3 Most MAGNIFICENT Disney World Gingerbread Houses & Where to Find Them

Can you smell the sweet aromas of the Disney World gingerbread houses coming from this page?

Well maybe I am pushing the imagination button just a bit, but I’m super excited to share with you something really cool that Disney does for the holidays.

Each Christmas season, the Disney Parks and resorts displays the most over-the-top gingerbread houses for everyone to enjoy each year. Many of the beautiful displays can be seen for free and yes, I did just say free!


Boardwalk Bakery Disney Gingerbread House Display
Boardwalk Bakery Disney Gingerbread House Display

Is Disney Doing the Gingerbread House this Year?

Absolutely! Although there was a break in having the gingerbread houses across the parks and resorts last year, Disney is bringing a few back in some of the most popular locations.

Disney Grand Floridian Resort and Spa Gingerbread House Entrance
Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

We’ll go into detail on where you can find all the gingerbread house displays later in this guide.

History of the Gingerbread House

Over the years, legends have stated that gingerbread was first introduced to Europe around the 11th century from crusaders returning from the Middle East.

Gingerbread loaf sitting next to cinnamon

However, the tradition of baking and creating elaborate gingerbread houses wouldn’t become popular in Europe until the 13th century.


After the release of Brother’s Grimm, the art of gingerbread making was event more popularized in countries such as Germany with Nuremberg, Germany, becoming known as the “Gingerbread Capital of the World” in the 1600s.

Gingerbread house crafting

Even within the baker’s community, there were a group carved out who only focused on gingerbread making in the 17th century of Europe and were the only ones allowed to bake this delicious treat unless it was Easter or Christmas.

Placing icing on Gingerbread cookie

During those two holidays, anyone could make gingerbread.

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Disney World Gingerbread Houses Over the Years

Throughout the years, Walt Disney World has brought the magic of gingerbread making to its parks and resorts.

Christmas at the Magic Kingdom 2013: Disney World Gingerbread display in Liberty Square.
Christmas at the Magic Kingdom 2013: Gingerbread display in Liberty Tree Tavern

During the holiday season, the Disney Chefs create their own Yuletide tradition for you to enjoy with one-of-a-kind gingerbread displays that can only be seen at Disney properties.

Christmas at Disney's BoardWalk Inn Gingerbread Carousel with Stitch
Christmas at Disney’s BoardWalk Inn Gingerbread Display 2012

Take for instance the Grand Floridian life-size gingerbread house that has been bringing in Disney guests from all around the world since 1999. People who only want to see how this incredible display is created.

Disney’s Contemporary Resort

The contemporary Resort had been home to some fun gingerbread houses in the past such as the Frozen-inspired one from a few years ago.

Cinderella Gingerbread House with a Small World Background at Disney Contemporary Resort
Cinderella Gingerbread Display at Disney’s Contemporary Resort 2019

There were also years where there was an 18-ft Cinderella Castle with an “it’s a small world” backdrop.

Disney Contemporary Resort Gingerbread House Recipe
Disney Gingerbread Facts at the Contemporary Resort 2019

It is made from more than 5,000 gingerbread shingles, 47 pounds of rolled fondant, 38 pounds of modeling chocolate and so much more!

Wilderness Lodge Resort

A couple of years ago, Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Resort got their own gingerbread house inspired by the majestic bears of the great northwest.

Disney Wilderness Lodge Gingerbread House Cabin 2019
Disney Wilderness Lodge Gingerbread House Cabin 2019

Disney’s BoardWalk Resort

The BoardWalk Resort was another one of my favorite Walt Disney World Resort hotels to visit during the holidays. Not only was their gingerbread display stunning, the whole resort takes on a life of its own for the holidays.

Boardwalk Inn Disney World Gingerbread House Display
Disney’s Boardwalk Inn Gingerbread House Display 2019

In previous years, the gingerbread display brought the Disney board walk right inside the lobby with a miniature presentation of this family location on property. There were also 25 Hidden Mickeys too!

BoardWalk Gingerbread Display Ingredients at Walt Disney World Honey Flour Eggs Sugar Fondant.
BoardWalk Gingerbread Display Ingredients

So, be sure to walk around the board walk area to see more holiday decorations outside. It’s just so magical.

Disney Boardwalk Inn Christmas Tree with Gingerbread Shop Menu
Disney Boardwalk Inn Christmas Tree

Plus, you can watch the Epcot fireworks show from the boardwalk for free!

