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2019 SeaWorld Complete Guide

The best way to do SeaWorld Orlando

2019 SeaWorld Complete Guide

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SeaWorld is one of the last maritime amusement parks left in the nation. It’s an aquatic park in Orlando that can be done as a half-day or whole-day park. This depends on your goals for that day. SeaWorld Orlando is quite stunning and is in the same family as Busch Gardens.

When approaching the park gates, you’ll see a watery entrance reminding you of a gorgeous bay in San Diego. Once in the gates, you experience watery thrills, hear tropical noises, and see colorful topiary displays.

SeaWorld Orlando Review Orlando, Florida

SeaWorld Orlando Park Hours

SeaWorld usually opens at 9:00 a.m. and closes at 6:00 p.m.; however, during the peak summer days the park may be open until 10:00 p.m.

Remember when planning your trip, always check the park’s website or mobile app for the current hours and wait times.

Journey to Atlantis SeaWorld Orlando. Large splash at the end of flume ride.

Journey to Atlantis SeaWorld Orlando


SeaWorld was one of the first theme parks I visited as a child, so it will always have a special place in my heart. It was one of the few parks families could budget modestly for and have a great time.


How was SeaWorld started?


The SeaWorld franchise started in 1964 in San Diego, California. It was founded by George Millay, Milt Shedd, Ken Norris and David DeMott. The franchise was originally planned as an underwater restaurant, but eventually blossomed into an aquatic amusement park.

In 1968 SeaWorld became a publicly traded company, which allowed for expansion into the Ohio and central Florida areas. In 1973 SeaWorld Orlando was established.


What is SeaWorld address?

SeaWorld Orlando is located at 7007 Sea World Dr, Orlando, FL 32821. Right in heart of the Orlando tourist scene.


What are some facts about SeaWorld Orlando?

  1. SeaWorld in Abu Dhabi is planned for opening in 2022 on Yas Island.
  2. The TurtleTrek’s movie is actually two films running simultaneously. One is for the left eye, the other for the right.
  3. The staff provides close to 400,000 pounds of Romaine lettuce to some of their marine wildlife.
  4. SeaWorld is still trying to recovery after the documentary, Blackfish, which talked about the orca program.
  5. There as an unaffiliated park in Australia called Sea World (two words instead of one).
  6. Mako is the tallest, fastest and longest roller coaster in Orlando.


SeaWorld Orlando Tickets
    • One-day admission starting at $79.99
    • Multi-Park Tickets starting at $54.99 per park
    • Dine with Shamu starting at $29.00 for adults, $19.00 for kids

*All SeaWorld ticket, dining, tour, and merchandise pricing subject to change.

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SeaWorld Parking
  • $20: General parking for cars, motorcycles, trucks, recreation vehicles and campers (FREE for Annual Pass Members)
  • $30: Preferred parking ($10 for Annual Pass Members)
SeaWorld Annual Passes
    • SeaWorld only starting at $14/month
    • Busch Gardens+ SeaWorld or Adventure Island starting at $16/month
    • SeaWorld + Busch Gardens + Adventure Island or Aquatica starting at $21/month
    • Fun Card – Pay for a day, come back for free the rest of the year
    • Platinum Pass– Best deal that includes unlimited admission to SeaWorld Orlando (FL), San Diego (CA) and San Antonio (TX); Busch Gardens Tampa Bay (FL) and Williamsburg (VA), Adventure Island® (FL), Aquatica® Orlando (FL), San Diego (CA) and San Antonio (TX), Water Country U.S.A (VA) and Sesame Place® (PA) for 12 months. Free parking, ride again privileges and more!
SeaWorld All-day Dining Plan

All you can eat and drink at SeaWorld.

  • Adult: $34.99
  • Child: $19.99
Quick queue

You can skip the line on major attractions. Prices start at $19.00 and vary based on how busy the park may be that day. Below are the current attractions included in the Quick Queue system:

  • Mako
  • Manta
  • Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin
  • Turtle Trek
  • Journey to Atlantis
  • Wild Arctic
SeaWorld tours are a great way to see another side of the park. Birds perched on rocks overlooking Manta roller coaster.

SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld Tours
Dolphin Encounter Starting at $15.00

Spend up-close time with bottlenose dolphins at Dolphin Cove®

Sharks Up-Close Tour Starting at $15.00

You will be able to touch a small shark and learn fact from fiction about the diversity of sharks.

Wild Arctic Up-Close Tour Starting at $59.00

An interactive 60-minute program all about walrus, seals and beluga whales.

Penguin Up-Close Tour Starting at $69.00 for adults

A 45-minute walking tour about what it takes to care for penguins.

Sea Lion Up-Close Tour Starting at $44.00 for adults

A 60-minute tour where you find out what it takes to care sea lions.

