Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disney

How Do You Make Money Blogging (Disney Travel Blog)

Do you think it’s hard to make money blogging with your Disney travel blog?

You know, in this time of so many technological advances, knowing what a blog is, as well as understanding its importance, helps to activate the imagination and entrepreneurship that we all carry inside and are capable of doing.

Personal and corporate strategy in these times, where online presence is a trend, having a blog is essential.

Many experts suggest that you wait a while or at least until your influence has grown a bit in order to start monetizing. I agree with that to an extent, but I also suggest doing things early to make your site as profitable as it can be.

There are many options for making money with your blog even if you’re just starting out.

I recommend you continue reading the article if you are of those who have wondered how to make money travel blogging or how to start a Disney travel blog.

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7 Best of the Disney Christmas Shirts YOU MUST HAVE for 2020

Are you trying to pick out the BEST Disney Christmas shirts for the holidays?

I’ll be lying if I said that I didn’t have an abnormally large collection of Disney merchandise. Clothes are one of the best souvenirs you could buy in my (*ahem*) professional opinion. 

Just think about it– they are useful, comfortable, help you express your interests without speaking (hello introverts!) and they (almost) always smell like the place you bought it from.

My Disney shirts carry so many memories and meaning. And each one reminds of a different moment– screaming at the top of the ride, spilling ice-cream (or something stronger), meeting my favorite characters and more!

Now that you know how much I love my Disney shirts, there is something I would like to confess: I have favorites. I know, I know. Merch is like children and you’re not supposed to play favorites. But I caved alright?

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Magic Kingdom New Fantasyland Gaston's Tavern Entrance

Gaston’s Tavern at Disney World– Everything you NEED to know!

When I heard that Disney had recreated Gaston’s Tavern, I bust out my yellow ball gown and rode my horse all the way to Orlando. Well, almost.

The Beauty and the Beast is a tale as old as time and is as addictive as the song. I have watched it myself over five times.

Although Gaston was a villainous piece of toxic masculinity and everyone who watched him dance or speak (or literally do anything) cringed internally, he is one of the main characters.

And as a tribute to that (and his ginormous ego) Gaston’s Tavern actually has a statue/water fountain of Gaston at the entrance.

Now that made me want to go there more than ever. So I did. And guess what? It is literally a perfect replica!

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Best Disney Christmas Ears

12 BEST Disney Christmas Ears YOU MUST GET for 2020

Can you believe it’s already almost that time of year again?  Are you looking for some Disney Christmas ears to sport this season?

From snowfall in Disney Springs, to Magic Kingdom’s iconic Christmas Tree – that’s right Theme Park Hipsters; it’s time to start thinking about the most wonderful time of year in the Happiest Place on Earth!

And while you might already have plans for everything you want to do IN the theme parks during the Christmas Season…do you know what you’re going to wear TO the parks to show off your holiday spirit?!

Your theme park holiday photo-ops are only as good as your outfits after all, and that’s why today we’re excited to show you our 12 favorite Disney Christmas ears – so you can go park hopping in holiday style!

And, more than that, you might even find that one of these adorable Disney Christmas ears is just the item that special someone on your Christmas shopping list has been missing! 

So, whether you’re searching for the perfect Disney accessory for yourself, or a gift to give someone else, search no further!

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Tiffins Animal Kingdom entrance

Tiffins Restaurant at Animal Kingdom

Visiting Tiffins Restaurant at Disney is an adventure you must embark on while visiting Animal Kingdom.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is one of the most popular spots at the resort, with the location drawing in the attention of millions of Guests from across the world each year.

The experience at Animal Kingdom is immersive, exciting, and fun!

Sightseeing is not the only experience you’ll enjoy here. While on a tour of the Animal Kingdom, it is important for you to relax and revel in the delcious food and great moments with your family or on your solo trip.

Fortunately for you, we have just the right place for you to dine and have the complete robust experience while at the Animal Kingdom, and that is Tiffins Restaurant.

