Roller Coasters

Ready to conquer some of the BEST theme park roller coasters in the world?

Most people come to the American amusement parks for the thrills that the parks have to offer, but which ones have the best of the best?

Which theme parks have the top roller coasters?

That is what we are here to check out today!

Let’s go through which attractions at theme parks are the best for you at the destinations across the country.

Hulk Roller Coaster Entrance Universal Orlando Resort Islands of Adventure. One of the best roller coasters in Florida.

Ultimate Bucket List! 5 BEST Roller Coasters in Florida You Must-Do in 2024

Buckle up for a heart-pounding adventure with the best roller coasters in Florida ALL RANKED! All of us roller coaster ...
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Spider Man Stunt Show on this guide to the best rides at Disney California Adventure Avengers Campus

5 Best of the BEST Rides at Disney California Adventure for TRUE Disney Fans!

Are you ready for a wild ride through the absolute BEST rides at Disney California Adventure? Get ready to buckle ...
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Cedar Point Steel Vengeance Roller Coaster Curves

Is Steel Vengeance at Cedar Point the Best Roller Coaster in America? Yes, here’s why!

Are you ready to brave the toughest hyper-hybrid roller coaster called Steel Vengeance at Cedar Point? Today, we continue our ...
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Iron Gwazi vs Steel Vengeance Roller Coasters

Battle of the Coasters! Iron Gwazi vs. Steel Vengeance: Which is the BEST?

Challenge of the Day: Iron Gwazi vs Steel Vengeance! In today’s episode of battle of the coasters, I am pitting ...
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Universal Orlando Resort Volcano Bay One of the best things to do in the summer.

Top 10 BEST Things to Do at Universal Orlando in the Summer: The Ultimate Summer Bucket List Revealed for 2024!

With summer just upon us, it’s prime time to get yourself down to the Sunshine State to visit Universal Orlando. ...
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Cedar Point Sunrise over Gatekeeper entrance. One of the best Cedar Point roller coasters.

Hold on Tight! These are the 10 BEST Cedar Point Roller Coasters All RANKED!

Are you ready to conquer THE best roller coasters at Cedar Point? Located right off the Lake Erie peninsula, Cedar ...
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Cedar Point Ohio Magnum XL 200 roller coaster and Cedar Point Shores water park

Magnum XL-200 at Cedar Point: A Guinness Book of World Records Holder for Insane Heights!

Did you know that Magnum XL-200 at Cedar Point got its name from the show, “Magnum P.I?” It was chosen ...
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Cedar Point Millennium Force Roller Coaster First Drop

Go 93 miles per hour on Millennium Force at Cedar Point! America’s Top Roller Coaster.

If you’re a roller coaster fanatic (like me), you must have heard the name Millennium Force several times till you ...
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Cedar Point Maverick Roller Coaster Zooming By

10 Best of the BEST Rides at Cedar Point All RANKED!

Want to know what the best rides at Cedar Point are for your visit?  If so, you’re in the RIGHT ...
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Cedar Point Amusement Park Ohio Valravn Drop Roller Coaster with riders dangling in the air

Valravn at Cedar Point: 7 World Records You Didn’t Know!

Are you brave enough to challenge the Valravn at Cedar Point? If you are, then I’m here to help you ...
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