SMACKDOWN: 7 BEST Rides at Typhoon Lagoon All RANKED!

Ready to take on the best rides at Typhoon Lagoon?

Well ThemeParkHipster, since it’s officially summer time – I figured it’s the PERFECT time to explore a WHOLE new world when it comes to theme parks… Water Parks!

Water parks are the BEST way to enjoy the magic of a theme park, without the stress of overheating…

…a MUST in the humid Florida weather! 

And while there’s quite a few amazing water parks here in Orlando, FL, today I’m going to put one of Disney’s water parks to the test by ranking the Best Rides at Typhoon Lagoon!

Typhoon Lagoon Lazy River. One of the best rides at Typhoon Lagoon in Disney World.

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#7 Gangplank Falls

Number 7 on this list is Gangplank Falls! This family style raft ride is an absolute blast! 

While seated in a classic big yellow circular raft, you’ll slip and slide under bridges, rock caves, and waterfalls. 

One of the Best rides at Typhoon Lagoon is Gangplank Mayday Falls at Disney World

And beware – there’s no seat belts on this ride, so be sure to hold onto the handles tight!

  • Ride Duration: Approximately 1 minute
  • Height Restrictions: Nope! This family friendly ride welcomes all heights and ages.

Know Before You Go Tip: As a Single Rider, you may be asked to ride with another party.

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#6 Keelhaul Falls

Keelhual Falls slides in at number 6 on the best rides at Typhoon Lagoon list, because it’s a thrilling Single Rider Ride

Typhoon Lagoon Surfers Rule on Fence

That’s right, it’s PERFECT for you brave solo park hoppers out there.

What to Expect on This Typhoon Lagoon Ride

On this ride, you’ll board on a one person inner tube, where you’ll sit with your feet dangling out, and slide through twists and turns adorned by rocks and greenery. 

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After about a minute or so, you’ll eventually be dumped out into a 3 foot, 4 inch deep common pool.

  • Ride Duration: About 1 minute
  • Height Restrictions: Nope!  All heights are welcome on this ride.

Hipster Power Tip: Only official Typhoon Lagoon inner tubes are permitted on this ride. You’ll grab yours from the common area pool at the start of the line, and carry it up to the top of the ride’s launching area!

#5 Storm Slides

On this water park body slide ride, no inner tubes or rafts are needed! 

Typhoon Lagoon Water Tower

What to Expect on This Water Ride at Typhoon Lagoon

Simply pick from one of three twisting, three-story slides, cross your feet and arms, and get riding! 

And, if you’re a big fan of Typhoon Lagoon rides already, then let us know in the comments below, which of the three Storm Slides are your favorite?

Jib Jammer, Stern Burner, or Rudder Buster??

  • Ride Duration: About 30 seconds
  • Height Restrictions: Nope!  Any Theme Park Hipster, from the smallest of the small to the tallest of the tall are permitted on this ride!

Hipster Power Tip: Although this ride isn’t lightning fast, it can be a bit bumpy – those with severe back or neck problems might want to skip this one on my best rides at Typhoon Lagoon list.

#4 Castaway Creek

A 2,000 foot long lazy river… Sign us up! Castaway Creek makes #4 on this list because it’s fun and convenient! 

Best rides at  Typhoon Lagoon Lazy River

Not only are lazy river style rides fun for any size party, but they also can function as a refreshing way to navigate the Typhoon Lagoon park. 

What to Expect on This Typhoon Lagoon Ride

With five different entry and exit points park wide, you can be sure that Castaway Creek will take you wherever you want to go.

Best rides at Typhoon Lagoon Disney Water Park Lazy River

Even if that’s for a lazy mid-day park nap!

  • Ride Duration: However long you want!
  • Height Restrictions: Nope!

Hipster Power Tip: With plenty of trees, bridges, and waterfalls – this is definitely the best ride for unwinding during a busy, hot park day!

#3 Humunga Kowabunga

An enclosed body slide that drops you 214 feet at a 60 degree angle in less than 10 seconds… Yeah, we’re going to call Humunga Kowabunga a serious thrill seeker ride! 

