not a good advertising strategy.

Hipster Power Tip: You must invest a good beginner course to achieve the above goals and make money blogging from your Disney website. We recommend one that will help you avoid some mistakes and difficulties for beginners and will make you a good blogger for the first time. Like the Launch Your Blog Biz Course.

2 – Affiliate Marketing

This is when companies pay you a small commission to sell their product or service through “affiliate links”. You are given a unique link by the company to post on your site.

Disneyland Partners Statue with Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse

If a reader clicks that link and makes a purchase, you will then be given a commission.

You will want to partner with well-known affiliate sites. Don’t make the mistake of recommending something just because the commission is high; you can lose your audience.

Remember that the key to selling online is trust.

For example, Saira, a Blogger, managed to earn more than $10,000/month doing affiliate marketing. After taking a course where she learned how to monetize the income of the affiliates achieved through that strategy. If you do what she did, you’ll find that making money blogging makes sense. Especially as a blogger. If you want to make money like Lena, then you need the course: Making Sense of Affiliate Income.

Affiliate Networks to Join

These networks will have some of your favorite brands in one place. Saving you time of having to apply for each one through their own website.

Everything is in one place.

Top Affiliate Programs for Disney Bloggers
How to Start a Blog Check List Flat Lay
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3 – Products

Produce your own products (guides, books, courses, etc.). It will help you gain visibility, create a personal brand, and make your blog profitable much faster.

The Solo Theme Park Traveler's Guide Book by NikkyJ
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Writing content on other Disney blogs can improve your skills and increase your website traffic which makes your products more visible.

Learn how to create your own products with the Six-Figure Blogger course!

The course will help you earn money, increase visibility, and build your personal brand. Remember, you’re investing in yourself and your growing blog business.

4 – Sponsored Posts

You can get a blog sponsored by a third party, brand, or company. They will pay you to write an article about a travel destination or product that is needed for traveling.

19 reasons you'll love CLC Regal Oaks

You can see my sponsored post here with CLC Regal Oaks Resort in Orlando.

Don’t ignore social media. Advertise many photos of the theme parks and share them on social networks.

In a sponsored blog, you earn according to the number of visits to the website, although you can set the price yourself.

For example, Michelle Gardner, a thriving blogger, charges about $5,000 per sponsored article and makes $10,000 to $20,000 a month for sponsored items, writing particularly about products and services she uses. In this way, she ensures that her audience’s followers will love those products as well.

5 – Service and Speaking

Offering services and taking on speaking engagement are fast ways to start generating income in the beginning of your business.

You’ll want to brainstorm on the skills you have like writing or coming up with social media content and offer your service on websites like Fiverr.

Speaking to help monetize your blog

Book speaking engagements to increase your monthly income. Most online Influencers can start out at $500 for speaking engagements.

Remember to learning to help you become a better writer, entrepreneur, and blogger.

6 – Coaching/Consulting

This monetization strategy is ideal for creating an additional income stream. Once you become a successful blogger, you can start offering advice and helping others create and grow their own business.

You can charge an hourly rate or you can charge a one time fee that has a set amount of sessions.

If you are generating income from books and courses, you can consider offering individual consultations to followers of your audience.

7 – Create a Membership Site

This is where you create  a private community that can only be accessed by paying a small fee. The price is set by you and can be monthly, annually, or whatever way you want.

Woman creating Membership Site for blog.

For example, you could create a membership site where you help vegans plan their Disney trip. You answer all of their questions and provide them exclusive content for $14.95/month. If you have 2,000 members, your income could be around $30k/month.

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How Many Pageviews Do You Need to Make Money Blogging?

This is the most common question asked by those who start a blog. To talk about a finite number would be irresponsible. Keep in mind that the important thing is to first serve your readers and help them as much as you can.

You must make an effort to keep them satisfied and happy, that implies creating and writing a good Disney content.

