25 BEST Disney Christmas Movies (YOU MUST WATCH IN THIS ORDER for 2022)

Are you trying to pick out the BEST Disney Christmas movies to get you in the holiday spirit?

If one thing can be said about Disney, it’s that they know magic inside and out. Christmas Magic is a special kind where we celebrate the joy, happiness and rebirth of a new era.

Disney movies already bring the magic and it’s a magic that is generational and considered a rite of passage to some. This goes for their films that are perfect for ringing in the holidays, some well-beloved and some probably unknown or underrated.

Today, I am going to help you get your Disney movie holiday watch list ready by sharing with you the best Christmas movies on Disney Plus (or Amazon)! So, grab your hot cocoa and cookies!

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Cinderella Castle Decorated for Christmas at Disney Magic Kingdom

Note: This list will be a mix of animated and live action films under Disney’s Umbrella including 20th Century Fox. It will also include some classic Mickey Mouse Shorts. So, let’s this list of Disney Christmas movies you MUST WATCH this holiday season!

1. Miracle on 34th Street (1947)

Yes, I am very partial to the original due to my love of old Hollywood movies but the 90s remake is equally lovable. It features an all-star cast including Maureen O’Hara, John Payne and Natalie Wood as well as Edmund Gwenn as Kris Kringle.

Miracle on 34th Street Best Disney Christmas Movies on Amazon

This holiday classic is played yearly and was preserved in the Library of Congress in 2005 for being culturally, historically and aesthetically significant. It follows Kris Kringle, an elderly man who causes quite a bit of fuss this holiday season when he is hired as the Macy’s Santa Claus in the flagship NYC store.

Miracle on 34th Street 1947 film on Amazon Christmas Disney Movies
1947 Film

The problem is a debate arises as to whether or not Kris really is the actual Santa Claus!

The film is beloved due to the spirit of the holidays in which it brings between the famous Thanksgiving Day parade, where some of the scenes were shot live during it in NYC to Christmas Day.

The film is wholesome and is sure to warm your heart making it one of the best Christmas movies.

Rent or Watch on Amazon.

2. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe

This 1950s beloved children’s book turned feature length film quickly became a cult classic as it is a beautiful recreation of one from the series. The book series spawned a film series with 2 more following, Prince Caspian and Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

Netflix has acquired rights and has a new film series and tv adaptations in the works as of June 2019.

The Chronicles of Narnia Book Series on Amazon
Book Series

The 2005 tale follows four British children named Peter, Lucy, Edmund and Susan who are evacuated to the countryside during the Blitz of World War II. During a game of Hide n Seek, a magical wardrobe that transports them to the fantastical world of Narnia is discovered. There they find themselves in a war between Aslan the lion and Jadis, the White Witch.

The Chronicles of Narnia Disney Christmas Movie on Amazon

The incredible CGI, storytelling , acting, spectacular craftsmanship in the props, costumes and sets , which can be seen on Disney Plus’s “Prop Culture”, show how truly wonderful this film is and why it’s so treasured by many. It truly is magic on film.

Rent or Watch on Amazon.

3. Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas

This little known follow up to 1991’s “Beauty and the Beast” was a direct to home video sequel from 1997.

It features the return of some of the beloved cast including Paige O’Hara as Belle, Robby Benson as Beast, Jerry Orbach as Lumiere, David Ogden Stiers as Cogsworth and Angela Lansbury as Mrs. Potts.

Beauty and the Beast the Enchanted Christmas one of the Best Christmas Disney Movies on Amazon

Notable New characters, some of which can be seen during the holidays at Walt Disney World in Be Our Guest Restaurant, feature Bernadette Peters as Angelique, Tim Curry as Forte and Kath Soucie as the Enchantress.

Mrs. Potts and friends reminisce back to a year ago, around the time when Belle begins her friendship with Beast. They debate about who had brought Christmas back to the castle.

It goes through how Belle reintroduced beloved holiday traditions such as ice skating and building snowmen.

Belle faces a bit of backlash from Beast and Forte, a pipe organ who doesn’t want to return to being human. With the help of her friends and the holiday decorations, who help her to make the palace a true holiday wonderland, she does her best to bring joy to everyone.

