Cedar Point: Is it Weird to Go Solo? NOPE, here’s why…

You may be wondering…is it weird to have a solo trip to Cedar Point? Absolutely not! It’s NEVER WEIRD TO GO SOLO!

Ahh… Cedar Point! The theme park has 72 rides, 18 roller coasters, a water park, two marinas AND an outdoor sports complex. 

Sounds like the dream? Just wait till you hear all the accolades it’s got!

It held the title of ‘Best Amusement Park’ from Amusement Today for (wait for it, wait for it) SIXTEEN YEARS! 

Not only does it have the ‘Friendliest Park Staff’ award, ‘Cleanest Park’ award and ‘Best Shows’ award, but they also have numerous Golden Ticket awarded rides too!

This right here, folks, is the ULTIMATE theme park. With the power vested in me and on behalf of all Theme Park Hipsters, I pronounce Cedar Point the Adrenaline Junkie Capital of the USA!

*ringing applause* *standing ovations* *people fainting*

And you, my dear solo traveler, are the latest ThemeParkHipster! (Unless you have been here already. In that case, WELCOME BACK!).

As part of your welcome (back) party, I will take you on a personal tour of Cedar Point! Let’s begin!

Cedar Point Valravn Roller Coaster at Dusk

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Why Travel Solo to Cedar Point?

Maybe you had plans with a friend, girlfriend or sibling who backed out last minute and now you’re stuck wondering if you should go to Cedar Point by yourself.

NikkyJ at Cedar Point in Sandusky Ohio with Snoopy

When I first started travelling solo (and boy, was that a long time ago) I was so happy and confident!

Just kidding.

I was utterly terrified…and if I’m being honest, very doubtful I would ever like it. But here we are years later and I’m telling YOU how amazing it is to be a Solo ThemeParkHipster! I mean, just think of the benefits…

Benefits of Going to Cedar Point Alone

Over the years I’ve become used to traveling to theme parks alone, but I want to show you the reasons why you should consider visiting Cedar Point solo.

Cedar Point Raptor Roller Coaster

1. Do whatever you want– literally!

There’s an incredible sense of independence when you’re exploring the parks by yourself. You can wait in Steel Vengeance’s long line MULTIPLE TIMES without anyone mocking you about how you choose to spend your time at Cedar Point.

Voting on where you want to go next. Avoiding rides because of a wuss. Or being the wuss and being forced to go. Only going to restaurants everyone likes

Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point

These are all the things you will never have to endure as a Solo ThemeParkHipster! You have complete autonomy and total control over your decisions!

Plus, you’ll be able to ride more rides on your solo Cedar Point trip.

2. Calling parties of one or two to fill a spot on the ride!

Cedar Point lines can get LONG, don’t despair!

Most park staff call out to parties of one or two to fill up the ride. And YOU, my friend, may be the chosen one!

Ready to plan your theme park trip? Watch the best vacation planning tips on YouTube. Get started here!

3. Become a better problem solver

With the solo experience you gain the advantage of becoming a better problem solver. Because it’s just you on this vacation path, you will have to come up with plan A, plan B, and plan C for some of the theme park events.

Cedar Point Wind Seeker Amusement Park Ride

When you’re with a group of people you may have many different opinions or solutions to problems that arise. However, when it’s just you, you become the sole problem solver.

4. Social Anxiety, begone!

People often think that going to theme parks by yourself is nerve-wracking and downright WEIRD. And it can be.

But the moment you realize that you’re basically invisible in this huge crowd of people, your social anxiety starts to get better.

HalloWeekends amusement park rides MaXair

You are completely inconspicuous and don’t have to talk to a soul (no one is even paying attention to you). My little introvert heart is soaring.

5. Opportunity to grow as a person

Now, I don’t mean to be cheesy. BUT you can see some serious character development in yourself after you’ve been on your first solo trip.

Cedar Point Raptor Roller Coaster at Dusk

You will feel empowered and strong. You will believe you can do anything. And guess what, you really can!

Tell me that doesn’t sound awesome!

And yes, I know there’s this nagging voice in your head going “But, what will everyone think?”. I had it in my head too…until I started having way too much fun to bother listening to it.

Solo theme park adventures are all about being independent, finding yourself, testing your limits and of course, forging unforgettable friendships. Don’t let anyone (even yourself) tell you that it’s not worth it!

6. Meet Incredible Solo ThemeParkHipsters

Since traveling to the parks alone I’ve noticed that I’ve become more confident in introducing myself to new people. It gives me a chance to truly be myself, since I am in my zone.

Millennium Force track over the Lake Erie Railroad Station at Cedar Point

Going solo can be quite a relaxing experience with the opportunity to meet new people while waiting in line to chat about your roller coaster passion.

Join the Conversation on the Solo Theme Park Traveler’s Community on Facebook!

7. Create Whatever Type of Day You Want

You can make it a foodie tour day, a day of watching shows, or maybe a day of riding all of the Cedar Point roller coasters. You could even make it a day of just enjoying a nice beverage and people watch.

