AVOID the SeaWorld Wait Times with Quick Queue: Is it Worth it in 2023?

Do you want to know how you can AVOID the LONG SeaWorld wait times for your trip?

Today I can’t wait to dish the dirt on the biggest unspoken pet peeve among all theme park enthusiasts… LONG LINES!

I already know there’s a few groups of ThemeParkHipsters out there who have different stances on the issue of long lines, especially long SeaWorld wait times:  

Group 1: Just accept the crazy SeaWorld wait times, they come with the territory. Wear your sunscreen, stay hydrated, have a fully charged phone, and WAIT.

Group 2: Plan the HECK out of your day! Avoid visiting parks on busy days and RUN to those popular rides during the best times like park open.You might be sweating and stressed…but HEY, you saved some wait time!

Group 3: Pay an arm and a leg to jump to the front of every line by doing a VIP Tour. Obviously if you can afford it, do it, but theme parks are already so expensive…

Well, what if I told you there was a new and improved way to deal with long SeaWorld wait times!?

Manta SeaWorld
Photo Credit: SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment

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Yup! That’s right. There’s now a Group 4! 

Group 4 avoids the long lines without crazy, stressful planning, and without paying hundreds to jump the line by purchasing SeaWorld Quick Queue Pass. This pass cuts their ride wait times to nearly nothing!

SeaWorld Orlando Lagoon overlooking Mako and Kraken

You see, SeaWorld Orlando now offers their Quick Queue Unlimited Pass for an EXTREMELY reasonable price, so you don’t have to plan the best times to get on a ride, or avoid the crowded days.

SeaWorld Orlando Pass Member Lounge and Kiosk to Upgrade Ticket for Quick Queue and All Day Dining
Kiosk in Pass Member Lounge where you can purchase a SeaWorld Quick Queue Pass or All-Day Dining Plan

Instead you can pay one tiny fee (like literally, less than it costs to buy a meal at the park) and jump to the front of every high traffic line!

Can’t wait to learn more? I got you! 

Keep reading because I’ve got ALL the reasons why the SeaWorld Orlando Quick Queue Unlimited Pass is THE BEST way to say goodbye to excessive lines!

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What is the SeaWorld Orlando Quick Queue Pass?

In the most basic terms, the Quick Queue Unlimited Pass is an add-on you can purchase along with your admission ticket to jump to the front of many ride lines, avoiding excessive SeaWorld wait times!

Quick Queue Unlimited Pass helps avoid long SeaWorld wait times.
Screenshot from SeaWorld’s Website

Rides that are eligible for Quick Queue have a separate line that is not only significantly shorter than the main line.

SeaWorld Orlando Kraken Rollercoaster Launch Station

This is because the majority of guests don’t have Quick Queue and cannot enter the line, but also a line that usually brings you right to the ride’s loading bay.

Lagoon at SeaWorld Orlando Overlooking Renaissance Hotel

Similar to Disney’s Genie+ system (similar to the former Disney FastPass), you have to show your Quick Queue eTicket to enter that particular line. Plus, you can do so however many times you’d like throughout the day on all eligible rides!

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How does the SeaWorld Orlando Quick Queue Pass Work?

ThemeParkHipster, did you see how the title of the pass is Quick Queue…Unlimited? Emphasis on UNLIMITED! 

SeaWorld Pacific Point Preserve with Kraken in the Background. Using the Quick Queue helps avoid long SeaWorld wait times.

Well for real, you get to skip to the front of the line on the following rides at SeaWorld Orlando:

  1. Mako
  2. Manta
  3. Kraken
  4. Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin (exhibit)
  5. Infinity Falls
  6. Journey to Atlantis

You can jump to the front an UNLIMITED amount of times for your day visit.

Quick Queue Unlimited is valid for one park day and is best purchased ahead of time here, so that you save the most amount of park time, (although you can always add it on during your day at SeaWorld’s Guest Services).

SeaWorld Orlando Kraken Roller Coaster with Journey to Atlantis in the Background

Once your payment has been confirmed, you will be emailed the Quick Queue eTicket momentarily (although it may take up to 4 hours), which is what you’ll present at every SeaWorld Orlando Quick Queue ride entrance to be granted VIP ride admission!

SeaWorld Orlando Icebreaker entrance

Also note that the basic Quick Queue pass doesn’t include the brand-new Ice Breaker roller coaster. You’ll have to upgrade to the Reserved Seating + Quick Queue® Unlimited + 1-Time Ice Breaker Pass to skip the line for Ice Breaker.

Tips to Avoid the Long SeaWorld Wait Times

Now that you know how to use the Quick Queue pass at SeaWorld, let’s go through a few tips to beat the crowds on your visit.

SeaWorld Orlando Lagoon

1. Avoid Busy Days

Obviously this basically goes without saying. Who wants to go anywhere on crowded, busy days? But, to be as helpful as we possibly can, let’s break down what this means for you.

Worst Time to Visit SeaWorld Orlando

You should avoid holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Memorial Day and Labor Day Weekends, and Fourth of July. 

SeaWorld Orlando Crowd Calendar 2022 August
Screenshot from Queue Times Website: August 2022 Crowd Calendar

Also avoid really any day in between late May and early September if you can as those are always busy days since kids are on school vacation.

SeaWorld Orlando Mardi Sign next to Altitude Burgers

And, while I’m on the topic of school vacations, you’ll also want to stay away from school closures, like winter and spring break in the Northeast, which usually coincides with the third or fourth week in February, and the week before or after Easter.

SeaWorld Orlando Crowd Calendar 2022 November
Screenshot from Queue Times Website: November 2022 Crowd Calendar

The month of March and early April are also the spring break times for locals counties in the state of Florida.