Be Our Guest Restaurant Belle and Prince Mural Window Stain

This film isn’t too well known now, only to those who grew up in the 90s, But the addition of Broadway and film legends combined with almost equally memorable songs as the original, it truly encapsulates the spirit of Disney Holiday magic. Making it one of the best Christmas movies on Disney Plus and Amazon.

Rent or Watch on Amazon.

4. Pluto’s Christmas Tree

If you want to put your family in that Mickey Mouse classic, holiday feel with a pinch of laughs, this is the perfect short. Made in 1952, It features a bevy of lovable characters we know such as Mickey Mouse, Pluto and Chip n Dale.

Pluto’s Christmas Tree Disney Movie on Amazon

We follow Mickey and Pluto as they cut down and bring home a tree for the holidays. Unbeknownst to Mickey, the tree he has cut down is the home of Chip n Dale.

Pluto tries to tell Mickey and has to solve the problem himself. As you could imagine, hilarity ensues as he attempts this.

This is a great way to get familiar again with these old Christmas Disney movies and appreciate the evolution of the characters.

Rent or Watch on Amazon.

5. The Nightmare Before Christmas

What’s this? What’s this? There’s something in the air!

It’s the sounds of the music from this Tim Burton 1993 cult classic, “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”  The classic is shown during Halloween and Christmas seasons on Freeform.

Production on this film started in July 1991 and took over 120 workers to create. It utilized 20 sound stages that were all filming at once as well as 227 puppets. Due to the film being stop motion, in total there were 109,440 frames completed.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Disney Movie on Amazon

We take a dive into Halloweentown, a fantasy world where monsters from your nightmares live.

Here is where the beloved Pumpkin King, Jack Skellington, presides over the town and leads the festivities for the Halloween Celebrations yearly. But Jack has grown tired of doing the same thing every year and stumbles upon a portal to Christmastown.

In awe of this new culture, he attempts to play “Sandy Claws” and bring it back to his town. Sally, a rag doll who is in love with him, has a vision that this will lead to disaster, but he doesn’t listen.

Meanwhile, a hideous creature named Oogie Boogie takes advantage of this and all doesn’t go according to plan for Jack as Oogie recruit Lock, Shock n Barrel to kidnap Santa.

Green Oogie Boogie from the Nightmare Before Christmas Disney Movie Inflatable on Amazon

This film is very unique to itself as its one of the few Disney films that stands out through its stop animation usage, doesn’t follow the norms of the traditional films and still somehow eerily beautiful through its combination of Christmas and Halloween.

The music is stupendous and while the characters are not your average ones, they are still relatable and bring the spirit of the holidays in its special way. Making it one of the best Disney Christmas movies to watch on Disney Plus or Amazon.

Rent or Watch on Amazon.

6. Olaf’s Frozen Adventure

It is time to follow Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Kristoff and Sven on a brand new adventure! This short debuted in 2017 ahead of the gorgeously animated feature film, Coco. It debuted a month later on ABC for the public to watch.

The original voice actors return to bring some holiday cheer to our homes with new songs and warm hugs.

Olaf's Frozen Adventure on Amazon

We follow the gang as they celebrate the holiday with their citizens for the first time since reopening the gates to their palace home.

As the citizens retire to their homes to partake in the family traditions, the sisters realize they don’t have any of their own due to being separated for so many years. Olaf takes Sven into town to get ideas for traditions from other families that include Christmas, Winter Solstice and Hanukkah.

Epcot Festival of the Arts 3D Art Chalk of Frozen Characters

What you will love about this short is the inclusion of other religious holidays as well as the feeling of togetherness that it brings.

The visualization and importance of family, love, hope and all the meaningful things that we love about the holidays brought to you by Olaf will truly warm the coldest of frozen hearts. And as always, the music is simply gorgeous.

Rent or Watch on Amazon.

7. Babes in Toyland (1961)

Walt Disney wanted to create a film similar to MGM’s The Wizard of Oz and thus Babes in Toyland came to fruition.

The film is based on the 1903 Operetta by Victor Herbert and stars Mouseketeer Annette Funicello, Ray Bolger, who ironically played the Scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz, Tommy Sands and Ed Wynn.

We enter the mystical world of Toyland, where all of our favorite fairy tale characters live. Everyone has gathered for the wedding of Mary Contrary and Tom Piper. Unaware that she is the heiress to a great fortune, the evil Barnaby wise to this attempt to get rid of Tom so he can marry Mary and get her money.

