Cedar Point Wicked Twister Roller Coaster

Cedar Point: Is it Weird to Go Solo? NOPE, here’s why…

You may be wondering…is it weird to have a solo trip to Cedar Point? Absolutely not! It’s NEVER WEIRD TO GO SOLO!

Ahh… Cedar Point! The theme park has over 70 rides, 17 roller coasters, a water park, two marinas AND an outdoor sports complex. 

Sounds like the dream? Just wait till you hear all the accolades it’s got!

It held the title of ‘Best Amusement Park’ from Amusement Today for (wait for it, wait for it) SIXTEEN YEARS! 

Not only does it have the ‘Friendliest Park Staff’ award, ‘Cleanest Park’ award and ‘Best Shows’ award, but they also have numerous Golden Ticket awarded rides too!

This right here, folks, is the ULTIMATE theme park. With the power vested in me and on behalf of all ThemeParkHipsters, I pronounce Cedar Point the Adrenaline Junkie Capital of the USA!

*ringing applause* *standing ovations* *people fainting*

And you, my dear solo traveler, are the latest ThemeParkHipster! (Unless you have been here already. In that case, WELCOME BACK!).

As part of your welcome (back) party, I will take you on a personal tour of Cedar Point! Let’s begin!

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Duff Man Beer in Simpsons Land at Universal Studios Florida

Top 10 Fun Things to Do at Universal Orlando for Adults (2022)

Are you looking for some fun things to do at Universal Orlando Resort that’s perfect for adults?

The Universal Orlando Resort has the reputation of being the polar opposite of its neighbor, Walt Disney World. Universal Orlando also has the ability to cater to families and solo travelers, with its well-balanced attractions, shows and dining options.

Ultimately, with its plethora of thrill attractions combined with its over the top and full of energy events, it can occasionally give its competitors a run for their money.

And this is BEFORE, we come upon the addition of Epic Universe and AFTER, the beloved addition of VelociCoaster in Islands of Adventure.

Today, I will be focusing on the “big kids” and what they can do while they visit the park. From its immersive themed resort hotels, exciting nightlife at CityWalk and, of course, the theme parks, there are a few hidden gems that you may miss out on during your visits.

Not to worry, I’ll drop some good ones for you to add to your list! Let’s dive in.

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Busch Gardens Tampa Bay Iron Gwazi Entrance

How to Go to Busch Gardens Alone (11 Easy Solo Travel Tips for 2022)

Have you ever thought about going to Busch Gardens alone?

At the Roller Coaster Capital of Florida, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, I will show you how to have the perfect solo trip. But I know that many people may think going solo to a theme park is extremely weird.

There are so many perks of going solo to a park like Busch Gardens. Today I’m going to give you 11 of my proven tips to help you have the best solo bush Gardens trip ever!

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Flume Water Ride at Islands of Adventure

5 Best Rides and Attractions at Islands of Adventure for Solo Travelers

Are you ready to go on a virtual ride through some of the best attractions at Islands of Adventure?

Whether you’re a thrill seeker or a casual rider, Universal Orlando Islands of Adventure really serves up attractions for everyone! Yes! Even you, solo traveler!

The theme of Islands of Adventure (IOA) and its lands are all inspired by books. If you pay attention to the lands of IOA, they are based on stories of some sort.

Marvel Superhero Island and Toon Lagoon is comic books, Lost Continent is based on Greek Mythology, Seuss Landing is based on the Dr. Seuss stories, Jurassic Park is based on a book by Michael Crichton and of course, Wizarding World of Harry Potter-Hogsmeade is based on a location from the Harry Potter book series.

This park allows you to really test the limits of your imagination and step into the pages of these truly jaw dropping worlds. But while you’re in these spectacular places, you might want to enjoy some experiences.

In today’s list, I will be showcasing various attractions throughout the park that are especially perfect for solo travelers to enjoy! Let’s dive into some adventure, shall we?

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SeaWorld Orlando Harbor Entrance

SeaWorld Orlando Resort Solo Trip: 11 Pro Tips for Traveling Alone (2022)

The SeaWorld Orlando Resort solo experience is one that you must try on your theme park trip.


Because, there’s nothing so invigorating like the freedom of traveling to theme parks alone.

One of the few aquatic attractions left in the nation is SeaWorld, an oceanic adventure park that can be enjoyed as a half-day or whole-day park, depending on your goals for that day.

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Epcot Flower and Garden Festival Lion King Topiary with Spaceship Earth in the Background

I Went to Epcot Flower & Garden Festival ALONE and You Should Too (18 Disney Solo Travel Tips)

You may be wondering if it is safe and okay to travel alone to the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival?

Having traveled to Walt Disney World by myself on many occasions, I can understand that it can be overwhelming for first-time solo travelers.

Epcot is located in the Orlando area and is a great park to take your time, get lost, and discover so many different countries and cultures of this world.

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Cinderella Castle for 50th Anniversary Celebration with the Magic Kingdom Band Performing on the Stage

15 Tips for Planning a Trip to Disney World on a Budget (A Guide for Solo Travelers)

Do you know how to do Disney World on a budget?

Traveling Disney World is a dream for most people. But the real struggle comes in balancing the trip and the budget. A ticket to Walt Disney World does not come cheap, and neither does flights, food, and accommodation in Orlando.

To put things in perspective, Disney World vacation cost for 6-7 days trip can cost around $1300 per person. So, how do you take a cheap solo trip to Disney?

It is hard to find travel suggestions that go beyond “free things to do at Disney” or “be calculative and frugal”.

Well, worry not!

In my quest for tips to travel Disney without breaking the bank, I found effective ways that will help you save a few hundred bucks.

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DINOSAUR Ride at Animal Kingdom with Tyrannosaurus Rex

5 BEST Animal Kingdom Rides for Solo Travelers (2022)

Welcome back ThemeParkHipster!  Today I’m excited to cover one of my favorite topics: the top rides for solo travelers! In particular, the best Animal Kingdom rides.

In the world of theme parks, especially Disney World, it can feel like the whole layout is only planned for big groups or families. And of course, that can make the single rider feel pretty left out. 

But today, I’ve got good news, because I’m going to offer you a solution to all of those solo rider worries with the Animal Kingdom rides solo travelers must do!

So, throw those Single Rider stresses out the window and let’s get started planning the best solo Animal Kingdom day ever!

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Wyndham Garden Hotel Near Universal Orlando for Solo Travelers

5 Best Hotels Near Universal Orlando for Solo Travelers

Are you ready to find some of the best hotels near Universal Orlando for solo travelers?

Sometimes, we solo travelers like to do what I call, “Ball on a budget.” No shame in that of course but sometimes the great thing about traveling alone is your ability to just go and visit the theme parks, even just for a quick weekend.

I am guilty of doing that many, many times.

And sometimes you do not want to pay a lot for your hotel, especially when you won’t be in it much, besides to lay your head. But you don’t want to be in a disreputable place or area either. This is where I come in with my travel agent expertise to help you out!

I have scouted out the five best hotels near the Universal Orlando Resort that are great for solo travelers to stay during their next trip. Whether it’s a quick weekend getaway or an extended stay, you will feel great laying your head in these places!

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