3 BEST Disney Moderate Resorts for Solo Travelers (Disney Solo Trip)

Are you trying to figure out which of the Disney Moderate Resorts is best for your solo trip?

One of the very best aspects of planning a Disney World vacation is picking which Disney Resort hotel you’re going to stay at!

Walt Disney World has a wide variety of tiered and themed resort options to choose from. There is the Value, Moderate and Deluxe options with the Good Neighbor hotels as well.

Today, we are going to be focusing on the Moderate Resorts of the property and which are the very best options out the total five for solo travelers!

They will be rated based on amenities, cost, and dining options. We will also dive into their themes, what to expect and why it is worth the stay!

Start packing your suitcases and put the Disney reservations hotline on speed dial! It’s time to find your perfect moderate resort!

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1. Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort

In no particular order for this list, we are starting off with one of my personal favorites, Coronado Springs Resort.

Coronado Springs Three Bridges Bar
Coronado Springs Three Bridges Bar

Coronado Springs boasts a stunning, peaceful lake beside its resort near the newly added Destino Tower, which I would highly recommend you book if you ever stay here.

The resort also features a convention center and has recently been upgraded and refurbished as a whole for better guest experiences.

This resort was Disney’s first ever attempt at a moderate resort and opened in August 1997 and boasts the largest convention center available on property.

It does suffer from its location a bit being categorized as a Animal Kingdom Resort area hotel, but with its recent additions, its worth it!

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The resort’s theme is very romantic and special. It is a combination of Mexican, Spanish and Southwest American classical influences with a hint of Disney.

Coronado Springs Courtyard

The theme brings an eclectic energy yet calm to your stay. The resort is lakeside and features a gorgeous oasis with floating gardens that are accessible by connecting bridges.

If you are looking for some peace and quiet after a long park day, this is a great option for a solo traveler.

What it Offers

Coronado Springs is, to put it quite frankly, huge for a moderate. It features not only the convention center, but it is the only moderate resort that has a suites option for accommodations with a total of 1,921 rooms total.

The rooms and suites are in different areas, The Casitas, The Ranchos, and the Cabanas all with updated furniture, bed and flat screen televisions from the resort upgrade.

The addition of Destino Tower has 14 stories and glorious, breathtaking views. Guests may also utilize the Disney bus system and magical express transportation from this resort.


Coronado has large 120 by 90 feature pool called the “The Lost City of Ciobla “and it has the largest hot tub on property.

Coronado Springs Pyramid Pool

Its centerpiece is a Mayan pyramid that has a water slide and its 5 stories tall. This pool continues to be impressive with its sand volleyball court, afternoon pool parties and evening campfires.

The resort has 3 quiet pools as well if you want to relax rather than frolic as well as a white sand beach. Coronado has a hair salon that you can visit if you want to pamper yourself a bit.


If you are the type to keep going with your fitness like me, you will enjoy the 2 jogging trails and the 3,000 square foot La Vida Health Club and fitness center.

Fitness classes are available here to take and you can check in with front desk to get the schedule for your visit.


Now if you want to get out on the water, you can visit “La Marina” where you can rent watercraft rentals for activities such as kayaking, fishing, paddle boating and much more.

Coronado Springs Three Bridges Bar Burger and Fries
Coronado Springs Three Bridges Bar Burger and Fries

You can also get a bike rental here too but the Marina is only open during certain times so be sure to check before you visit.


Among one of the best reasons to stay at the resort is the bevy of dining options available to you!

You can enjoy a drink or two and lunch at the Laguna Bar, Three Bridges, Dahlia, Barcelona lounges and the Rix Sports bar. Many of these bars have amazing views and yummy options for food and small fares around the resort.

Coronado Springs Three Bridges Shrimp Corn Dogs and Fries
Coronado Springs Three Bridges Shrimp Corn Dogs and Fries

Dahlia and Barcelona lounge are the newest and located in Destino Tower.

For Quick Service, you have El Mercado de Coronado, Café Rix and Siestas Cantina.

Perfect for grab and go, breakfast options including smoothies and for signature cocktails and quick meals.

Maya Grill and Toledo are excellent sit-down dining options for solo travelers!

Coronado Springs Grand Destino Tower

The Maya grill specializes in Mexican fares with influences of Mayan motifs representing fire, sun and water.

Toldeo is the newest and a fantastic rooftop restaurant located in Destino Tower with Spanish inspired cuisine and awe dropping view of property.


