Epcot Theme Park Moana Journey of Water at Disney World with NikkyJ being safe on her solo disney trip.

Is it safe to travel to Disney World alone? Yes! 10 Safety Tips to Show You How

You may be wondering if it is safe and okay to travel alone to Disney?

Having traveled to Walt Disney World alone on many occasions, I can understand that it can be overwhelming for first-time solo travelers.

Its expansive parks and infinite options don’t just confuse but also daze.

Popular all across the world, the parks are always crowded with Disney fans which include kids, adults, and even seniors.

While I resonate with the nervousness, I assure you that once you step inside this magical place, you will forget everything and just let your hair down.

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Shringalah Webb took a solo trip to Disney and shares how to go alone

Why Going to Disney Alone Can Actually Be Amazing – Find Out How!

Today I have a real treat for you— we are going to go over what it’s like to prepare for traveling alone to Disney World for the first time.

We are chatting with Shringalah who is getting prepared to take her very first solo trip to Walt Disney World!

Shringalah will share with you everything that’s going through her mind as she prepares for her Orlando trip alone in today’s podcast!

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Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party at Disney's Magic Kingdom Theme Park Fireworks Show over Cinderella Castle. Keep reading to get the best solo travel quotes for Disney.

21 Solo Travel Quotes to Inspire You to Go to Disney ALONE!

Are you looking for the best solo travel quotes to inspire you to take your first trip to Walt Disney World?

The first time I decided to travel alone to Disney, I had no idea that initial trip would flourish into such an incredible community of travel enthusiasts.

But first, you may be wondering how do you go to Disney alone?

If you don’t know where to start with solo travel, then I’m definitely here to help guide you into planning your own epic vacation!

For you, I have The Solo Theme Park Traveler’s Guide for theme park hopping alone.

In this handbook I will share with you how to easily travel by yourself to any theme park in the world!

Just in case you’re still on the fence about your solo trip, let’s read what some great people have said about traveling alone.

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Disney Magic Kingdom NikkyJ in front of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Roller Coaster visiting disney alone.

How to Be Alone at Disney Without Feeling Lonely (Alone vs. Lonely)

When you think about being alone versus being lonely, sometimes you may think that they both have the same meaning, but these are two different concepts.

Although they are both adjectives, they take on a slight purpose and meaning.

And one of the things that I love to express when I am helping you plan that first solo Disney adventure is that you are never alone.

When I say that, I truly mean it because you have your family in the Cast Members.

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Tron Lightcycle Run at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World Resort Florida Tomorrowland with NikkyJ on a solo Disney trip.

15 Easy Steps to Go to Walt Disney World Alone (Disney Solo Trip)

You’ve finally decided that this could be your year to go to Disney World alone. Don’t worry what others will think of you.

Most people don’t know how to do this type of travel and truly enjoy it.

Well I’m here to help you have the best and easiest solo day at any of the Walt Disney World parks.

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Hollywood California Near Los Angeles Ovation with NikkyJ on a solo trip.

How To Travel Alone in 2024: A Step-By-Step Guide for First-Timers

Do you want to know how to easily travel alone for the first time?

Solo travel is a concept that has starting to gain popularity among the traveling community, not just in the United States, but worldwide.

I am a result of the same travel-solo momentum.

Over ten years ago, I would have never thought that traveling alone could be such a bliss for me.

Being a super Disney fan, I have a knack for taking solo trips to Disney World (and yes, as an adult).

But I get it!

Traveling alone can be a daunting idea for many of us, female globetrotters.

You are just a click away from horrifying news, a conversation away from hundreds of no-solo-for-women advice, and an online search away from them dirty “proofs.”

But don’t worry, I’m here to help!

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Figment at Epcot Journey into Imagination with NikkyJ on a solo disney trip.

Are Solo Disney Trips Fun? Short answer, yes! Here’s why.

Question of the Week: Are Solo Disney Trips Fun?


Solo trips to Walt Disney World or Disneyland can seem daunting, especially if it’s your first time doing one.

Questions that may zoom through your head could include:

  • Will people notice I’m alone?
  • Will I be treated differently?
  • Will they let me ride everything even though there might be an empty seat next to me?

The short answer to the overall questions above is yes (but in a good way) because solo Disney trips are definitely fun!

If you’ve even thought about going to a Disney park alone then you should act on that thought.

No matter if you’re going to Epcot to eat and drink around the world, or you’re going to Disneyland Park to explore Walt Disney’s original ideas going alone is fun.

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Disney Wilderness Lodge Resort Hotel NikkyJ in Lobby on a solo disney world trip.

My Personal Thoughts About Solo Travel and Why You MUST Do It!

Welcome to the world of solo travel!

I thought it would be great to give you my reflections on why I feel traveling alone is so important and why I emphasize it so much.

Yes, I do know that just the thought of traveling by yourself can be scary, but it can also be exciting and liberating.

Taking those first steps are usually the hardest for you, but do worry. I’m here for you and your journey.

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