2024 SeaWorld Orlando Ultimate Guide: Tickets, Rides, Tips and More!

Are you looking for the ultimate guide to SeaWorld Orlando for your upcoming trip?

Well, look no further.

I’m here to help!

SeaWorld Orlando is one of the last maritime theme parks left in the nation. It’s an aquatic park in Orlando that can be done as a half-day or whole-day park.

However, this depends on your goals for that day.

SeaWorld Orlando is quite stunning and is in the same family as the Busch Gardens theme parks and is quickly becoming the number one destination for coaster enthusiasts.

2024 SeaWorld Orlando Infinity Falls. Keep reading to get your SeaWorld Orlando Resort Travel Guide.

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Visiting SeaWorld Orlando at a Glance:

Keep reading to get the complete guide to doing SeaWorld Orlando like a pro!

What to Expect on This Guide TODAY: show

What can I expect at SeaWorld Orlando?

When approaching the park gates, you’ll see a watery entrance reminding you of a gorgeous bay in San Diego.

2024 SeaWorld Orlando Lighthouse Entrance.Keep reading to get your SeaWorld Orlando Resort Travel Guide.

Once in the gates, you will experience watery thrills, hear tropical noises, and see colorful topiary displays.

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2024 SeaWorld Orlando Guide for First-Timers

Now that you’re ready to get your aquatic journey started, let’s go over everything you need to know for a successful trip!

Pipeline Roller Coaster at SeaWorld Orlando Christmas Celebration
NEW Pipeline: The Surf Coaster

SeaWorld Orlando Hours

The SeaWorld Orlando Resort usually opens at 9:00 a.m. and closes at 6:00 p.m. during the regular season.

However, during the peak summer days the park may be open until 10:00 p.m.

SeaWorld Orlando Journey to Atlantis Water Ride. Keep reading to get your SeaWorld Orlando Resort Travel Guide.

Remember when planning your trip, always check the park’s website or mobile app for the current hours and wait times.

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What made me fall in love with SeaWorld Orlando?

SeaWorld was one of the first theme parks I visited as a child, so it will always have a special place in my heart.

SeaWorld Orlando Resort Sea Lion and Otter Show at Pacific Point with Kraken roller coaster in the background.

It was one of the few parks families could budget modestly for and still have a great time.

How was SeaWorld started?

The SeaWorld franchise started in 1964 in San Diego, California. It was founded by George Millay, Milt Shedd, Ken Norris and David DeMott.

The franchise was originally planned as an underwater restaurant, but eventually blossomed into an aquatic amusement park.

SeaWorld Orlando The Bar at Sharks Underwater Grill Menu.

In 1968 SeaWorld became a publicly traded company, which allowed for expansion into the Ohio and central Florida areas.

In 1973 SeaWorld Orlando was established and officially began its journey into the theme park that we know and love today!

What is SeaWorld address?

SeaWorld Orlando is located at 7007 Sea World Dr, Orlando, FL 32821. Right in heart of the Orlando tourist scene.

SeaWorld Orlando Parking Gate. Keep reading to get your SeaWorld Orlando Resort Travel Guide.

Do Pass Members need to make a reservation for SeaWorld Orlando?

You will not need to make reservations for SeaWorld Orlando at this time. Please review your Pass Member account weekly for any updates as things are constantly changing.

SeaWorld Orlando Annual Passholder VIP Entrance

Here you can also upgrade your day and redeem any online rewards mentioned in this article through your Pass Member account.

Watch the Full Guide to SeaWorld Orlando here on YouTube!

2024 SeaWorld Orlando Map

2024 SeaWorld Orlando Map

What are some fun facts about SeaWorld Orlando?

  1. SeaWorld in Abu Dhabi opened on May 23, 2023 on Yas Island.
  2. The TurtleTrek’s movie is actually two films running simultaneously. One is for the left eye, the other for the right.
  3. Team Members provides close to 400,000 pounds of Romaine lettuce to some of their marine wildlife.
  4. There is an unaffiliated park in Australia called Sea World (two words instead of one).
  5. Mako is one of the tallest, fastest and longest roller coaster in Orlando.


Now we’re going to go over how much the tickets are at SeaWorld Orlando and more!

