2023 Groupon Universal Studios Orlando Deal: How to Save THE MOST Money on Tickets

Did you know that you can use Groupon for your next Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure trip?

Soaring through the sky with Harry Potter… Falling to your doom with your favorite Superhero villains… 

Sounds like some pretty epic dreams, right?

Well, at Universal Orlando Resort, this can be more than just a dream, this can be your reality!

And while we probably don’t have to spend anymore time convincing you how much fun the Universal Orlando Parks are…

All of us ThemeParkHipsters do already know one thing: theme park fun comes with a high price tag.

So, what can you do to make your next Universal Studios Orlando trip more cost-effective? 

I’ve got the inside scoop right here, right now – so keep on reading! You can’t afford to miss these ThemeParkHipster insider tips and tricks!

CityWalk View overlooking Lagoon at Universal Orlando Resort. Don't forget to use Groupon Universal Studios ticket deals!

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The Most Epic Groupon Universal Studios Orlando and Islands of Adventure Deal

So, have you ever heard of Groupon? Well…if not…don’t worry, we’re more than happy to acquaint you. The amazing website gives you awesome experiences for a fraction of the price.

Universal Studios Concerts Stage at Mardi Gras. Don't forget to use Groupon Universal Studios ticket deals!

Basically, Groupon.com teams up with businesses near you to offer AMAZING deals on SO many products and experiences. 

Simply visit the website, type in exactly what you want to save money on, select your location… and BOOM! You’ve suddenly got thousands of dollars of savings at your fingertips!

Whether it’s massages, hotels, or the latest gadget you’ve got in mind, I’m sure Groupon’s got you covered. 

Loews Portofino Bay Resort Universal Orlando
Loews Portofino Bay Resort at Universal Orlando

And the best part? They support local and franchise businesses, so you can shop with confidence that your money is only going to the brands you love!

So…ThemeParkHipster, can you see where I’m going with this? 

Groupon.com has so much untapped potential for our park hopping habits – and yes; today we’ll specifically be talking about Groupon deals at Universal Studios Orlando and Islands of Adventure!

Universal Studios Mardi Gras with Hollywood Rip Ride Rock it in the background. Don't forget to use Groupon Universal Studios ticket deals!

As of right now, at the time of writing this article, there are some GREAT Groupon deals for Universal Orlando that we want to make sure you know about. Because everyone deserves to have some park hopping fun – no matter what their budget is!

If you visit this link, you’ll be brought to all of the latest Groupon Universal Studios Orlando discounts! 

And while it is exciting and you might want to click “BUY NOW” ASAP!

Let me break down for you all the options you have to choose from, so you can make sure you’re purchasing the tickets you want!

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How to Get Your Universal Orlando Groupon Ticket

Seuss Trolley Train Ride Universal Islands of Adventure Don't forget to use Groupon Universal Studios ticket deals!

Step 1. Select the Amount of Park Days You Want

The first drop down menu you’ll encounter at the link above is how many days of Universal Orlando Resort you want to enjoy! Now maybe you already know the answer, but if not, let us give you some food for thought.

Skull Island Reign of Kong Ride Entrance Islands of Adventure Don't forget to use Groupon Universal Studios ticket deals!

First of all, Universal Orlando Resort has two parks: Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure. So, if you plan on conquering every land and every ride, we definitely recommend AT LEAST two full park days.

Universal Studios Groupon Tickets
Screenshot from Groupon

Secondly, if you purchase a multi-day park ticket, you will have up to 7 days from the first entry to use up all the admissions. 

So, basically, whether you are buying 2 days worth of park tickets or 5, you have to use them all within 7 days of one another.

Step 2. Select if You Want a 2 Park or 1 Park Ticket

Now, I understand, the wording here can be a bit confusing. Some of you ThemeParkHipsters out there might only be familiar with the term “park hopping;” either way, allow me to break it down for you.

Basically, the second drop down menu asks if you would like a park hopper ticket or not. 

A park hopper ticket means you can visit both parks in the same day, which in the case of Universal Studios Parks and Resorts, also includes an extra rideThe Hogwarts Express!

