39 Weird (but true) Halloween Horror Nights Rumors, Secrets and Fun Facts

With the haunt season in full effect, I thought it’d be great to give you some of the best Halloween Horror Nights secrets, rumors, and fun facts to get you excited for the event.

Halloween Horrors Nights (HHN), created by Julie Zimmerman and John Paul Geurts, began as Fright Nights over in Hollywood, California and was brought to Florida in 1991 for three nights.

Because of the incredible visionaries who first brought this event to life, over the past 29 years HHN has become the premier Halloween spectacular in the world!

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Halloween Horror Nights 2009
Halloween Horror Nights 2009

The Birth of Halloween Horror Nights

The original concept of this event was to have a huge Halloween party throughout the Universal Studios Florida theme park. Little did the creators know that this spine-tingling affair would turn into a global phenomenon for over a quarter of a century.

Fright Nights featured more shows than any Horror Nights afterwards and only one haunted maze was available during the first year.

Halloween Lush Forest

Scareactors were required to provide their own costumes and make-up for the event.

There was basically no marketing the year, except the announcement featured in a couple of the local newspapers. 

The Orlando Sentinel and the Central Florida Business publications were the only ones who acknowledge the event a few days prior.

Halloween Horror Nights Secrets, Rumors, and Fun Facts Throughout the Years

Halloween Horror Nights Tips 2014!
Halloween Horror Nights 2014!

1. Horror is Mixed with Mardi-Gras

Fright Nights (original name of Halloween Horror Nights) was marketed to local teenagers and adults as a place with a “Mardi-Gras” party theme, except with a ghoulish vibe.

2. Slime at HHN

During 1991, performers in The Dungeon maze were able to add their own spin to frighten guests.

One performer brought buckets of slime from Nickelodeon Studios to enhance his performance.

Unfortunately, one night an unsuspected guest received a huge amount of slime on accident.

nickelodeon universal studios orlando
Photo: Florida Memory

3. The Rat Lady is Born

In the first year of HHN the rat lady was created. One area of The Dungeon of Terror maze had guests walking on plexiglass.

It would light up to show a crypt underneath your feet as a girl would be in there banging and clawing while rats crawled all over her.

4. Graveyard Tours

Beetlejuice’s Graveyard Tours took place in the Bates Motel with a story around The Blues Brothers looking for a room with Norman Bates there to check them in…

…or out.

Beetlejuice Universal Studios Florida
Beetlejuice Universal Studios Florida

5. No Icon

Fright Nights’ did not have an official icon of the year. Instead they focused on the classic monsters such as, The Wolfman, The Bride of Frankenstein, Frankenstein’s Monster, Dracula, The Creature from the Black Lagoon, and The Mummy.

Universal Monsters Halloween Horror Nights Tips
Photo: Universal Orlando Halloween Horror Nights 2019

6. From Fright Nights to Halloween Horror Nights

In 1992, the event was renamed Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights (advertised as the 2nd Annual Halloween Horror Night) instead of the previous Fright Nights.

7. “Horror-fied” Rides and Attractions at Universal Studios

During the 2nd year of the event, Universal added a scary element to their attractions. A term they coined as “horror-fied.”

ET Adventure at Universal Studios Orlando, Florida
E.T. Adventure

Each attraction that was open would have an additional layer of terror added to it such as the Alien Forest in E.T. Adventure.

In the Alien Forest, guests would try to escape from a ghoulish demon infested forest to an alien world. Complete with dry-ice and scareactors around every turn.

8. People Under the Stairs

All the sets and props from the movie, People Under the Stairs, would later be carefully packed and shipped to Florida and reassembled inside Soundstage 23 for the maze.

9. Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure Débuts

Another show debuted this year, which would become an HHN staple, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure.

Bill and Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure at Halloween Horror Nights
Halloween Horror Nights 2013 – Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween

They would perform four shows each night with two different casts alternating for the event.

The show started with a stand-off between a Sheriff and a bank robber. Bill and Ted would then be seen transitioning through their time-traveling booth meeting Doc Brown (from Back to the Future), the Terminator, and Freddy Kruger.

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10. Norman Bates at Halloween Horror Nights 1993

Norman Bates got his chance to terrify guests. According to Paul Geurts, the Psycho house was the hardest house to physically create because the hotel had been built as a façade for filmmaking only.

Bates Motel Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights
Bates Motel Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights

11. Tents Come to HHN in 1993

Since the hotel of the Norman Bates house would only be used as a façade, the creators of HHN had to install a tent like structure to house the actual maze.

This technology would be the precursor to the famous Sprung Tents that you see today.

12. The Introduction of Scarezones

In 1994, Horrorwood was the first scarezone that featured the Chainsaw Drill Team, the Lizzie Borden Band and Axe Corps. This new concept provided a safer way of organizing the crowds on theme park streets.

This is one of my favorite Halloween Horror Nights secrets and fun facts!