Finally, if you can, avoid weekends. These are obviously busy days since families can typically all spend time together.

2. Know the Best Times of Day

Hopefully you’re able to avoid busy days like I discussed in tip #1. 

SeaWorld Orlando Icebreaker Quick Queue

And if you’re able to combine that with heading to rides at the best times of day, you really will be golden, even without the SeaWorld Quick Queue Pass.

Probably the BEST of the BEST times of day is right at park open. If you’re able to set your alarm early and be in line to enter SeaWorld twenty minutes or so before the park opens, you’ll likely get on your first ride of the day with no wait time at all.

So, right at park open, head to the ride you’re most excited to ride. OR, if you don’t know which ride that is, we recommend Manta – it’s every roller coaster junkie’s favorite at SeaWorld Orlando and it’s right at the beginning of the park!

SeaWorld Orlando Manta Rollercoaster flying over in the sky

Aside from the first thirty minutes or so of park open, you might also find that your best times are the last half hour of the day as people are winding down and getting tired, or between 12 p.m. and 2 p.m., when most might take a break for lunch.

Hipster Power Tip: If you really want to avoid the long lines, then we recommend starting your day at the back of the park and working your way up. Since most people are drawn to the first attractions they see at the front of the park, the wait times in the back of SeaWorld will be low.

What to Know Before You Go

Infinity Falls Water Ride Entrance at SeaWorld Orlando. Using the Quick Queue Pass helps avoid long SeaWorld wait times.

How long are SeaWorld wait times, usually?

This is a GREAT question, but also one that can be tricky to answer, because it really does vary based on the time of year and day of the week. As I mentioned above, weekends and holidays bring HUGE crowds. 

SeaWorld Orlando Shark Encounter Attraction with Fish in Aquarium

So, on those days, expect HIGH SeaWorld wait times, averaging an hour or more, especially because SeaWorld does not boast as many rides as the average theme park. Plus, many of the park’s attractions are aquatic shows and exhibits.

SeaWorld Orlando Shamu Stadium One Ocean Show

However, on a weekday where there are no holidays insight, such as September through mid-November or mid to late January, the average wait time may be 20 minutes or less.

SeaWorld Christmas Celebration gold and purple christmas tree next to Shark Encounter

To accurately estimate this on the exact day of your intended visit, I suggest looking at an Orlando crowd calendar so you can get a sense of what to expect on your theme park day!

Do I need a Quick Queue Unlimited Pass at SeaWorld?

You absolutely DO NOT need a Quick Queue Unlimited Pass at SeaWorld. Although it certainly is the easiest way to avoid SeaWorld wait times, it’s definitely not the only way.

Mako Roller Coaster SeaWorld Orlando 3
Mako Roller Coaster (Photo courtesy of SeaWorld Entertainment)

Check our “Tips” section above for our top advice about choosing the best time to ride SeaWorld’s popular rides, and how to avoid  busy days with high crowds and long wait times.

How much is the SeaWorld Quick Queue Pass?  

Usually just $15! So literally, for less than the price of a meal at SeaWorld, you can jump to the front of the best rides’ lines an unlimited number of times!

SeaWorld Orlando Sesame Street Land Play Area

SeaWorld Orlando does mention in the fine print, however, that the price of Quick Queue may fluctuate based on the season/day of the week, so don’t be shocked if that $15 is bumped up.

SeaWorld Orlando Quick Queue Prices 2022
Screenshot from SeaWorld.com

It’s also worth noting though that the more expensive the Quick Queue Pass is, the larger the expected park crowds will be. So, use this see just how crowded the day will be for your trip.

Also, Platinum Annual Pass Holders at SeaWorld get a hefty discount on Quick Queue, making it even more worthwhile!

Can you buy Quick Queue at SeaWorld?

Yes! If you’d like, you can visit Guest Services once you enter SeaWorld to purchase your Quick Queue eTicket/barcode that will grant you front of the line access!

SeaWorld OrlandoTicket area

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Is SeaWorld Quick Queue worth it?

Hey, you know what they say, time is money, and we can basically GUARANTEE that you save WAY more than just 15 minutes worth of ride wait time for your $15. 

PLUS remember, it’s not just wait time. It’s wait time in the hot Florida sun, which can be BRUTAL!

Another great tip we have to maximize your Quick Queue Unlimited savings is to bundle it with Reserved Seating.

Quick Quick Reserve Seating Unlimited Pass helps avoid long SeaWorld wait times.
Screenshot from SeaWorld’s Website

For just $5 more, you can bundle these two park admission ticket add-ons together, so that you not only decrease your SeaWorld wait times, BUT you can also get front row to nearly every show at SeaWorld Orlando (more specifically the Orca Encounter, Dolphin Stadium, Sea Lion & Otter Stadium).

SeaWorld Orlando Dolphin Nursery

Without the bundle, Reserved Seating would run you $15, so why not pay the extra $5 and have the most stress-free, enjoyable theme park day of your life, where you basically get the VIP treatment!

AKA: front line and front row access everywhere!

Wrapping Up…

I hope you enjoyed our favorite tips and tricks in regards to SeaWorld wait times and the Quick Queue Unlimited pass.

Avoid Seaworld Wait Times and Skip the Rides
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But now, you HAVE to let us know in the comments below… Which rides at SeaWorld Orlando are your favorite?  Any that you feel are worthwhile enough to grab Quick Queue for, so you can ride it all day non-stop?!

Let us know in the comments below! Because you know we LOVE to hear from our ThemeParkHipsters.

Until next time, Happy Park Hopping Hipsters!

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