Throwback Thursday: The Map Hoarder

Theme Park Maps
My Theme Park Map Collection

Who loves collecting park maps?

Me, Me, Me!

Over here!

What started off as a simple “let me have this map as a souvenir”, mainly because my mom couldn’t really afford to buy us both food and park trinkets, became a must do every time I was at a Theme Park, rest stop, or hotel. Then I started doing it because I was a very imaginative young girl and I wanted to relive the experience once I got back home.

Now I do it because it’s second nature to me.

No real purpose anymore….I do it just because I love it.

Am I the only one who collects Theme Park maps? Are there any “Map Hoarders” out there? I would love to hear your personal stories.

Above is a pic of some of my favorite park maps collected over time. Enjoy!


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