As of this post, the cost per night for a standard room is $249 a night with a king bed going for $325, preferred at $331, water view for $269.

If you want to stay at Destino Tower, Standard and Water view are $329 and standard view king bed is $367.

Hipster Power Tip: Destino Tower is the latest addition and worth the price you pay. It feels like a deluxe resort. When booking here, request a room above the 10th floor to enjoy the views of property!

2. Port Orleans: French Quarter Resort

We continue our list with Port Orleans: French Quarter, one half of the Port Orleans resort, formerly known as Dixie Landings. As of this post, the Port Orleans resort is currently closed due to the 2020 crisis.

Port Orleans French Quarter Square
Port Orleans French Quarter Square


This particular resort made its debut in May 1991 with its theme reflecting the familiar style and architecture of New Orleans’ famous French Quarter district.

Here you can be immersed in the French Quarter style with its gas lamps, peaceful gardens with fountains and magnolia blossoms and cobblestone streets. Most importantly, yes, it does have jazz.

Port Orleans French Quarter Pool Area with Large Jester
Port Orleans French Quarter Pool Area

This Disney Springs area resort is perfect if you are looking to do some serious shopping.

You have the advantage of boat transportation to Disney Springs via a short walk to Riverside and Bus transportation.

French Quarter lives up to the energy of its source material as it has lively party décor throughout with its dining, pool area and more.

Another fun addition is that this resort is one of the four Disney resorts that allow guests to bring their pets with them to enjoy the magic.

What it Offers

The French Quarter section of Port Orleans is the original resort and boasts 1,008 rooms total with seven three floored buildings containing 144 rooms each on its property.

This means the resort is very easy to navigate so you won’t get lost or have to walk far when returning from the parks.


If you are looking for some poolside fun time, this resort may be your fun option with the Doubloon lagoon pool, featuring a sea serpent themed water slide named scales jockeyed by King Neptune.

Port Orleans French Quarter Pool

Around the area, you can find gators playing instruments and having a swinging time. The pool area has a hot tub too to relax in.

The water slide does leave it open for families and children to play so if you’re looking for a quiet pool option, this resort may not be for you.


For an additional fee, you can take a horse drawn carriage around the resort’s woodland areas or along the river.

Port Orleans Riverside Resort Map Running Trail
Port Orleans Riverside Resort Map Running Trail

Or if you want to get in touch with the Bob Ross within, you can take in a painting class with an artist at Sassagoula Floatworks and create a Disney inspired piece to take home.

Health and Fitness

Fitness junkies will appreciate the resort’s running trail and can take part in the Sunday’s beignet fun run, where you participate in a 1.5-mile run.

Completion of the run includes a medallion and a beignet! If you want to skip the horses, you are welcome to rent a bike and explore the resort on your own led adventure!


Port Orleans French Quarter has one main dining area that’s quick service but can easily be amongst the best themed on property.

Serving up breakfast, lunch and dinner with Mardi Gras flair and Cajun and creole styled meals, this is a must try! The energy in the dining area is so much fun with its masquerade masks and beads adorning the ceiling.

Beignet at Port Orleans French Quarter at Disney
Beignet at Port Orleans French Quarter at Disney

You can even catch some nods to Princess and the Frog with some playing cards featuring Princess Tiana, Prince Naveen and Dr. Facilier.

French Quarter has Scat Cat’s Club which serves up awesome bar service, including boozy beignets, beignets that are infused with your choice of three alcoholic beverages.

Port Orleans Scat Cat's Club Menu

You can enjoy jazz and piano music while you sip and enjoy your treats.


As for the dollar sign cost for this resort as of the writing of this post, a standard room per night will be $279, Garden view will be $286, River view will be $300, Pool view will be $311 and King Bed rooms will be $320.

Hipster Power Tip

When booking, if you don’t wish to be near the buildings reserved for guests with pets due to allergies, call to have a Cast Member make a note of that in your booking and ask for a VIP cleaning of the room prior to arrival.

Port Orleans French Quarter Lobby with Christmas Tree

It is important to note that once you arrive, the resort will be in charge of the notes and room requests, such as where you are placed, cannot be guaranteed. The VIP cleaning however will be done if asked.

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3. Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort

Rounding out our list is the leisurely Caribbean Beach resort, which opened to the public in the fall of 1988, making it the second oldest resort on this list.

Disney Caribbean Beach Resort
Photo Copyright: Disney Co.

The 1,536 guest rooms are decorated in pastel colors to give yourself the feeling of true immersion in the tropical island theme.