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Themed Vacation Rentals Near Disney World

Top 10 Themed Vacation Rentals Near Disney World that Won’t Make you Miss Staying on Property!

Do you know where to find the BEST themed vacation rentals near Disney World?

Hi again ThemeParkHipsters!  Today we’re excited to talk to you about something a little bit outside the realm of theme parks… Resort Vacation Home Rentals!

We know, for a lot of out-of-towners, where you stay can make or break your vacation experience. 

While some ThemeParkHipters feel strongly about staying on property at their favorite theme park or resort, we know there are plenty of travelers out there who want to expand their horizons when it comes to picking a vacation rental near Disney World.

Of course waking up every morning to Mickey Waffles and falling asleep to Disney cartoons is fun and all, but in the words of Walt Disney, “There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow out there!” 

So why not explore some more options, right?!

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Be Our Guest Restaurant with gargoyle and castle

Tale as old as time: Beast’s Castle at Walt Disney World

Did you know that you can enter into the Beast’s castle at Disney World?

One of the many reasons guests come to the vacation destination that is Walt Disney World, is to have the ability to step into the world of the animated classics that they grew up with on their televisions.

Disney takes pride in their Imagineering team and their ability to transfer animation to reality in their parks with immaculate storytelling, theme and a perfect blend of familiarity with new extensions.

The Beast’s Castle is a great example of some of the intricate techniques that WDI (Walt Disney Imagineering) have come to utilize through the years. Today, I will be letting you in on the mystery of this castle.

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Epcot Le Cellier in Canada. Red Apple whiskey cocktail, colorful green wedge salad, poutine fries topped with creamy brown gravy and cheese.

Epcot Canada Steakhouse: Le Cellier Full REVIEW and Guide

First question, is the Epcot Canada Steakhouse Le Cellier worth it?


Secondly, are you planning a visit to the Walt Disney World?

If yes, you have made a great choice, and I can assure you that you are going to have a great time over there, probably the best time of your life. There is a reason Disney is regarded as the best theme park destinations in the world.

The sights are such a beauty to behold, and they have the complete experience that would definitely blow your mind.

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Dragon breathing fire on top of Gringotts Bank in Diagon at Universal Studios

Why You HAVE to Try Universal Orlando Food Mobile Ordering

Did you know that using the Universal Orlando Food Mobile Ordering service is the new “normal” at the parks? 

Hi again ThemeParkHipster! We hope with things reopening and life returning to (somewhat) normal, that you’ve been able to get your theme park fix recently.  

And so, on that note of returning to life, and amusement parks safely, today we’re going to cover one of Universal Orlando’s coolest virtual perks: the Universal Orlando Food Mobile Ordering service!

This is an AWESOME feature to know all about, not only because it makes social distancing possible, but also for its sheer convenience… 

Stop wasting valuable park time waiting in food lines and start ordering your food on the go!

So, are you ready to learn more about this yummy time-saver? We thought so!  

Keep reading for all things Universal Orlando Food Mobile Ordering; including an explanation of what it is, an 8 step guide of how to use it, and ThemeParkHipster exclusive FAQs and tips!

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Christmas at Hollywood Studios Decorate Dinosaur in Santa Hat on Lake Echo

25 Best Christmas Disney Movies and Shorts for 2020 & 2021

Are you trying to pick out the BEST Christmas Disney movies for your holiday season?

If one thing can be said about Disney, it’s that they know magic inside and out. Christmas Magic is a special kind where we celebrate the joy, happiness and rebirth of a new era.

Disney movies already bring the magic and it’s a magic that is generational and considered a rite of passage to some. This goes for their films that are perfect for ringing in the holidays, some well-beloved and some probably unknown or underrated.

Today, I am going to help you get your Disney movie holiday watch list ready by sharing with you the best Christmas Disney movies! Grab your hot cocoa and cookies!

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