Kraken Roller Coaster at SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld Orlando Tickets

*All SeaWorld ticket, dining, tour, and merchandise pricing subject to change.

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What age is free at SeaWorld Orlando?

Currently, kids 2 and under can get free SeaWorld admission. However, you can take advantage of the FREE Preschool Card that’s offered for kids 3 to 5 years old at the beginning of the year.

2024 SeaWorld Orlando Sesame Street Land Entrance
There’s also the Kids FREE Package if you book a vacation with SeaWorld.

Package details according to SeaWorld:

  • FREE child’s admission to SeaWorld (1 Free child/paying adult. Limit 2 free children)
  • Choice of hotel accommodations including one FREE night*
  • FREE parking at SeaWorld
  • Reserved Show Seating at SeaWorld
  • Add an additional park with length of stay admission for an amazing low price!
SeaWorld Orlando Resort Christmas Celebration Sesame Street Land Neighborhood with Elmo and little black girl

SeaWorld Orlando Parking

  • $32: General parking for cars, motorcycles, trucks, recreation vehicles and campers (FREE for Annual Pass Members)
  • $47: Preferred parking
  • $63: VIP parking
SeaWorld Orlando Resort Parking Cost

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SeaWorld Orlando Discount Tickets

You can find discounted SeaWorld Orlando tickets on websites such as CityPASS, Tripadvisor and if you’re LUCKY Groupon!

2024 SeaWorld Orlando theme park entrance

If you’re familiar with Groupon, then you know that the deals don’t last long. So, if you’re planning a trip to SeaWorld Orlando, ALWAYS check Groupon FIRST for cheap tickets.

SeaWorld Orlando Annual Pass Options

  • SeaWorld only starting at $14.50/month
  • Busch Gardens+ SeaWorld or Adventure Island
  • SeaWorld + Busch Gardens + Adventure Island or Aquatica
  • Fun Card – Pay for a day, come back for free the rest of the year
  • Platinum Pass– Best deal that includes unlimited admission to SeaWorld Orlando (FL), San Diego (CA) and San Antonio (TX); Busch Gardens Tampa Bay (FL) and Williamsburg (VA), Adventure Island® (FL), Aquatica® Orlando (FL), San Diego (CA) and San Antonio (TX), Water Country U.S.A (VA) and Sesame Place® (PA) for 12 months. Free parking, skip the line, and ride again privileges and more!

*Prices and discounts are subject to change at ANYTIME for the SeaWorld Orlando Annual Pass options.

You can read all about the SeaWorld Annual Pass Perks and Benefits here!

SeaWorld Orlando All-Day Dining Plan

Thanks to SeaWorld Orlando’s All Day Dining offering, you can do more than just sample snacks, you can eat an entire entrée and side dish or dessert, every 90 minutes for one flat fee!

2024 SeaWorld Orlando All Day Dining Deal Seafire Grill Menu
Current Prices for the SeaWorld Orlando All-Day Dining Deal:
  • Adult: $49.99
  • Child: $24.99

*Prices subject to change.

SeaWorld Orlando Quick Queue

You can skip the line on major attractions. Prices start at $14.99 and vary based on how busy the park may be that day.

SeaWorld Orlando Icebreaker entrance

Below are the current attractions included in the SeaWorld Orlando Quick Queue system:

  1. Mako
  2. Manta
  3. Kraken
  4. Infinity Falls
  5. Journey to Atlantis
  6. Ice Breaker
  7. Pipeline: The Surf Coaster (restrictions apply)
  8. Penguin Trek (Coming Soon)

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SeaWorld Orlando Tours

Upgrade your day and do one of SeaWorld’s behind-the-scenes theme park tours. It allows you to get up close and personal with all the unique aquatic life in the park.

2024 SeaWorld Orlando Shark Encounter Mural Quote

Below are some of my favorite tours offered at SeaWorld Orlando!

Dolphin Encounter

Spend up-close time with bottlenose dolphins at Dolphin Cove®

SeaWorld Dolphin Cove

Sharks Up-Close Tour

You will be able to touch a small shark and learn fact from fiction about the diversity of sharks.

2024 SeaWorld Orlando Resort Shark Encounter Exhibit

Penguin Up-Close Tour

This is a walking tour about what it takes to care for penguins around the world.