Dolphin Up-Close Tour Starting at $45.00 for adults

A 60-minute tour where you will have the chance to interact with Atlantic bottlenose dolphins.

Behind-the-Scenes Tour Starting at $29.00 for adults

A 75-minute tour on how rescued manatees and sea turtles are cared for.

Private VIP Tour Starting at $199.00

The Private VIP Tour provides your group with its own SeaWorld tour guide for up to 7 hours. It includes insider tips from an expert guide, front-of-line access and reserved seating to rides and shows.

Expedition SeaWorld®: A Guided Tour Starting at $79.00 for adults.

A 6-hour expert guide through SeaWorld. You will also enjoy reserved seats at three of the most popular shows, front-of-the-line access before and after your guided tour, All-Day Dine and more.

Top Tips for SeaWorld. Dolphins diving into blue water.




1 – Get there early

Arrive 30 minutes prior to park opening. It’s the best way to maximize your day, especially if you’re trying to do it all in one day.


2 – Dress appropriately

Florida weather is mostly hot and humid except for the beautiful months of December, January, February, and March.


3 – Find quiet, shaded spots

The vegetation area by the Dolphin Encounter and near Turtle Trek are two, usually serene, sitting areas.


4 – Go during the weekdays

To avoid the frustration, I suggest avoiding holidays, the weekends, and the summer. This is the time that both locals and tourists flood the park. Check out the Undercover Tourist crowd calendar to find the best days to go.


5 – Download park app

Map out day prior to visit by downloading app. This is a great way to make a note of your must do’s and also a way to help you see and experience as much as you can if you’re only there for a short visit.


6 – Pass on Preferred Parking

Try to get to SeaWorld early and park in the regular parking section. The parking situation at SeaWorld isn’t bad. Wherever you end up parking, the walk to the front gate shouldn’t be too terrible.


7 – Save time and money and buy discounted SeaWorld tickets online

Undercover Tourist offers great deals on SeaWorld tickets.


8 – Purchase the All-Day Dining Deal

For one low price, you will get a band that allows you to eat at participating restaurants all day. 1 entrée, 1 side or dessert, and 1 fountain drink, tea or water for each visit. Basically, an all you can eat day at the park.

Participating restaurants include: Voyager’s Smokehouse, Expedition Café, Seaport Pizza, Captain Pete’s Island Treats, The Spice Mill, Seafire Grill, and Mango Joe’s. Sharing is prohibited and may lead to revocation of your dining pass if found in violation of the rule.

SeaWorld is a theme park that is great to do in one day while visiting Orlando. Dolphins and roller coasters.


  1. Start Early (probably not as early as Universal and Disney) and get to the park when the gates open.
  2. Grab a park guide and map out your day.
  3. Ride Manta. *Must Do*
  4. Pet the stingrays in Key West.
  5. Play with dolphins in Dolphin Cove.
  6. Experience Turtle Trek. 
  7. Hop aboard Journey to Atlantis.
  8. Face the new Kraken. *Must Do*
  9. Explore Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin. *Must Do*
  10. Conquer Mako.
  11. Have lunch at Shark Underwater Grill.
  12. Explore Pacific Point Preserve.
  13. Use this time to do any tours, shows that you’re interested in, such as the One Ocean animal show.
  14. Do the Paddle Boats to finish your day off.


Seven Seas Food Festival (February through May)

Sea creatures, coasters, music, food, drinks, fun and more can all be experienced in this new standout SeaWorld annual event.

Electric Ocean Summer Nights (June, July, and August)

Experience the terrifying roller coasters and new shows at night. Party with other Hipsters as DJs play your favorite tunes throughout the night.

Halloween Spooktacular (September and October)

A family friendly Halloween event.

SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration (November and December)

Create new holiday memories with festive attractions, shows, shopping, and dining.


Antarctica, Sea of Ice Area

Ride into the icy world of the South Pole

Thrill: Low

Dolphin Days, Sea of Shallows Area

A festive show educating you on the Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin

Clyde and Seamore’s Sea Lion High, Sea of Delight Area

Watch the sea lions go back to school to earn a diploma

Dolphin Cove – Animal Encounters, Sea of Shallows Area

Observe dolphins in the front area of the park.

Infinity FallsNEW 

River ride adventure

Thrill: Moderate, Wet

Journey to Atlantis, Sea of Legends Area

Go deep into the dark myths of Atlantis

Thrill: Moderate, Wet

Kraken Unleashed Roller Coaster, Sea of Legends Area

A Sea monster inspired roller coaster

Thrill: High

Mako, Sea of Mystery Area

A hyper coaster with high speeds and deep dives

Thrill: High

Manta Roller Coaster, Sea of Shallows Area

Glide like a giant stingray

Thrill: High

One Ocean, Sea of Power Area

The staple killer whale show at SeaWorld

Pacific Point Preserve – Animal Encounters, Sea of Delight Area

Watch sea lions and more!