This Epcot area resort has the unique ability of being close by Typhoon Lagoon water park.

The areas are themed to five islands: Martinque, Barbados, Aruba, Jamaica and Trinidad that encircle Barefoot Bay, a lovely 45-acre lake. Every Island features its own pool and playground.

Disney Caribbean Beach Resort
Photo Copyright: Disney Co.

The lush landscapes will truly allow you to give way to the calypso feels. The resort has colonial forts, beaches and lively markets giving way to the true island nativity.

You will have no choice but to give in to the relaxation available here so much so, you may not want to leave to visit the parks.

What it Offers

What allows this resort to stand out from Port Orleans French Quarter or even Coronado Springs is the access to Disney’s latest mode of transportation, Disney Skyliner.

These Gondola style vehicles will whisk you into the air between certain resorts, Epcot and Hollywood Studios.

Skyliner at Disney

If you have a fear of heights however, the Disney Busses will still be available to use at this resort. There are busses that go between each village as well to get guests where they need to go, since the resort is rather vast.


The accommodations have a nice variety of themes too! A few of the rooms are themed to Pixar’s Finding Nemo while there are others in the Trinidad South Village that are exclusively Pirate themed because… Pirates of the “Caribbean.”

Get it?

The jokes don’t get any better, I’m sorry but moving right along! Caribbean Beach has a total of 1,536 rooms all in pastel colors reminiscent to the tropical islands.


As mentioned before, every village has its own pool which are all heated which is lovely!

There are several beaches among the resort for guests to enjoy so there are plenty of areas to soak up some Florida sun and enjoy a book.

Disney Caribbean Beach Resort
Photo Copyright: Disney Co.

The feature pool is located in Old Port Royale and contains majestic waterfalls, water slides and cannons to shoot water at friends!

It is built to resemble an old Spanish citadel but there is also a spa located nearby that can comfortably accommodate twelve.


Speaking of Old Port Royale, this is the “Port of Entry” for guests where you can check in, dine, shop, go swimming and more. I can’t skip over the resort’s Marina, where you can rent watercrafts and equipment for fishing excursions.

Here you may also rent bikes for rides and the land is perfect for trying all these activities.

The fitness gurus will appreciate the 1.2 jogging trail with serene views of Barefoot Bay and the volleyball court where you can really get into some action.

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Returning back to the resort’s hub, Old Port Royale, here you will find several options to meet your specific tastes. We have Sebastian’s Bistro, the full-service restaurant that serves up American and Caribbean style cuisine.

This ranges from salads and burgers with tropical zest.

Next, we hop over to Centertown Market, the resort’s quick service restaurant. You will get the feeling you are in an authentic outdoor marketplace dining on scrumptious fares.

There is also a side market where you can get grab n go options.

Disney Skyliner to Hollywood Studios
Disney Skyliner From the Caribbean Beach Club Resort to Hollywood Studios

Moving right along we have Spyglass Grill, whether its breakfast, lunch or Dinner, there is something for everyone here!

This is another yummy place with American style meals with Caribbean twists. Finally, we stop at Banana Cabana, the featured pool’s bar.

Who wouldn’t want to have a cocktail or ice-cold beer when you are in this kind of tropical paradise?


The cost per night to stay as a solo traveler at this tropical paradise is decently priced. A Standard room starts at $263, while water or pool view goes for $278. A King Bed room goes for $285 and a Preferred room is $342.

While the pirate themed rooms are really neat, its important as a solo traveler to note that they come with 2 double beds.

There is no other option s if space is important to you, its best to keep that in mind. The Pirate- Standard View is $326 and the Pirate- Water View is $334.

Hipster Power Tip

If you are booking for the convenience of the Disney Skyliner access, be sure to have a Cast Member make a note in your reservation that you want to be close to it.

Or if you want something guaranteed and can pay the extra, go for preferred rooms as they are closest to it.

Book your night to Disney’s Caribbean Beach Club Resort here!

That wraps up our list of the best Disney Moderate Resorts out of the 5 that are available for Guests.

These resorts all have minimal families around, so you won’t have to worry about noise, close proximity to parks and other parts of property while allowing you greatly themed accommodations to sleep in while you are visiting.

Dining options and amenities are unique and tasty and ultimately you won’t have to give up comfort to enjoy your time at the most magical place on earth!

3 BEST Disney Moderate Resorts for Solo Travel

Would you consider staying at any of these resorts? Let us know in the comments section below.

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