VelociCoaster has CHANGED THE GAME! (23 Tips for the BEST ROLLER COASTER)

You may be wondering, is VelociCoaster scary?

No need to worry because I’m going to give you the top things you must know before heading out to this Jurassic World inspired roller coaster.

And yeah… it’s wild, it’s crazy, but it’s also FUN!

Before we get started. I was invited by Universal Orlando Resort to explore their wonderful roller coaster. As always, the opinions I express in this article are my own. Enjoy!

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Islands of Adventure Velocicoaster roller coaster

1. Know What is Special About the VelociCoaster

Before you grab your seat on VelociCoaster at Universal, you should know a few things that you can expect. Below are the stats for this ride:

  • Drop: 140 feet (43 m)
  • Duration: 1:15
  • Height: 155 feet (47 m)
  • Inversions: 4
  • Speed: 70 miles per hour
  • Track Length: 4,700 feet (1,400 m)

Does VelociCoaster go upside down?

Yep, it sure does! And it’s not just some regular upside down version of other coasters. This ride has you go upside down over water twisting and turning. You’ll also go upside down for 100 feet while experiencing a zero-​gravity stall.

Velocicoaster Going 100 feet upside down Universal Orlando Photo
Photo Credit: Universal Orlando Resort

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2. Change Positions

If you’re a coaster enthusiast, then you already know that choosing the best row for your ride can make a big difference and you can expect that same adventure on VelociCoaster.

Riding in the front, in the middle or in the back will have you thinking that you have rode three different rides.

Velocicoaster ride Universal Orlando Photo
Photo Credit: Universal Orlando Resort

Front Row

The front row experience will make you feel as if you’re really hightailing it through the jungles of a Pacific island at raptor speed. You’ll also feel the weightlessness more as you make your way through the over-the-top hills and swirly revolutions over the lagoon.

Middle Rows

The middle rows are still powerful, but they make it a lot easier to handle this Jurassic World inspired roller coaster in a much tamer way. But if you want the real deal, then the back row is the way to go!

Velocicoaster ride at Universal Jurassic World
Photo Credit: Universal Orlando Resort

Back Row

The back row is WILD!!! I mean it’s ferociously disrespectful at how it whips you like you’re a little doll through twists and turns going up to 70 miles per hour.

So, if you’re a roller coaster pro, then do the back row. However, if you’re a roller coaster novice, then do the middle row. If you’re a roller coaster purist, then do the front row.

3. Wait… No Straps?!?

What adds to the intensity of the ride is that you’re held in only by a lap bar which makes you experience the true wildness of Universal’s VelociCoaster. Even with all the twists, turns, high-speed launches and the “mosasaurus roll” over the lagoon, you’ll do it with only a lap bar!

Velocicoaster ride Entrance

4. Know Who Built and Designed the Attraction

Before you get on this unique roller coaster, you should know that it was designed by the Universal Orlando Creative Team and manufactured by Intamin. A famous roller coaster manufacturer who has also built another specular ride such as Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventures.

Universal Velocicoaster statue in queue line

This all-new species of roller coaster was also created in partnership with filmmakers from Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment who helped bring to life a new “Jurassic World” story told through an adrenaline filled attraction.

5. Know the Storyline

You’ll be happy to know that the same cast from the movies – Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard and BD Wong – are reprising their roles as Owen Grady, Claire Dearing and Dr. Henry Wu. You then learn that Dr. Wu has created a cutting-edge new coaster that has been claimed as the newest “carnivore expansion” at Jurassic World.

Velocicoaster velociraptor in stable Universal Orlando Photo
Photo Credit: Universal Orlando Resort

As you pass the stables of the raptors featuring Blue, Delta, Charlie and Echo, Claire Dearing comes in to put your nerves at ease and to let you know that this ride is okay for you to experience.

Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you view it), Owen Grady comes in and ruins your reassurance with one final warning.

But now it’s too late… your high-speed chase is ready to begin on VelociCoaster at Jurassic World!

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6. Have a Record-breaking Experience!

This revolutionary ride has been dubbed as Florida’s fastest and tallest launch coaster with 4,700 feet of track, including near-misses, a barrel roll right above the Islands of Adventure lagoon.

VelociCoaster Going Over Top Hat at Jurassic World Universal

There are also high-speed launches with the fastest maxing out at 70 miles per hour in 2.4 seconds. Plus, the famous “Top Hat,” which will shoot you up 155 feet in the air straight into an 80-degree drop (Universal’s steepest drop yet).

7. Take Advantage of the Single Rider Line

This line can cut your wait time in half and that’s always a benefit of going to a theme park alone. Here on Universal’s VelociCoaster, if you’re with a group of people who don’t want to ride the ride, you can leave them and experience this EPIC roller coaster SOLO!

Velocicoaster single rider lockers

Universal Orlando has also added a separate area for Single Riders to store belongings. Once you leave the ride, you’ll be signaled to pick up your items from a different location than the general one (which is a little ways pass the ride exit in the hallway leading out to the Jurassic Park Discovery Center).

