I’m thankful to be a solo traveler and here’s why YOU must be one too!

Over the years, I have come to understand how grateful I am to have not only begun solo traveling to places all over the world, particularly theme parks, but the community I have found as I’ve taken the journey as a solo traveler.

In reality, being a solo traveler isn’t as lonely as you may think.

It can be full of fun, adventure, meeting new and exciting people while building new friendships and ultimately learning more about yourself than you probably ever knew.

There is a stigma on solo travel that you may look pitiful or sad being alone somewhere or that it’s not safe to do.

I am here to disprove these facts and give you the proper tools and community to help guide you to enjoying solo travel.

Today, I will be chatting about what I am thankful for as a solo traveler and how the community continues to assist and grow as the journey continues.

Age doesn’t matter as long as you have the drive, optimism and courage to start!

Solo Traveling Black Woman. Keep reading to see why I love being a solo traveler and traveling to theme parks alone.

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1. The Solo Travel Groups and Community

When one thinks “solo travel” they think about how lonely it may be and how pitiful it may look to families and friends.

But it’s difficult when you have the ability to travel, but don’t have friends that have that ability to.

There is zero reason to hold back your desire to travel and see the world because of this fact.

In fact, there are plenty of Facebook groups, like ours, and other social media communities that are welcoming of helping one another travel the world while sharing their tips, tricks and recommendations.

ThemeParkHipster Community Group on Facebook The Solo Traveler Guide. Keep reading to see why I love being a solo traveler and traveling to theme parks alone.

Communities like this make you feel safe and at ease, especially when you start doing it on your own with no place of knowing where to even begin.

Ultimately, you will be surrounded, virtually, with likeminded people who understand your feelings and have been where you have been.

The community is a great way to make friends and learn more about possible destinations, maybe even having a personal tour guide while building bonds and relationships that could last forever.

Join the Conversation on the Solo Theme Park Traveler’s Community on Facebook!

2. Planning Your Own Schedule

One of the true joys of being a solo traveler is not having to consider a huge group of people’s opinions and wants regarding of what you want to do, should do or how to go about having fun and enjoying the day.

It can be a bit frustrating trying to make sure everyone gets to do their top attractions, eat where they want or even when they want to travel.

Generally, the stress takes place in the planning stages.

You have to consider everyone’s budgets, where everyone wants to go, where everyone should stay, are you flying together or separately.

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When it comes to solo travel, the only opinion that’s important is your own. If you want to go to Disneyland, Universal Studios or even a locally based theme park next weekend and stay for 4 days exploring the resort and area, you can!

You can create the schedule that makes you feel that everything will be absolutely perfect.

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Plus, you can also use loads of online planning and itinerary maker planning tools, as well as the community, to help you make everything perfectly seamless.

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3. Affordability

This one depends on your own personal wallet but when it comes to being able to afford a small weekend getaway or a full trip, you have the ability to purchase and shop within your means vs. having to compromise of split costs.

You can be responsible for your own well-being.

You are welcome to splurge and do a special “treat yo self” trip or not have to worry about raised hotel or ticket prices because you’re rooming with a certain amount of people.

Traveling solo has great benefits because occasionally you can negotiate a deal with a hotel, flight, cars, etc.

Disneyland Resort Mickey Mouse in Disney 100 Anniversary Outfit next to Victoria Wade. Keep reading to see why I love being a solo traveler and traveling to theme parks alone.

Or you can keep it simple and try a cute Bed And Breakfast, Luxury Vacation Villa, and keep it all under $500.

You could even consider chatting it up with some members of your own solo traveler community and create a lunch/ dinner/ bar meetup.

But in the meantime, you can always find an amazing deal, especially with flights and because you are able to plan your own schedule, you can purchase at a whim or plan as necessary to create your perfect trip.

4. Learning more about yourself…

The final thing that I’m thankful for as a solo traveler is the journey of growth and knowledge about myself and travel.

Best Spots for Wizarding World of Harry Potter Photos with Victoria Wade at Honeydukes. Keep reading to see why I love being a solo traveler and traveling to theme parks alone.

As humans, we are constantly evolving, constantly growing and constantly gaining knowledge.

Traveling is a great physical way to gain that ever-growing knowledge.

Best Spots for Wizarding World of Harry Potter Photos with Victoria Wade at Honeydukes. Keep reading to see why I love being a solo traveler and traveling to theme parks alone.

Plus, traveling allows you to experience different ways of travel, like cruising, flying, driving cross country, etc.

Traveling allows you to see parts of the world that most will never get the chance to see.

Victoria Wade meeting Hello Kitty Character at Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights. Keep reading to see why I love being a solo traveler and traveling to theme parks alone.

It allows you to speak to people in different parts of the globe, speak to them about their experiences and their culture while you can share yours.

All-the-while you are growing into a worldly and cultured being with a better understanding of what out there in the world waiting for you.

The greatest gift you can gain from being a solo traveler is knowing that you lived this life and experienced so much without being held back by fear of judgement or safety or lack of funds.

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Because at the end of the day, you are never truly alone.

My Final Thoughts on Why I Love Traveling Alone

This time of year, really allows us to reflect on what we have and what we are grateful for. Solo traveling is one of those things.

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Not everyone has the ability to do that and we should all be thankful of our ability to see the world.

We should be grateful for our partners who support our love of travel and hold down the fort when the wanderlust calls us.

Victoria Wade Meeting Scooby Doo characters Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights

Also, we should be thankful to the citizens of countries that allow us to visit and immerse us in the religions, foods, music, art and more.

All in all, let us be thankful for all the adventures we will come upon in the future, regardless of age, regardless of race, regardless of religion.

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We are forever evolving, ever learning and ever looking to see the world.

Where is your dream destination to travel to solo? Share with us in our Facebook group !

Until next time, Happy Park Hopping Hipsters!

Victoria Wade Disney Writer at ThemeParkHipster

About the Author

Victoria is a professional solo traveler here to make your solo trips as stress free AND enjoyable as possible for you.

She has over 5 years of Disney and Non-Disney travel experience and was featured by POPSUGAR as one of the Top 50 Black Disney Creators you should follow.

She is a Proud Native to Baltimore, Md but always will call Disney World home. You can find her at Disney Tea with V.

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(Original Article Date: October 18, 2021/Updated by Editor on January 31, 2024)

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