Universal Studios Groupon Ticket Day Option
Screenshot from Groupon

If you are a true Potterhead, and can’t fathom the idea of missing out on experiencing Platform 9 ¾ and boarding The Hogwarts Express to travel between Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios, then DEFINITELY go for the “2-Park Park-to-Park (Includes Hogwarts Express)” option. 

P.S. with this ticket option you can just walk between the two parks too.

Or, if you’re content just experiencing one park per day, then go ahead and stick to the standard “2-Park Base (1 Park per Day)” option; where you can choose which park you’ll attend each day.

Step 3. Select Your Age

Perhaps the easiest selection of all for this Groupon purchase is your age. Children are considered those aged 3-9, and adults are 10+, with a $10 difference between the two.

Groupon Universal Studios Ticket Option
Screenshot from Groupon

And so, if you’ve done all that, congratulations, you’re almost ready to hit purchase on your  Groupon Universal Studios Orlando and Islands of Adventure ticket!

But first, why don’t you let us offer you some more tips and tricks so that you can become a Groupon pro!

Get up to 25% off of your Universal Studios Tickets with Groupon TODAY!

5 BEST Tips for Finding Deals on Groupon for Universal Studios Orlando

Universal Orlando Offer Military Discounts. Don't forget to use Groupon Universal Studios ticket deals!

1. Just One Click

So, that’s really it?  I just click “purchase” on my Universal Studios ticket on Groupon and then I can enter the park?


The Bourne Stuntacular Universal Studios Florida. Don't forget to use Groupon Universal Studios ticket deals!

Like some other Groupons, this purchase is a voucher that then allows you to receive an official park ticket on Universal Studios property.

So what does that really mean? 

As soon as you enter Universal Studios, head to Guest Services with your Groupon voucher and matching photo ID in hand. Then, your tickets will be printed out and handed to you for park entry.

Universal Studios Groupon with Harry Potter Image
Screenshot from Groupon

All you have to do is make sure you allow for extra time to visit the Guest Services window, and make sure you purchase your Groupon at least 24 hours prior to redeeming it. That way the purchase will definitely be in Universal Studios’ system.

2. With Groupon…You’ve Got to Act Fast!

While you might be reading this article and thinking, “that savings sounds nice and all…but I’ll wait a few more weeks before I act on it…” I would really encourage you to think again!

All Groupons are limited in quantity – meaning they’re only offered while supplies last. And even though you might think there are plenty of discounted tickets to go around, with a site as well known as Groupon, that’s not always the case.

So, if you see a Groupon Universal Studios Orlando deal that you like…we say buy it now! Because savings like that don’t last forever!

3. Read the Fine Print

As with any coupon out there, there is some fine print that you’ll want to read and familiarize yourself with before completing any Groupon purchase.  Such as the expiration, quantity you’re allowed to purchase, and exceptions.

Hogsmeade vs Diagon Alley with fire breathing dragon and hogwarts castle

Luckily, Groupon is pretty transparent about all of this.  Just make sure you scroll down, below the reviews, to see all the Groupon deal details that you could ever want to know!

4. Make a Groupon Account

We know, we know, signing up for yet ANOTHER email list doesn’t sound appetizing. But…hear us out!

When it comes to a site like Groupon, they only email you when it matters. And trust me, when Groupon emails you…IT MATTERS!

Islands of Adventure Tips Hulk Roller Coast Wide View Don't forget to use Groupon Universal Studios ticket deals!

Like every month when they send an additional savings code for 10% to 25% off already discounted deals… which means you can snag professional massages in your area for as little as $20! 

Or, in ThemeParkHipster speak, theme park tickets at almost half price!

5. Search for “Universal Orlando Resort”

In case you’re not ready to buy your Groupon Universal Studios Orlando and Islands of Adventure voucher now, but want to keep this resource handy for the next time you’re ready to purchase – here’s a quick Groupon tip!

Celestina Warbeck and Banshees Singing on Stage in Diagon Alley. Don't forget to use Groupon Universal Studios ticket deals!

