Why You HAVE to Try Universal Orlando Food Mobile Ordering

Did you know that using the Universal Orlando Food Mobile Ordering service is the new “normal” at the parks? 

Hi again ThemeParkHipster! We hope with things reopening and life returning to (somewhat) normal, that you’ve been able to get your theme park fix recently.  

And so, on that note of returning to life, and amusement parks safely, today we’re going to cover one of Universal Orlando’s coolest virtual perks: the Universal Orlando Food Mobile Ordering service!

This is an AWESOME feature to know all about, not only because it makes social distancing possible, but also for its sheer convenience… 

Stop wasting valuable park time waiting in food lines and start ordering your food on the go!

So, are you ready to learn more about this yummy time-saver? We thought so!  

Keep reading for all things Universal Orlando Food Mobile Ordering; including an explanation of what it is, an 8 step guide of how to use it, and ThemeParkHipster exclusive FAQs and tips!

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Universal Studios Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit Roller Coaster on the lift

What is Universal Orlando Food Mobile Ordering Service? 

Ok, so contrary to popular belief, this mobile service is not exactly the UberEats or DoorDash service you might be thinking of. It only works while you’re in the parks because it’s a convenient food ordering service, not a delivery service (kind of like Starbucks’ mobile ordering system).

Essentially by using the Universal Orlando app, you are able to hook up your credit card and order food from your favorite in-park restaurant ahead of time. Why?

Because first of all, by ordering and paying for food through the app, you’re limiting person to person contact- an essential right now! 

But also, it saves time you normally might have spent waiting to get into a restaurant or for your food.

Universal Orlando Mobile App Directions on Table
You can find these Mobile Order Instructions on your dining tables.

And although all of this may sound pretty new to you, it actually rolled out in 2018…but let us assure you that then it was far different than it is right now.

With over 25 dining location options available to Universal Orlando Food Mobile Ordering users now (as opposed to ONE when it rolled out), and this year is the perfect time to try out this technology.

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8 Simple Steps to Use Universal Orlando Food Mobile Ordering

Wizarding World of Harry Potter Lemon Fizzy Drink and Grilled Chicken Sandwich at the Leaky Cauldron

Step 1. Download the Official Universal Orlando Resort App

The first few steps to using the Universal Orlando Food Mobile Ordering service can actually be done prior to your Universal Orlando theme park visit. And we actually recommend doing them ahead of time so that you can spend your park day exploring and not app troubleshooting.

Universal Orlando Resort App
Universal Orlando Resort App

Nonetheless, step number one is simply locating and downloading the Official Universal Orlando app.

Therefore, go to your phone’s app store, search for the one with the famous Universal globe icon, and click download!

Step 2. Create (or sign into) Your Universal Orlando Account

This step can also be done before heading to Universal Orlando property. If you don’t already have a Universal Orlando account (perhaps from pre-booking a hotel room or tickets) then now’s your chance!

Universal Orlando Resort App

When you open up the app, simply pick the option that’s appropriate for you (either “Create an Account” or “Sign in”) and follow the necessary prompts to get started.

Step 3. Link a Payment Option

The final step that can be completed prior to entering the Universal Orlando Parks and Resorts is linking your payment option.

To do this, open the app, log in, and on the top left hand corner you will see three horizontal lines. Tap that to access the app’s menu.

Universal Studios Mobile Order App 3 Payment Setup

Here you’ll see a drop down of options. Click on “Wallet” and follow the necessary prompts to add your desired debit or credit card for all future Universal Orlando Food Mobile Ordering purchases.  

(And of course, all of this payment information is secure and can be updated or changed as needed.)

Step 4. Link to Park Wi-Fi and Locate “Mobile Food and Drink Ordering” 

As we’ll discuss more later, the Universal Orlando Food Mobile Ordering only works on Universal Orlando property. So, you’ll want to make sure you’re connected to the free “Universal” Wi-Fi network before placing your mobile order.

WiFi at Universal Orlando Resort Step 3 You're Connected

Once you’re on the park Wi-Fi, go into the Universal Orlando app, click on the three horizontal lines in the top left corner, and select “Order Food and Drinks” from the drop down.

Step 5. Select Your Desired Restaurant

Now comes the exciting part! You’ll be directed to a list of over 25 restaurants located in the Universal Parks and Citywalk.

Select your favorite to get to the best part: selecting your food items!

Universal Studios Mobile Order App 1

Step 6. Choose Your Food Items

Just like any other mobile food service you might have used, this step is pretty self explanatory. Simply scroll through all the menu options to find your favorite.