Christmas in Toy Story Land with Woody in Santa Scarf

The other important thing to remember in your Disney blog is that your content is worth more than anything else. Once you provide excellent content to your audience, the money and traffic will follow.

Honestly, you can make money at a low amount pageviews, but of course having 50,000 views versus 500 views increasing the opportunity for your readers to either purchase one of your products or affiliate recommendations.

4 Tips to Make Money Blogging with Your Disney Travel Blog

  1. Talk directly to your audience. Once you know how your audience thinks, always write your blog posts as if you’re having a one-on-one conversation with them.
  2. Create a community around your blog. Keep in touch with your audience. Get them to commit to you and other readers. You can do this by starting a Facebook Group.
  3. Grow your Email list. Whether you do it weekly or monthly, newsletters are an extraordinary strategy to keep your public up to date with all things Disney from your blog. Plus, it can help you maintain traffic to your blog and sell your products.
  4. Use a content creation tool to write faster. Products like Bramework, help you format your blog post quickly and allows you to crank out more blog posts faster.

How Much Does a Travel Blogger Make?

It depends. You can earn as little as $200 per month to $200,000 per month. It all depends on how hard you work.

Star Wars Galaxy Edge Smugglers Run Entrance at Disney Hollywood Studios

As indicated, a blogger’s earnings are directly proportional to the number pageviews per month and the number of active followers of his or her blog. The subject matter and the trust it generates is key to the income goal.

The other key is his dedication. I recommend that you prepare yourself and keep in constant training. To increase your traffic by 1000% on your Disney blog and get a good start, take a good beginners’ course.

Start with the Pinterest Avalanche course to help you increase your traffic quickly until your blog starts to pick up some steam on Google.

The Pinterest Avalanche course is ideal for beginner bloggers. You will learn how to produce free traffic from 10,000 to 100,000+ monthly users on your blog.

As a result, you will increase your blog profit.

9 Tips And Strategies to Becoming a Successful Travel Blogger

Magic Kingdom New Fantasyland Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

1 – Think big

To become a great Disney Travel Blogger, you’ll want to think beyond the norms of what everyone is doing. Seek out advice from the best bloggers in your niche. Take what they tell you and soar!

2 – Perfect yourself

Continue to invest in yourself by always learning. It can be through a course, a podcast or a YouTube video.

This is one of the best ways to make money blogging.

3 – Write to solve a problem

People want to know how to plan the best Disney vacation, what to do on the trip.Use your blog to be as helpful and impactful as possible.

4 – Tell good stories

End your articles with a lesson and a good suggestion for action. Turn on the sense of adventure in the child that everyone has and lives inside your readers.

5 – Have diversity:

This is key when monetizing. Combining several sources of income minimizes risks and possible losses.

6 – Clear understanding:

Having a clear focus and purpose will help you make it through the tough time of your blog business. It will also be reflected in your writing which will leave each reader satisfied with the content you’ve created.

7 – Keep your personality in mind

Don’t underestimate it. This is what makes you unique and what will attract the right people to your community.

8 – Establish relationships outside the blog

Relationships and a community outside the blog both in the offline world and on social networks, will help you increase your brand awareness.

9 – Assert your authority

As you write on your blog and participate in social networks, think about what kind of reputation you want to have. Continue to build authority each day by perfecting your niche and dominating it.

Disney Blog Tips Sign Up

Final Thoughts on How to Make Money Blogging

Making money on your travel blogging on a blog does have its complexities. It’s not easy, but it’s not impossible either. It requires effort, dedication, and commitment.

It all starts with creating your Disney blog, then writing valuable content, building relationships outside the blog, building brand, and building your authority.

Also, choosing the best ways to monetize a blog and maintaining ongoing education and training is the key to winning and keeping readers around who will eventually be super fans.

How to make money blogging with your Disney travel Blog
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Let me know if you’re ready to start your Disney Travel Blog in the comments below.

Until next time, Happy Park Hopping Hipsters!


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