A whimsical amount of adventures happens to Tom and Mary including a run in with the Toymaker who has created a machine that can create toys without any manual labor.

Another invention, a shrinking machine, ends up in the hands of Barnaby who threatens Mary to marry him or he will hurt Tom. Without giving too much away, its truly a wild and imaginative time to be enjoyed by everyone.

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party is a great event to put on your Disney itinerary with Red and White Toy Solider. One of the Fun Disney Plus Christmas movies.
Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party is a great event to put on your Disney itinerary!

This live action Disney classic is the debut of the Toy Soldiers who you can see in Disney Parks parade all over the world.

The super sweet combination of Mother Goose Fairytales and toys, which every child and child at heart is anticipating during the holidays, will transport you into the fun world of Toyland and take you back to a different time. Making it one of my favorite Disney Christmas classic movies you must watch.

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8. Snowglobe

This ABC family original debuted in 2007 and has been played yearly ever since. It stars the adorable Christina Milian in a romantic holiday comedy and if you are a fan of the Hallmark holiday films, you will simply adore this one.

Snowglobe one the Best Disney Christmas Movies on Amazon

Milian plays Angela who wishes with all her heart to live in the picturesque world in her snow globe. Later that evening, she finds herself transported into “Snow Globe”, a place where she is welcomed with presents and freshly baked cookies!

She returns with a gift from the world and realizes it wasn’t a dream and so she continues to visit more often. But the more she visits, the more she takes away the innocence of the world.

She has to reverse what she’s done while attempting to maintain the little bit of magic in her life that she has.

While being a romantic, ooey, gooey, comedy, it still maintains to be charming, quirky and simply sweet as peppermint chocolate cookies. You will get exactly what you paid for with this movie which is an adorable holiday flick to watch on a Friday night.

It’s one of those fun, cute little Disney Christmas movies to watch this holiday season!

Rent or Watch on Amazon.

9. A Muppet Christmas Carol

Have you ever read “A Christmas Carol” by Dickens and thought to yourself “You know, this could use the Muppets flair!”

Well someone else did too and in 1992, this film came to be! This is also the first film to be done since Disney acquired the rights and the first one done after creator Jim Henson’s passing.

A Muppet Christmas Carol one the Best Christmas Disney Movies on Amazon

Gonzo narrates the film as Charles Dickens while Kermit the Frog takes on the role of Bob Cratchit. While this is an adaptation of the classic story, some liberties are taken to suit the Muppets that play certain characters from the tale.

It truly is a delight to see the comedic Muppets such as Statler and Walter, Miss Piggy, Swedish Chef, Bean Bunny, Sam the Eagle, Fozzie Bear and many more do their take on the book.

The holidays don’t always have to be so serious and traditional after all!

Rent or Watch on Amazon.

10. On Ice

Another adorable and lighthearted Mickey Mouse short from 1935 will make you wish you were ice skating at Rockefeller center during the wintertime.

I must note, as it does on Disney Plus, that there is a small depiction of tobacco use just in case you are watching with children as the short is presented in its original form.

Minnie and Mickey Mouse On Ice. One of the Best Disney Christmas Movies on Disney Plus.
Photo Copyright: Disney Co.

This short shows Mickey and Friends enjoying their time skating on a frozen lake in their own ways. Mickey helps Minnie conquer her fear of it for the first time and shows off his skills.

Sneaky Donald plays a trick on Pluto but ends up in a bit of trouble with a kite, where Mickey has to assist him and Goofy is being well…..goofy!

It very cute and another short that will keep everyone occupied for 8 minutes while you get the treats ready for the feature film for the evening!

11. Mickey’s Christmas Carol

This film was made in 1983 and is another adaptation of Charles Dickens’s “A Christmas Carol “but this time with Mickey and Friends. This version is a good way to introduce the tale to little ones to this Christmas classic without the loss of any good plot details.

Mickey's Christmas Carol one of the Best Christmas Disney Movies on Amazon

You see iconic characters play iconic characters! Mickey plays Bob Cratchit, Scrooge played by Uncle Scrooge of course and Goofy as Jacob Marley along with many other favorites such as Jiminy Cricket.

What makes this movie stand out is that while they stay true to the story, you still get the familiar character traits that we have come to know and love with these characters. It’s a good blend and touches the heart with its storytelling.