Penguins at Seaworld

Sea Lion Up-Close Tour

A unique tour is where you will find out what it takes to care sea lions in the Pacific Point Preserve.

Dolphin Up-Close Tour

A 60-minute tour where you will have the chance to interact with Atlantic bottlenose dolphins.

Dolphin at Discovery Cove SeaWorld Canva Picture

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Ultimate VIP Tour

Get in all and be a rockstar on your SeaWorld Resort Orlando trip with this upgrade!

2024 SeaWorld Orlando Resort Ice Breaker Roller Coaster

This is an outstanding SeaWorld Orlando tour that gives you exclusive, front-of-the-line access to the park’s most amazing rides and attractions along with your very own tour guide.

2024 SeaWorld Orlando Resort Sharks Underwater Grill aquarium

Plus, you’ll get reserved seating at all the shows and lunch at the famous Sharks Underwater Grill.

SeaWorld Orlando Resort Sharks Underwater Grill Kobe Beef Sliders with Wine
Sharks Underwater Grill

You can learn more about this experience here!

*All tours subject to change at ANYTIME.

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Now that we have the main details out the way when it comes to your SeaWorld Resort Orlando visit, let’s go through some of my best tips for you!

SeaWorld Christmas Celebration Red Holiday Cocktail and Shrimp in front of Mako Roller Coaster
Christmas at SeaWorld Orlando

1. Get there early

Arrive 30 minutes prior to park opening. It’s the best way to maximize your day, especially if you’re trying to do it all in one day.

2. Dress appropriately

Florida weather is mostly hot and humid except for the beautiful months of December, January, February, and March.

SeaWorld Orlando Infinity Falls Water Ride 2

3. Find quiet, shaded spots

The vegetation area by the Dolphin Encounter and near Turtle Trek are two, usually serene, sitting areas.

SeaWorld Orlando Resort Dolphin Area in Key West

AND one of my favorite places to relax in SeaWorld.

4. Go during the weekdays

To avoid the frustration, I suggest avoiding holidays, the weekends, and the summer. This is the time that both locals and tourists flood the park.

NikkyJ at SeaWorld Orlando Christmas Tree Celebration
NikkyJ at SeaWorld Orlando Christmas Tree Celebration

5. Download the SeaWorld Resort Orlando park app

Map out day prior to visit by downloading app.

SeaWorld Orlando Resort Sea Lion and Otter Show

This is a great way to make a note of your must do’s and also a way to help you see and experience as much as you can if you’re only there for a short visit.

WATCH NEXT: 10 Best Things to Do at SeaWorld Orlando! 🎢💦🐬

6. Pass on Preferred Parking

Try to get to SeaWorld early and park in the regular parking section. The parking situation at SeaWorld isn’t bad.

Lagoon at SeaWorld Orlando Overlooking Renaissance Hotel

Wherever you end up parking, the walk to the front gate shouldn’t be too terrible.

7. Save time and money and buy discounted SeaWorld tickets online

As mentioned earlier Groupon offers great deals on SeaWorld tickets and tickets to other places such as Universal Studios and Busch Gardens.

8. Purchase the SeaWorld Orlando All-Day Dining Deal

For one low price, you will get a band that allows you to eat at participating restaurants all day. You get 1 entrée, 1 side or dessert, and 1 fountain drink, tea or water for each visit.

SeaWorld Orlando Voyager Smokehouse Texas STyle Brisket with Fries Mac and Cheese Water and Cheesecake

Basically, an all you can eat day at the park.

Participating All-Day Dining Restaurants at SeaWorld Orlando:
  1. Voyager’s Smokehouse
  2. Expedition Café
  3. Captain Pete’s Island Eats
  4. Seafire Grill
  5. Altitude Burger
  6. Mama’s Pretzel Kitchen
  7. Lakeside Grill
  8. Waterway Grill

Sharing is prohibited and may lead to revocation of your dining pass if found in violation of the rule.

Read all of the best SeaWorld Orlando tips here!


Now it’s time for my favorite part of the article, giving you an itinerary for SeaWorld Orlando that you can do in one day!

