Top 10 Ways to Find Cheap SeaWorld Orlando Tickets (2023)

Question of the Week: Where to Find SeaWorld Orlando Tickets at a Discount?

Are you looking everywhere online trying to figure out where to find cheap theme park tickets for SeaWorld Orlando? No need to look any further, I have the best recommendations for you!

I totally understand the pressure of preparing for a trip to SeaWorld Orlando. Plus, all the anxiety of wanting to find the best possible discounts you can get.

Just know that purchasing your Orlando theme park tickets doesn’t have to be hard. You now have everything you need for finding the best possible deals online with today’s technology!

SeaWorld Orlando Infinity Falls Entrance to Water Ride

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SeaWorld Orlando Tickets

Before I take you through the best ways to find discount SeaWorld Orlando tickets, you should know that the resort has two parks (SeaWorld Orlando and Aquatica) plus multiple affiliated hotels to choose from that are near the theme park.

SeaWorld OrlandoTicket area

How much does it cost to go to SeaWorld in Florida?

The cost of admission starts at $119, but I like discounts so I use sites like Groupon to find cheap SeaWorld Orlando tickets, which we’ll discuss further in this guide.

Where can I get cheap tickets to SeaWorld Orlando and Aquatica?

Now that you know it’s possible to do SeaWorld Orlando on a budget, let’s go through where you can find your discounted SeaWorld Resort Orlando tickets below.

SeaWorld Orlando Lighthouse Entrance. Cheap SeaWorld Orlando tickets.

1. Groupon

Honestly, I never thought I’d see the day where Groupon would give us the option to purchase tickets to the Florida theme park directly from their website. 

Groupon logo

And now, Groupon is now providing SeaWorld Resort Orlando tickets! For a limited time, you can get tickets to SeaWorld for up to 42% off!

Groupon is also offering deals for 2 Park Tickets to Busch Gardens Tampa Bay and Universal Studios Florida! 

Why I love shopping from Groupon…

In addition to SeaWorld Resort Orlando tickets, Groupon helps you enjoy even more local attractions such as Fun Spot, Kennedy Space Center, and The Wheel at ICON Park for one one cost.

SeaWorld Orlando Sesame Street Land Door Area

Groupon is also one of my favorite discount sites where I love finding other Orlando travel deals for different tours, restaurants and activities to do in Central Florida. 

If you know anything about Groupon, then you know that the offers don’t last long, so take advantage of the deals ASAP!

Get your discounted tickets for SeaWorld Orlando with Groupon TODAY!

2. Undercover Tourist

The Undercover Tourist is one of the most popular authorized theme park ticket sellers. I’ve used Undercover Tourist in the past for my Universal Studios Hollywood trip. 

Undercover Tourist Logo

Their website was easy to use and when I sent them a message on Twitter, they quickly responded to all of my questions.

Since 2000, Undercover Tourist has provided authentic attraction tickets at discounted prices, as well as insider planning tips and excellent customer service.

3. Search Your Local News/Radio Stations’ Websites

Sometimes, there’s no better source of news than your local news or radio station. 

Many of their websites will have a travel section that’s filled with theme park deals. Especially the Florida based new stations. 

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4. CityPass Orlando

If you’re someone who likes to travel a lot, then you’ve probably heard of CityPASS before. Just in case you haven’t, you can think of CityPASS like your very own park hopping ticket, but for fun attractions throughout major cities like Orlando! 

CityPass Logo

CityPass Orlando offers pretty good discounts to the major theme parks in Central Florida.  

This makes it an affordable way to experience all the things to do in Orlando, including the parks.

Get your SeaWorld Resort Orlando Theme Park tickets with CityPass TODAY!

5. Viator 

I enjoy using Viator because no matter what city I go to, I can always find a special tour through the site that will allow me to see a wonderful side of the city.

SeaWorld Orlando Cookie Monster Statue in Sesame Street Land. Cheap SeaWorld Orlando tickets.

When you’re visiting Orlando, you should check out their discounted deals page to see what current offerings are available for SeaWorld. 

While you’re there, be sure to book a fun Central Florida tour so that you can explore other things to do in Orlando besides theme parks.

Get your SeaWorld Resort Orlando Theme Park tickets with Viator TODAY!

6. Local Groceries Stores

Many of the chain grocery stores, especially in the South, like Publix and Costco, offer discounted theme park tickets for places like SeaWorld and Aquatica.

Beautiful Lagoon at SeaWorld with Sky Tower and Roller coasters. Cheap SeaWorld Orlando tickets.

So, always double check these places when you’re looking to buy your theme park tickets.

Hipster Power Tip: Don’t forget to check out Orlando Vacation Home Rental companies like Top Villas who also offer discounted tickets to SeaWorld. So, you can book your vacation rental and theme park ticket with one company.

7. AAA or Professional Organization 

If you’re in a professional organization or travel club, always check to see if they have any theme park discounts. Professions in education, dentistry, pharmacy, and AAA organizations are just a few examples of industries that have theme park deals.

Hipster Power Tip: Be sure to check SeaWorld’s website often for special Military Discounts and free tickets for preschoolers.

8. Buy Directly from SeaWorld’s Website

Ok, I know this is an obvious option, but I still must mention it! is always having limited time sales that allow you to buy ticket packages at a low cost. Plus, you can receive special discounts on Annual Passes and so much more!

SeaWorld Orlando All Day Dining Deal Prices and Dine with Orcas
Screenshot from SeaWorld

Oftentimes, they will send them straight to your email inbox if you’ve signed up to receive updates from SeaWorld!

SeaWorld Orlando Journey to Atlantis Water Ride. Cheap SeaWorld Orlando tickets.

One thing you should know is that many of their deals are not predictable and can happen at random times. I know that’s not the best news, especially if you’re a planner. 

Get your SeaWorld Orlando tickets TODAY!

9. Use an Authorized SeaWorld Orlando Vacation Planner (THEY’RE FREE!)

There are a lot of authorized travel agents in the Central Florida area. I personally use The Park Prodigy as my theme park vacation planner.

SeaWorld Orlando Infinity Falls River Water Ride. Cheap SeaWorld Orlando tickets.

Travel agents can help you put your whole plan together. They usually know the different SeaWorld Orlando discounts and deals that are available right away before anyone.

They know the time frames that are best for you to book AND they’re also really good with when it comes to planning a customizable Orlando vacation.

Mako Roller Coaster SeaWorld Orlando 4
Photo Courtesy of SeaWorld Entertainment

Through the authorize vacation sellers, you will be able to get a significant discount on your SeaWorld Resort Orlando vacation package. Your theme park tickets will also get scooped up in that whole package price.

10. Hotel Concierge

This may not be the best option, but hear me out. 

If you’re in town for a business conference and decide to have a park visit, then you can connect with your hotel or resort concierge to get a last minute ticket to one of the SeaWorld Resort Orlando theme parks for a possible discount.

Hipster Power Tip: If you stay at a vacation villa, they may offer a presentation for you to view for possibly purchasing a Timeshare with their organization. After you complete the presentation, you’re sometimes offered free tickets to SeaWorld Florida. Do keep in mind that these sales pitches are intense, but if you can stay strong you can come out with a FREE theme park ticket.

Final Thoughts on Finding Cheap SeaWorld Orlando Tickets

Overall, remember to look around the web to find the best deals and coupons for your upcoming SeaWorld Resort Orlando vacation. 

Cheap Tickets for SeaWorld Orlando
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If you have any additional suggestions, be sure to leave them in the comment box below. Don’t forget to check out my YouTube channel for more SeaWorld Resort Orlando vacation tips.

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