Disney Hollywood Studios Oga’s Cantina DJ Rex

Ranking the 5 BEST Drinks at Oga’s Cantina in Star Wars Land!

Are you looking for some of the best drinks at Oga’s Cantina in Star Wars Land?

One of the latest additions to Disney’s Hollywood Studios was Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge on August 29, 2019.

Oga’s Cantina opened to great acclaim and years later, to some criticism, the opening of Galactic Starcruiser earlier this year.

This Cantina, located on the outer rim planet of Batuu, features an interesting variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages that will light the taste buds of all who wish to indulge.

It is a well-known place for bandits, smugglers, bounty hunters and travelers, such as us, who come to mingle and enjoy a good stiff drink.

Entertainment is provided by Former pilot droid, R-3X, who helps out owner, Oga Garra, a Blutopian crime boss.

No matter what your opinion is, we can agree that the drinks at Oga’s Cantina are, while a bit overpriced, very tasty and unique to the land it occupies.

Today, I will give you 5 of the best drink offerings of this underground cantina deep inside the world of Batuu. I’ll also tell you what makes them yummy and worth your visit!

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Featured Image Docking Bay 7 Restaurant in Star Wars Land at Disney's Hollywood Studios. Fried Chicken Tip Yip and Chocolate Cake. Some of the best food at Disney.

5 BEST Things to Eat at Docking Bay 7 in Disney (2024)

Are you ready to blast your tastebuds into hyperspace? Good, because I’ve got a list of the top 5 Best Things to Eat at Docking Bay 7 that is absolutely out of this galaxy!

This highly themed counter service restaurant showcases an exotic menu that is flavor and foodie friendly.

Today, I’m not only going to cover the some of the best food in Star Wars Land, but I’ll also touch on how many credits they cost, backstory, and atmosphere, as well.

OH – and be sure to stick around till the end, because I’ve also got a secret recipe that’ll show you how you can try one of these unusual dishes at home!

So, if you’re feeling hungry – let’s goooo!

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L’Artisan des Glaces Strawberry Artisan Ice Cream and Sorbet in France Pavilion at Epcot

From Paris to Epcot: L’Artisan des Glaces Brings Authentic French Ice Cream to Your Taste Buds!

Have you ever experienced the heavenly taste of the Brioche Ice Cream Sandwich at L’Artisan des Glaces in Epcot?

If not, then you’ll be happy to read this week’s Best Thing I Ever Ate article on this delicious sweet treat inside the Epcot France pavilion.

Can I say OMG!

Where have I been for the past few theme park years?

Thanks to a couple of my friends for informing me about this wonderful mouthwatering experience at Epcot’s L’Artisian des Glaces.

And yes I said experience because it was so much more than an ice cream treat.

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Spice Road Table at Epcot Grand Mariner Cognac

2024 Spice Road Table at Epcot: A Hidden Gem Every Foodie Must Try!

Have you ever dined in a mixture of Mediterranean cuisine at Spice Road Table in Epcot?

One thing that goes well with fun rides, family time, and play, is good food. At Walt Disney World, there are tons of awesome restaurants you can choose from.

In this guide, I will be giving you a detailed review of the Spice Road Table.

It is one of the popular restaurants in the theme park and we know you are always on the lookout for better experiences whenever you visit Walt Disney World.

If you are ever hungry while at Walt Disney World, all you need is Spice Road Table.

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Best drinks to have a Epcot

21 BEST Drinks in Epcot – Your Cheat Guide

Alcoholic Drinks at Disney World: Best Drinks in Epcot

Epcot, the Disney park made for ThemeParkHipsters, hosts a world of some of the best libations.

Globetrotting around Epcot is one of the most amazing places to have a crisp beer, a fruity glass of your favorite Pinot Grigio, or an enticing cocktail.

You’ll have fun enjoying some of the best drinks in Epcot.

I definitely wanted to make sure that I did this for researching purposes only…

…Ah em (shamefully clears throat)

I’m for real!

I did all this wonderful research just for you.

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5 BEST Epcot Festival of the Arts Foodie Treats You Need to Try in 2024!

