How to Find the BEST Vacation Home Rentals Near Disney World (These Tips Will Help You Decide)

When planning your vacation to Walt Disney World, one of the first things you’ll need to start with is a place to stay. You’ll want to choose one of the best vacation home rentals near Disney and also convenient to top restaurants and major Orlando attractions.

Encore at Reunion Resort Orlando Vacation Home

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Why It’s Important to Choose the Best Vacation Home Rental Near Disney

Before you start picking out your perfectly themed vacation rental near Disney World, you should get familiar with some of the basic information.

An Orlando, Florida vacation home gives you the option to stay on a property in a resort community with options to have a condo, townhouse, or single-family home.

This allows you to have the comfort of home with resort-type amenities all within a gated community.

These types of homes always have plenty of room and are perfect alternatives to hotels or extended stays (over 4 days) and trips with large groups.

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Why Should You Get One of the Orlando vacation home rentals near Disney World?

The Orlando vacation home rentals near Disney affords you the ability of convenience, because you’ll no longer have to worry about where to store food from that bucket list restaurant or how to avoid going over your food budget at the Disney parks.

Reunion Resort Disney Vacation Home best vacation homes near Disney
Reunion Resort Orlando Vacation Home

You’ll be treated with fully equipped kitchens, multiple bedrooms, a spacious living room, and most of the time your own private swimming pool with a nightly rate that averages less than a hotel.

Especially a hotel on theme park property.

What are Advantages of Staying in an Orlando Vacation Rental?

As mentioned before, most luxury vacation home rentals come with a fully equipped kitchen, a private dining area, larger square footage, and FREE amenities. This means you can save money dining and travel lighter.

 Reunion Resort Orlando Vacation Home. Kissimmee vacation rentals
Reunion Resort Orlando Vacation Home

Just in case those weren’t enough things to show how awesome the vacation home rentals near Disney World are, check out my top advantages of staying in one of these luxury homes.

Top Villas is where to find the best vacation home rentals near Disney World

3 Reasons to Stay at a Resort Home in Orlando

Now that you understand why it’s important to pick the best vacation home rental for your Disney World vacation, it’s time to go through why you should consider staying at one for your trip.

19 reasons you'll love CLC Regal Oaks with living room filled with luxury furniture.
CLC Regal Oaks

1. You Will Save Money

You will save a significant amount of money on your Walt Disney World trip, by booking a vacation home.

Most people think a home rental will break the bank, but this is not true.

Not only will your accommodations cost less, you’ll save on food because you will not be required to eat on theme park property or at a hotel. Dining can add up quickly on a vacation.

Top Villas is where to find the best vacation home rentals near Disney World

2. You Will Get More Space

The average vacation home rental in Orlando that’s near Disney is 1,800+ square feet versus a hotel room which is around 325 square feet.

Reunion Resort Disney Vacation Home. Vacation home rentals near Disney World with shuttle.
Reunion Resort Orlando Vacation Home

3. You’ll Avoid Hidden Fees

Amenities vary per hotel and some are associated with extra charges. Hidden costs such as:

  • high parking fees
  • bottle water fees
  • energy surcharge fees
  • pool fees
  • internet fees

These are just a few of the unexpected charges you may face when staying in a hotel when compared to staying at one of the Disney vacation homes nearby.

8 Pro Tips for Choosing the BEST Vacation Home Rentals Near Disney World

Let’s go over some of the best tips I’ve discovered when picking out a Disney vacation rental.

1. Find a Vacation Home Close to Walt Disney World Resort

Depending on the location you choose, you could be driving over 45-minutes if you don’t find the best area to get your holiday rental.

Encore at Reunion Resort Orlando Vacation Home. Harry Potter Themed vacation home rental.
Harry Potter Themed Vacation Rental in Encore at Reunion Resort

Orlando is a large city in size and along with the monstrous traffic. You could be commuting up to an hour to Disney if your location is not strategically chosen.

Not the best way to start your magical vacation.

So, focus your search on family-friendly luxury vacation homes within a 20-minute drive to Walt Disney World.

2. Get as Many Rooms as You Need

One of my favorite advantages of getting a vacation home is the option to get as few rooms or as many rooms as necessary.

Reunion Resort Orlando Vacation Home. Orlando vacation home rentals with pool.
Reunion Resort Vacation Home Near Disney

At a top-notch luxury resort such as, the Encore at Reunion Resort, it’s not uncommon to find a home with at least 11-bedrooms. This is one of the best options for large reunions or family vacations.

Encore at Reunion Resort Orlando Vacation Home. Star Wars themed vacation rental.
Star Wars themed vacation rental in Encore at Reunion Resort Orlando Vacation Home

There’s not much of a difference in price if you get a home with an additional bedroom.

