15 Best Universal Studios Photos to Take (Instagram-worthy)

Ride the Movies and be a star on your trip to Universal Orlando! In this movieland-inspired theme park, you’ll want to know where to find the best Universal Studios photos to take.

We all have our favorite rides at Universal Studios Florida, but what I want to do is to give you some epic spots to take photos for your social media pages!

Universal Studios Florida was the first theme park on the Universal Orlando Resort property. It’s here where you can “ride the movies” and take dope pictures at the same time!

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Transformers the Ride Universal Studios

Best Photo Spots in Universal Orlando

In the past decade, Universal Studios has gone through fantastic changes and has evolved to be one of the top theme parks in the world.

Now let me share with you my top 15 spots to snap the best photos at Universal Studios Orlando!

1 – In Front of the Universal Studios Florida Globe

You must get a photo in front of this iconic Universal Orlando globe. This is where you know you have officially made it to Universal Studios Florida.

Universal studios florida globe

Be sure to catch it at the right time. The globe spins, so snap your photo right when the Universal words on the globe are exactly behind you.

2 – New York City Neighborhood Backdrop

Be sure to get a photo in front of the miniature New York City neighborhood back drops. You’ll have iconic New York buildings and skyscrapers behind you that are amazing to post on your social media networks.

Streets of New York Universal Studios Orlando, Florida

Plus, it’s a nod to the true reason Universal Studios Florida was built – to place you directly on the set of the movies.

3 – The Hogwarts Express and Platform 9 ¾

Next is the King’s Cross train station. When you approach Hogwarts Express, you’ll be thrown immediately into the magic of Harry Potter.

Red Hogwarts Express train in Diagon Alley at Universal Studios.
Photo Courtesy of Outdoorsydiva.com

The Hogwarts Express was a game changer when it was built, combining park-to-park transportation with attraction entertainment.

This charming train is definitely a photo spot that you must get on your Universal Orlando trip.

Hipster Power Tip: Remember that you’ll need a park-to-park admission ticket (Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure) to experience the Hogwarts Express.

4- The Knight Bus

Even if you’re not a Harry Potter fan, you have to greet Stan in front of the purple triple-decker Knight Bus. This is not only an interactive experience must do, but it is a great addition to your photo album.

Diagon Alley: Purple Triple Decker Knightbus Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Be sure to get in a little conversation in with a talking shrunken head inside of the Knight Bus.

This is one of the top Universal Studios photos for you to take on your trip.

5- The Vanishing Cabinet in Knockturn Alley

This popular cabin is both a myth and legend to us Potter fans.

diagon alley: Vanishing Cabinet of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

While you’re in Diagon alley, be sure to stop inside Knockturn Alley to find this mysterious vanishing cabinet to take your photo in front of for your epic solo trip memory!

Hipster Power Tip: While snapping your photo in front of the Vanishing Cabinet, be sure to listen out for a little bird chirping inside.

6 – The Gringotts Bank with the Fire-Breathing Dragon

When you are in Diagon alley be sure to head out of Knockturn Alley and go in front of that crooked bank that has the dragon standing on top.

Diagon Alley Dragon Breathing Fire Harry Potter
Diagon Alley is here! Photo Courtesy of Outdoorsydiva.com

If you wait for a little bit, fire will explode out of the gigantic dragon’s mouth!

This is the ultimate Universal Studios photo that you must get on your trip.

7 – Motorbike and Sidecar in Diagon Alley

It’s Sirius’ motorbike!

Diagon Alley: Sirius motor-bike harry potter world

If you’re on a solo trip, don’t worry about not having that extra person. Just pretend that you have one of your favorite Harry Potter characters sitting right next to you inside this motorbike.

This is one of my favorite Universal Studios photo spots inside of Diagon Alley.

Read more about the new Hagrid motorbike roller coaster here!

8 – The Actual Leaky Cauldron

Yes, there is an actual leaking cauldron. You can find this photo opportunity at the Leaky Cauldron restaurant inside the Diagon Alley section of Universal Studios Orlando.

The Leaky Cauldron Pot Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Here you can also take a lunch break and grab some British food inspired by the Harry Potter films.

9 – The Jules Verne Train (Doc Brown’s DeLorean and Time Train)

You can find Doc Brown’s DeLorean and time train right after you leave Springfield. This DeLorean is a movie icon and definitely a Universal Studios photo spot must do!