When you’ve found a food item you like, tap it to personalize it however you want! I.e. extra toppings, side substitutions, changing order quantities, etc.

Universal Studios Mobile Order App

And be sure that once you’ve selected and personalized an item to your liking, that you click “Add to Cart,” so all of your unique items are saved and ready for check out! 

Step 7. Check Out 

Once all your food items have been added to your cart, click “Confirm Order” to checkout. 

If you’re a Premier or Preferred Passholder, this is also the part in the process where you can click “Apply Passholder Discount” to provide your pass barcode/ID number to get your 10%-15% off.

Universal Studios Mobile Order App 5 Order Details

Hipster Power Tip: As of the writing of the article, Universal doesn’t automatically recognize your Annual Pass in your App account when checking out. So, be sure to have it handy that way you can manually add the pass for your meal discount.

Step 8. Head to the Restaurant for Order Pickup

Now- here’s possibly the most important part of this whole thing! 

Once you’ve checked out, your food DOES NOT automatically start to get made- in fact your food will not start being prepared until you click: “Prepare My Order.” 

This is because Universal wants to make sure that when you arrive, your food is warm and fresh. Plus, this system allows you to place your order ahead of time, stress-free, without sacrificing the quality of the food you’ll get to enjoy.

Universal Studios Mobile Order App 4 Order Status

So, how far in advance does Universal recommend clicking “Prepare My Order?” 

About 5 minutes prior to when you intend on eating, or when you arrive at the eatery.

Additionally, depending on the restaurant/eatery, there will be a designated window or tables available for Mobile Orders only where you can wait to receive and/or enjoy your food!

And voila! The Universal Orlando Food Mobile Ordering process is complete, without ever having to wait in a line or come into contact with anyone!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Universal Orlando Food Mobile Ordering

Butterbeer Universal Studios Recipe with hot butterbeer and Hogwarts castle in the background.

Do I need a Universal Orlando Annual Pass to use Universal Orlando Food Mobile Ordering?

You absolutely do not need a Universal Orlando Annual Pass in order to enjoy the Universal Orlando Food Mobile Ordering service. However, if you do get an annual pass, you will be able to enjoy the 10%-15% in park food discounts, as it applies to your annual pass tier.

Is there an extra fee for using Universal Orlando Food Mobile Ordering?

Nope! One of the best features about the Universal Mobile Ordering service is that there’s no extra charge for it.  Think of it as a free convenience to guests.

When you check out from the Mobile Ordering service, you’ll notice that you’re paying the same price you would inside the park’s eateries. Simply the price of your items, plus tax.

Moes Tavern Interior with Barnie Gumble looking into empty beer glass

Can I use Universal Orlando Food Mobile Ordering when I’m not on Universal Orlando Resort Property?

Unfortunately, since the Food Mobile Ordering service is meant to ease the experience of in park guests, it cannot be used while off of resort property. In fact, this function will disable itself in the app if you’re not currently at the resort.

However, don’t fear, as soon as you set foot again on resort property again you’ll be granted access to speedy mobile food ordering!

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What discounts are available for Universal Orlando Food Mobile Ordering?

As we mentioned before, Annual Pass holders can receive discounts on most in park food purchases, including those made with mobile ordering.

More specifically, Premier Passholders receive 15% off their order, and Preferred Passholders receive 10% off theirs.

What restaurants can you order from using Universal Orlando Food Mobile Ordering?

The easier question to answer would be, which Universal Orlando restaurants CAN’T you order from with the mobile ordering service? 

Cletus' Chicken Shack Entrance
Cletus Chicken Shack: Universal Studios Orlando

For your convenience, we’ve put all 25+ mobile ordering dining options here !  Although do check the app ahead of time for any daily exceptions that would note unexpected closures or changes.

Universal Studios Florida Universal Orlando Food Mobile Ordering Restaurant Options:

  • Cletus’ Chicken Shack
  • Flaming Moe’s
  • Krusty Burger
  • Leaky Cauldron
  • Louie’s Italian Restaurant™
  • Luigi’s Pizza
  • Mel’s Drive-In™
  • Universal Studios’ Classic Monsters Cafe
  • Richter’s Burger Co.™
  • The Fountain of Fair Fortune
  • The Frying Dutchman
  • The Hopping Pot
  • San Francisco Pastry Company™
  • TODAY Cafe

Universal’s Islands of Adventure Universal Orlando Food Mobile Ordering Restaurant Options:

