21 Top Theme Park Packing List Items (How to Pack for an Amusement Park)

Are you a minimalist packing pro or even an over-packer? Don’t worry, I got you! Today I will give you the full guide on creating the perfect theme park packing list.

I will go through how to pack for your day on both a family vacation or your very own solo trip to a theme park.

So, if you don’t know where to start, then this is definitely for you (that amusement park enthusiast)!

Cedar Point Maverick Roller Coaster Zooming By. Keep reading to know what to pack for an amusement park and have the best theme park packing list.
Maverick Roller Coaster at Cedar Point

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Getting Started on Your Theme Park Packing List

Please keep in mind that you don’t necessarily have to use this vacation packing checklist for your solo trip. I created this guide for you to give you a starting point for your theme park day.

Packing for Disney World at Dollar Tree with over-sized yellow suitcase. Keep reading to know what to pack for an amusement park and have the best theme park packing list.

This list can easily be done with friends, but if you’re a solo traveler, then you want to know how to pack for your solo trip to help ease your anxiety.

It will also take one thing off of your to-do-list while you are preparing for your theme park vacation.

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Why Planning Your Theme Park Vacation Packing Checklist is Important?

The first thing I like to do is to know which theme park I will be attending and what type of vacation do I plan on having.

Will it be one filled with foodie adventures only, a trip of watching theatrical amusement park shows, or one that totally revolves around roller coasters?

Packing for Florida Theme Park Weather

Now you’re probably like, why do I need to figure out what to wear? Why can’t I just get up and put on something?

You can do that, but I’ve always found that if you have an idea of what you’re going to wear, you can plan ahead of time. It’ll also let you know the weather that you could expect on your day.

Universal Orlando Resort Rainy night in front of Horror Make Up Show and Mels Drive In at Universal Studios Florida. Keep reading to know what to pack for an amusement park and have the best theme park packing list.
Rainy night at Universal Studios Florida

Because Florida weather can be crazy and the summertime can be interrupted with midday rain showers.

Jessie holding Christmas lights in Toy Story Land. Keep reading to know what to pack for an amusement park and have the best theme park packing list.
Jessie holding Christmas lights.

Plus, the crazy hot days are unbearable, so you want to wear something that’s going to make you comfortable for both the rain and sweltering heat.

Ready to plan your theme park trip? Watch the best vacation planning tips on YouTube. Get started here!

What to wear to an amusement park if it’s cold?

There are other times of the year when Florida can’t get a little bit cooler and that’s where you’re going to want to think about bringing a light sweater.

One of the reasons that I recommend planning on what to wear is because sometimes there are special events that may occur.

Disney World Packing List. Keep reading to know what to pack for an amusement park and have the best theme park packing list.

If you want to partake in a tour day that will have you walking constantly, then you’ll want to pack something that’s light such as leggings, a t-shirt, and comfortable sneakers for the ladies.

This will help you make sure that you’re being as comfortable as possible on your solo theme park trip.

Don’t Make My Mistakes…more reasons to plan your theme park list ahead of time

Another reason why you want to plan ahead is because there are thrilling rides and I know you don’t want to have a dress on while you’re on a rollercoaster.

First of all, that’s uncomfortable and when you get in the seat you will have to put your dress between your legs just to make sure it doesn’t blow up.

Valravn Cedar Point Roller Coaster. Keep reading to know what to pack for an amusement park and have the best theme park packing list.
Valravn Cedar Point

So, those are some of the things to think about.

And if you do plan on getting on water rides, then one of the tips I will tell you is to please DON’T WEAR WHITE, especially if you’re a woman.

I have horror stories of when I wore white as a teenager and umm, yeah, my sisters know that story. I don’t want to talk about it.

Too traumatic for me!

Do not wear white to theme parks. Oh no!

Well since you’re a solo ThemeParkHipster too, I’ll tell you my horror story with wearing white to a theme park.

Why You Shouldn’t Wear White to a Theme Park?