What I love is character they sneak in like the Big Bad Wolf, The Three Little Pigs, Chip n Dale and even Huey, Duey and Louie! Keep your eyes peeled or you’ll miss them!

This movie is filled with all the classic Disney characters, even some you may not recognize unless you’re knowledgeable about the classic shorts. But that gives you an excuse to watch them during the holidays!

So, be sure not to miss out on one of my favorite Disney Christmas movies.

Rent or Watch on Amazon or Disney Plus.

12. Prep and Landing

Prep and Landing isn’t your typical Disney Short. It debuted on ABC in 2009 and was fairly popular due to its hidden gags.

Disney Prep and Landing Christmas Movie on Amazon

The characters can be found in Holiday shows at Disney’s Hollywood Studios on Sunset Boulevard as part of a projection show that loops different holiday themes onto the street’s billboards and onto the Hollywood Tower of Terror attraction.

It in another Holiday spectacular that’s projected onto the Chinese Theater but this one is done once a night.

Hollywood Tower of Terror Ride Entrance at Hollywood Studios
Hollywood Tower of Terror Ride Entrance at Hollywood Studios

Prep and Landing follows Wayne the Christmas elf who is part of an elite team whose job is to prepare homes for Santa’s arrival.

Wayne is anticipating a promotion after almost 230 years on the team, only to be overlooked for his partner and former trainee instead. He is then given a new trainee, Lanny. He is still bitter and gives free reign to him for the mission, which leads to disastrous results.

While prepping a boy named Timmy’s home, Santa is told midflight about a massive storm approaching and that the elves haven’t prepped the home yet.

This leads to the landing getting cancelled, which has never happened before and promising to make it up to Timmy. This leaves the elves to resolve the problem!

This is a fairly new Christmas short but very beloved! It is different and unique as an original story and full of hidden gems as well as follow-up shorts!

There are nods to other holiday films and specials like A Charlie Brown Christmas and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. It also nods to Mickey’s Christmas Carol and even has little gems like the coordinates to the Walt Disney Company, Bolt, Walt Disney and more!

It’s a fun, colorful CGI animated short that will be sure to make you laugh and give you a true lesson in the spirit of the holidays. Making it one of the best Disney Christmas Movies for you to watch this holiday season.

Rent or Watch on Amazon.

13. One Magic Christmas

This 80s Christmas movie is one you simply must share with your loved ones! It is a relatable film that begs the audience to truly believe, be open minded and be giving to those who emotionally need the push to believe.

One Magic Christmas Disney Movie on Amazon

This film stars award winning actress Mary Steenburgen giving a truly unprecedented performance.

Mary plays a young mother named Ginny Grainger who is raising her two children, Cal and Abbie. Unfortunately, her husband Jack has been out of work since July and they are struggling as they have to leave the company house by January 1.

This film follows Ginny as she rediscovers the true joy and beauty of Christmas through the beliefs and faith of Abbie and her guardian angel, Gideon.

You will truly add this to your yearly holiday watch list as it raises your own spirits, warms your heart and makes you a believer once again!

Rent or Watch on Amazon.

14. Frozen

While this film takes place in the summer, it’s still considered a great film to watch during the holiday season. The award-winning Disney film that seemed to take over the world with its title song, “Let It Go”, has joined the ranks of Disney films as an absolute classic.

Its music, characters and messages truly speak to some important aspects we hold dear during the season.

frozen Christmas Disney Movies on Amazon

You follow Elsa, a princess of the kingdom of Arendelle , who is about to be coronated as Queen when her parents unfortunately pass during a storm in the sea.

What’s different about her is that she has magical ice powers that she conceals from everyone including her sister Anna. They have kept the palace gates closed to the citizens and she has kept herself away from her sister for years to protect them.

Anna wants to open the gates permanently and marry a prince who’s visiting that she just met.

Frozen Ever After Ana and Elsa Topiary at Epcot Flower and Garden Festival
Ana and Elsa Topiary at Epcot

But once Elsa’s powers are revealed accidentally, she runs away not realizing she placed an eternal winter on her kingdom, Anna goes after her sister and meets a talking snowman named Olaf, an Ice Gatherer named Kristoff and his “talking” reindeer named Sven.

Together they journey up the mountain to find Elsa and have her reverse the spell.

The message of the importance of family, love and overcoming personal struggles really ring true to the things many people struggle with during the holidays. The brilliant music and animation continue to bring people to awe to this day.