Be aware that on busy days if the regular line is long, then there’s a chance the Single Rider Line may be long as well.

The Single Rider Line will split up your party. The attraction attendants use Single Riders to fill in extra spots available on the rides.

Hipster Power Tip: If the line is less than 30-minutes, then consider waiting in the regular queue for VelociCoaster. Going through the queue is absolutely so much fun and worth walking though. If you choose the Single Rider Line, you will miss all the little details.

8. Explore the VelociCoaster Queue Line

Although it’s tempting to go through the Single Rider Line, I recommend checking out the regular queue line for the full experience of the attraction. The line sets the mood and helps you understand what’s really happening in the storyline .

Velocicoaster Raptor in Stable Universal Orlando Photo
Photo Credit: Universal Orlando Resort

The VelociCoaster queue is divided into six areas:

  1. Grand Entrance: You will see the sculptures of the four raptors in the center of the room awaiting your decent
  2. Paddock: You’ll see the crew get ready to hunt as the red flashing lights and intense coaster sounds begin to thunder with both the coaster and the raptors zooming across the window
  3. Stables: Here you’ll see the raptors in their stables with their mouths closed in a safety device so that you can get an upclose look with the raptor breathing heavily upon you
  4. Lockers: After you discover all the little details, you’ll be directed to store your items inside of a locker
  5. Saftey Speech: This massive room shows Claire Dearing and Owen Grady going back and forth as only they can do while you get ready to finally board the roller coaster
  6. Boarding Platform: This is your final stop where you’ll officially conquer VelociCoaster

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9. Don’t Miss the Easter Eggs

Throughout the queue you’ll see hidden details and nods to the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World film franchises such as:

  • Asset Behavior Report: on a cilpboard next to water with notes to increase coaster speed
  • How the World Will End Book: you’ll find this book written by Dr. Ian Malcolm who had a major role on the Jurassic Park films
  • Velociraptor Incentive Treats: You’’ see this jar right before you enter the stables on  a shelf

You can get more VelociCoaster Easter Eggs written by Alicia Stella on Orlando Park Stop.

10. Know How the Lockers Work

Universal Orlando Resort has introduced a new locker system which is quite convenient and much easier. The new locker setup works by allowing you to wait in 85 percent of the attraction with your items:

Velocicoaster lockers
  • Once you get closer to the boarding station you’re directed to place your items inside the free lockers
  • You scan your park ticket on a barcode in one of the locker stations and an empty locker will open up for you
  • After you place your things in there, you’ll close the door and remember your locker number for retrieval
  • Once you have completed your journey with the raptors, you’ll get all of your things from the lockers by scanning your ticket at a locker station
  • If you forget your locker number don’t worry, just scan your ticket against any barcode and it will tell you what your locker number is

You’ll also want to know that these lockers have a tight space and can only fit a small to medium size bag (if the bag isn’t filled to the brim). If you have a larger bag, then you’ll have to use the lockers in the Discovery Center for a small fee.

If you’re worried about this, don’t be! There’s a place outside of the queue that will allow you to see if your bag will fit in the inside locker area.

There’s also a locker area right next to the boarding area for guests with any disabilities who are using the accessibility line.

Lockers next to Velocicoaster boarding station

Hipster Power Tip: Please remember to keep your ticket with you because this is the way you’ll be able to get your items out of the locker.

11. You Will Go Through Medal Detectors

There are medal detectors located prior to the last leg of the queue line after you have placed all of your things inside of a locker. This is to keep both  yourself and guests safe as you experience this new species of roller coaster.

Universal Studios guide and tips
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12. Use the Child Swap Program and Wait in the Family Room

A true ThemeParkHipster will most likely have a time where little ones will be accompanying you on one of your trips.

Velocicoaster Child Swap Family room at Universal Jurassic World

Don’t worry! You don’t have to miss out on all the fun of this dinosaur themed roller coaster. You and your theme park partner can take advantage of the Child Swap Program where you’ll both be able to scream on the VelociCoaster, as the little ones wait to the side.

The Child Swap Program works by allowing one member of your party to wait in a designated area along with any children who are unable or unwilling to participate.

Once the rest of your group is off the ride, you trade places and take your seat on the ride while those who rode previously stay with the child(ren).

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13. Ride Restrictions You Should Know

There is a height requirement for VelociCoaster. You have to be a minimum height of 51 inches tall to ride.

Velocicoaster ride Universal Orlando Photo
Photo Credit: Universal Orlando Resort

If you have any concerns as to whether you’ll be able to fit in the coaster vehicle, Universal has some test seats at the entrance of the ride and inside the queue line. These seats will signal green to let you know that you’re good to go on the ride.

14. Get to Islands of Adventure Early

Out of all the Islands of Adventure tips, this one will save you time on your trip! Try to arrive one hour prior to the park before opening time.

Velocicoaster going over top hat from lagoon Universal Orlando Photo
Photo Credit: Universal Orlando Resort

If eligible for early park admission, then take advantage of the opportunity. Early park admission is available for Universal Orlando hotel guests and sometimes Annual Passholders.