HHN 2013 Walking Dead Zombie
HHN 2013 Walking Dead Zombie

13. Say Goodbye to Robosaurus

Halloween Horror Nights 1994 was also the last time Robosaurus would appear at the event. The monstrous robot would not make an appearance for another twelve years.

Halloween Horror Nights 2012 - The Walking Dead Walker
Halloween Horror Nights 2012 – The Walking Dead Walker

14. A Scareactor is Born

1994 also brought about the “scareactor.” Since HHN was becoming one of the most popular Halloween events in the country, Universal wanted to have a school to organize and teach the actors of the event.

So, Ghoul School was created.

Here scareactors would learn things such as ways to apply one’s makeup effectively.

Halloween Horror Nights 2013
Halloween Horror Nights 2013 The Rocky Horror Picture Show

15. An Icon is Here: The Curse of the Crypt Keeper

Halloween Horror Nights V was the first year an “icon” or single figure was presented, The Crypt Keeper. This icon was from the HBO series Tales From the Crypt where he told creepy stories and life lessons in a not so traditional way.

16. A Path for the Frighten

In 1995, Midway of the Bizarre was the first scarezone to offer a “chicken path” for those too afraid to go through the actual horrific area.

HHN 5 also offered safe zones for guests who needed to take a break from the terrors of the evening.

Halloween Horror Nights 24

17. The Perfect Partnership

In 1996 Universal partnered up Goosebumps and other major brands to run a competition for an all expenses paid trip to Halloween Horror Nights. This was such a cool concept at the time to get more attention on the event.

Plus, a similar competition ran in my college town on a local TV station. It was how I got to go to HHN for the first time in 2005.

18. A Parade at Halloween Horror Nights

1996 was the first year Universal introduced a parade at this haunted event. Since they had success with the Mardi Gras parade, it was only right to try it again during Halloween Horror Nights.

This is one of my favorite Halloween Horror Nights secrets and fun facts!

19. A Titanic-inspired House

In 1998 the S.S. Frightanic was a life size ship built by Universal inside the whole queue of Earthquake. This house would give guests two different experiences called the Carnage Crew and Fear in First Class.

Halloween Horror Nights Survival Guide

20. Shadybrook Asylum

Insanity premiered on Soundstage 22 in 1999 as the first house to start using the Shadybrook asylum reference complete with demented inmates running wildly!

This asylum would have a special appearance of Universal’s most famous clown.

21. The Clown is Officially Here

2000 brought about the introduction of Jack the Clown who was officially created based on the results of various guest surveys from previous years.

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22. Who is Jack Schmidt?

Jack Schmidt a.k.a Jack the Clown was a murderous circus performer under Dr. Oddfellow’s circus. He was murder by Dr. Oddfellow after it was discovered that Jack had been committing terrible crimes against innocent little ones.

Photo Credit: Universal Orlando Resort

This is one of the most disturbing Halloween Horror Nights secrets and fun facts!

23. Enter Edgar Sawyer

This was the name of the first concept for the 2001 icon at Halloween Horror Nights. Edgar Sawyer would be a play on the name Edgar Allan Poe.

However, due to conflicts that arose, it would be changed to Eddie, the brother of Jack the Clown.

Eddie the violent, chainsaw carrying leather face icon would quickly be scrapped due to the tragic events in September of that same year.

The Pharos Lighthouse islands of adventure #UniversalOrlando #ThemePark #IslandsofAdventure

24. Halloween Horror Nights Finds a New Home

2002 was the first year that Halloween Horrors Nights was featured inside of Islands of Adventure.

25. Cindy the Evil Child Icon

Islands of Adventure was meant to be Cindy’s dark playground were guests would go through different areas of the park that would explore the depths of her mind.

Unfortunately, due to many child abductions occurring across the country, this icon was not release in 2002.

26. The Caretaker

In 2002 The Caretaker, Dr. Albert Cain, would replace Cindy as the icon for HHN 12. The Caretaker was known to lure innocent victims back to his Victorian manor for their untimely demise.

HHN 22 sign 2012
Halloween Horror Nights 2012

27. Paulo Ravinski

The story of The Director at HHN 13 follows Paulo Ravinski who was a snuff filmmaker insisting on adding real human torture to his films.

28. Twice the Scares

For the first time in HHN history, the 2004 event would be in both Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure complete with the largest scarezone created called Field of Screams.

The Field of Screams would be located between the two parks right behind Seuss Landing.

Halloween Horror Nights 2009
Halloween Horror Nights 2009

29. Two Horrors

2005 was originally meant to have two icons with one representing Fate and the other representing Darkness.

30. Horror Comes Home

Our favorite event returned back to Universal Studios and it ushered in a new wave of horror creation at the park.

This time the famous icons the Director, the Caretaker, the Storyteller and Jack the Clown would all takeover this incredible Sweet 16 year!

