Universal Orlando Resort Jurassic Park in Islands of Adventure entrance to Jurassic Park River Adventure

Top 10 Best Movies to Watch for Your Universal Studios Trip

If you’re here, you’re probably wondering: What are the best movies to watch before going to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure?

You’ve booked the Universal Hotel and bought your park tickets.

Now you got your ThemeParkHipster guide downloaded and researched everything there is to know about the food, rides and more. Heck you even splurged on an Express Pass!

Now there is really only one thing left to do.

Enter the movies…

Universal Orlando Resort is known for allowing its guests to step into some of its most famous and popular films and franchises through its attractions.

If you are a first time visitor, you would want to get a feel for what you’re about to step into, look no further than the movies.

Today, I will be exploring some of the films that one could watch as they get ready to head to Universal Orlando Resort!

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Hersheypark Chocolatier Restaraunt in Hershey, Pennsylvania

Hersheypark Chocolatier Restaurant: Delicious Desserts, Cocktails and more!

You may be wondering, is the Hersheypark Chocolatier Restaurant worth a visit?

The other day, I was at Hersheypark waiting in line for Jolly Rancher Remix and a question came to mind that surfaces to the noggins of many when visiting a theme park.

“I am getting a bit hungry, what am I going to eat?”

I’d forgotten to grab breakfast on my way to Hersheypark and with two rides in, I was getting peckish, despite stopping at the main gate Starbucks for my Chocolatetown Frappuccino.

As I looked through the Hersheypark app, I decided to look up Hersheypark Chocolatier Restaurant just for kicks to see if they had any day of availability.

The restaurant is fairly popular so I knew the chances were slim. But lo and behold, they had two 3 p.m. reservations for that day and I decided to treat myself to a first-time visit!

So I got on Jolly Rancher Remix and Stormrunner, then hightailed it to the restaurant.

I know you have to be intrigued at this new addition to Hersheypark, so I won’t let you wait any longer! Let’s sink our teeth into this latest fare!

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Best Drinks in Hollywood Studios

7 Best Drinks at Hollywood Studios You CAN’T MISS in 2022!

Are you ready to try some of the absolute BEST drinks and cocktails at Disney’s Hollywood Studios?

Hollywood Studios is famous for its endless array of thrill rides, live entertainment, and epic nighttime spectaculars. But did you know that it is also home to some of the tastiest drinks in all of Walt Disney World?

That’s right, ThemeParkHipster, forget about Drinking Around the World – I’m about to go Sipping Throughout Tinseltown!

Together, I’m going to uncover the 7 Best Drinks at Hollywood Studios, where to find them, how much they cost, and a little extra bonus info, as well.

But be sure to stay tuned till the end, because we’ve got a few tricks of the trade on how you can try one of these creative concoctions at home!

So, if you’re feeling thirsty – let’s goooo!

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Orlando Halloween Events

Orlando Halloween Events: 31 Things to Do in Orlando For October 2022

Ready to enjoy all of the Orlando Halloween events this year?

Pumpkin spice, horrors at Universal, wild nights at Busch Gardens, and trick-or-treating with Mickey are some things we love about fall in central Florida.

That’s why today we’ll go through the best things to do in Orlando for October!

A couple of days ago I was riding in the car and for once I was able to have my windows down. There was a briskness in the Florida air that’s always welcomed and desired in this state.

This change inspired me to create this guide and answer all of your questions about the Orlando Halloween events.

One of the first questions you may have is, Where can I go for Halloween in Orlando and what is there to do in Orlando for October?

I will get into ALL of that today!

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Animal Kingdom Expedition Everest

15 Fun and Unique Things to Do at Disney World (2022)

Are you ready to conquer some of the most fun and unique things to do at Disney World?

Everyone knows that Walt Disney World offers some of the most innovative attractions, elite dining experiences, and one-of-a-kind character interactions in the entire world.

But only ThemeParkHipsters know where the to find those super rare hidden gems!

That’s why you’re invited to join me on a journey through the parks and resort to discover 15 Unique Things to Do at Disney Walt!

Keep in mind that all of these experiences will cost you a few extra Mickey bucks. Are they worth it? Only you can make that call.

But what we can tell you is – they all come with a touch of Disney magic that you simply can’t find anywhere else.

So, if you’re ready to discover a new side to you happy place…

Let’s gooooo!

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Cedar Point Red Maverick Roller Coaster

Maverick at Cedar Point: The MOST Thrilling Ride in Town!

Maverick at Cedar Point acts more like a bucking bronco than a coaster! It is full of twists, screws, launches, tunnels, and plenty of airtime!

But do you know the backstory of this wild ride? Well, giddy up, partner! I’ve got the inside scoop.

Introducing “Maverick!”

Let’s saddle up and get into the history, theme, ride stats and ride layout along with some fun facts about the coaster!

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Universal Orlando Resort Flaming Moe orange drink in Simpsons Land next to duff beer garden at Universal Studios Florida

5 Cheapest, Best Food at Universal Studios UNDER $10

Want to save some money while enjoying some of the best food at Universal Studios? Look no further than my picks that are all meal deals under $10!

Today, I’m going to take you on a culinary tour of some of my favorite sweet and savory treats that you can find at this Orlando theme park. 

Most theme park food is not budget-friendly, so I’m excited to show you how you can enjoy great food without breaking the bank!

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Cinderella Castle for 50th Anniversary Celebration with the Omnibus

15 Best Disney World Souvenirs You MUST Buy in 2022!

Are you heading to the Most Magical Place on Earth and already know that you are going to have a tough time choosing what Disney World souvenirs you are going to bring home with you?

It’s hard, right?

There are always so many choices. With hundreds of stores on property, how does one select the BEST Disney World souvenir(s)? 

Whether you are shopping for yourself or have a long list of family members and friends to buy for, it’s good to know what variety is available to you before making any decisions.

So, what are some of the best things to buy at Disney World? Let’s jump in and explore what I consider the top 15 options! After all, you don’t want to get home and regret your choices! 

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