SeaWorld is a theme park that is great to do in one day while visiting Orlando with entrance to Manta Roller Coaster.
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SeaWorld Orlando Itinerary

  1. Start Early (probably not as early as Universal and Disney) and get to the park when the gates open.
  2. Grab a park guide and map out your day.
  3. Conquer the NEW Pipeline: The Surf Coaster
  4. Ride Manta. *Must Do*
  5. Pet the stingrays in Key West.
  6. Play with dolphins in Dolphin Cove.
  7. Experience Turtle Trek. 
  8. Hop aboard Journey to Atlantis.
  9. Face the new Kraken. *Must Do*
  10. Explore Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin and ride the NEW Penguin Trek (when it opens)
  11. Conquer Mako.
  12. Ride Infinity Falls.
  13. Have lunch at Shark Underwater Grill.
  14. Explore Pacific Point Preserve.
  15. Explore Sesame Street Neighborhood.
  16. Conquer the Ice Breaker Roller Coaster
  17. Use this time to do any tours, shows that you’re interested in, such as the One Ocean animal show.
  18. Have Dinner at Voyager Smokehouse
  19. Do the Paddle Boats to finish your day off.
  20. Go Shopping
SeaWorld Orlando Opt in Lead Magnet Blog Banner


This Orlando theme park hosts some of the most fun events to attend each year. I’m going to list them all out for you!

Mardi Gras at SeaWorld Orlando

Seven Seas Food Festival (February through May)

Sea creatures, coasters, music, food, drinks, fun and more can all be experienced in this new standout SeaWorld annual event.

Viva La Musica (June)

Experience the terrifying roller coasters and new shows at night.

Party with other Hipsters as DJs play your favorite tunes throughout the summer nights as you enjoy this family-friendly Latin celebration.

Bands, Brew & BBQ (July through August)

Try all out of the top microbreweries in Florida while eating some incredible dishes during this craft beer festival!

SeaWorld Orlando Craft Beer Festival Sampling Options

Halloween Spooktacular (September and October)

Enjoy a family-friendly Halloween event for this SeaWorld Spooktacular adventure!

SeaWorld Spooktacular Halloween with life size white, orange, and yellow candy corn.

Howl-O-Scream (September and October)

Are you courageous enough to walk through the watery haunts of this brand-new Orlando Halloween experience.

SeaWorld Orlando Howl O Scream Sign

Be sure to add this event to your Orlando itinerary if you’re into to haunted attractions!

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SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration (November and December)

Create new holiday memories with festive attractions, shows, shopping, and dining.

SeaWorld Christmas Celebration with Toy Soldiers at the Entrance

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It’s time for the main attraction…the RIDES! SeaWorld Orlando houses some of the best roller coasters in America.

Mako Roller Coaster SeaWorld Orlando 3
Photo courtesy of SeaWorld Entertainment.

Let’s go through all of the rides and attractions at this aquatic theme park.

Antarctica (Sea of Ice Area)

Explore the icy world of the South Pole.

SeaWorld Orlando Antartica of the Penguins Sculpture

Penguin Trek (Sea of Ice)

Here you’ll be twisting and turning as you narrowly avoid the crumbling dangers of an icy cavern on this launch coaster. 

Thrill: Moderate

Dolphin Adventures (Sea of Shallows Area)

A festive show educating you on the Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin.

SeaWorld Orlando Resort Dolphin Adventures Entrance

Sea Lion and Otter Spotlight (Sea of Delight Area)

Learn about these amazing marine mammal at The Pacific Point Marine Conservation Center.

SeaWorld Orlando Resort Sea Lion and Otter Show at Pacific Point

Dolphin Cove – Animal Encounters (Sea of Shallows Area)

Observe dolphins in the front area of the park.

SeaWorld Orlando Resort Dolphin Area in Key West

Ice Break Roller Coaster

The Icebreaker is not only SeaWorld’s first multi-directional launch coaster, it is also Florida’s steepest beyond vertical drop.

SeaWorld Orlando Lagoon overlooking Icebreaker

Thrill: High

But the most exciting thing about the ride is that you NEVER know what’s going to happen next.

