Complete Guide to E.T. Adventure at Universal

Are you ready to save the Green Planet on the E.T. Adventure ride at Universal? If so, let’s go on a far out journey with this popular creature.

The E.T. Adventure is a classic Universal Studios Florida dark ride and the only remaining original attraction left that’s based on the 1982 Steven Spielberg film.

The sci-fi film takes viewers on an epic ride of friendship and loyalty with the extraterrestrial and a young boy named Elliot.

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The E.T. Adventure is one of the original rides that opened during the first year of Universal Studios Florida in 1990. At the time, it was one of only a few attractions at the park that worked properly without any major issues unlike the ride Jaws.

ET animatronic on the ride at Universal Studios

Universal would go on to open more E.T. Adventure attractions with one at Universal Studios Hollywood in 1991 and one in Universal Studios Japan in 2001.

Both attractions have since been closed with the one in Hollywood closing in 2003 (Revenge of the Mummy is the replacement) and the one in Japan closing in 2009 (Space Fantasy: The Ride is the replacement).

Universal Studios Hollywood California Theme Park
Universal Studios Hollywood California Theme Park

In 2012, the ride at Universal Studios Florida received new track switches by Dynamic Structures.


Fun Fact: The original animatronics were manufactured by Sally Corp. It has also been rumored that in the earlier years, guests were allowed to choose between a bike or spaceship as their ride vehicle

What to Expect on E.T. Adventure at Universal Studios Florida

As you approach the ride and walk through the outdoor queue line, you begin to feel transported into the golden days of the amusement park boom.


During the pre-show you’re informed that E.T.’s teacher, Botanicus, needs E.T. to come back to his world, The Green Planet, because the planet is dying.

ET Adventure Ride Queue at Universal Studios
ET Adventure Ride Queue at Universal Studios

You then proceed into the Interplanetary Passport room where Mr. Spielberg’s assistant will receive your name (or any name you may feel like having that day) for a personalized experience later to come.

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On the last leg of the queue you walk through a bountiful Northwest forest natural trail that speaks directly to the hearts of everyone who loves classic Universal Studios.

ET Adventure Ride Preshow at Universal Studios Florida
ET Adventure Ride Pre-show

You’ll also see periodic visits from Botanicus, the famous elder from ET’s planet.

The Smell

Make sure you notice the smell in the queue for E.T. Adventure at Universal Studios. The smell gives off delightful notes of fresh pine and sandalwood.

Staging Area

This is the area where you will board bikes in the 12-passenger, open-sided gondolas that hang from a ceiling track.

Hipster Power Tip: Be sure to sit in the best seat which is on the far-left side on the front row.

Ride Experience

You’re then seated on the bicycle to help guide E.T. home through the redwoods, past police and NASA scientists high above the city with light speed travel through space to follow.

ET animatronic on the ride at Universal Studios on the Green Planet

Hipster Power Tip: You will experience mild aspects of a thrill ride with sudden turns and accelerations on this ride.

Once you and E.T. arrive on his home planet, his healing touch is felt throughout the planet leading to the salvation of his family and friends.

The ride comes to a conclusion with a joyous celebration from the colorful Green Planet beings and E.T. giving each rider a personal send off.

He Speaks to You!

E.T. will speak to you at the end of your adventure and thank you personally by saying your name. Most of the time you can’t understand what he’s saying, but it’s still a fun ending of the ride.

universal studios florida globe

Things to Remember

  • Universal Express™ Pass is accepted
  • This is a Motion Simulation attraction
  • Ride lasts about 5 minutes
  • It is kid friendly
  • The minimum height requirement is 34″ (86.4 cm)
  • Anyone Under 48″ (121.9cm) most have a supervising companion
  • Riders per vehicle: 12
  • Rows: 4

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Accessibility and Additional Information

  • Accessible in Wheelchair
  • Transfer to Manual Wheelchair
  • Service Animals
  • Open Captioning
  • Child Swap

Final Thoughts on the E.T. Adventure Ride

The E.T. Adventure ride is a true Universal Studios classic attraction. It’s something everyone can enjoy.

It allows you to take a quick break from the tortuous Florida sun without losing the Hollywood magic.

ET Adventure Universal Studios Guide
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(Original Article Date: June 6, 2016/Updated January 14, 2020)

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