The world (or at least this Ohio amusement park) is truly your oyster!

What to Expect at Cedar Point

Now that you know all of the benefits of going to Cedar Point solo, let’s go through what you can expect at the park on your trip.

Cedar Point Wooden Roller Coaster at Dusk

Cedar Point Planning Guide

Now as we have established before, Cedar Point has 72 different rides. That’s right! SEVENTY-TWO!

Of course, trying to do all of them in one day is complete insanity. But if you have a good three days to properly explore Cedar Point, you NEED to go on all these rides (maybe not the kiddy ones though)!

Can you do Cedar Point in one day?

You can if you are intense about your game plan and possibly have the Cedar Point Fast Lane Pass.

However, there’s so much to see and do inside of top American theme park, that you’ll need at least two days.

Cedar Point Day One Itinerary:
  • Ride Steel Vengeance
  • Conquer Maverick
  • Ride Millennium Force
  • Hop on the Gemini
  • Scream your head off on Top Thrill Dragster
  • Ride Magnum XL-200
  • Conquer Cedar Creek Mine Ride
  • Ride the Skyhawk
  • Hop on the Wave Swinger
  • Get wet on Snake River Falls
  • Enjoy Antique Cars
  • Have Lunch at Miss Keat’s Smokehouse
  • Explore Frontiertown
  • Visit Town Hall Museum
  • Ride Thunder Canyon
  • Conquer Pipe Scream
  • Ride the Corkscrew
  • Experience the Power Tower
  • Have a Snack
  • Watch a show in Frontiertown
  • Redo any rides you missed in Frontiertown or Gemini Midway
  • Relax and take last minute photos

As you can see, on day one we’re focusing on the top half of the park: Frontiertown and Gemini Midway.

In order to make the most of your time and money, I recommend staying on site at Breakers Hotel.

Cedar Point Map 2021 2022

This will allow you to get early park access and help you conquer many of the must do rides before Cedar Point opens.

Day Two Cedar Point Itinerary:
  • Ride Gatekeeper
  • Conquer Valravn
  • Ride Raptor
  • Hop on Rougarou
  • Experience the Iron Dragon
  • Ride Blue Streak
  • Conquer maXair
  • Enjoy the WindSeeker
  • Scream your head off on Wicked Twister
  • Have Lunch at Melt Bar & Grill
  • Watch a Show in Main Midway
  • Ride Sky Ride
  • Grab a snack
  • CP&LE Railroad and tour the beautiful Cedar Point theme park
  • Get off train and redo any of your favorite rides

Cedar Point Best Rides

But we all know that’s not what you’re here for! You want to hear about seventeen of the world’s most thrilling and high-quality roller coasters.

Steel Vengeance Roller Coaster Cedar Point

Let’s talk about the Maverick, Top Thrill Dragster, Millennium Force, Valravn, Steel Vengeance and all these cool-sounding roller coasters!

Top Thrill Dragster

Although it lasts for only 17 seconds, Top Thrill Dragster is definitely worth the hour-long (more during peak times) wait.

Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point Roller Coaster

The layout of the ride is quite simple: you go straight up a whopping 420 feet in the air and then you come down from it… at 90 degrees.. 

Millennium Force

The Millennium Force was voted onto the list of the Best Steel Roller Coasters in the World. That alone sets the bar really high in terms of the expectations of Cedar Point thrill-seekers.

But if it is the thrill that you seek, don’t worry! Millennium Force won’t let you down.

Millennium Force train going over the top drop with sun kiss at Cedar Point

At 310 feet tall, this gigantic monster of steel led to the coining of the term ‘giga-coaster’.


Not only is this a very familiar name to those who read my blog often, but it is also an all-time Cedar Point favorite. In the past, it has been named (cue the music) the tallest, longest and fastest dive roller coaster in the United States!

Valravn Cedar Point Roller Coaster
Valravn Cedar Point

For this one, Cedar Point dreamt big, and then made sure it all came through. When it was revealed to the public in 2016, Valravn rightfully seized numerous world records for height, speed and length.

Steel Vengeance

This giant contraption that seems to have been sculpted by Vulcan (the God of the Forges) himself. It birthed a whole new appreciation and discovery of the Hyper-Hybrid roller coasters.

Steel Vengeance Roller Coaster Cedar Point Entrance

You’ll scream to the top of your lungs going at 74 mph on this mammoth of a roller coaster.

This roller coaster makes 2 minutes and 30 seconds seem like an eternity with Cedar Point’s signature 90-degree drop, followed by more inversions, twists and rolls you can count.


You’ll scream to the top of your lungs going at 74 mph on this mammoth of a roller coaster.

This roller coaster makes 2 minutes and 30 seconds seem like an eternity with Cedar Point’s signature 90-degree drop, followed by more inversions, twists and rolls you can count.

