13 Best Tips Ever for Halloween Horror Nights

Do you dare to venture out to this year’s Halloween Horror Nights? If so, you are in for a real treat. I’ve put together the best tips to help you survive Halloween Horror Nights (HHN).

Halloween Horror Nights is an event takes place annually from September until November at Universal Studios Florida.

It’s a premiere event with new levels of fear and terrifying haunted houses along with outrageous entertainment.


Let’s listen to Episode 30 below on how to do Halloween Horror Nights like a true Pro!

13 Halloween Horror Nights Tips

Halloween Horror Nights Tips with ghoulish being at Universal Studios
Photo: Universal Orlando

1 – Get to Halloween Horror Nights early

If you’re lucky enough, you may be able to get into the park early and knock out two to three houses within one hour.

2 – The more the merrier

Going to HHN as a group increases the excitement of the night.

Halloween Lush Forest

3 – Are kids allowed at Halloween Horror Nights?

Per Universal, this event may be too intense for young children.

4 – What to wear at Halloween Horror Nights

What I do recommend is wearing comfortable sneakers for all of the standing, walking, and running you will be doing.

5 – Have a game plan

Route your path around the park in advance by retrieving the Halloween Horror Nights park map.

Universal Studios guide and tips
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6 – Attend Halloween Horror Nights on off peak nights

Visit Universal HHN Sunday through Thursday to take advantage of the cheaper days (esp. for Florida residents or annual passholders) and the smaller crowd.

7 – Purchase HHN tickets in advance

It’s best to buy your tickets ahead of time. This prevents waiting in a line once you arrive at Halloween Horror Nights.

8 – Is Halloween Horror Nights Express Pass worth it?


Halloween Horror Nights is extremely popular, if not the most popular Halloween event in Central Florida. This popularity sometimes leads to wait times for haunted mazes exceeding three hours.

Halloween Horror Nights Purge orange and white sign
The Purge Scarezone at Halloween Horror Nights

9 – Buy a unique Halloween Horror Nights experience

Try out the Unmasking the Horror Tour where you’ll have a daytime, lights-on, chilling look into how Universal Orlando’s Art & Design team transforms the biggest names in horror into haunted houses.

10 – Stay hydrated

HHN requires A LOT of walking and sweating!

11 – Watch Halloween Horror Nights vlogs

View vlogs such as the Tim Tracker or the Geek Glass Daily Vlog to help get you excited for HHN.

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12 – Costumes are not allowed at Halloween Horror Nights

Remember costumes are not permitted at Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights.

13 – Have fun!

You’re really going to have a great time, so try not to stress too much and enjoy the delightfully, ghoulish frights of Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights!

There you have it. 13 easy first timer tips to do Halloween Horror Nights like a pro!

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