7 BEST Roller Coasters at Hersheypark You MUST Do if You Love Thrill Rides!

Are you ready to take a ride on the BEST roller coasters at Hersheypark?

Most northern United States theme park lovers are mostly familiar with Hersheypark. To backtrack a bit, Hershey was a company town created by Milton Hershey.

Amongst his plans was a leisure park for the employees. On May 30, 1906, Hersheypark was born!

The first big event was a baseball game with other events and performances that took place on the land over the years.

Hersheypark would not get its first coaster, Wildcat, until 1923, which is still there today (just in an updated version). It was placed to commemorate the park’s 20th anniversary.

In the park’s 118-year history, over 142 attractions have come and go, with over 70 currently in operation today.

It now boasts several themed lands including the latest addition, Chocolatetown, which was the park’s most expensive addition in the park’s history.

Hersheypark has become a rite of passage for some families to experience their first coasters and perfect for solo travelers to get their thrills, enjoy delicious food and have a great time.

Guests can even take a quick stroll to Zooamerica, which showcases over 200 animals from five regions of north America year-round and part of your park ticket admission.

I could go on about the offerings but for now, let’s get into what you came for and that’s coasters.

One of the Best Hersheypark Roller Coasters is Candymonium at the Entrance.

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1. Wildcat’s Revenge (Formerly Known as Wildcat)

You may be wondering, Is the Wildcat still at Hersheypark?

As mentioned in the beginning, Wildcat is the very first coaster that was added to Hersheypark in 1923. The Wildcat we know today is a refurbished version of the 1923 version.

Wildcat roller coaster at Hersheypark
Old Wildcat Roller Coaster (Photo Courtesy of Flickr: Michael Gray)

This ride is located in the “Midway America” section of the park towards the back, which opened in 1966 as a tribute to classic midway fairs of years ago.

The original closed in 1945, then there was another version in 1996 and the current version reopened to the public in 2023 as Wildcat’s Revenge.

Wildcat versus Wildcat’s Revenge

The Wildcat was a classic wooden coaster with benefits being located on a large hill within the park, making it seem larger than it actually is!

Wildcat wooden roller coaster at Hersheypark
Old Wildcat Roller Coaster (Photo Courtesy of Flickr: Martin Lewison)

In reality, was 106 feet tall and its top speed is 50 MPH, which actually always felt a bit faster in my opinion.

Even more surprising was the fact that it hits 3.5 G forces during its runs! The most famous aspect of the previous Wildcat version was the first curved drop at a height of 85 feet.

Now we have the Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC) upgrade that has turn Wildcat into Wilcat’s Revenge which takes you up a 140 foot hill where you’ll hit max speeds of 62 MPH!

Hersheypark Wildcat's Revenge Roller Coaster. One of the best roller coasters at Hersheypark.

You’ll then dive into an 82-degree drop, go upside down 4 times as you make your way through the World’s Largest Underflip.

Talk about a roller coaster facelift!

Why We Love Wildcat’s Revenge at Hersheypark

This ride truly is a great homage to the original and the first great roller coasters of the era while not skimping away from the thrills that you seek.

Nostalgia and the thrills of today mesh together within this ride to create the perfect blend of coasters of yesterday and today. This makes it one of the best roller coasters at Hersheypark.

The Wildcat’s Revenge at Hersheypark Roller Coaster Stats:

  • Wildcat Height Restriction: 48 inches
  • The Wildcat Height: 140 feet
  • Max Speed: 62 miles per hour
  • Inversions: 4
  • Manufacturer: Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC)

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2. Skyrush

Next, we have the tallest and second fastest roller coaster in Hersheypark, Skyrush.

It is located in “The Hollow” section of the park and also in the oldest section of the park, Spring Creek. Spring Creek is where the park had its early beginnings.

When Did Skyrush Open at Hersheypark?

Skyrush made its debut as the 12th coaster on May 26, 2012 and is a winged-seat coaster that offers you plenty of airtime!

Best Hersheypark Roller Coasters Skyrush hill lift

The coaster’s tagline is “Ride the Edge” due to its wings because you get more airtime and the feeling of soaring through the air when you ride on the outer seats.

I would recommend if you felt that you need more room that you grab a middle seat.

Why We Love Skyrush at Hersheypark

Be prepared to hit 5 g forces on this coaster and be ready as soon as you strap in. Once it sets off, you travel immediately at 20 MPH.

