What’s the BEST Rain Poncho for Disney? These 7 Will Help You Decide

Are you trying to figure what the best rain poncho for Disney is for your upcoming trip?

We’re heading into the summer months this year, and you know what that means?! Yup! Rainy season in Orlando, FL.

As you might already know, rainy season in a tropical area is quite different from what you might experience in less extreme climates. Rainy season in Florida often means one hour of rain each day so heavy, that you can barely see two feet in front of you!

And so, for that reason, today I’m going to talk about the Best Rain Poncho for Disney!  Or, more specifically, our seven favorite rain ponchos for Disney.  Because…after all… every ThemeParkHipster has different desires and needs!

And so, without further ado let’s talk about the which ponchos are the recommendation for your Disney World trip! Because a dripping wet vacation is not very magical, am I right?

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1. SaphiRose Hooded Rain Poncho

Why we LOVE it: It’s no mistake that this particular item is topping our best rain poncho for Disney list…

Hooded Rain Poncho Waterproof Raincoat Jacket

It has over 20 color options, a front pocket, and comes with it’s own compact carrying bag. Plus it’s made of durable, yet breathable high quality polyester – so it really does check off all our boxes!

  • Price: $22.99
  • Rating: 4.6 Stars

Get your SaphiRose Hooded Rain Poncho here!

2. Mudder Adult Portable Raincoat Rain Poncho with Hoods and Sleeves

Why we LOVE it: 7 color options, a reusable ziploc baggie for storage, and front button closure are just a few reasons we love this option!

The buttons along the front make taking this poncho on and off a snap! (Get it?)

Mudder Adult Portable Raincoat Rain Poncho with Hoods and Sleeves on Amazon

And, it lets you keep the poncho open, closed, or somewhere in the middle for ultimate theme park mobility and comfort!

  • Price: $11.99
  • Rating: 4 Stars and Amazon’s Choice

Get your Mudder rain poncho here on Amazon!

3. Disney 2-Pack Family Rain Ponchos, Mickey Or Minnie Mouse, Adult & Youth

Why we LOVE it: First of all…two ponchos for the price of one – you can’t beat that!

Disney 2-Pack Family Rain Ponchos, Mickey Or Minnie Mouse

We also love the cute Mickey and Minnie design, and the fact that the vinyl is higher quality than that of super cheap ponchos, so you can use these again and again.

  • Price: $24 (for adult size)
  • Rating:  4.5 Stars

Get your Disney family rain poncho here on Amazon!

4. Rainoux Disposable Rain Ponchos for Adults (5 Pack) 

Why we LOVE it: I love this next option on our list because you get 5 ponchos for the price of one! 

Rainoux Disposable Rain Ponchos for Adults - 5 Pack with Drawstring Hood Clear

And listen, even though this option says “disposable,” customers rave that it definitely lasts more than one use!

Plus, remember, having more than one poncho can be handy to use as a backpack cover to protect all those yummy snacks and precious Disney souvenirs!

  • Price: $12 
  • Rating:  4.5 Stars

Get your Rainoux rain poncho here on Amazon!

5. Disney Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse Poncho

Why we LOVE it: If you’re a Mickey and Minnie Mouse lover, then this will definitely be the best rain poncho for Disney for you! 

Disney Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse Poncho on Amazon

Not only are two of the most lovable characters on the front of this poncho, but side snap closures and durable vinyl make this an easy, comfortable, cute, compact option!

  • Price: $14.99 
  • Rating:  4.5 Stars

Get your Mickey Mouse rain poncho here on Amazon!

6. Anyoo Waterproof Rain Poncho Lightweight Reusable Hiking Hooded Coat Jacket

Why we LOVE it: Similar to the first option on this best rain poncho for Disney list, this poncho has 15+ color options, comes with a carrying bag, and is made of durable polyester. 

Green poncho to take to Disney World

Although no Disney characters are featured on this poncho, it will definitely last you wayyyy longer than just a couple of park days!

  • Price: $18.99 
  • Rating:  4.6 Stars

Get your Anyoo rain poncho here on Amazon!

7. Coleman Rain Poncho

Why we LOVE it: The final pick on this best rain poncho for Disney list is a great, affordable option from an extremely reliable brand! 

Coleman Rain Jacket. One of the Best Disney Ponchos

The drawstring hoodie and durable, welded seams make this a super lightweight, yet long-lasting option!

  • Price: $11.99
  • Rating:  4.4 Stars and Amazon’s Choice

Get your Coleman rain poncho here on Amazon!

What to Know When it Comes to Choosing Your Disney Poncho

Expedition Everest Temple View Animal Kingdom. Rain on the horizon at Disney.

Do I really need a rain poncho for my Disney trip?

To be honest, I would say 100% yes! No matter what time of year you’re visiting Disney, it makes sense to invest in a good poncho for Disney…

Only because Florida is a tropical environment. And, with tropical environments come unexpected rain storms.