Maverick Roller Coaster Cedar Point

As you can see, they are all awesome– no one makes roller coasters like Cedar Point. NO ONE. If you want a complete guide on Cedar Point’s roller coasters, check out this article!

The Shows

No theme park is quite complete without live shows that entertain you as you move from ride to ride. But Cedar Point completely outshines all other theme parks (except maybe Disneyland and Singapore Zoo– don’t ask).

Cedar Point HalloWeekends Tips

And this isn’t my opinion. It actually won the ‘Best Shows’ award at the Golden Ticket Awards!

There’s a musical party called Beach Blanket Beagle, a singing quartet called BackBeat Quartet and more!

Grab a list of showtimes as you enter, and you will not be sorry!

The Food

There are all the usual culprits at Cedar Point– Panda Express, Chick-Fil-A and so on. But what really stands out is the frozen yogurt! Oh and the fries, and the ice cream!

PINKS Hot Dogs

Okay, I’m bad at this.

All food is good food. (but especially Toft’s ice cream and PINKS Hotdogs– what legends!)

The Beach

While exploring Cedar Point, there’s one thing you should not forget– the beach. While Cedar Point has its own waterpark– Cedar Point Shores Waterpark, you may also want to walk along the beach at sunset to finish off your solo trip adventure!

Easy Cedar Point Solo Tips for Your Visit

Let’s go through a few tips to remember for your trip to Cedar Point by yourself.

Cedar Point Raptor Roller Coaster at Dusk

1. Download the Park App

Park maps, ride wait times, exclusive offers and even directions to your car– these are all things that the Cedar Park App will provide! Download it and mark my words, you will have an even more awesome day at the park!

2. Choose comfort over style

While it may be tempting to wear your cutest dress or coolest (and expensive) shoes, don’t. You are here to have the time of your life– ride a number of roller coasters, meet a bunch of new people and explore hidden corners of the park.

Be prepared to get sweaty, wet and dirty– with comfy clothes!

3. Arrive before the park opens

Yes, folks, there is a way to do theme parks correctly. And that starts with showing up at the gates even before the park opens. There’s a reason for this: When you are one of the first few entering the gates, you can literally have your pick of rides!

Wicked Twister Cedar Point Lake Eerie Roller Coaster View

Choose your favorite ride with the longest wait time and waltz right in!                      

4. Start at the back of the park

Another hot tip? Start your adventure from the back of the park. This way, while everyone is distracted by the shiny things in front, you can have most of the big rides at the back to yourself!

5. Buy tickets and parking before your visit

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you KNOW how much I love planning. And no matter how many times my partner sighs when I draw up yet another plan for date night, I will not stop.

cedar point Gatekeeper roller coaster
GateKeeper at Cedar Point

And that’s because planning your trip (or date night) ensures that you get everything your want done, DONE.

Oh, and you also can get tickets and parking for cheap if you plan beforehand!

What to Know Before You Go 

Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point Roller Coaster with Magnum XL going by

Is Cedar Point open in 2021?

Cedar Point reopened on May 14th 2021! As for the Cedar Point Shores Waterpark, reopening will be delayed just a bit longer– finally allowing guests in after May 29th 2021.

How much does it cost to get into Cedar Point?

The daily entry starts at 49.99. However, depending on how long you want to explore it, you can also get a season’s pass which gives you unlimited visits that season. It is valued at $150.

Does Cedar Point have a Single Rider Line?

Unfortunately, the Single Rider Lines that were once there have now been turned into Fastlane lines. At the time of writing this guide, there are no special lines for single riders, but at time when you get closer to the ride the park Team Member ask for a single riders to fill a spot.

What is the best day to visit Cedar Point?

Monday and Tuesday are hands down the best days to visit Cedar Point. Most people have work or school so there won’t be a trace of those huge weekend crowds.

But mind you, there may be other people with the same idea as you so don’t expect to have the park to yourself.

What time does Cedar Point open?

Cedar Point’s opening times depend largely on the day and whether there are any festivals or events lined up. Usually, Cedar Point’s opening times are 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Can you ride all the rides in Cedar Point in one day?

There are a whopping 72 rides in Cedar Point so trying to ride all of them in one day is completely insane. BUT you can try a hand at riding all the 18 roller coasters Cedar Point has to offer!

Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point Roller Coaster Taking Off

Can I bring snacks and water to Cedar Point?

Sadly no, you do have to depend on overpriced park food for sustenance. However, you may bring in unopened water bottles. I believe they also make an exception for people with special dietary requirements.

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And there you have it!

Remember to get out there and just do it! If you continue to wait on others, you’ll miss out on a lot of fun and memorable things in life.

Be sure to do a bit of historical research of the park and the coasters. This will make your solo trip to Cedar Point so much better as the park is over 150 years old.

You are now officially up to speed with EVERYTHING you need to know while going solo at Cedar Point! And I’m sure you have tons of questions!

Cedar Point Solo Trip Is it weird

Fire away in the comments section because I’m can talk about theme parks ALL DAY!

Until next time, Happy Park Hopping Hipsters!

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