Mako Ride Highlight and Review

Mako’s…fast, no really fast, no SUPER FAST!

Smooth with more airtime than you can handle in one coaster. If it’s anything like the now famous (or infamous) shark, the Mako, then we need to stay out of the water.

The lift of Mako pulls you up quickly to 200 feet in about 30 seconds. You then descend in an almost dive like manner pulling up with weightlessness. Throughout the roller coaster you dive deep then ascend up like the shark hunting its prey multiple times. All I did was scream as I felt my body lift in and out of the seat at speeds maxing 73 mph.

What a rush of speed, force and excitement!

One thing I want to point out that I really liked about Mako was the smoothness of the ride…that new coaster feel.

Can I say that it had replaced the Revenge of the Mummy as my favorite attraction in central Florida….umm kinda of hard to answer. The Mummy is my favorite due to the themed-experience; however, minus the themed-experience of the Mummy and I’d say Mako is my new favorite roller coaster in central Florida.

Let’s Breakdown Mako

Mako is the tallest, fastest and longest roller coaster in Orlando. 200 feet high, 73 mph and a track that’s nearly a mile long. It has 3 coaster trains with 7 cars per train and each train carries 28 riders. Each coaster train weighs 21,418 lbs. The coaster has zero inversions and a height restriction of 54”.

Coaster Train Specs

  1. Custom Fiberglass Lead Car
  2. Central Beam: Provides a smooth surface for the pneumatic brakes
  3. Wheels: Made with a special polyurethane compound that reduces friction
  4. Magnetic Brakes: Activated by interaction between metal plates under the car’s frame
  5. Rider Lap Guard: Secure while providing complete upper-body mobility
  6. Rider Seat: Padded bucket seats

Summer of Mako

Now through August 7th, SeaWorld will feature the Summer of Mako, an all-new event that encourages families to explore, be inspired and take action to protect the ocean. The activities included in this event are the Shark Touch Pool, Interactive Games, Mako Treats, Shamu’s Celebration, a Block Party and an Evening of Coaster Thrills.

Check out my last visit to SeaWorld and experience the Summer of Mako with me. Sit back, relax and enjoy the music (and theme park sounds) and let me know if you’ve conquered central Florida’s new top coaster.

Summer of MAKO | SeaWorld Day Trip 2016

Until next time, Happy Park Hopping Hipsters!


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