Paddle Boats, Sea of Mystery Area

Take a tour across the central lake in SeaWorld

Thrill: Low

Pets Ahoy!, Sea of Delight Area

A classic animal show

Shamu Express, Sea of Fun Area

Play area for the whole family

Thrill: Low

Shamu’s Celebration, Sea of Power Area

High energy killer whale show during the Summer Nights

Shamu’s Happy Harbor, Sea of Fun Area

Play area for the whole family

Thrill: Low

Shark Encounter – Animal Encounters, Sea of Mystery Area

Get up close in personal with creatures of the deep.

Sky Tower, Sea of Delight Area

A 400-ft staple of SeaWorld since the very first day of the park

Thrill: Low

Stingray Lagoon – Animal Encounters, Sea of Shallows Area

Get up close with stingrays in the Key West section of SeaWorld.

TurtleTrek Movie, Sea of Shallows Area

A 3D 360° theatre shows the vulnerable sea turtle

Wild Arctic – Animal Encounters, Sea of Power Area

Flight simulator that takes you through the artic

Thrill: Low


Solo Travel Tip: Use Single Rider lines at select attractions for a much shorter wait time.


Cocktails at the Underwater Shark Grill in SeaWorld

SeaWorld’s hidden gem Sharks Underwater Grill


Captain Pete’s Island Eats, Counter Service, $, American

Sea of Shallows

Cypress Bakery, Counter Service, $, Bakery

Port of Entry

Dine with Shamu, Character Meal, $$, American

Sea of Power

Expedition Café, Quick Service, $$, Various Multiple Cuisines

Sea of Ice

Lakeside Panini Bistro, Counter Service, $, American

Sea of Mystery

Mama’s Pretzel Kitchen, Counter Service, $, Pretzels and Snacks

Sea of Fun

Mango Joe’s, Counter Service, $, Southwestern

Sea of Power

Seafire Grill, Counter Service, $, American

Sea of Delight

Seaport Pizza, Counter Service, $, American

Sea of Delight

Sharks Underwater Grill, Full Service, $$$, Caribbean

Sea of Mystery

South Pole Beverages, Counter Service, $, Beverages

Sea of Ice

Spice Mill, Counter Service, $$, American

Sea of Power

Terrace Bar, Counter Service, $, American

Sea of Mystery

Voyager’s Smokehouse, Counter Service, $, Barbecue

Sea of Delight

*Prices and dining experiences subject to change and may be offered seasonally.

* $ ($14.99 and under), $$ ($15 to $34.99), $$$ ($35 to $59.99), $$$$ (over $60)


Plan the best trip to SeaWorld Orlando with this guide. Penguin habitat.


Avid theme park souvenir collectors will be happy with the wide range of aquatic knickknacks, trinkets, and apparel available within SeaWorld. Check out the shops below:

  • Coconut Bay Traders
  • Emporium Gift Shop
  • Exit Gifts
  • Fins Gifts
  • Flamingo Pointe
  • Glacial Collections
  • Golden Seahorse Gifts
  • Guy Harvey Shop
  • Kraken Gifts
  • Oyster’s Secret
  • SeaWorld Rescue Store
  • Shoppes at Waterfront
  • Trek Treasures
  • Wild Arctic Gifts

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  • Not as busy as the local competitor parks
  • It’s a great park for families
  • Has some of Orlando’s top roller coasters
  • Great place to learn and visit marine life up close


  • You can’t get away from the huge elephant…or should I say orca… in the room. The backlash from the documentary Blackfish, has made many question the care of the marine life in SeaWorld.
  • More rides and attractions are needed to make it an all-day park.
  • The marketing team has not found its voice, so the park is sometimes an afterthought for visitors coming to Orlando.

For more information, visit the official SeaWorld website. Let me know below when you plan on going to SeaWorld?


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Until next time, Happy Park Hopping Hipsters!


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JessicaPosted on  11:06 pm - Mar 27, 2019

Everything you mentioned is very helpful! I have 3 kids 6,4 and almost 2 we will only be passing through Orlando for a short time next week do you know of anything special I can do at sea world with my girls I shouldn’t miss

    NikkyJPosted on  12:02 pm - Mar 30, 2019

    Awesome! You’re coming at the perfect time as the new Sesame Street area will be in soft opening which means you guys will be able to experience this highly anticipated addition to the park. You should also make sure you guys can see as many animals as possible. It really makes the time at SeaWorld lots of fun and the kids really love it.

    I also recommend riding the Antarctica Penguin Ride…this will be an instant hit with the kids.

    Have fun!


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