Typhoon Lagoon Shipwreck

What to Expect on This Water Park Ride at Typhoon Lagoon

Disney lovers also say this ride is not to be missed since it’s at the top of Typhoon Lagoon’s Mount Mayday, or the main focal point – the “ship wreck” – of the park.

  • Ride Duration: About 8 seconds
  • Height Restrictions: 48 inches or 122 cm

Know Before You Go Tip: Clothing with rivets or buckles are not permitted on this ride.  Neither are life jackets or loose items like jewelry and sunglasses.

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#2 Crush ‘n’ Gusher

Grab your two person float and board one of the “fruit chutes” aka: half enclosed, half open air water roller coaster tracks. 

Best rides at Typhoon Lagoon Crush n Gusher

What to Expect on this Typhoon Lagoon Ride

Sudden dips and turns are the usual on this brisk ride, and of course, all three tracks end in an open water pool.  

And also, don’t worry solo ThemeParkHipsters – even though the Crush ‘n’ Gusher tubes are designed for two, you can still ride Single Rider!

  • Ride Duration: About 25 seconds
  • Height Restrictions: 48 inches or 122 cm

Know Before You Go Tip: This ride comes in at #2 on this Best Rides at Typhoon Lagoon list for a reason – it’s LOTS of fun – but as you already know – that also means a long line; so try to hit this ride up first thing in the morning!

#1 Miss Adventure Falls

Sliding in at #1 on our list is Miss Adventure Falls, an amazing family raft ride built in 2016! 

Best rides at Typhoon Lagoon Miss Adventure Falls

On this creative ride… the ride begins before the actual ride! What do we mean by that? 

What to Expect on This Ride at Typhoon Lagoon

Well after waiting in line, you’ll first be directed to sit in the 2 to 4 person raft… still on the conveyor belt.

Yup, that’s right, you get to ride the whole way up inside the raft, before the ride even begins! 

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Because it’s not until after your 2 minute or so ride to the top of the belt that the true water ride starts….

AKA: Water jets spray the enclosed tube as you start your twisting, turning descent into Hideaway Bay!

  • Ride Duration: About 2 minutes and 30 seconds
  • Height Restrictions: Nope!

Know Before You Go Tip: Designed as a family raft, you won’t be able to ride this alone, so be prepared to cozy up with one, two, or three others!

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4 Easy Tips for Visiting a Disney World Water Park

Now that you know what the best rides are at Typhoon Lagoon, let’s go through a few water park safety and pro tips for your Disney trip.

Typhoon Lagoon Tilly's Mayday Fall

1. Be Prepared to Grab a Locker

You are certainly welcome to carry backpacks, towels, coolers, and the like into Typhoon Lagoon…

Typhoon Lagoon Humunga Kowabunga Storm Slides

The problem is though, pretty much none of the Typhoon Lagoon Rides allow you to bring carry on items with you.

So my best recommendation? Grab a locker.

Luckily at Typhoon Lagoon, lockers aren’t too pricey – just $10 for a small locker or $15 for a large, which will definitely be able to fit snacks, a water bottle, sunscreen, your towels, etc.

Typhoon Lagoon Surf Doggies

Of course you could always leave all your personal items in the car to save some cash, but a locker is definitely the more convenient option!

2. Take your Magic Band with You!

MagicBands are not only waterproof but functional in Disney’s water parks in terms of holding your admission tickets and making in-park purchases!

Best rides at Typhoon Lagoon Lazy River in Florida Sun

3. Keep an Eye out for Exclusive Characters!

Ever wanted to get a picture of Lilo and Stitch together? Typhoon Lagoon is your chance!

Typhoon Lagoon Life Vests Blue

And even Goofy gets in on the watery fun with his cute as can be life jacket, water shoes, and swim trunks!

So, keep your eyes open for some of your favorite Disney characters!

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4. Leave the Life Jacket and Personal Flotation Devices at Home

While personal flotation devices that don’t attach to the body, like pool noodles and kick boards, are NOT ALLOWED on any Typhoon Lagoon rides, life jackets of all sizes are actually provided free of charge at multiple different stations throughout the park!

