Disney Magic Kingdom Christmas tree in the Florida sun

7 Best Disney Christmas Songs of ALL TIME!

Nothing helps give you that holly jolly feeling like a gold old fashioned Christmas song. And nobody packs as much magic into each note like Disney! That is precisely why I just had to create the Top 7 Best Disney Christmas Songs.

Whether you’re pulling from the movies, parks, or television, Disney has cornered the market on music for the most wonderful time of the year. And we are here for it.

But be prepared, ThemeParkHipster! Because some of my choices might catch you by surprise.

So, crank that volume and magic meter up to ten and let’s get listening.

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Best Christmas Quotes for Disney with Christmas Trees

25 BEST Disney Christmas Quotes to Get You in the Holiday Spirit!

With the holiday season quickly approaching, you need to have the best Disney Christmas quotes to help lift your spirits this year.

As I sit here prepping for the festivities to come, I realize that each year goes by faster and faster. Sometimes the earlier portions of the year feel so far in the distance, like a thick foggy Florida morning.

It’s truly hard to believe the end is quickly approaching, but with that comes the holidays.

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Christmas at Hollywood Studios Decorate Dinosaur in Santa Hat on Lake Echo

25 BEST Disney Christmas Movies (YOU MUST WATCH IN THIS ORDER for 2022)

Are you trying to pick out the BEST Disney Christmas movies to get you in the holiday spirit?

If one thing can be said about Disney, it’s that they know magic inside and out. Christmas Magic is a special kind where we celebrate the joy, happiness and rebirth of a new era.

Disney movies already bring the magic and it’s a magic that is generational and considered a rite of passage to some.

This goes for their films that are perfect for ringing in the holidays, some well-beloved and some probably unknown or underrated.

Today, I am going to help you get your Disney movie holiday watch list ready by sharing with you the best Christmas movies on Disney Plus (or Amazon)! So, grab your hot cocoa and cookies!

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One Day at Horrorland Goosebumps book cover 1994

Goosebumps One Day at Horrorland: A Book Made for Theme Park Fans

What I’m Reading: Goosebumps One Day at Horrorland

Many of you may not know it (or you probably can guess), but I’m a big kid at heart. It shouldn’t be a surprise that at times I like to delve into some of my favorite book series I enjoyed as a child (and still do).

I am reading Goosebumps One Day at Horrorland by R. L. Stine. This was my favorite book of the horror-fantasy book series because it not only kept the spooky, quirky fireside story traditions; it combined it with my favorite passion…Theme Parks and Amusement Parks!

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Walt Disney best quote

33 Incredible Walt Disney Quotes to Live By (With Photos)

I love reading some of the most inspirational quotes from Walt Disney.

He was a dreamer, an innovator, and a true testament of what hard work and perseverance can do for anyone who believes.

From the early days of animation in Missouri to the opening of Disneyland in 1955, Walt’s work and legacy still lives on.

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Solo Traveling Black Woman

I’m thankful to be a solo traveler and here’s why! (Solo Travel to Orlando Theme Parks)

Over the years, I have come to understand how grateful I am to have not only begun solo traveling to places all over the world, particularly theme parks, but the community I have found as I’ve taken the journey as a solo traveler.

In reality, being a solo traveler isn’t as lonely as you may think. It can be full of fun, adventure, meeting new and exciting people while building new friendships and ultimately learning more about yourself than you probably ever knew.

There is a stigma on solo travel that you may look pitiful or sad being alone somewhere or that it’s not safe to do. I am here to disprove these facts and give you the proper tools and community to help guide you to enjoying solo travel.

Today, I will be chatting about what I am thankful for as a solo traveler and how the community continues to assist and grow as the journey continues. Age doesn’t matter as long as you have the drive, optimism and courage to start!

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Shanghai Disneyland Princess Castle

21 POWERFUL Quotes on Imagination to Make You Live Your BEST LIFE

Before you get into the best quotes on imagination, I have to first write lyrics to one of my favorite songs below:

There is no life I know to compare with pure imagination. Living there, you’ll be free IF you truly wish to be.

Those famous lyrics were written by Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley who were inspired by Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

The words of one of my favorite fictional characters, Willie Wonka, speaks volumes to more than just the young person listening to this quote in a film.

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NikkyJ Going to Epcot Flower and Garden Festival Alone

Personal Thoughts About Solo Travel and Why You MUST Do It

Welcome to the world of solo travel. I thought it would be great to give you my reflections on why I feel traveling alone is so important and why I emphasize it so much.

Yes, I do know that just the thought of traveling by yourself can be scary, but it can also be exciting and liberating. Taking those first steps are usually the hardest for you, but do worry. I’m here for you and your journey.

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Magic Kingdom New Fantasyland Alice in Wonderland Ride Tea Cups

How to Be Alone at Disney Without Feeling Lonely (Alone vs. Lonely)

When you think about being alone versus being lonely, sometimes you may think that they both have the same meaning, but these are two different concepts.

Although they are both adjectives, they take on a slight purpose and meaning.

And one of the things that I love to express when I am helping you plan that first solo Disney adventure is that you are never alone.

When I say that, I truly mean it because you have your family in the Cast Members.

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