12 Super Easy SeaWorld Orlando Tips and Tricks (Travel Podcast Episode 31)

Today I have another great episode just for you! Are you ready take a trip over to Orlando’s marine-inspired park and need a few SeaWorld tips and tricks to get you started?

Today I have a real treat for you— we are going to go over how to make the most of your first trip to SeaWorld Orlando!

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SeaWorld Orlando Tips and Tricks with Infinity Falls

SeaWorld is a great Orlando theme park that is not only excellent for a family vacation, but perfect for a solo trip! Located just off Interstate 4 and the Beachline Express, you’ll be welcomed by the easy going vibe of this aquatic park.

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Let’s jump into some of my best SeaWorld Orlando tips and tricks to make your day epic! Listen to the podcast episode 31 below.

1. Avoid the weekends

I suggest avoiding holidays, the weekends, and the summer.

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2. Download SeaWorld map

Map out the day prior to your visit by downloading the SeaWorld app.

SeaWorld Orlando Map for 2022 and 2023

 3. Use standard parking

Try to get to SeaWorld early and park in the regular parking section. The parking situation at SeaWorld isn’t bad. Wherever you end up parking, the walk to the front gate shouldn’t be too terrible.

4. Choose the best SeaWorld ticket

Your SeaWorld Orlando ticket will include all rides, shows and exhibits, except for the Paddle Boats and the Arcade games.

5. Get the SeaWorld All-Day Dining Deal

For one low price, you will get a band that allows you to eat at participating restaurants all day. 1 entrée, 1 side or dessert, and 1 fountain drink, tea or water for each visit.

SeaWorld Orlando Tips and Trick Seafire Grill Menu for the All Day Dining Deal

6. Make an itinerary for SeaWorld

This is my go-to SeaWorld itinerary when I want to do a full, out-of-this world theme park day!


  • Start Early (probably not as early as Universal and Disney) and get to the park when the gates open.
  • Grab a park guide and map out your day.
  • Ride Manta. *Must Do*
  • Pet the stingrays in Key West.
  • Play with dolphins in Dolphin Cove.
  • Experience Turtle Trek.
  • Hop aboard Journey to Atlantis.
  • Face the Kraken. *Must Do*
  • Explore Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin. *Must Do*
  • Conquer Mako. *Must Do*
  • Have lunch at Shark Underwater Grill.
  • Discover Infinity Falls
  • Visit Sesame Street Land
  • Ride Ice Breaker Roller Coaster
  • Explore Pacific Point Preserve.
  • Use this time to do any tours, shows that you’re interested in, such as the One Ocean animal show.
  • Sky Tower
  • Do the Paddle Boats to finish your day off.

7. Do a Special Tour

Upgrade your day and do one of SeaWorld’s behind-the-scenes theme park tours. It allows you to get up close and personal with all the unique aquatic life in the park.

8. Have lunch at Underwater Grill

The Underwater Grill serves delicious seafood while you watch sharks glide in a giant aquarium around you.

Cocktails at the Underwater Shark Grill in SeaWorld
SeaWorld’s hidden gem

9. Check out the SeaWorld Animals

There’s a wide variety of sea life all within the gates. Many of the animals are tough to see in your lifetime, so I love how SeaWorld makes sure they educate you on each animal residing in the park.

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10. Take breaks from the heat and discover the park

You’ll love exploring what SeaWorld Orlando has to offer and I guarantee you will leave there with some kind of new information you learned.

SeaWorld Orlando Tips and Tricks with Sesame Street Land Entrance

11. Ride the water attractions

SeaWorld has two water attractions, Journey to Atlantis and Infinity Falls.

12. Have your SeaWorld packing list together

If it’s a short day, then I will have my iPhone, lip gloss, sunglasses, hand sanitizer, and mints.

12 super easy Seaworld Orlando tips.  Shamu show in bright blue water.
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