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Where are the Gingerbread Houses at Disney?

Now that we have a little bit of history, you may be wondering: Which Disney hotels have gingerbread houses this?

We are missing a few of our favorite locations, but let’s go through which Disney hotels and theme parks will actually have gingerbread houses this year.

Disney Grand Floridian Giant Christmas Tree in Lobby
Disney Grand Floridian Lobby

1. Grand Floridian Resort & Spa Gingerbread House

You’ll definitely want to stop by the Grand Floridian to see the signature sweet display now in its 20th year at Walt Disney World.

Disney Grand Floridian Gingerbread House Display with Santa on the Porch and Christmas Tree in the Background

According to Disney, the classic Austrian recipe inspired the ornaments, cookies and the house that stands 14 feet tall in the lobby of this resort.

By far, this is one of the most stunning resorts to visit during Christmas at Walt Disney World.

Disney Grand Floridian Resort and Spa Christmas Tree in the Lobby

According to Disney, this year’s gingerbread house is a life-size storybook gingerbread house with “cinnamon clouds” puffing from the chimney. It is also beautifully decorated with white chocolate candy canes, edible snowflakes, and sugar poinsettias.

Disney Gingerbread Treats and Cookies during Christmas
Grand Floridian Resort & Spa Edible Gingerbread House Shingles and Mickey Ears

Fun Facts About the Grand Floridian Gingerbread House:

  • 10-foot-wide
  • 15-foot-long
  • 14-foot-tall
  • Covered with more than 10,000 pieces of gingerbread

The Gingerbread house at the Grand Floridian also acts as a sweet kiosk called The Bake Shop where you can buy your own holiday treats such as s’mores, cookies, peppermint bark, your own Disney World gingerbread house kit and so much more!

Grand Floridian Resort Gingerbread House Shop Menu
Grand Floridian Resort Gingerbread House Shop Menu

You can also participate in gingerbread house decorating demonstrations each day here from December 1st until the 25th (currently suspended).

Grand Floridian Gingerbread House Menu

  • White Chocolate-covered Cookies Sandwich Pop
  • Mickey Lollipop
  • Gingersnap Cookie
  • Milk Chocolate Gingerbread Man Lollipop
  • Grand Cake Pop
  • Aurora’s Gifts – 3 Almond Petit Fours in a Box
  • Gingerbread Shingle with Chocolate
  • S’more Cookie
  • Gingerbread Mickey Ears dipped in Chocolate
  • Mickey Head Caramel Pecan Fudge
  • Gingerbread Ornaments – Tree or Mickey Head
  • Brownie Tree Pop
  • ½ lb. bag of Peppermint Bark
  • A ½ lb. bag of No Added Sugar Cookies
  • ½ lb. bag of Assorted Gingerbread Cookies
  • Snowman Donut
  • Signature Gingerbread House with Chocolate
  • Grand Gift Box
  • Signature Stollen Bread with Marzipan in Holiday Box
  • Gingerbread Man (Gluten Free)
  • Thin Mint Cookie (Gluten Free)

Hipster Power Tip: If you only want the gingerbread house shingle and the line is too long at the shop, you can visit the Grand Floridian store adjacent to the house to pick up your own shingle with a less wait time.

How long does the gingerbread house stay up at the Grand Floridian?

This Grand Floridian display will be up from November 10th 2021 to January 1st 2022.

Grand Floridian Gingerbread House with Majestic Christmas Tree and Piano in the Lobby

You can view it anytime during that time period, but if you want any of the sweet treats, you’ll have to visit the shop inside the house from 9:30 a.m. until 10 p.m. each day.

What happens to the Disney Gingerbread House?

Each year, Cast Members remove all the gingerbread from the house to the Disney Tree Farm to rinse the sugar off.

Grand Floridian Gingerbread House Construction and Decorating

After it has been thoroughly rinsed, the sugar that comes off is left to feed the bees who’ll go on to pollinate the local flowers and produce honey for us as well.

2. Disney’s Beach Club Resort

The Little Mermaid-themed majestic horses are all decorated with chocolate, sugar and fondant in this scrumptious classic carousel.

Disney Gingerbread House Carousel with Peter Pan horse and Captain Hook cake boat in front at Beach Club Resort.
Disney Gingerbread House Carousel with Peter Pan horse and Captain Hook Boat in Front at Beach Club Resort.