Halloween Horror Nights Survival Guide
Halloween Horror Nights 2008

31. Dungeon of Terror Returns and Other Classics

The Dungeon of Terror: Retold, the original house from Fright Nights would return for 2006.

There would also be spinoff houses paying homage to the previous years of Halloween Horror Nights such as:

  • People Under the Stairs: Under Construction
  • Psycho Path: The Return of Norman Bates
  • Psychoscareapy: Maximum Madness (a fan favorite maze featuring Jack the Clown)
  • Run: Hostile Territory (a maze dedicated to lost icon Eddie)
  • Horror Comes Home Scarezone
  • Robosaurus

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32. Go Behind the Scenes

2016 was the first time that Universal Orlando released the Unmasking the Horror Tour which took guests through a “lights on” walkthrough of selected house of the current HHN year.

Halloween Horror Nights Solo NikkyJ 2007 with Scareactor
Halloween Horror Nights Solo NikkyJ 2007

33. Choose Thy Fear!

In 2006, New Line Cinema licensed the use of Leatherface, Freddy and Jason to Universal with an official announcement on June 27, 2007 that the three legends would be in HHN 17.

This time Jack the Clown would be the ringmaster in this Carnival of Carnage!

34. The Website Crashes at Horror Nights

On July of 2008, Dr. Mary Agana was introduced by Universal as the new icon. Throughout the summer, Universal would take fans on an in-depth story detailing Dr. Agana’s mental health work until one day she totally lost it to become Bloody Mary.

The full reveal took place in early September which caused the official Halloween Horror Nights site to crash.

Halloween Horror Nights 2009
Halloween Horror Nights 2009

35. Getting Married at Halloween Horror Nights

In 2010, Universal Orlando marketed HHN as the perfect place to “get hitched.” This was offered through a competition were food, beverages, entertainment, and a cake would be taken care of for the winners.

The haunted wedding would also come complete with scareactors to terrify wedding guests as the celebration went on. A couple from Vermont won this competition and were married inside Soundstage 22 on October 15, 2010.

This is one of my favorite Halloween Horror Nights secrets and fun facts!

HHN 2010 Fear Icon
Halloween Horror Nights 2010

36 – Last Call for Jaws

The last house to be place inside the Jaws queue came in 2011 called, Saws N’ Steam: Into the Machine. Saws N’ Steam was also the first scarezone to be converted into a house.

Jaws Bruce the Shark 1999 Universal Studios Florida #universalorlando
#tbt Bruce the Shark 1999 Universal Studios Florida

37 – Video Games Come to Life at Horror Nights

2012 was the first time Universal incorporated a video game into a haunted maze. The Silent Hill franchise was the one chosen for HHN 22 and would feature a tall Pyramid Head character on stilts.

Halloween Horror Nights 22 Orlando Map
Halloween Horror Nights 22 Orlando Map Photo: Universal Orlando

38 – A Werewolf in London at Universal

In 2013, the infamous werewolf puppets were created to be a real as the ones in the movie towering at 8-feet.

Halloween Horror Nights 2013 The Walking Dead Series Zombie in Well
Halloween Horror Nights 2013 The Walking Dead Series

39 – The Walking Dead: The End of the Line

In 2014, this was the largest maze ever created at HHN that took guests through key scenes from the fourth season.

Halloween Horror Nights 2014 Map
Halloween Horror Nights 2014 Map Photo: Universal Orlando

Classic scenes such as the Sanctuary at Terminus a.k.a West Georgia Correctional Facility and the iconic helicopter crash.

40 – Halloween Horror Nights Cancelled

2020 brought about so many changes to the theme park world due to the global pandemic. On Friday July 24, 2020, Universal announced that Halloween Horror Nights would be cancelled to focus on operating the parks during the day in the safest manner possible.

This news, although speculated, was still surprising to hear as this year was to bring about a big 30th anniversary spectacular.

They went on to say, “We know this decision will disappoint our fans and guests. We are disappointed, too. But we look forward to creating an amazing event in 2021.”

Although HHN was cancelled for 2020, Universal did offer three houses for day guests to enjoy:

  1. Universal Monsters: The Bride of Frankenstein Lives
  2. Revenge of the Tooth Fairy
  3. Beetlejuice

Halloween Horror Nights 2020 would go on to be dubbed “HHN Light.”

Final Thoughts on Halloween Horror Nights Rumors & Secrets

As you can see, there are so many hidden Halloween Horror Nights secrets and fun facts to know. Although I was able to uncover 39+, there are still so much in-depth history behind this incredible annual haunt.

Halloween Horror Nights is hands down the best Halloween event in the world. So, you don’t have to worry about not having a good time if you plan out your evening in advance.

Halloween Horror Nights Purge orange and white sign
The Purge Scarezone at Halloween Horror Nights

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I hope I was able to tackle each one of your questions for HHN. Don’t forget to read the full Halloween Horror Nights Survival Guide here!

Halloween Horror Nights Rumors and Secrets
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