Skyrush Roller Coaster with Comet in the background at Hersheypark
Skyrush Roller Coaster with Comet in the background at Hersheypark (Photo Courtesy of Flickr: Jeremy Thompson)

There’s no time to grasp what’s happening as it goes to its 212 foot first drop in 9 seconds.

As you travel along 3,600 feet of twister track in a little over a minute, you can anticipate hitting speeds of 75 MPH.

Skyrush Roller Coaster Hersheypark

I should like to point out that the highest negative g force you will hit is -2G on the second hill.

The coaster boasts helix and overbank turns and even crosses over another coaster, Comet, which is right next door to it.

Roller Coaster Awards for Skyrush

Skyrush has managed to be on Golden Ticket Awards “Top Steel Coasters” list 9 times since it debuted, including being number 5 on the “Best New Ride” list in 2012 when it opened.

Comet Roller Coaster next to Skyrush at Hersheypark
Photo Courtesy of Flickr: Forsaken Fotos

It went down for readjustments during the pandemic as guests complained that the restraints were tight and added pressure to the guest’s lower body.

More brakes were added to relieve pressure as well.

Overall, this has quickly grown to become one of the favorites of the park!

Debate goes whether or not you get the most airtime in the front or the back of this coaster. My vote is the back!

Skyrush Roller Coaster Stats at Hersheypark:

  • Skyrush Height Restriction: 54 inches to 77 inches
  • The Skyrush Height: 200 feet
  • Max Speed: 75 miles per hour
  • Inversions: 0
  • Manufacturer: Intamin

3. Comet

You may be wondering, Is the Comet still at Hersheypark?

Yes it is!

Comet Roller Coaster next to Skyrush at Hersheypark. One of the best roller coasters at Hersheypark Pennsylvania.
Comet Roller Coaster next to Skyrush (Photo Courtesy of Flickr: Forsaken Fotos)

It makes sense to stay in “The Hollow” section of the park and touch on the oldest roller coaster in all of Hersheypark, “Comet.”

The section was originally called “Comet Hollow” because of the famous ride.

When Did the Comet Open at Hersheypark?

Comet made its debut in 1946 and was the second most ridden coaster in the whole park but 1996, not to mention it was named one of the top 15 roller coasters in America in the 1970s.

Comet Roller Coaster Hersheypark. One of the best roller coasters at Hersheypark Pennsylvania.
Photo Courtesy of Flickr Jeremy Thompson

Despite all of this, quite a few changes took place for the coaster to be what it is today.

In fact, in 1994, it received two new trains, “Mork’s Comet” and “Hailey’s Comet.”

Another classic wooden coaster at the park features that iconic chain lift hill soars you up to 97 feet and down a 96-foot drop at 47 degrees.

Hersheypark Comet Roller Coaster. One of the best roller coasters at Hersheypark Pennsylvania.
Photo Courtesy of Flickr Jeremy Thompson

This hill was part of a refurbishment that straightened and fixed a longtime issue.

Why We Love the Comet Roller Coaster at Hersheypark

Once the coaster was re-tracked, repainted, had its station redone and new seatbelts were added, riders were able to enjoy almost 2 minutes of exciting, retro styled thrills on 3,360 feet of modified double out and back track at 50 MPH!

To this day, Comet continues to be one of the must do coasters of Hersheypark, boasting one of the longest wait times in the park daily amongst even the park’s most popular steel coasters.

Besides Candymonium and Skyrush, this iconic white painted coaster, still manages to stand the test of time.

Most intriguing, it was the last coaster to be purchased by Milton Hershey himself.

Comet Roller Coaster Stats at Hersheypark:

  • Comet Height Restriction: 42 inches
  • The Comet Height: 84 feet
  • Max Speed: 50 miles per hour
  • Inversions: 0
  • Manufacturer: Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters

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4. Great Bear

We are discussing Hersheypark’s sixth roller coaster and Pennsylvania’s first ever inverting roller coaster, Great Bear.

Hersheypark Great Bear Roller Coaster. One of the best roller coasters at Hersheypark Pennsylvania.
Photo Courtesy of Flickr: Patrick Cain

You cannot help but marvel at the size of the coaster named after the Constellation Ursa Major.

If you aren’t in awe of its purple and blue structure and the guests flying by as you enjoy your lunch, you will certainly hear it.

Great Bear is famous for the unmistakable roar the attraction makes as it goes by!

When Did the Great Bear Open at Hersheypark?

