Why Going to Disney Alone Can Actually Be Amazing – Find Out How!

Today I have a real treat for you— we are going to go over what it’s like to prepare for traveling alone to Disney World for the first time.

We are chatting with Shringalah who is getting prepared to take her very first solo trip to Walt Disney World!

Shringalah will share with you everything that’s going through her mind as she prepares for her Orlando trip alone in today’s podcast!

Traveling Alone to Disney World for The First Time with Shringalah on Theme Park Travel Podcast Episode 49

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Listen to the Solo Traveler Episode 49 Below with Shringalah as She Prepares for Disney World

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Let’s Meet Our First Time Solo Theme Park Traveler, Shringalah

Our guest today is Shringalah and she runs the formely MidwestNDisneyObsessed Instagram page now MagicallyMidwestnfit.

Shringalah is an official Disney Nerd and is passionate about sharing her Disney love to the world!  

Traveling Alone to Disney World for The First Time Shringalah

She is embarking on her first solo trip to Disney World for her birthday!

What a way to celebrate a birthday 🙂

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Today We’ll Discuss Everything You Need to Know About Traveling Alone to Disney World for The First Time:

  1. What scares her the most about going to Disney alone?
  2. How Shringalah went about planning her solo trip
  3. What she’s looking forward to the most on her Disney World solo trip?
  4. How she got up enough courage to travel alone
  5. Tips for planning a first-time trip to Disney

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How Do You Do Disney World Solo?

Now that’s a big question to answer.

As you can see that in today’s podcast I chatted with our guest to learn what fears and questions she has about doing the Disney Parks alone.

But for you, I have a few tips to help you finally choose to go!

My top tips for going to Disney World alone are to:

  1. First, decide to go
  2. Write down everything you want to do
  3. Start planning your trip
  4. Book that flight and hotel
  5. Continue to save your money
  6. Arrive to Disney World and have the best trip ever!

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What to Do First if You’re Afraid to Go to Disney World Alone?

I recommend scheduling a tour on one of the first few days of your trip.

This is a good way to break the ice on your solo theme park vacation and you never know what adventures may happen afterwards.

Disney one-day game plan itinerary
Download your Disney one-day game plan itinerary by clicking image!

Tours such as:

  • Keys to the Kingdom at the Magic Kingdom
  • Behind the Seeds Tour at Epcot
  • A VIP Tour!

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What is the Best Disney World Solo Trip Itinerary?

Before you make your way to the Happiest Place on Earth, you need to have a good game plan.

Shringalah Webb took a solo trip to Disney and shares how to go alone

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What are the best Disney resorts for Solo Travelers?

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My Final Thoughts on Traveling Alone to Disney World

Have we convinced you to go to Disney World alone yet?

Be courageous, take the leap and go!

Disney Liberty Square View of Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom Theme Park on a crowded day. Full guide to the best time to visit Disney World.

Don’t spend your life waiting for others schedule to line up with yours in order for you to make that solo trek.

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If you want to go to Disney World by yourself, then go!

Traveling by myself to theme parks is my Theme Park Therapy and I want it to become yours.

Traveling Alone to Disney World for The First Time with a Theme Park Hipster
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So, let me know below if you’ve ever went to a theme park by yourself or if you’re thinking about going at it alone in the comment section below?

Don’t forget to check out Shringalah’s Disney trip report here to see how it all went!

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