How to Convince Husband to Go to Disney World (9 Easy Tips)

We have an incredible Episode 50 just for you! You’ll learn how to convince your husband to go to Disney World.

To celebrate this week’s podcast special, I have asked my lovely husband to join me to talk about what to do when you are married to someone who doesn’t care about Disney or theme parks as much as you do.


Mickeys Halloween Party Disney’s Not So Spooky Spectacular
Disney’s Not So Spooky Spectacular Photo: Disney

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How to Convince Husband to Go to Disney World with couple on Boardwalk and Minnie Mouse with Mickey Mouse

As mentioned earlier, we are going to join my husband, Andy, who is the brains behind the Theme Park Hipster podcast and making sure the website is running smoothly.

Handy, pronounced Andy, is a software Developer who owns Dynamik Apps and has a history of working for Universal Orlando Resort when he was in high school.

Listen to the Podcast Episode 50 Below on Convincing Your Spouse to Go to Disney

We’re Going to Discuss How to Convince Husband to Go to Disney:

  • His perception of going to Disney when he’s not really into theme parks
  • We will breakdown everything that he puts up with being married to the Theme Park Hipster
  • How he’s come over to the Disney and the theme parks side
  • Tips he can give you to help others in your life that may not want to go
  • How you can convince your husband or spouse to go to Disney World
  • Making a solo Disney trip without the family for the first time
  • Finally moving next to Walt Disney World

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9 Simple Tips Convince Husband to Go to Disney World

How to Convince Husband to Go to Disney World with Couple at Disney

1 – Be Good at Compromising

Universal Orlando, Busch Gardens and Disney World have all types of tours for you to do that can make both you and your spouse happy.

Here are Some Popular Tours at Disney World

  • Backstage Magic
  • Epcot Dive Quest
  • Keys to the Kingdom
  • Savor the Savannah
Animal Kingdom Asia Shrine
Animal Kingdom Asia Shrine

2 – Have Set Expectations

You need to know the type of person you’re going with and set expectations before you get there so that you both are not disappointed.

Going over what you both plan on getting out of a trip to Walt Disney World will prevent any possible arguments. Especially, if you both are expecting two totally different trips.

3 – Plan Out Your Day

Let your spouse know that you’re going to go at the park for a certain number of hours and what you plan on doing. This will let them know that you will not be at the park all day.

Hipster Power Tip: Be sure to include your partner in your Disney planning. It will let them feel a part of the vacation and make them just as excited for it too!

4 – Have a Purpose for Your Trip

So, if the Epcot Food and Wine Eestival is not going on during your visit, go to Disney’s Animal Kingdom and do 10 snacks under $15 challenge or something like that.

Top Five Animal Kingdom Snacks Disney World Hidden Secrets

5 – Include Things that Your Spouse Likes

If your spouse is into snacking and tasting different dishes while on vacation, then make sure that there’s food involved in the trip.

6 – Add More Adult-friendly Activities

Mix up your Disney vacation by adding more adult things.

If they’re into sports like golf, golfing or anything like that, find something within a resort like Disney that will accommodate them on a day.

Elderflower Sangria Epcot
Elderflower Sangria at Epcot

Disney for Adults – Fun Activities

7 – Experience the Best Attractions and Rides

Do your research ahead of your trip in order to make sure you’re able to enjoy some the best rides offered by the theme park.

Tomorrowland with white Space Mountain attraction. Magic Kingdom Secrets
Tomorrowland Space Mountain

Best Rides at Disney World

8 – Book FastPasses

If you’re going to Walt Disney World, then you must have your best FastPass+ reservations booked ahead of time.

Best rides to use FastPass for with Cinderella Castle.

This will take the pressure off of what you need to do with your spouse and it will let them get an idea of what type of day you will have.

Hipster Power Tip: Take advantage of Disney Mobile Ordering Service to get your food faster while on your vacation. This will make your spouse happy!

9 – Have Disney Solo Time Planned

Another tip that I have is that while you may be trying to do and see everything at Disney, one of the things you could do is to have your husband go on a little excursion or tour that’s catered just for them.

You’ll then spend your time over at one of the Disney theme parks for your own solo trip.

Finding Nemo cast at animal kingdom Disney Solo Trip
#DisneySide Solo Trip with Animal Kingdom’s Finding Nemo Cast

Show Your Disney Side Even When You Are Home

If you’re not able to convince your husband to come to Disney as often as you’d like, then you can create your own Disney Side at home.

You can make it a very dapper Hollywood Tower Hotel theme or even a Disney trivia game night complete with Mouse Ears.

Hollywood Studios Tower of Terror Ride at Disney's Hollywood Studios looking eerie
Hollywood Studios Tower of Terror Ride

The great thing about showing your #DisneySide at home is the absolute freedom to explore just how deep your imagination can go.

You can make your party as official as you’d like with the above button link free for use 🙂

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Final Thoughts on Convincing Husband to Go to Disney

I’m so happy that you got to come in our living room and listen to our conversation. You’ve got to learn a little bit about me and you also got to learn a little bit about my husband and our ways of how we conquer the parks together.

Where are all disney parks located with castle, epcot ball, hollywood tower hotel, and tree of life at animal kingdom.

Remember when you are trying to convince someone, just try to make sure that your itinerary and their itinerary can kind of come together.

Try not to overwhelm your spouse with too many things at once that may cause them to not want to go to Walt Disney World again.

Choosing the perfect activities that will make you both happy is one of the best ways to convert your husband into a Disney fan.

Theme parks do have something for everybody, whether it’s food, tours, golfing, something sports related, or a high thrill filled trip, just remember to always have a plan.

Do you have a spouse who’s not into Disney as much as you? Let us know how you convince them to go to the parks in the comments section below!

How to Get Husband to Go to Disney World
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