It was at SeaWorld Orlando in the earlier 2000s and I got on Journey to the Atlantis. I had these white shorts on that I was so in love with when I was a teenager that I definitely had to wear them on my trip.

SeaWorld Orlando Journey to Atlantis Water Ride. Keep reading to know what to pack for an amusement park and have the best theme park packing list.

On that day, I thought my monthly Aunt Flow (woman cycle) had left, but after I got off of that water ride, I was pulled aside by an older woman who said, “baby, do you know your period is on?”

I was sooooo embarrassed and traumatized!

Me and my sisters left the park immediately and after that day, I do not wear white bottoms at ALL!

Another Reason I Don’t Recommend Wearing White to an Amusement Park

You now know why I will not wear white, but some other practical reasons why I would say not to wear white is because of the ease of your outfit to get dirty and the Florida rain showers.

I was at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge preview a couple of weeks ago and a woman wearing a white shirt got completely drenched.

After she sought shelter under our canopy, there was a quiet moment when she realized that we all were staring at her because we could clearly see her red bra.

If you want to wear a white shirt on your solo trip, then maybe wear it with a black undershirt tank top.

Disney World Packing List. Keep reading to know what to pack for an amusement park and have the best theme park packing list.

It may not be the best suggestion for the Florida heat, but at least you will not be exposed in an afternoon rain shower.

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What to Wear to a Theme Park?

Now that we understand why you need to plan your things to bring to an amusement park ahead of time, let’s go through what to wear on your vacation.

Universal Orlando Resort NikkyJ Ravenclaw Flag at Celebration of Harry Potter World
I’m a Harry Potter fan, so I must have the gear to match!

Like I mentioned before, you’ll want to have comfortable shorts, leggings that are comfortable and breathable but thick enough where you don’t see your underwear.

If you are a male, then I recommend some comfortable shorts such as khakis and comfortable sneakers.

Hipster Power Tip: Because Florida sun is so bright, I recommend purchasing good quality leggings that prevent your underwear from showing.

1. Sports Bra

Theme Park Packing List Comfortable Sports Bra

When I’m at a theme park, I don’t want to feel any discomfort from a wired bra so I just recommend sports bras. As a woman, if you wear a super comfortable bra to the park, it will make all the difference in your day.

2. Clothing to Block the Sun

There is something called UPF clothing. These are clothing that are actually sun protective and a company called Cool Bar produces UV ray protective clothing which is absolutely amazing!

Theme Park Packing List Pink UV Ray Protective Sweater from Cool Bar

If you want that extra layer of protective clothing that is also breathable, then the UPF clothing is something that you’re definitely going to want to look into for your trip.

3. Fanny Pack

A Fanny pack for the amusement parks is coming back in style, so don’t laugh at me!

Harry Potter Fanny Pack. One of the best things to pack for amusement parks. Keep reading to know what to pack for an amusement park and have the best theme park packing list.

Fanny packs are the way to go if you don’t want to bring a big backpack with you on your solo theme park day. They are in style with many fashionable options for you to choose from.

Watch the Full Universal Orlando Packing List Video here on YouTube!

What to Pack in Your Theme Park Bag?

Now that we know what to wear to the theme parks, you should know what to put inside your bag.

What to Pack for Theme Parks. A Harry Potter Character Bag.

Now this is the thing, I’m going to give you a list, but you can take out or leave whatever you feel is perfect for your solo trip.

General Theme Park Packing List: 21 Things to Bring to an Amusement Park

  1. A small umbrella (a must in Florida summers to block sun and rain)
  2. Backup shirt (just in case I get too sweaty in a summertime)
  3. Camera
  4. Cell phone
  5. Debit cards, cash, and I.D.
  6. Downloaded park map
  7. Feminine care and hygiene products like deodorant
  8. Hand sanitizers and hand wipes
  9. Hat and sunglasses
  10. Lip gloss
  11. Portable charger for my phone
  12. Reusable water bottle
  13. Small disposable poncho
  14. Light snacks
  15. Theme Park Solo Guide Book
  16. Small thing of hand lotion
  17. Sunscreen
  18. Theme park tickets
  19. ThemeParkHipster app downloaded
  20. Water mist fan or cooling towel for the summer
  21. Ziploc bags that are waterproof

Download your complete Walt Disney World Packing List here!

