Entrance to Remys Ratatouille Adventure with mouse waterfall

Pardon My French: Epcot France Pavilion Complete Guide and History

Bonjour mes amis! Are you ready to explore the Epcot France Pavilion?

What Disney fans love about the Epcot World Showcase Pavilions is how immersive they are. At first glance, some of the pavilions are a bit deceptive in what lies inside them. The Epcot France Pavilion is one of the pavilions that has more than meets the eye.

With the addition of an expansion area within the France Pavilion, there is now even more to explore within its artistic, historic and decadent walls.

From hints of French architecture to the aromatic smells of baguettes to seeing familiar faces like Belle and Remy, its truly remarkable how much there is to explore within this pavilion.

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Christmas at Hollywood Studios Decorate Dinosaur in Santa Hat on Lake Echo

25 BEST Disney Christmas Movies (YOU MUST WATCH IN THIS ORDER for 2021)

Are you trying to pick out the BEST Disney Christmas movies to get you in the holiday spirit?

If one thing can be said about Disney, it’s that they know magic inside and out. Christmas Magic is a special kind where we celebrate the joy, happiness and rebirth of a new era.

Disney movies already bring the magic and it’s a magic that is generational and considered a rite of passage to some. This goes for their films that are perfect for ringing in the holidays, some well-beloved and some probably unknown or underrated.

Today, I am going to help you get your Disney movie holiday watch list ready by sharing with you the best Christmas movies on Disney Plus (or Amazon)! So, grab your hot cocoa and cookies!

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How to Dress for Dapper Day Disney

How to Dress for Dapper Day at the Disney Parks (Complete Guide)

Have you ever wanted to be the picture of sophisticated grace at the Disney Parks but have never had an excuse to do it? Let me introduce my solo loving friends to Dapper Day!

Now is your chance to dress in a refined style with whimsical chic at the most Magical and Happiest Places on Earth. As a solo traveler, it’s already a bit daunting to go alone to the Disney Parks, but dressed up? Intimidating for sure!

But have no fear because as I always do, I am here to reassure you about why not only you should travel solo but do it with Dapper Day! Here is what we will be covering today:

  • What is Dapper Day?
  • When and Where is Disney Dapper Day?
  • How to Dress for Dapper Day?
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Genie Pass at Disney World

Disney Genie Plus vs Lightning Lane: Everything You MUST KNOW!

We have officially left the FastPass era and have entered the new golden era of Disney Genie and Lightning Lane. In early August of this year, Disney Parks provided us with the first details regarding Disney Genie, the new in park planning tool within the My Disney Experience app.

They also mentioned that the system would debut at Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts this Fall. This new addition was first announced during the 2019 D23 Expo and Disney had been tight lipped ever since up until that point.

In early September, rumblings sparked that Cast Members were beginning their training. Finally, Disney Genie’s rollout was announced to debut on October 19th at Walt Disney World, with Disneyland’s version following shortly with no date reveal as of this post yet.

Those who do not frequent the parks often might be overwhelmed by such a big change that is highly dependent on the My Disney Experience app. But many of your questions will be answered here today, so have no worries or fears!

Today, we will be going over Disney Genie, Disney Genie+, Lightning Lane and everything in between that comes with it! This includes how to navigate, purchase, what is included and much more.

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Solo Traveling Black Woman

I’m thankful to be a solo traveler and here’s why! (Solo Travel to Orlando Theme Parks)

Over the years, I have come to understand how grateful I am to have not only begun solo traveling to places all over the world, particularly theme parks, but the community I have found as I’ve taken the journey as a solo traveler.

In reality, being a solo traveler isn’t as lonely as you may think. It can be full of fun, adventure, meeting new and exciting people while building new friendships and ultimately learning more about yourself than you probably ever knew.

There is a stigma on solo travel that you may look pitiful or sad being alone somewhere or that it’s not safe to do. I am here to disprove these facts and give you the proper tools and community to help guide you to enjoying solo travel.