When searching for your Universal Orlando voucher, you’ll actually want to use the search term: “Universal Orlando Resort.” 

This keyword will expand your search from general theme park ticket savings to the parks specifically, including discounted hotel rooms on property, as they’re available.

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What to Know Before You Get Started with Groupon

Before you make your purchase, let’s go through a few of the most commonly asked questions.

Islands of Adventure Tips Popeye Red and White Ship and Olive

Which Universal Orlando Groupon deal saves me the most money?

In general, the more park days you purchase, the more money you save. While the price of one or two park days comes out to over $100 per day, by the time you add on a third park day, there is really only a $20 difference.

Universal Islands of Adventure Jurassic Park Jeep with T Rex Dinosaur coming out of the bushes. Don't forget to use Groupon Universal Studios ticket deals!

So our advice? Since you need at least two full park days to cover the entirety of Universal Studios property, why not spend a few dollars extra for a 3rd or even 4th park day?  

That way you can experience everything at a more relaxed pace and not feel stressed if long attraction wait times or an out of order ride threaten the success of your park day.

What if I purchase my Groupon Universal Orlando voucher, and then they have to unexpectedly close again?

If you’re nervous about purchasing a Groupon for Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure in case the parks close again, we have good news for you!

Mythos Islands of Adventure. Don't forget to use Groupon Universal Studios ticket deals!

Groupon’s policy is such that if the business you purchased your Groupon for has to close, you will receive a credit towards other Groupon experiences and/or products. 

So you can buy with confidence knowing that your money can still be spent elsewhere!

Is parking included in the Groupon voucher at Universal Orlando Resort?

Unfortunately no, parking is not included in this Groupon voucher as this deal only covers admission. 

E.T. Parking Section at Universal Orlando Resort

General parking is an additional $27 per car, whether you purchase your Universal Studios Orlando tickets through Groupon or not.

When is this specific Groupon Universal Studios Orlando deal expiring?

Unless supplies run out earlier, this specific deal is expected to end soon.  And all tickets purchased up until that time must be used by the end of the year.

But, like anything else on Groupon, you can always check back regularly to see if any more discounts and deals have been added!

I already bought my park tickets through Universal Orlando Resort, but now I see I would have saved more money purchasing through Groupon…what should I do?

Luckily for you, if you’re in this conundrum, Universal Orlando is on your side! 

men in black universal studios

If you have found a better ticket price within 7 days of your original ticket purchase, Universal Orlando Resort will refund the difference via a Universal Orlando Resort gift card which can be used at any restaurant or merchandise location on property.

These requests can be made by calling 1-877-589-4783 or emailing http://www.visitorsatisfaction.com/contactus/

What else should I do to prepare for my Universal Studios Orlando and Islands of Adventure visit?

Well, it’s no secret that any good ThemeParkHipster prepares, and if you’re wondering how to do so for your Universal Orlando trip, allow me to help!

Universal Studios guide and tips
Sign up and get your FREE Universal Orlando Resort Theme Park Traveler’s Planner and Guide. Click the image to get started.

The best thing you can do is download the Official Universal Orlando Resort app before you go. This will give you access to real time park maps, line wait times, and in-park Mobile Food and Drinking Ordering.  

You’ll also want to watch our full guide to doing Universal Studios on YouTube!

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Let’s Wrap This Up…

I hope you see now why the Groupon Universal Studios Orlando and Islands of Adventure deals are the way to go! 

VelociCoaster Loop at Universal Islands of Adventure. Don't forget to use Groupon Universal Studios ticket deals!

They’re cheap, easy to purchase, and take the usual hassle out of planning your next theme park trip.

So, now that we’ve merged your love of theme parks with your love of saving money…we’ve got to know…

Groupon travel deals for Universal Studios Orlando
Save image for later on Pinterest!

What else have you used Groupon for? Any other awesome theme park deals on there that we missed?  Let us know in the comments below!

And of course, until next time, Happy Parking Hopping Hipsters!

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