Infinity Falls

River ride adventure – Thrill: Moderate, Wet

SeaWorld Orlando Infinity Falls River Water Ride

Journey to Atlantis (Sea of Legends Area)

Go deep into the dark myths of Atlantis – Thrill: Moderate, Wet

SeaWorld Orlando Resort Journey to Atlantis Water Ride Roller Coaster

Kraken Roller Coaster (Sea of Legends Area)

A Sea monster inspired roller coaster – Thrill: High

SeaWorld Orlando Kraken Roller Coaster with Journey to Atlantis in the Background

Mako (Sea of Mystery Area)

A hyper coaster with high speeds and deep dives – Thrill: High

SeaWorld Orlando Lagoon overlooking Mako and Kraken

Manta Roller Coaster (Sea of Shallows Area)

Glide like a giant stingray – Thrill: High

SeaWorld Orlando Manta Entrance

One Ocean (Sea of Power Area)

The staple orca show at SeaWorld Orlando.

SeaWorld Orlando Shamu Stadium One Ocean Orca Show

Pacific Point Preserve – Animal Encounters (Sea of Delight Area)

Watch sea lions and more!

SeaWorld Orlando Pacific Point Preserve Sign Sea Lions

Paddle Boats (Sea of Mystery Area)

Take a tour across the central lake in SeaWorld – Thrill: Low

SeaWorld Orlando Flamingo Paddleboats

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Sesame Street Neighborhood (Sea of Fun Area)

SeaWorld Orlando Sesame Street Land Elmo and Abby Statues

Play area for the whole family that features:

  • Abby’s Flower Tower
  • Big Bird’s Twirl ‘N’ Whirl
  • Cookie Drop!
  • Elmo’s Choo Choo Train
  • Rubber Duckie Water Works
  • Slimey’s Slider
  • Super Grover’s Box Car Derby

Thrill: Low

Shark Encounter – Animal Encounters (Sea of Mystery Area)

Get up close in personal with creatures of the deep.

SeaWorld Orlando Shark Encounter Quote Mural

Sky Tower (Sea of Delight Area)

A 400-ft staple of SeaWorld since the very first day of the park – Thrill: Low

SeaWorld Orlando Mako Skytower with Renaissance Hotel in the background

Stingray Lagoon – Animal Encounters (Sea of Shallows Area)

Get up close with stingrays in the Key West section of SeaWorld.

SeaWorld Orlando Resort Stingray Lagoon in Key West

TurtleTrek Movie (Sea of Shallows Area)

A 3D 360° theatre shows the vulnerable sea turtle.

SeaWorld Orlando Turtle Trek

Wild Arctic – Animal Encounters (Sea of Power Area)

Explore the icy world of the Arctic.

SeaWorld Orlando View of Glacier Bar from Altitude Burger

Pipeline: The Surf Coaster

The Pipeline: Surf Coaster at SeaWorld Orlando is a thrilling and dynamic ride that promises an intense and memorable experience for thrill-seekers. 

Standing at a towering height of 110 feet, this steel roller coaster propels you through a series of inversions and spiraling twists, offering a heart-pounding adventure from start to finish. 

And did I forget to mention that you will be standing up while you’re on it?!?

Thrill: High

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If you’re a foodie, then this will be your favorite section of the SeaWorld Resort Orlando guide.

I’m going to list out the current SeaWorld dining options for you to enjoy below:

SeaWorld Orlando The Bar Sharks Underwater Grill Menu
  • Altitude Burgers: Counter Service, $$, American
  • Captain Pete’s Island Hot Dogs: Counter Service, $, American (Location – Sea of Shallows)
  • Coaster Coffee Company: Counter Service, $, Bakery (Location Port of Entry)
  • Edy’s Ice Cream Parlor: Counter Service, $, Bakery (Location Port of Entry)
  • Expedition Cafe: Quick Service, $$, Various Multiple Cuisines (Location Sea of Ice)
  • Flamecraft Bar: Outdoor Bar, $, American (Location Sea of Delight)
  • Glacier Bar: Outdoor Bar, $, American
  • Lakeside Panini Bistro: Counter Service, $, American (Location Sea of Mystery)
  • Mama’s Pretzel Kitchen: Counter Service, $, Pretzels and Snacks (Location Sea of Fun)
  • Seafire Grill: Counter Service, $$, American (Location Sea of Delight)
  • Panini Shore Cafe: Counter Service, $, American
  • Sesame Street Food Trucks: Counter Service, $, American
  • Sharks Underwater Grill: Full Service, $$$, Caribbean (Location Sea of Mystery)
  • Voyager’s Smokehouse: Counter Service, $$, Barbecue (Location Sea of Delight)
  • Waterway Bar and Grill: Counter Service, $$, Caribbean
  • NEW! Rita’s Italian Ice: Quick Bites, $, Italian
  • Dine with Orcas: Character Meal, $$, American (Location Sea of Power)
  • NEW! Dockside Pizza Co.: Counter Service, $, Italian
  • Sweet Sailin’ Candy Shop: Quick Bites, $, Dessert
  • The Sand Bar: Outdoor Bar, $, Cocktails