Today, I will be chatting about what I am thankful for as a solo traveler and how the community continues to assist and grow as the journey continues. Age doesn’t matter as long as you have the drive, optimism and courage to start!

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Cinderella Castle Decorated for Christmas at Disney Magic Kingdom

Disney Very Merriest After Hours: Is it Worth It and Should You Go? (Full Guide)

Should you go to Disney Very Merriest After Hours this year?

Some of us live Halloween 24/7 365 and that’s totally cool! But for most of us, when the clock strikes midnight on Oct 31st, we know what’s about to happen.

As soon as the last Guests leave the beloved last Halloween party of the year, Disney Magic touches the kingdom. Overnight, Main Street USA becomes decked out in Christmas holiday cheer!

Garlands and trees go up and you can hear the trolley kids come down the street singing and dancing to holiday classics. The Dapper Dans crank out holiday puns and songs and treats can be found at the confectionary and all across the parks.

Hollywood Studios follows up with vintage holiday style and décor all over their parks while Epcot celebrates holidays all over the world as well as Hanukah and Kwanzaa.

Animal Kingdom brings out adorable animal puppets to interact with guests entering discovery island to spread some cheer.

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Spaceship Earth Beacon of Magic at night at Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. Photographer Todd Anderson

A – Z Guide to Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Celebration (What to Expect, See and Do)

The most anticipated event of the Disney season is closing in on us very quickly. The Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Celebration starts on October 1st and will run for 18 months, ending approximately in early 2023.

There are so many fantastic things in store for the resort as a whole to honor all of the gifts of magic, hope and dreams that have come true over the past few decades with the resorts.

With the celebration lasting this long, it gives everyone plenty of time to fully experience new and fantastical things from food, merchandise, attractions and more.

The best thing is as a solo traveler, you will have time to see and do so much with your own personalized planning, tailored to your desires.

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Gran Fiesta Tour Epcot Mexico Three Cabelleros

Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros Secrets and Mysteries REVEALED

Are you ready to take an EPIC journey on the Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros?

In the Mexico Pavilion, hailed as the place where one should start when conquering World Showcase, is one of the best rides at Epcot. Its considered to be a family dark ride, but it is also a nice way for a solo traveler to relax and see the sights!

Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros pays homage to a classic Disney film while showcasing the beauty and culture of Mexico.

Some may say it could use an update. Some say that it should be replaced with a Disney Pixar “Coco” themed attraction. But for now, there are no plans for such changes or refurbishments.

In the meantime, I will be going over the following for Gran Fiesta Tour:

  • History
  • Story
  • Tips

To all my amigos viajeros solitarios, let’s dive into this classic Disney attraction!

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Halloween Horror Nights Tribute Store with Jack the Clown

SMACKDOWN: 7 Best Halloween Horror Nights Icons EVER!!!

The time of year that most of us has anticipated is upon us. Halloween Season. And nothing’s more important than the Halloween Horror Nights Icons.

With the arrival of this most coveted season that ushers in the brisk weather and rosy red and golden leaves, brings us Halloween Horror Nights (HHN) at Universal Orlando Resort.

Originally beginning as Fright Nights in 1991, with only 1 house and running for 2 nights in October to quickly growing into a two-month long event with 10 houses, 5 scare zones and fabulous entertainment, food and merchandise.

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Italy Pavilion Square in Epcot

EPCOT ITALY PAVILION: Hidden Secrets and History Revealed (World Showcase)

Without a doubt one of the most visited pavilions in Epcot’s World Showcase is the beloved Italy Pavilion. This destination is so popular in the real world that it was named Travel+ Leisure’s 2021 Destination of the year.

Even I have made the journey across the sea to experience the beauty that is Italy. A true inspiration to the pavilion at Epcot.

But what is it about this pavilion specifically that makes it among the most popular of the World Showcase pavilions?

Is it the dining or the shopping? Or maybe it’s the excellent recreations of icons in the pavilion such as the Venetian waterways and bell tower?

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