Water Park Theme Park Packing List. Keep reading to know what to pack for an amusement park and have the best theme park packing list.

Water Park Packing List

  • Beach bag or a backpack
  • Bikini, Beach shorts
  • Cash
  • Extra Clothes
  • Flip-flops/beach shoes
  • Personal hygiene products
  • Phone charger
  • Plastic Bag to place wet clothes in
  • A Small cooler (regulation may vary based on the park)
  • Small Ziploc bag for accessory storage
  • Some sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Tickets
  • Towels
  • Water
  • A Waterproof disposable camera/Waterproof phone sleeve

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What to pack for Epcot. Theme Park Packing Check List. With colorful topiary. Keep reading to know what to pack for an amusement park and have the best theme park packing list.

Epcot Festival Packing Checklist

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Wizarding World of Harry Potter Checklist

Read more about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter here!

What are the Best Bags for Amusement Parks?

Since we’re talking about bags, what type of bags do I recommend? There are only three main types of bags that I recommend:

1. A Small Bookbag

I like to bring a smaller bookbag to the park, but not one that is as heavy duty as a school bookbag. You can find one at the Dollar Tree or Five Below.

Harry Potter Bag. Best item on theme park packing list.

If you want to spruce it up, then get a Harry Potter bag. This is the bag I bring on most of my solo theme park trips.

2. Drawstring Bag

The drawstring bags are very light and are usually cheaper depending on the brand.

Disney Drawstring Bags on Amazon. Theme Park Packing List

Sometimes they don’t last long, but if you’re not putting anything too crazy in there, those are perfect to bring. You take them off and on easily because of their lightweight.

This is one of my favorite things to have on my theme park packing list!

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3. Fanny Pack

As mentioned earlier, fanny packs are coming back in style!

You can not only wear them as a practical way of holding your theme park essentials, you can wear them across your chest or around your waist.

Hipster Power Tip: If you have a three-pronged Fanny pack, then you won’t have to get a locker on Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure at Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

If you do have to bring a purse, then I suggest bringing one of those cross-body types of purses where the purse part is very small with a strap that can go across your body.

Minnie Mouse Crossbag Purse. Things to pack for vacation.

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Final Thoughts on Your Theme Park Packing List

You are now armed with all the amusement park tips for your best solo vacation packing list.

Utimate theme park packing list with Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Keep reading to know what to pack for an amusement park and have the best theme park packing list.
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Did I miss anything on this theme park packing list? Please let me know in the comments section below.

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Until next time, Happy Park Hopping Hipsters!


(Original Date: November 20, 2016/Updated July 21, 2022)

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  1. I also personally like having a lightweight foldable chair/stool for any Disney or
    Universal parks. The lines during June mean that some lines for rides can easily be 3 hours ( with the opening of Hagrids motor bike adventure the line is around 300 minutes of waiting or 5 hours average!) and most ride queues have very scarce seating. I’ve found some good quality, portable seats on Amazon between $30 and $110. They hold 250lbs or less though o the lower end of pricing. Over all it is a good investment that will remove a little bit of pain from one of everyone’s least favorite parts of going to major theme parks.
    Also ventilated shirts and cooling vests can help.

  2. That’s a good idea to wear sun-protective clothing so you don’t have to reapply so much sunscreen every few hours. I am very fair and prone to sunburn, so it is important for me to stay protected. I will definitely have to look for some UPF clothing in preparation for my upcoming theme park trip.

    • Hi Lyla!

      The UPF clothing is such a great invention, especially for skin that is super sensitive to the sun.

      BTW, I hope your theme park trip was incredible 🙂



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