Delorean with Doc Back to the Future Universal Studios Florida

10 – Milhouse, Bart, and More Springfield Friends

Springfield’s Simpson-inspired land has so many unique photo opportunities that you can come up with on your solo Universal Orlando trip.

Simpsons Universal Studios Florida Springfield area with Bart Spray Painting on the wall.

My favorite spot is the fence towards the back on the side of the Kwik-E-Mart where there are famous characters doing some infamous shenanigans.

As you can as you can see Bart is spray painting, while Milhouse is looking terrified as usual.

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11 – The Men in Black Alien Attack Attraction

The Men in Black Alien Attack attraction has the incredible World’s Fair icon in front of the ride.

Men in Black Alien Attack Universal Studios Florida

The yellow color pops in every picture I’ve taken and it’s definitely a photo that you must have on your Universal Studios Florida day.

12 – The Famous Lard Lad statue in Springfield

This famous donut spot is where you will see many of the Simpson characters getting their sweet fix from in the Simpsons animation.

Simpsons Lard Giant Donuts Universal Studios Orlando Springfield

The famous Lard Lad statue inside of Springfield is definitely an Instagram-worthy spot and one photo that you cannot miss on your trip.

Plus, this Universal Studios photo looks good from all angles!

Lard Lad in Springfield Universal Studios Orlando Florida in front of Giant Doughnut




And selfie mode!

13 – Chief Wiggum and the Delicious Doughnut from the Simpsons

This is one of my favorite photos to get in Springfield. Chief Whigham is definitely known to have a doughnut or two or three.

Simpsons Springfield universal studios cop and doughnut with nikky j. One of the best photo spots in Universal Orlando.

So, why not join him!

14 – The Classic Mel’s Drive-In

The classic Mel’s Diner it is a Hollywood staple and a Universal Studios Florida photo spot must do.

mels drive in universal studios photo spot in florida

You can see all the classic cars and even stop in for a bite while you are on your solo Universal Orlando trip.

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15- Bruce the Shark

Let’s not forget the famous shark who was the original Sharknado. You can still find Bruce the Shark in the San Francisco section of Universal Studios Florida.

Bruce the Shark 1999 Universal Studios Florida
#tbt Bruce the Shark 1999 Universal Studios Florida

Complete Your Own Universal Studios Photo Spot Checklist Below!

Universal studios photo checklist printable
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What to Know Before You Go

Before you make your way out to Universal Studios, you may have a few questions that you need answered to make your trip go perfectly.

Shrek 4D Universal Studios Photos Orlando Tips

Your first question may be:

What’s the best itinerary for Universal Studios Orlando?

You’ll want to save time on your Universal Orlando trip, so you must have a game-plan to save time and see the most popular attractions.

You can grab your FREE Universal Orlando Resort Guidebook here!

Universal Studios guide and tips
Sign up and get your FREE Universal Orlando Resort Theme Park Traveler’s Planner and Guide. Click the image to get started.

More questions you may have are:

What time does Universal Studios open?

Universal Studios Florida is open 365 days a year from 9 a.m to 6 p.m. in the regular season.

Universal Orlando on a budget. #universalstudios #universalorlando #themeparks
Sponge Bob Parade Universal Studios

Hours may change based on the busyness of the park.

Read the best days to go to Universal Studios Florida here!

How much does it cost to go to Universal Studios in Florida?

The cost of admission starts at $128, but I like discounts so I use Undercover Tourist to find cheap Universal Studios tickets.

What should I do first at Universal Studios Orlando?

One of the best Universal Studios Orlando tips that I can give you is to start at Diagon Alley first.

Diagon Alley Grand Opening Tips with Fire breathing Dragon

This Harry Potter-inspired area will fill up quickly making the line for the two attractions (Escape from Gringotts and Ollivanders wand experience) extremely long.

Final Thoughts on Taking Universal Studios Photos

As you can see, Universal Studios Florida offers not only world-class rides and attractions, but photo opportunities and memories that you can make on your very own solo trip.

Best universal studios photos to take with red roller coaster
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Let me know what are the best photo spots in Universal Orlando to you?

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Until next time, Happy Park Hopping Hipsters!


(Original date February 18, 2018/Updated July 6, 2020)

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