Welcome adrenaline-seekers to another list of potentially stomach-dropping experiences! Today, we focus on (cue the drumroll please) the SEAWORLD Orlando roller coasters!

This is the place that brought high-thrill roller coasters and cute waddling penguins together. That’s paradise right there folks! 

For those of you who have been living under a rock and don’t know what SeaWorld is, it’s a theme park crossed with a marine zoo that is committed to protecting the biodiversity of the planet.

But just for the sake of this article, we are going to take penguins out of the equation. I know, I know, very sad. However, we are going to be exploring the seven different high-to-medium thrill SeaWorld Orlando roller coasters.

We are pulling apart speed, height, intensity, and all those thrill factors so that YOU can pick your favorite.

Ready? Set! Buckle up!

The ride is starting!

Mako SeaWorld Orlando Seals with Roller coasters in the background.

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1. Manta – 56 mph (miles per hour)

Yep, I’ve brought the big guns out first!

Manta is a high-thrill roller coaster that turns you upside-down during a nosedive from 140 feet. And that is just the beginning. There are many, many more twists, turns, drops, and dives to come!

Manta at #SeaWorld blue aqua marine roller coaster.
Manta at SeaWorld

This is one of the most amazing (and kinda scary) rides you will ever be on. And the fact that it is a super-smooth ride makes it only more thrilling.

The Manta ride (as you can tell from the name) takes inspiration from the manta ray. It glides through the skies like a manta ray would glide through the ocean. And I must say, those manta rays take some wild rides, considering how the Manta moves.

Oh did I mention the Manta also has waterfalls and lagoons? Can’t have a marine-themed ride without a splash!

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2. Kraken– 65 mph

When we talk about huge extreme-thrill rides, there’s only one ride that comes to mind– the Kraken. 

Named after the legendary ship-swallowing sea monster, this ride is not any less formidable.

Original Entrance to Kraken
Original Entrance to Kraken

The Kraken is Orlando’s only floorless roller coaster, immediately beating every other coaster on the thrill scale…at least, in the state of Florida. It also held the title of the world’s longest floorless rollercoaster for a while.

If you don’t believe me, imagine your feet dangling while you whoosh at 65 mph 151 feet up in the sky. Felt your stomach drop in anticipation? That’s what I’m talking about. 

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3. Mako– 73 mph

Now this one is the fastest roller coaster in SeaWorld Orlando. Name it the queen of SeaWorld and give it the crown because no other ride can beat Mako’s dips, hills and zero gravity thrills (and yes, that rhymed).

SeaWorld Mako and Kraken
Quiet view of SeaWorld’sMako and Kraken roller coasters.

Mako is named after the fastest shark in the ocean, and it lives up to the name. It zooms over water at 73 mph for 4,760 feet.

And can you guess the height of the zero gravity drops? It’s 200 feet.

Fun fact: when the Mako was first opened, it was the tallest, longest and fastest roller coaster in Orlando. Think of that when you’ve buckled up on the ride.

This monster of a coaster shimmies up a few hills and curves right on top if the Shark Wreck Reef in just a few minutes. And if you don’t scream throughout, you’re a bigger adrenaline junkie than anyone else who reads this blog.

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4. Icebreaker (opening soon)– 52 mph

But enough about the oldies. What’s new in SeaWorld Orlando?

Well, I’m glad you asked because SeaWorld Orlando has just announced that its new ride called Icebreaker is going to be opened to the public in 2021! We are going to watch history be made folks!

The Icebreaker is not only SeaWorld’s first multi-directional launch coaster, it is also Florida’s steepest beyond vertical drop. But the most exciting thing about the ride is that you NEVER know what’s going to happen next.

Is the ride going to go backwards, forwards or even upside-down? You just never know.

That’s the beauty of the Icebreaker (which is going to be unveiled any time now, so stay tuned for updates!).

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Bonus SeaWorld Orlando Rides

Although these aren’t technically roller coasters, we thought it’d be nice to talk about some of the other thrilling rides at the park.

SeaWorld Christmas Celebration Sea of Trees with Mako Purple Roller Coasters in background

Infinity Falls

Cool wet rides like Infinity Falls pair perfectly with the Floridian summer heat. I daresay you will be glad your clothes get wet– not just because of the heat but because of the memories you made on the ride.

This roller coaster is more of a water ride, and a family-friendly one at that. It only scores 50% on the thrill scale. However, it is incredibly fun. 

Infinity Falls Water Ride Entrance at SeaWorld Orlando

You get to hold on to a raft for dear life while the currents push you downriver.All around you there’s luch greenery. It’s almost like being in a jungle safari.