*Prices and dining experiences subject to change and may be offered seasonally. $ ($14.99 and under), $$ ($15 to $34.99), $$$ ($35 to $59.99), $$$$ (over $60)


Avid theme park souvenir collectors will be happy with the wide range of aquatic knickknacks, trinkets, and apparel available within SeaWorld.

SeaWorld Christmas Celebration Holiday Merchandise with heart candy cane. Keep reading to get your SeaWorld Orlando Resort Travel Guide.

Check out the shops below:

  • Build-A-Bear Workshop
  • Coconut Bay Traders
  • Exit Gifts
  • Fins Gifts
  • Flamingo Pointe
  • Glacial Collections
  • Golden Seahorse Gifts
  • High Surf
  • Guy Harvey Store
  • Hooper’s Store
  • Kraken Gifts
  • Oyster’s Secret
  • SeaWorld Rescue Store
  • The SeaWorld Store
  • Shoppes at Waterfront
  • Trek Treasures
  • Whitewater Supply
  • Wild Arctic Gifts

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Aquatica Orlando Water Park

From high-speed water slides and exhilarating wave pools, to tranquil beaches, Aquatica is the perfect place for theme park fans!

SeaWorld Aquatica Orlando Park Dolphin Plunge Water Ride

As you explore SeaWorld Resort Orlando, you may want to see what it’s like to experience this one-of-a-kind water park.

Aquatica SeaWorld Orlando Florida Water Park Blue Lazy River and Slide

What is there to do at Aquatica Orlando?

Aquatica has some of the world’s top-notch thrill water rides and features:

  • Over 40 slides, rivers, and lagoons
  • 84,000 square feet of sparkling white, sandy beaches

Aquatica Rides

Now let’s go through all of the rides and attractions at this SeaWorld Orlando Water Park.

SeaWorld Aquatica at Sunset Wave Pool
Photo Credit: SeaWorld Parks Entertainment
Ray Rush™

This action-packed water adventure is one your entire family can ride together in a colossal translucent sphere on a raft.

KareKare Curl

This incredible water park ride is 361 feet long, which is perfect for adrenaline junkies looking for a group centered ride in Aquatica.

Riptide Race

Remember those waterslides we used to love as kids? We always wished we could race down them alongside our friends.

SeaWorld Aquatica Riptide Race Water Park Slide

Well, Aquatica has heard your prayers. And answered them with RipTide Race, a 68-foot tower drop!

Riders must be at least 48 inches tall to enjoy this water park ride.

Ihu’s Breakaway Falls™

I’m too scary to conquer Orlando’s steepest and only multi-drop tower slide of its kind, but be better than me!

Ihu Breakaway Falls at Aquatica Orlando near SeaWorld Orlando

Ihu’s Breakaway fall towers at nearly 80-feet tall. When you arrive to the top of the attraction, you have to step into one of three breakaway boxes.

Ihu's Breakaway Falls at Aquatica Orlando. Keep reading to get your SeaWorld Orlando Resort Travel Guide.
Photo: SeaWorld Entertainment

You will then plummet down super-fast…

…you just don’t know when your box will remove its barrier!

Riders must be at least 48 inches tall (1.22m).

Reef Plunge®

This is one of the most unique water park attractions in the world!

SeaWorld Aquatica Orlando Park Dolphin Plunge Water Ride

Reef Plunge will take you on an adventurous ride through 250 feet of clear tubes, underwater, all-the-while passing by Commerson’s dolphins.