Great Bear debuted on May 23, 1998 and proved to be the most difficult installation for the park.

If you notice, almost all of Great Bear’s 2,800 feet of track venture through “The Hollow” section of the park, passing in between “Comet” and “Sooperdooperlooper” at top speeds of 58MPH.

However, it’s official location is “Kissing Tower Hill.”

Why We Love the Great Bear Roller Coaster at Hersheypark

Great Bear wastes no time with riders as it climbs the 90 ft hill and dives to its immediate left into a 124 foot drop towards “The Hollow.”

Great Bear Roller Coaster at Hersheypark
Photo Courtesy of Flickr: WMCCombi

This ride gives thrill seekers everything it could possibly want including 4 inversions and a zero G roll.

The wild and wow factor that Great Bear gives as it winds, turns and loops you all around with that famous “roar” trailing behind you leaves you with an experience you will want to have again and again!

Here’s a Pro Tip for you. The queue does not allow for any shade until you reach the station. However, if the wait is less than 30 minutes, it is manageable for most.

Great Bear is one of the favorite steel coasters at the park and this author’s personal favorite too!

Great Bear Roller Coaster Stats at Hersheypark:

  • Height Restriction of Great Bear: 54 inches
  • Great Bear Height: 90 feet
  • Max Speed: 58 miles per hour
  • Number of Inversions for Great Bear: 4
  • Manufacturer: Bolliger & Mabillard

Hipster Power Tip: If you want more room, be sure to check out the Great Bear coaster signs that tell you which rows allow for more space. They are row 5 and row 7.

5. Storm Runner

We have another record breaker on this list and it’s Storm Runner!

This roller coaster was so popular when it first opened. I vividly remember visiting during its first summer season and the queue line had to be extended with ropes.

Storm Runner Best Hersheypark Roller Coasters Entrance and Drop

Nowadays you don’t see that happening very often. The following year, an overflow queue was placed next to Trailblazer’s very first drop.

Storm Runner is bright red and located in Pioneer Frontier directly across from the new Jolly Rancher Remix, formerly Sidewinder, boomerang coaster.

Best Hersheypark Roller Coasters Storm Runner Drop

This coaster was the first accelerator coaster to have inversions, a total of three, the first to use over the shoulder restraints as an accelerator coaster and the first to have a dual loading station with a switch track.

Why We Love Storm Runner Roller Coaster at Hersheypark

The ride is famous for its launch where you leave the station, hearing a sped up heartbeat.

As your train prepares to launch, you hear a man say “Now get ready, here we go.” After which, you will be launched 0-72 miles per hour (MPH) in 2 seconds!

Storm Runner Drop at Hersheypark. One of the best roller coasters at Hersheypark Pennsylvania.

This launch is achieved through a hydraulic system similar to Kingda Ka in Six Flags New Jersey or Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point.

Due to the first top hat that the riders are launched up, you won’t face the issue of rollback as much as Kingda Ka or Top Thrill Dragster. This is all in part of the coaster’s magnetic braking system.

Keep in mind, the top hat is 150 feet and drops riders 180 feet down while still going 75 MPH and into a first of its kind, 135-foot cobra loop.

Storm Runner Roller Coaster at Hersheypark. One of the best roller coasters at Hersheypark Pennsylvania.

Believe it or not, you are traveling on 2,600 feet of track, hitting 5 G forces and doing everything i mentioned above, while interacting with three other park attractions, in exactly 50 seconds!

The only way to find out what the hype is about this ride, is to experience it yourself.

Storm Runner Roller Coaster Stats at Hersheypark:

  • Height Restriction of Stormrunner: 54 inches
  • Storm Runner Height: 150 feet
  • Max Speed: 75 miles per hour
  • Number of Inversions for Storm Runner: 3
  • Manufacturer: Intamin

6. Fahrenheit

We continue to stay in Pioneer Frontier as we discuss “Fahrenheit, ” an orange-colored steel coaster that made in debut on May 24, 2008.

Fahrenheit briefly held the record for the world’s steepest roller coaster for merely weeks.

Best Hersheypark Roller Coasters Fahrenheit Drop. One of the best roller coasters at Hersheypark Pennsylvania.

It was dethroned from its record with its 97 degree first drop when Steel Hawg made its debut with its 111 degree drop.

Currently, it is no longer on the top 10 of the steepest in the world. It was later topped by TMNT Shellraiser at Nickelodeon Universe American Dream.