Except that jungle safaris don’t have drops. And certainly don’t have a 40 feet drop that gets you soaked to the bone!

Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin®

Okay, I’ll admit it. I lied to you when I said I was taking penguins out of the equation. There’s no way I’m going to let those cute, waddling birds get away!

Empire of the Penguin SeaWorld Orlando
Empire of the Penguin SeaWorld Orlando

This ride takes you straight to these penguin’s home– the icy wasteland called Antarctica. So yes, this is a trackless, motion-based simulator experience..

But that should not make the ride any less exciting, or the lesson it teaches any less profound.

Empire of Penguin SeaWorld Orlando
Photo Credit: SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment

This ride, unlike many of the others we have discussed here, actually has a storyline. The story takes you on a journey to the South Pole with Puck, a friendly penguin.

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Journey to Atlantis

This is another ‘not-really-a-roller-coaster’ scenarios. But simply because of how entertaining it is, I have to include it in the list.

Humans have been fascinated by the lost city of Atlantis for centuries. The Journey to Atlantis is a hybrid water ride, roller coaster that shows you a different side of Atlantis– a dark side.

SeaWorld Orlando Journey to Atlantis
SeaWorld Orlando Journey to Atlantis

Your boat floats through the sunken city and you take in the sights right before the chase begins. After zipping through twisting tunnels, you emerge from the castle and plunge into the water.

You may never find Atlantis again…

But I wouldn’t count on Atlantis being hidden forever. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if one day, man actually took a Journey to Atlantis.

It may also have a lighter, happier side.

Tips for visiting SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld Orlando Sesame Street
SeaWorld Orlando Sesame Street

1. Bring a poncho with you

Florida weather can be quite unpredictable, but one thing that remains the same in the summer months are the daily afternoon rain showers.

You can also use your poncho on the water rides at SeaWorld, but make sure you buy them from the Dollar Tree for just $1.00.

2. Make time for the shows and special events

SeaWorld does tons of shows everyday featuring different marine animals. These shows and events are often marked on the map or on boards.

Dolphin at Discovery Cove SeaWorld Canva Picture

Keep an eye out for them because you really really don’t want to miss seeing cute animals perform mind-blowing tricks!

3. Plan your day…. Or at least, your midday to combat the sun

I have talked about this in many articles. But I am going to say it again. The sun in Florida is the worst.

Especially for theme park goers because you get sweaty, sticky and then you get on a thrill ride and you sweat some more. To avoid that icky feeling, I would suggest visiting the aquariums during midday to escape the heat.

4. Prioritize your rides

While it may be tempting to get on every ride you see with a short line, DON’T. By running after these ‘shiny things’, you will miss out on riding the roller coasters that matter.

Manta at #SeaWorld blue aqua marine roller coaster.
Manta at SeaWorld

So make a list of roller coaster you cannot (or will not) miss and make sure you hit them first!

What to Know Before You Go

SeaWorld Christmas Celebration Sea of Trees with Roller Coasters in background

How many roller coasters are there at SeaWorld Orlando?

SeaWorld Orlando has 5 roller coasters in total (if you count Journey to Atlantis). The Orlando theme park has a total of 13 rides and attractions.

What rides are closed at SeaWorld Orlando?

At the moment that this article was published, pandemic precautions were still being taken at SeaWorld Orlando. Due to this (especially the social distancing regulations), some of the attractions are closed.

SeaWorld Orlando Pass Member Perks with penguins.

This includes Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin and the Wild Arctic Ride. However, the Arctic exhibits are still open for both and can be visited.

What is the fastest ride at SeaWorld Orlando?

Undoubtedly, the Mako is SeaWorld Orlando’s fastest ride. It reaches speeds of up to 73 mph, beating its only other competitor– the Kraken by 65 mph. 

What is the biggest SeaWorld?

Unfortunately, SeaWorld Orlando is not the biggest SeaWorld there is, although it does seem to be more popular. The biggest SeaWorld is actually the one at San Antonio.

Wrapping Up…

And there you have it! SeaWorld Orlando’s biggest, longest, fastest and scariest rides (and some of the not-so-scary ones too!). 

If you have any questions about any ride, just comment it down below and i will get back to you!

In the meantime, I hope this article was useful and gave you all the information about SeaWorld Orlando’s roller coasters that you were looking for!

Best roller coasters at SeaWorld Orlando
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So… have YOU been on any of these rides? How was your experience?

Until next time, Happy Park Hopping Hipsters!

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