Are you ready to try some of the BEST Epcot Festival of the Arts food?

If there is one thing solo travelers will love, it’s Epcot’s festivals.

They are happening almost all the time during the year and it’s one of the best places to visit the Disney parks solo and experience new things, especially food! 

Epcot festivals kick off with the Festival of the Arts, where art forms of all varieties are celebrated. Artists come to showcase their pieces and do signings.

There are also fun artistic styles and photo-ops in place all over the parks. Plus, yummy themed food is out for all Guests to try!

There is so much to do, see and experience at Epcot Festival of the Arts. I’ve had a chance to try out some of the festival’s food booths and all they had to offer.

I enjoyed quite a few eats and beverages around the festival and I’m excited to share them with you!

So today, I will be breaking the festival food and beverages down as follows:

  • What To Expect At Epcot International Festival Of The Arts
  • Top Dishes You Must Try
  • Runner Up Dishes
  • Top Tips For Your Trip

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2024 Disney World Regal Eagle Smokehouse Barbecue in American Pavilion at Epcot

Epcot’s Regal Eagle Smokehouse: Where BBQ Magic Happens at Disney World!

One of the latest restaurants to open at Epcot is Regal Eagle Craft Beer and Barbecue, located at the American Adventure Pavilion of World Showcase.

The restaurant features a variety of smoked bbq, which you can smell way before you can see the restaurant.

This new place is sure to be a crowd pleaser for years to come.

Before heading to Epcot to try it out you’re going to want to keep reading to learn a little bit more about the place and what they are serving up!

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2023 Epcot Food and Wine Festival at Disney Germany Pavilion Karamell Kuche Wether's Sweet Shop Snickerdoodle Gingerbread Sandwich. One of the best quick service restaurants at Epcot.

Hungry at Epcot? These 5 Quick Service Restaurants Will Blow Your Mind!

Did you know that Epcot is home to some of the best quick service restaurants at Walt Disney World?

But heed this warning, this article can and will make you hungry!

Epcot is a true foodie’s paradise. But with so much to do and see, sometimes a traditional Table Service meal isn’t always in the cards.

And that’s OK – because this park is jam packed with delicious quick service options, hiding ‘round every bend.  

Don’t forget, all of the Quick Service locations listed below are perfect for adults, solo travelers and families.

So, pack your bags and let’s start exploring!

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Biergarten Epcot Food

Biergarten Epcot: Celebrate Oktoberfest All Year Long at Disney World!

Is Biergarten at Epcot worth it?

Unlimited eats. Live music. Culturally accurate atmosphere. One fixed price.

If I told you all that was available to you in one place in Walt Disney World… would you believe me?

I know it sounds too good to be true, but trust me, it’s not! 

In fact, it’s been hiding right under your nose all along smack in the middle of your favorite, magical World Showcase… That’s right! 

I’m talking about Biergarten Epcot in the Germany Pavilion today.

So, if you’re ready to learn all about the restaurant where the pretzel rolls and sauerkraut just keep coming, then keep reading so you’ll know exactly what to expect at your next dining reservation at Biergarten in Epcot!

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Mexico Pavilion at Epcot Pyramid next to La Cantina

Ultimate Guide to ALL Epcot Mexican Restaurants 2024 (menus, ambience, comparison and more!)

Are you wondering what are the BEST Mexican restaurants at Epcot?

Well, I’ve got good news for you.

You don’t need to relocate to Mexico to find good Mexican food. Epcot offers plenty! 

The Epcot Mexican restaurants are all stomach-grumblingly mouth-watering (if there is such a word).

You can start with tacos, move on to enchiladas, throw back an avocado margarita and end the feast with some flan.

Of course, this is but a fraction of what’s on the menu!

Sadly, you must choose one (or two if you’re really keen) restaurant to visit during your trip to Epcot.

Luckily, you don’t have to worry about that decision at all! I have done all the hard work for you.

In this article, I’m going to give you all the information you need to make a restaurant choice– I’m talking about menus, location, deals, ambience, service, crowdedness, yumminess and so much more.

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