Riders must be at least 48 inches tall (1.22m).

Omaka Rocka™

The Omaka Rocka is a waterslide skateboarder-inspired near-vertical thrill.

According to SeaWorld, riders speed down flumes into massive funnels, sliding high up one side and then the other, rocking back and forth, feeling a sensation of near weightlessness.

Riders must be at least 48 inches tall (1.22m).

Big Surf Shores™ & Cutback Cove™

These are Aquatica’s official side-by-side wave pools.

What’s the difference between Big Surf Shores and Cutback Cove?
Aquatica SeaWorld Orlando Florida Water Park Blue Lazy River with Riders in Tube under Water Fall

Cutback Cove has a higher thrill and produces crashing waves with 5-foot swells. Big Surf Shores is milder and has a more gentle rolling surf.

Roa’s Rapids®

This is by far my favorite Aquatica attraction!

SeaWorld Aquatica Orlando Roa Rapids

Roa’s Rapids will whisk you through 1,500 feet of rapids, past geysers and through waterfalls at a speed four times faster than a standard lazy river.

Loggerhead Lane™

This is the milder lazy river that will give you underwater views of the Commerson’s dolphins and exotic fish.

SeaWorld Aquatica Orlando Loggerhead Lane
Taumata Racer®

Here you’ll be able to race down a 300-foot slide, in and out of tunnels and around a 360-degree turn before racing across the finish line.

Riders must be at least 42 inches tall (1.07m).

Walhalla Wave®

This is the perfect raft ride for your family or group of friends to enjoy! It takes you down six stories and through 600 feet of drenching twists and turns.

Riders must be at least 42 inches tall (1.07m).

Tassie’s Underwater Twist (NEW)

According to SeaWorld, you’ll be able to delight in the twirling sensations of this ride as you spin and splash through a tunnel and into a sparkling pool below.

Orlando Water park. Keep reading to get your SeaWorld Orlando Resort Travel Guide.

Riders must be able to maintain proper riding position and hold on to handles unassisted.

Whanau Way®

This is a classic double inner tubes water ride that will take you down 5-story slides of drops, curves and gushing water.

Riders must be able to maintain proper riding position and hold on to handles unassisted.

Walkabout Waters™

This is an interactive water playground for kids.

SeaWorld Aquatica Orlando Walkabout Waters.
Turi’s Kid Cove®

This is the kiddie water wonderland of Aquatica that has over 79,000 gallons of water and features:

  • Fountains
  • Rides
  • Slides

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11 Pro Aquatica Orlando Water Park Tips

Aquatica SeaWorld Orlando Florida Water Park Entrance
Aquatica SeaWorld Orlando Florida Water Park Entrance

Before you head out to Aquatica Orlando water park, I want to equip you with the best tips!

  1. Arrive early
  2. Bring sunblock, towels, change of clothes, sandals (water shoes or flip-flops)
  3. Use restroom before attractions
  4. Visit during the week to avoid large crowds
  5. Leave valuables at home
  6. Check park cooler and food requirements
  7. Rent cabana if you can
  8. Check the weather prior to departing to the park
  9. Map out which rides to conquer first
  10. Reapply sunscreen throughout the day
  11. Know your swim level

Remember to stay cool during your SeaWorld Orlando trip! You can read all of my top water park tips here.

Best Times of Year to Visit SeaWorld Orlando and Aquatica Orlando

Holiday peaks, crowd sizes, weather, and a few other factors have a lot to do with your SeaWorld Orlando experience, including how long you’ll be waiting in line for your favorite rides.

One Ocean Show at SeaWorld Orlando. Keep reading to get your SeaWorld Orlando Resort Travel Guide.
One Ocean Show at SeaWorld Orlando

Best Times to Visit SeaWorld Orlando

  • January
  • February
  • September
  • October

These months are closely followed by November and late April as still pretty decent visiting times.

Also plan your visit on less crowded days, such as Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

Where to Stay Near SeaWorld Orlando and Aquatica Orlando

When planning your SeaWorld Orlando trip, you’ll need a resort that’s close to all the theme park action in Orlando.

Aloft Hotels Near SeaWorld Orlando. Keep reading to get your SeaWorld Orlando Resort Travel Guide.

Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld

The Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld® is the perfect location if you want a resort right next to SeaWorld Orlando.

Renaissance Orlando SeaWorld Exterior. Keep reading to get your SeaWorld Orlando Resort Travel Guide.
Photo Credit: Renaissance Orlando

It has top notch, oversized guest rooms.  Which is the only way to have a true Hipster vacation.

Encore Resort at Reunion

One of the top family resorts in Orlando, Encore is packed with fun things to do. It has a huge water park with a lagoon pool, water slides and a kids’ splash zone.

Pool area in 5 Bedroom villa at Encore. One of the best vacation home rentals near SeaWorld Orlando.

It also offers 3 restaurants, sports courts, a fitness center and a villa delivery service for its restaurant food.

Encore Resort Review. One of the best vacation home rentals near SeaWorld Orlando.

Also, unlike many other resorts in Orlando, Encore runs a free shuttle service to and from the theme parks.

Waterpark area in Encore Resort Review. One of the best vacation home rentals near SeaWorld Orlando.

You can rent a luxury 5-bedroom vacation home with its own pool and game room from around $329 per night.

Read how to choose the best Orlando vacation home here!

Springhill Orlando at SeaWorld

This resort is a staple for anyone traveling to Orlando. You know what you’re going to get with a Springhill experience.

Springhill Suites Hotel Near SeaWorld Orlando Pool Area

Plus, this one is located in the heart of all the Orlando theme park fun.

Hilton Grand Vacations at SeaWorld

The Hilton Grand Vacations at SeaWorld is one of my favorite resorts to explore in Orlando and is close to SeaWorld Orlando, Aquatica, and Discovery Cove.

I also recommend Springhill Suites at SeaWorld Orlando as a good hotel option too!

Regal Oaks Resort

The Regal Oaks is a beautiful resort a short distance away from Walt Disney World and SeaWorld Orlando.

Each vacation townhouse has its own Jacuzzi tucked away in a spaciously, serene patio.

A great way to end a day at SeaWorld!

There’s a clubhouse, a resort-style pool area, and a walking trail.

Regal Oaks Resort Near SeaWorld Orlando Vacation Home Pool Area

Regal Oaks does offer lots of activities similar to Disney Resort hotels, such as cake decorating, water aerobics, hidden quests, and more!

Groupon offers great deals on SeaWorld tickets. You can also purchase your tickets directly from SeaWorld’s website prior to your visit.

My Final Thoughts and Review on SeaWorld Orlando Resort

Overall, SeaWorld is a spectacular theme park to visit on your next Orlando vacation. Before I end this guide I want to go over a few pros and cons of the park.

SeaWorld Orlando Resort Travel Guide. Altitude Burgers with Skytower in the evening

SeaWorld Orlando Pros

  • Not as busy as the local competitor parks
  • It’s a great park for families
  • Has some of Orlando’s top roller coasters
  • Great place to learn and visit marine life up close
  • Quickly stepping up its game to becoming a competitive Orlando theme park

Cons of SeaWorld Orlando

  • More family-friendly rides and attractions throughout the park are needed to make it an all-day destination.
  • It would be nice to have more indoor attractions and shows to enjoy to combat the Florida heat.
  • Better food options are needed outside of the festivals.
  • Another full-service restaurant would be great.

Let me know what tip surprised you the most about SeaWorld in the comments section below!

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Until next time, Happy Park Hopping Hipsters!

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(Original Date: June 2017/Article Updated February 8, 2024)

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  1. Everything you mentioned is very helpful! I have 3 kids 6,4 and almost 2 we will only be passing through Orlando for a short time next week do you know of anything special I can do at sea world with my girls I shouldn’t miss

    • Awesome! You’re coming at the perfect time as the new Sesame Street area will be in soft opening which means you guys will be able to experience this highly anticipated addition to the park. You should also make sure you guys can see as many animals as possible. It really makes the time at SeaWorld lots of fun and the kids really love it.

      I also recommend riding the Antarctica Penguin Ride…this will be an instant hit with the kids.

      Have fun!


    • I hope you have an amazing trip out to SeaWorld Orlando! Don’t forget to check out the Beer/Food festival and Halloween Spooktacular while you’re there 🙂


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