And, even if rain is not in the forecast per say, it’s not out of the norm for an extremely heavy downpour to come down mid-day for an hour or so and then stop. 

So, instead of taking cover indoors during this downpour, why not throw on your best rain poncho for Disney and keep enjoying the magic!

Rainy day in Liberty Square Shops At Magic Kingdom Orlando Florida

Oh, and if you STILL want ANOTHER reason why you should purchase one, it’s for those water rides!

Even if there’s not a single raindrop during your trip, lots of guests feel more comfortable on those big log flumes and family raft rides with a poncho in tow!

Hipster Power Tip: You can buy a BULK of ponchos online at Dollar Tree.com!

Can’t I just get a rain poncho once I arrive to the Disney parks?

Can you? Sure. Should you… not really.

The reason being is that as soon as there is a slight downpour, guests charge the gift shops to grab their ponchos, oftentimes leading to them being sold out quickly. 

So, to prevent this whole frustrating scenario, why not grab a higher quality poncho ahead of time, so you’re always prepared!

Rainy day in Morocco Pavilion At Epcot Orlando Florida

Also, to be honest, you’ll spend about the same money on a poncho in the parks (around $12) that will be lower quality and won’t last you very long. 

So, one of our best rain poncho picks for Disney is definitely a better way to go!

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What rides or entertainment offerings are affected at Disney when it rains?

Magic Kingdom is known for its calvacades and parades around 3 p.m. (once they return)… which unfortunately, is often exactly when heavy rain downpours in Orlando, FL. Should this be the case on your Disney day, don’t fret! 

Rainy day in Liberty Square At Magic Kingdom Orlando Florida

The parade is often just postponed indefinitely until the streets are dry enough for the floats and performers.  

The same goes for the castle show – “Mickey’s Friendship Royal Faire” and the nightly firework show. Basically, if Disney can put on the show, they will… Even if it takes lots of mopping and drying fans!

Aside from these entertainment offerings though, all rides will operate normally. That is, unless there is lightning.

Rainy day with Cavalcade of Mickey Mouse on river At Magic Kingdom Orlando Florida

If that’s the case, outdoor rides and water rides will be temporarily closed until the lightning is no longer in a 10 mile radius.  

So, if lightning is in the forecast for your Disney day, hit those outdoor metal rides early on to make sure you get them in!

Tips for Choosing the Best Rain Poncho for Disney

Rain on the horizon over World Showcase Lagoon at Epcot

1. Consider the Compactibility of the Rain Poncho

Before selecting the a poncho that will work the best for you, ask yourself: “How do I normally pack for the park?” Fanny pack? Back pack? Nothing but your pockets? Knowing this will help you choose a rain poncho that best fits your needs.

Minnie Fashion Pretty Polka Dot Hip Sack Waist Pack Fanny Bag

For example, if your space is very limited, then one of the thin, clear, plastic vinyl options with a small ziploc bag carrying case might be best for you. They are quick and easy to roll/fold up, and can slide into a back pocket or fanny pack with ease.

However, if you have more space, like a backpack, and prefer more protection from the rain, then grab one of the heavier duty, polyester ponchos that come with their own carry bags.

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2. Consider the time of year of your visit

Even though Florida is known for it’s warm weather, December – February can still have a little chill in the air. Add that chilly breeze with rain, and you might even start to shiver!

Rainy day in Main Street USA At Magic Kingdom Orlando Florida

Obviously no one wants that at the Most Magical Place on Earth!So if your trip is scheduled during the winter months, then the best rain poncho for Disney will definitely be a thicker polyester option.

These provide more warmth and repel the rain much better than the plastic vinyl options, so you can keep the rain and cold away all day!

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3. Consider how many people are in your park hopping party

Read the poncho descriptions closely, ThemeParkHipster! Some of our best rain poncho recommendations actually come with 2+ ponchos!

Rainy day At Epcot Orlando Florida

And if you’re a solo theme park party of one, then it would obviously make more sense to invest the same amount of money into one higher quality polyester poncho, than 2+ disposable ones.

4. Consider the length of your trip!

Doing a full week of park hopping? Well then, the best rain poncho for Disney for you probably isn’t a thin, vinyl plastic one that can easily rip and won’t last!

DINOSAUR Entrance with Dinosaur in the garden at Animal Kingdom

But, on the other hand, if you’re just park hopping for one fantastic day, then a cheaper vinyl option will probably be just fine!

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Wrapping Up…

Well ThemeParkHipster, I hope this helped you to select the best rain poncho for your Disney World trip!

Disney Springs Rainforest Cafe Lava Lounge

I know that every ThemeParkHipster has different needs and desires, and so, I’m curious to know… which option from the list above did you choose? Why? Do you have a better poncho option that we should add to the list? 

Best ponchos at Disney World
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As always, let us know in the comments below; because no one deserves to be wet and miserable on their magical Disney Day!

Until next time, Happy Park Hopping Hipsters!

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