Why We Love the Fahrenheit Roller Coaster at Hersheypark

Moving back to the ride, it also was extremely popular when it first debuted!

Similar to Stormrunner but it never needed an extended queue. Nowadays it still has a decent wait if you catch it at the right time during the day.

Fahrenheit Roller Coaster at Hersheypark

This Hersheypark coaster takes you up a chain lift topping the 121-foot hill and down the steep 97 degree drop.

The coaster’s top speed is 58 MPH and the 2,700 feet of track has 6 inversions, including a rare Norwegian loop, corkscrews, barrel roll and two cobra rolls.

Fahrenheit Roller Coaster Drop at Hersheypark. One of the best roller coasters at Hersheypark Pennsylvania.

Fahrenheit is one of three coasters made by the company Intamin, for Hersheypark.

It takes a bit of time to ride at almost a minute and a half, but it is truly an adventure that will take your breath away, similar to Storm Runner!

Fahrenheit Roller Coaster Stats at Hersheypark:

  • Height Restriction of Fahrenheit: 54 inches
  • Fahrenheit Height: 121 feet
  • Max Speed: 58 miles per hour
  • Number of Inversions for Fahrenheit: 6
  • Manufacturer: Intamin

7. Candymonium

Candymonium was part of Hersheypark’s biggest expansion and announcement in the park’s history and dubbed “The World’s Sweetest Coaster.”

Best Hersheypark Roller Coasters Candymonium Climbing Track

It was the key part for Hersheypark’s “Chocolatetown.” For those who are Disney Parks savvy, this is their “Main Street USA.”

It would be a more open-air entrance plaza next to Hershey Chocolate World.

With the coaster at the very entrance to “Chocolatetown” comes a new shopping area with 3 eateries, including a full-sized restaurant, and a fountain costing a total of $150 million.

This coaster had to be built with FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) approval since it was planned to be over 200 feet. Anything over 200 must have FAA approval.

It had a delay in 2020 due to the pandemic but opened with Chocolatetown in July 2020.

If you noticed the trend with coaster openings for the park, they usually make their debuts in May before the busy summer season starts.

Why We Love the Candymonium Roller Coaster at Hersheypark

Candymonium combines some of Hershey’s most popular candies, Hershey kisses, Reese’s and twizzlers. The trains of the ride are based on these three too.

Best Hersheypark Roller Coasters Candymonium lift hill. One of the best roller coasters at Hersheypark Pennsylvania.

It is truly the perfect piece de resistance of the land it resides in and the first coaster you see upon entering the park.

Candymonium Roller Coaster at Hersheypark

The coaster has one of the longest experiences of the list at almost two and a half minutes but that makes sense when you realize you are traveling over 4,600 feet of track.

While the coaster doesn’t have inversions or hit any G forces, you still get to hit top speed at 76 MPH.

Entrance to Candymonium at Hersheypark. One of the best roller coasters at Hersheypark Pennsylvania.

Seven camelback hills are what you glide over as you travel over Spring Creek, where the park first started.

It has quickly become a beloved addition to the park and a crown jewel in what the park represents.

Candymonium Roller Coaster Stats at Hersheypark:

  • Height Restriction of Candymonium: 54 inches
  • Candymonium Height: 210 feet
  • Max Speed: 76 miles per hour
  • Number of Inversions for Candymonium: 0
  • Manufacturer: Bolliger & Mabillard

My Sweet Conclusion to the Best Roller Coasters at Hersheyspark

And there you have it!

A peek at what the sweetest place on earth has to offer to those solo travelers who are seeking thrills when they visit!

Best Hersheypark Roller Coasters Storm Runner Drop

How many roller coasters are in Hersheypark?

Although I only covered 7 of the best roller coasters at Hersheypark, this amusement park has a total of 15 from mild to super intense!

Hersheypark is full of history and not just chocolate. It boasts fantastic and impressive thrill rides and attractions for the whole family.

It is one of the most beloved parks for northern theme park lovers.

Jolly Rancher Roller Coaster at Hersheypark

While Milton Hershey passed away with no heirs to pass his legacy on to, it lives on in his work.

This includes the joy that Hersheypark and its unique, fun and memorable coasters bring to generations of solo travelers.

Many people think it’s just chocolate, but you will have to come and see what it has to offer you. Don’t just take my word for it. Or if you do, tell them I sent you!

7 BEst Roller Coasters at Hersheypark
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Until next time, Happy Park Hopping Hipsters!

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