Best Times to Visit Islands of Adventure

  • January
  • February
  • April
  • November

Hipster Power Tip: Please note that the Express Pass is currently not available for this attraction at this time. New rides usually go through a period of time where the Express Pass is not offered. Once the ride has been around for a certain time period, Universal will add it to the Express Pass lineup.

15. Use The Virtual Line Queue

The Universal Orlando app allows you to do so many things such as, using the Virtual Line queue, and placing food and drink orders from select restaurants when you’re in the parks.

Virtual Line at Velocicoaster Universal Orlando Resort

How does Universal’s Virtual Line work?

  • Download Universal Orlando app
  • Once on property, select the ride you want
  • Select a time
  • That’s it!

Hipster Power Tip: Be sure to have your GPS location turned on for the Universal Orlando app in order to use this feature properly.

16. Try New Savory And Sweet Treats To Commemorate New Ride

New this summer are delicious dishes for you to try that are special to the Jurassic World franchise in the Summer Tribute Store at Universal Studios Florida.

Next to VelociCoaster in Burger Digs, you’ll be able to try the Casado Burger Platter for  $17.49 that includes: Costa Rican inspired black angus patty, sweet plantains, avocado, pork belly, garlic mayonnaise on a raptor scored brioche bun.

Other Jurassic World Inspired Food

  • Wings and Island Rice
  • Blue Churro
  • Island Nectar Refresher
  • Churro Stand Doughnut
  • Amber Gummy
  • Dig in Jar
  • S’Mores
  • Cupcakes
  • Chocolate Dinosaur Eggshells

The winner on this list is the Churro Stand Doughnut. It was buttery, airy and soft with the right amount of sweetness. Hands down the best dessert I’ve ever had at Universal Orlando.

Churro Stand Doughnut at Universal Jurassic World

Hipster Power Tip: Be sure to head over to Universal Studios Florida Summer Tribute Store to check out the highly-themed rooms  that include the Control Room, Raptor Paddock, and Lab. Every area sells unique items special to the films such as  Jurassic World gear, collectible items, themed food and beverage and more.

17. Ride VelociCoaster at Night

I must say that this is an absolute must do!

If you’re a roller coaster fanatic, then you must saddle up and ride crazily through the night on this wild adventure.

VelociCoaster at Universal Orlando will take you through a “twisted mosasaurus roll” over the Islands of Adventure lagoon with a high-speed launch at 70 mph! That’s just a few reasons to do this ride at night.

VelociCoaster at Night Jurassic World Universal
Photo Credit: Universal Orlando Resort

Hipster Power Tip: Try to avoid watching POV videos if you can. It will ruin all the surprises for you especially if you want the true experience of VelociCoaster at Islands of Adventure.

18. Secure Your Wigs

Ladies (and gents) please make sure that your wigs are tight because you don’t want to be that person who starts the ride off looking one way, then returns looking like a whole new person all because you wig is GONE!

Hey, don’t hate the messenger. Just trying to give you a few pointers after the famous #WigGate that has hit VelociCoaster already.

19. Take in the Epic Lagoon Views

This addition to the park has really made that back area of Jurassic Park come to life. The views are incredible, yet peaceful at the same time despite a roaring coaster zooming by with its victims.

20. Explore the Discovery Center

The “science center” like place is designed just like the Discovery Center on the original Jurassic Park film. You get to see incubated dinosaur eggs and learn about DNA sequencing.

It also houses a gift shop with the roller coaster merchandise.

NikkyJ at Islands of Adventure Velocicoaster roller coaster

21. Visit the Other Jurassic Park Attractions

There are other rides and attractions for you to explore in this part of Islands of Adventure such as:

  • Jurassic Park River Adventure
  • Raptor Encounter
  • Pteranodon Flyers
Raptor Encounter Trainer and Blue at Universal Jurassic Park

22. Get a Photo with Blue

This is a must do experience that I cannot emphasis enough! If you can only do a few things at Islands of Adventure, then I highly recommend you adding the Raptor Encounter to your list.

It is quite compelling because you have the ability to interact with “real” raptors while getting so much great information from the professional trainer.

Enjoy Yourself and Just Have Fun on VelociCoaster!

Universal Creative Team has once again conjured up one of the most fantastic attractions in the world. It’s pure, unadulterated fun with no intentions of being tamed for anyone.

Kenan Thompson at Velocicoaster opening day
Kenan Thompson at VelociCoaster opening day

And just when you think it’s over, you realize that you have so much more track to cover on this coaster.

VelociCoaster has also brought in a new life to this area of Islands of Adventure and everyone should ride at least once if you’re able to!

Is Velocicoaster Roller Coaster Scary at Universal Islands of Adventure
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VelociCoaster opening date was on Thursday, June 10, 2021 and is now really for you to board. Will you take on the challenge? Let me know in the comments section below.

Until next time, Happy Park Hopping Hipsters!


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