Halloween Horror Nights 2013 Solo Adventure (Mazes + Review)

A one of a kind frightening mission I must say regarding my Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights 2013 solo mission!

And yes I was alone…

Man, if you would have asked me ten years ago, “Nikky can you do Halloween Horror Nights alone?”

I would have looked at you like you were a crazy man just being released from a psych ward.


Halloween Horror Nights 2013 Main Gate
Halloween Horror Nights 2013

The decision to attend this event was only to give you all an inside look, especially if you’re not able to make it this year.

The things I will do for my readers 🙂

Halloween Horror Nights 2013 Review – My Solo Adventure

I walked throughout the whole park bravely, immersing myself in the undead experience.

I was able to actually sit down and enjoy The Rocky Horror Picture Show, which fans of this brand will enjoy, and the Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure, which did not leave any celebrity off limits.

Halloween Horror Nights 2013 The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Halloween Horror Nights 2013 The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Halloween Horror Nights 2013 Scarezones

This year Universal added a haunted new twist to the scare zones. Instead of having differently themed sections, they made all of the zones infiltrated with the infected walkers of The Walking Dead series.

I really, really enjoyed this new supernatural experience.

Walking Dead Walk at Universal Studios 2013 HHN
Halloween Horror Nights 2013 Walker

However, I will warn you that the path that goes from the Animal Actors section to Mel’s Die-In is blindly dark.

Not only was it dark but it was foggy with growling sounds, horrid smells, and walkers everywhere that are ready to haunt you down from every angle.

Regretting Solo HHN Experience

It was at this moment during the night that I thought the idea of going solo was now a big mistake.

Halloween Horror Nights 2013 The Walking Dead Series Zombie in Well
Halloween Horror Nights 2013 The Walking Dead Series

I walked through that section so fast (still trying to look like a cool ThemeParkHipster) that you would have thought I was being chased by an actual living dead walker.

There’s something about that eerie feeling that Halloween Horror Nights can do to make you debate between reality and imagination.

Halloween Horror Nights 2013 The Walking Dead Series Abandoned Car
Halloween Horror Nights 2013 The Walking Dead Series

I won’t forget how quickly fear began to set in. My heart was pounding and my thoughts went on a wild adventure of all the infinite possible terrifying creatures that could be present along the dark path.

Once I was out of it, I pretty much called it a night, lol.

I took all the pictures that I needed and I saw all of the things that I’d planned to see.

Halloween Horror Nights 2013 Mazes

Halloween Horror Nights Solo 2013
Halloween Horror Nights 2013

You guys may be disappointed to hear that I did not go into any of the haunted mazes this year.

  1. An American Werewolf in London Based off the classic 1981 John Landis film that went through iconic scenes of the movie, even the wolf itself.
  2. The Cabin in the Wood Another IP house based on the film “The Cabin in the Woods.” This maze took you in as a recruit to show the chaos behind the facility.
  3. Evil Dead Guest were given the opportunity to step into the actual movie. Complete with the famous scene of the Evil Dead cabin.
  4. Urban Legends: La Llorona This was an improved Universal Studios Hollywood HHN version of the Mexican legend, La Llorona.
  5. Resident Evil: Escape from Raccoon This maze took you through many of the classic scenes from this video game franchise.
  6. The Walking Dead: No Safe Haven Guest got the chance to go through the prison, the Governor’s office and the town of Woodbury. Which were all popular scenes from The Walking Dead series.
  7. Afterlife: Death’s Vengeance Another 3-D maze hit HHN during 2013. Many fans enjoyed this disorienting house as it took you though the demented mind of a serial killer.
  8. Havoc: Derailed This was another version of the original Havoc: Dogs of War haunted house which debuted in 2010. In this maze you would come face-to-face with super soldiers who escaped a derailed train.

Halloween Horror Nights Solo Tips

Halloween Horror Nights 2013
Halloween Horror Nights 2013 The Rocky Horror Picture Show

For me going to Halloween Horror Nights solo has to be done in baby steps and there was NOOOOOO way that I was doing any of the houses by myself!

Hopefully next year I will be brave enough to do one house alone and by 2020 I should be able to do all of the houses alone…

…remember baby steps 🙂

Halloween Horror Nights 2013
Halloween Horror Nights 2013 The Walking Dead Series

5 Solo Tips for HHN

  1. Plan Out Your Night
  2. Review HHN Map Before Your Trip
  3. Take a Break from the Haunts in a Well Lit Area or Watch a Show
  4. Do a R.I.P Tour that Way You’re Not Truly Alone
  5. Start Early When the Sun is Still Out
Halloween Horror Nights Survival Guide
Halloween Horror Nights 2013

Final Thoughts

HHN 2013 was a year filled with many Intellectual Properties. Hopefully, that will change over the next few years.

2013 Halloween Horror Nights Map 23
Halloween Horror Nights Map 2013 Photo: Universal Orlando

Make sure to check out this year’s Halloween Horror Nights and let me know how you made it your own night to remember.

Don’t do the usual things that other park goers do. After all, we’re ThemeParkHipsters so add a new flavor to your HHN experience.

HHN 2013
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Until next time, Happy Park Hopping Hipsters!



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