You will get to see all of the famous characters from this Disney movie all made from gingerbread inside Disney’s Beach Club Resort.

Disney Gingerbread Carousel Ingredients

Disney Beach Club Gingerbread House Ingredients 100 pounds of honey, 300 pounds of bread flour, 100 pounds of eggs, 10 pounds of spices, 10 pounds of simple syrup, 100 pounds of icing, 10 quarts of egg whites, 100 pounds of sugar, 50 pounds of dark chocolate, 50 pounds of modeling chocolate, 200 gum paste flowers

This holiday carousel is in its 21st year (if you don’t count 2020) at Disney’s Beach Club Resort and it still spins with all decorations completely edible!

Disney Gingerbread House Carousel at Beach Club Resort with Wendy from Peter Pan horse

While you’re there be sure to find all 20 Hidden Mickeys.

How long does the gingerbread house stay up at Disney’s Beach Club?

This Beach Club Resort display will be up from November 1st 2021 to January 2nd 2022.

Disney Yacht Club Christmas Tree Outside People Watching Movie on the Lawn

Since you’ll be visiting the Beach Club Resort, don’t forget to stop by the Yacht Club lobby area and check out the charming little holiday village display that also features a miniature train.

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3. EPCOT’s Gingerbread House in The American Adventure Rotunda

Here you’ll get to see the recreated the Lincoln Memorial, Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, and The American Adventure building in miniature gingerbread versions.

Epcot International Festival of the Holidays 18 America Pavilion with Tall Christmas Tree
Epcot International Festival of the Holidays America Pavilion

How long does the gingerbread house stay up at Disney’s Beach Club?

The American-inspired display at EPCOT will be up from November 26th to December 30th 2021.

National Gingerbread House Day (December 12th)

Just in case you want to make your holiday touring at Disney special, you should think about doing the Disney World gingerbread house excursion on the national holiday.

Christmas at Disney for Free. Christmas tree in Boardwalk Inn.
Disney’s Boardwalk Inn Gingerbread Christmas Display 2014

Yep, there’s a National Gingerbread House Day that occurs each year on December 12th.

Disney World Gingerbread House at Epcot Duffy the Bear 2012
Gingerbread House at Epcot of Duffy the Bear 2012

Once you’ve done your enchanted adventure through the seasonal displays across the Disney resort, be sure to go home or back to your hotel room and finish the day off by creating your own gingerbread house.

Disney Gingerbread House Gift Ideas

Did all this talk about gingerbread houses get your mouthwatering yet? If not, here are some cool merchandise ideas that you can look at to jumpstart your festive collection.

So, don’t forget to grab a few Disney Gingerbread inspired Christmas gifts below.

Disney World Gingerbread Ears from Amazon

Definitley treat yourself this holiday season with a pair of Disney Christmas Ears inspired by this sweet Christmas treat!

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Gingerbread House Disney World Ears from Amazon
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Disney Gingerbread House Kit

Just in case you can’t make it out to the Disney resorts this year in hopes of grabbing a piece of the gingerbread displays, why not make your own at home.

Disney ginger bread house kit from Amazon with Mickey and Minnie Mouse
Click image to get your holiday cookie kit on Amazon!

If you’re a novice like me, then you’ll want to start out with a beginner’s gingerbread house kit that you can get from Amazon.

Disney Gingerbread House Pin with the Wookie from Star Wars

Chewbacca Holiday Pin  Star Wars Official shopDisney
Click image to get your Star Wars Inspired Gingerbread Pin

In case this Wookie is no longer available, check the shopDisney website for the Disney Gingerbread Houses Mystery Pin Blind Pack that is absolutely INCREDIBLE!

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Final Thoughts on the Disney World Gingerbread Houses

As you can see, there’s so much to at Walt Disney World for the Christmas season. Enjoying the beautiful gingerbread houses is just one feature of all the holiday happenings that occur each year.

Remember that you can do this tour for free is you know how to do it the right way!

You can read how with this article, Perfect Disney Resort Christmas Decorations Tour.

Where are gingerbread houses at Disney World with Giant Christmas Tree in Background
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Have you ever seen any of the Disney gingerbread houses? If so, let us know in the comments section below.

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Until next time, Happy Holidays Hipsters!


(Original Article Date: December 17, 2014/Updated November 15, 2021)

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