If you’re on the fence about booking a 5-bedroom vs 6-bedroom vacation rental in Orlando, then I recommend going with the higher number just to be on the safe side.

3. Look for Disney World packages when booking luxury resort

I recommend booking a Walt Disney World vacation package that includes park tickets.

Many of the luxury vacation homes in Orlando are authorized Disney ticket providers and are usually able to give a great deal. You’ll want to avoid buying tickets at the park gates, as you’re more likely to pay a higher cost.

4. Pay Attention to Payment Options

Many of the Orlando vacation home rentals will allow you to make payment arrangements based on the length of your stay.

Epcot disney flower and garden festival with goofy and daisy topiary

However, there are other rental agreements that require the vacation cost to be paid in full.

If you’re not ready to pay the full amount, then I suggest working with Top Villas. They only require a deposit of  20-50%  of the total coast to get your reservation.

After that, all you will have to do is pay the full amount 56 days out from your Orlando trip.

Hipster Power Tip: Always ask your rental provider for a full list of fees. It’s not uncommon to pay a small cleaning fee or similar, but if the fees you’re expected to pay end up doubling the price then avoid booking with that company.

5. Review the Cancellation Policy

Be sure that the company you’ve booked your vacation home with, has clear and detailed cancellation policy.

You don’t want to be stuck in a vacation home agreement that will not allow you to cancel if you’ve made proper notice.

Also check to see if there are possible options for rental agreements that have to be terminated last minute. This will give you peace of mind when booking your vacation home stay.

6. Pick a Company with a Great Reputation and a Variety of Orlando Vacation Homes

I recommend choosing one website that houses a variety of vacation villas and homes in the Orlando area. This will give you plenty of options and availability when it comes to choosing a home based on amenities, location, and price.

Encore Resort at Reunion Disney Vacation Home. Vacation pool homes near Disney World.
Encore Resort at Reunion Disney Vacation Home | Water Park

Visiting multiple sites can get cumbersome, so shoot for a website such as Top Villas to see each selection of homes near Disney World.

Don’t forget that a trusted company with an impeccable reputation goes a long way and will save you any grief. Top Villas’ process is super simple and convenient.

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7. Choose a Place with Great Amenities

Empowering yourself with the knowledge that your vacation home will come with basic features such as a fully equipped kitchen, multiple bedrooms and bathrooms is good to know.

Encore at Reunion Resort Orlando Vacation Home fully-equipped kitchen with gated resort.
Encore at Reunion Resort Orlando Vacation Home

However, you should also check on little details that may affect your stay. Such as:

These are just a few amenities you should think about when choosing your Orlando vacation home near Disney.

Encore at Reunion Resort Orlando Vacation Home. Best vacation homes near Disney with a pool.
Encore at Reunion Resort Orlando Vacation Home | Private Pool

Hipster Power Tip: Most vacation homes in Orlando come with a private swimming pool and sometimes a private hot tub as well.

8. Use a Vacation Home Rental Specialist

On most rental websites you have the option to book your stay online. However, I recommend working with an expert directly who can help you select the best home for your trip.

Reunion Resort Orlando Vacation Home. Orlando vacation home rentals with pool.
Reunion Resort Orlando Vacation Home | Private Pool

Many of the vacation home specialists have superb information on the area you want to stay in.

They also know what details to mention to you, that you may not think of when choosing your home.

A rental specialist will walk you through every step of picking your Walt Disney World vacation home rental.

This allows you to take it easy and count down the days to the start of your magical vacation!

You can take advantage of all the special offers Top Villas has going on by using this link for a discount off your visit at Reunion Resort.

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Final Thoughts on Vacation Home Rentals Near Disney World

For lots of different reasons I recommend Top Villas, which offers 24/7 guest support. They also have an office in Orlando, which makes it more convenient to connect with them.

Choosing the right vacation home rental near Disney should not be stressful. I hope I was able to provide you with the best tips for selecting your perfect place.

You can read more tips for choosing the 5 Best Orlando Family Resorts with Water Slides here.

Best vacation home rentals near Disney with Cinderella Castle
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Have you ever stayed at a vacation home near Walt Disney World? If so, what did you like best about doing your Disney trip this way? Leave your comments below.

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(Original Article written in 2018/Updated July 14 2021)

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  1. We love the Windsor Palm Resort located about three miles from Disney’s Animal Kingdom. You can’t beat the price (>$100/night) and the savings on eating breakfast and a few meals ‘at home’ is incredible.

    • Windsor Palm is an excellent resort! I know doing vacations this way may not be idea for some people, but I love exploring the vacation home resorts near Walt Disney World. The amenities are just as good (if not better) as the onsite hotels.

  2. Renting a place nearby often is cost effective. We stay on property sometimes, but usually we stay off property for the many benefits that we enjoy. You have shared some very nice recommendations!


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