Typhoon Lagoon Lazy River

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What to Know Before You Go to Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon 

Now that you have the best tips for your trip, let’s go over a few of the most commonly asked questions.

Typhoon Lagoon Green Pale with Chocolate Chip Cookie
Kid Meals Come in Green Bucket

Is Typhoon Lagoon Open in 2024? 

As of now, Typhoon Lagoon is currently closed at Walt Disney World but it will reopen on March 17, 2024!

NikkyJ at Typhoon Lagoon
Owner, NikkyJ, at Typhoon Lagoon!

You CAN also visit Disney’s other water park: Blizzard Beach.

Is Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach Better? 

Many ThemeParkHipsters rank Typhoon Lagoon as the better Disney water park option. Why?

Well first of all, the theming is on point!  

You really feel like you’re on a tropical island, which adds to the excitement of your day. Plus, Typhoon Lagoon has more updated rides, like Miss Adventure Falls.

Overall though, Blizzard Beach ranks higher among theme park lovers with kids for it’s more kid-friendly rides and whimsical, snowy wonderland theme, so perhaps that’s why Disney decided to reopen this water park first.

How Much Does Typhoon Lagoon Cost? 

While prices may fluctuate depending on time of year, as of now a single ticket admission to Typhoon Lagoon is $74 for adults, and $68 for children aged 3 – 9.

Typhoon Lagoon Shipyard

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Can You Take Food into Typhoon Lagoon? 

Just like Disney’s other parks, food and beverages are allowed, so long as your picnic doesn’t include glass or alcohol!

Typhoon Lagoon Chicken Strips

Typhoon Lagoon also has lots of picnic tables and benches, which make it easy to bring your own food from home.

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Just be sure you’ve brought cash prepared to rent a locker (about $10 – $15) if that’s the case, because you won’t be allowed to lug a cooler or backpack onto the rides!

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Can I Wear Water Shoes at Typhoon Lagoon?

Yes! Water shoes are permitted, and recommended, at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon.

Especially because they’ll maximize your comfort and will keep your feet clean from any yucky germs you might find in the shared pools or restrooms.

Typhoon Lagoon Surf Doggies

The only thing to keep in mind about water shoes is that they may not be permitted on some body slides.

Luckily though, there’s a quick fix to that… Pop them off, hold them on the way down, and put them back on when the ride’s done!

Can I Wear Goggles or a Swim Mask at Typhoon Lagoon?

The answer to this question is Yes! …And no. Because it actually depends on which of the Typhoon Lagoon rides you’re going on.

Typhoon Lagoon Shipyard with Boats

To be more specific, regular goggles, that only cover your eyes, are permitted on all Typhoon Lagoon rides except Humunga Kowabunga.

Swim masks, which cover your nose too, are ONLY permitted on Castaway Creek, Crush ‘n’ Gusher Swim area, and the Shark Reef, where you can actually wear a full on snorkel!

How Many Rides Does Typhoon Lagoon Have?

There are currently 11 attractions and rides at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon water park. Here’s the current list:

  1. Bay Slides: 60″ (152cm) or shorter
  2. Castaway Creek: All Ages, Any Height
  3. Crush ‘n’ Gusher: 48″ (122cm) or taller
  4. Gangplank Falls: All Ages, Any Height
  5. Humunga Kowabunga: 48″ (122cm) or taller
  6. Keelhaul Falls: Any Height
  7. Ketchakiddee Creek: 48″ (122cm) or shorter
  8. Mayday Falls: Any Height
  9. Miss Adventure Falls: Any Height
  10. Storm Slides: Any Height
  11. Typhoon Lagoon Surf Pool: Any Height

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Wrapping Up…

While Typhoon Lagoon may not be open just yet, I hope this ranking of the Best Rides at Typhoon Lagoon got you super pumped for when it is!

Best Rides at Typhoon Lagoon
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So, now that we’ve ranked our top rides, you’ve GOT to let us know in the comments below… Which Typhoon Lagoon rides are your favorite? Do you agree with our ranking, or did we get it all wrong?

Can’t wait to see what you all think!

Until next time – Happy Park Hopping Hipsters!

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