  • Blondie’s
  • Cafe 4™
  • Captain America Diner®
  • Cinnabon® Universal’s Islands of Adventure
  • Circus McGurkus Cafe Stoo-pendous™
  • Comic Strip Cafe™
  • Croissant Moon Bakery™
  • Doc Sugrue’s Desert Kebab House
  • Fire Eater’s Grill™
  • The Burger Digs™
  • Three Broomsticks
  • Thunder Falls Terrace™

Universal’s Volcano Bay Universal Orlando Food Mobile Ordering Restaurant Options:

  • Bambu
  • Kohola Reef Restaurant & Social Club
  • The Feasting Frog
  • Whakawaiwai Eats

Universal CityWalk Universal Orlando Food Mobile Ordering Restaurant Options:

  • Bread Box Handcrafted Sandwiches
  • Cinnabon® Universal CityWalk
  • Hot Dog Hall of Fame®
  • NBC Sports Grill & Brew™
  • Red Oven Pizza Bakery™
  • Voodoo Doughnut

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What else can I do using the Universal Orlando app?

Believe it or not, the Universal Orlando app can do so much more for you than mobile food ordering. You can also wait on virtual lines, check wait times, use it as a real-time park map, and more.

Universal Orlando Resort App

And besides, downloading the app is free and it’s easy to use- so why not do it to prepare ahead of time for your next Universal Orlando ThemeParkHipster day?!

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Tips for Using Mobile Ordering Service at Universal Orlando

Wizarding World of Harry Potter Lemon Fizzy Drink at the Leaky Cauldron

1. Turn on Location Services in Your Phone Settings

As we mentioned before, the Universal Orlando Mobile Ordering service is only available on resort property. Because of this, your phone’s location tracking must be turned on while using the app in order for it to work properly.

To do this, go into your phone’s settings.  Android Users should look for an option called “Personal,” whereas iPhone users should find “Privacy.” 

WiFi at Universal Orlando Resort Step 1 Choose UNIVERSAL

Android and iPhone Users

Finally, Android Users should select “Location Access,” whereas iPhone users should see the option for “Location Services.” However, your phone refers to your location permissions, make sure they’re turned on.

If you’re still encountering problems, scroll further down on this page where all your phone apps are listed and check your location settings for the Universal Orlando app specifically as they must be turned on. 

Islands of Adventure touring plan itinerary

2. Connect to Park Wi-Fi

Although spotty for normal use, the Universal Orlando Food Mobile Ordering service works best when you’re connected to park Wi-Fi.

Therefore, before selecting which restaurant you’d like to dine at, go into your phone’s Wifi settings and double check that you’re connected to the “Universal” Wifi.

WiFi at Universal Orlando Resort Step 2 Accept Terms

3. Set up Your Payment Method Ahead of Time

Like with any other mobile food ordering app, things are much quicker and pain-free if you set up your payment method prior to ordering. As we outlined in step 3 above, this is something you can do before even getting to the park!

To do so, simply click on the three lines in the top left hand corner of the app and click on “Wallet.” 

Here you’ll find the prompts to enter your credit or debit card information that the app will safely keep on file for all in-app purchases!

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4. Use your Universal Orlando Annual Pass Discount

As we mentioned earlier, Premier and Preferred Universal Orlando Annual Passholders get discounts on lots of in park food, including food ordered through the Universal Orlando Food Mobile Ordering service.

To take advantage of this, during checkout you’ll see an option for “Apply Passholder Discount.” 

Diagon Alley: Bangers and Mash at Leaky Cauldron
Bangers and Mash at the Leaky Cauldron. Diagon Alley

At this point, have your annual pass ready, because you’ll be prompted to either scan its barcode or manually enter your unique pass ID number to get your discount.

Hipster Power Tip: If for some reason the app won’t take your annual pass information and/or apply the discount, don’t sweat it! You can always go in person and order the traditional way to ensure your discount is applied!

In Conclusion…

We love how much time and effort Universal has put into developing and perfecting their Food Mobile Ordering service. It’s certainly come a long way from their 2018 rollout, when Burger Digs was their only mobile food order option.

And aside from streamlining your park experience (think of it like a dining fastpass!) it also keeps workers and guests safe and socially distant…so basically, what’s not to love?

How to order your food on your phone at Universal Studios
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Have you used the Universal Orlando Food Mobile Ordering service before? What’s your favorite part about it? Or, got any tips or tricks for using the Universal Orlando app in general that we missed?

Let us know in the comments below- because even though ThemeParkHipsters may be solo travelers, we definitely plan better together!

Until next time, Happy Park Hopping Hipsters!

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