Rent or Watch on Amazon.

15. Santa’s Workshop

If you really want to go old school, you’ll want to check out this 1932 Silly Symphonies short! Just as a note, it does depict some outdated cultural things as this was made in the 1930s. I believe this is the oldest holiday themed short or film on this list!

You get a chance to take a peek in Santa’s Workshop! It’s every child’s dream come true!

Santa's Workshop Film from Disney Company one of the best Christmas movies on Disney Plus.
Photo Copyright: Disney Co.

You’ll watch as Santa is assisted by his elves as he preps for his Christmas eve sleigh ride. As the toys are ready to go, they come to life in true Disney magic fashion!

They give you a show as they march themselves right into Santa’s bag, ready to go to their final destinations.

The music and original animation of the short will really transport you back to before even Mickey came to be! It’s an adorable, fun and silly short that everyone in your family will truly come to love and maybe even watch again and again!

16. The Christmas Star

The 80s seemed to pump out a lot of amazing holiday movies but this one is no exception! The Christmas Star truly is a product of its time, but gives you that cheesy 80s feel that you are searching for in your Disney Christmas movies, you know?

It also stars Rene Auberjonois who was Chef Louis in The Little Mermaid, Flanagan in Cats Don’t Dance and Odo in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

The Christmas Start one of the BEST Christmas Disney Movies on Amazon

In true fashion, Criminal Horace Mcnickle, wanted for counterfeiting, looks so much like Santa that it allows him to somehow escape prison! Only in the 80s, am I right?

The police are getting close to him but he’s fortunate because it’s close to Christmas and so there are many, many St. Nicks roaming about.

Meanwhile, Mcnickle is desperate to recover loot from a previous heist but he can’t make a single move until he takes advantage of two kids who believe he is Santa.

Overall, the film is cheesy but it can still give you the desired feels because its two kids changing the heart of a thief during the season. Who can resist that?

Rent or Watch on Amazon.

17. Tinker Bell: Secret of the Wings

The early 2000s going into the 2010s was the era of Tinker Bell and her own solo films. They portrayed Tinker Bell and her adventures prior to meeting Peter Pan. In 2012, Disney decided that Tink could use a sibling!

Tinker Bell: Secret of the Wings Disney Film on Amazon

In Tinker Bell’s home of Pixie Hollow, the winter woods are a no go zone. But something is drawing Tink to the woods and to discover a secret that will change the game forever.

She meets Periwinkle, a frost fairy who will help her figure out the secret of the wings. Another surprise! They are sisters!

They work together through fun and laughter to save the two worlds that they know and love.

Tinkerbell and Periwinkle Fairy Topiary. Epcot Flower and Garden Festival one-day itinerary with colorful topiary.
Fairies in the butterfly garden at Epcot Flower and Garden Festival

These films are truly delightful and you have to appreciate the animation. The absolute beauty of the winter woods will truly give you vibes of a quiet snowy country wood from only your dreams. Quite the Aesthetic!

Did you know you used to be able to meet Periwinkle with Tinker Bell in the Disney Parks? Sometimes, Periwinkle comes for a visit.

Rent or Watch on Amazon.

18. The Santa Clause

When one thinks of Christmas Movies, this one is usually on the list. The 1994 classic starring Tim Allen has clutched the hearts of many over the years. Tim Allen pulls out a larger than life performance with this one.

It’s an original film but has the perfect combination of comedy, family, Christmas and love.

The Santa Clause one of the best Christmas Disney Movies on Amazon

On Christmas Eve, a Divorced father named Scott Calvin played by the incomparable Tim Allen, and his son are shocked to discover that Santa Clause had fallen off their roof while doing his present delivery.

Unknowingly, Scott takes over the role of Santa when he takes a joyride on the magical sleigh. Not a believer himself, he must now take on the role and make believers out of the entire world.

Best Disney Christmas The Santa Claus

The film is shown all the time during the season and that’s because it’s such a funny yet touching film that truly makes you want to be a believer in the impossible, whimsical, magical spirit of the holidays.

The film was so popular that there are two more films that followed and it is a trilogy of films. This is definitely one of the BEST Disney Christmas movies.

Rent or Watch on Amazon.

19. I’ll Be Home for Christmas

Another 90s coming of age classic starring 90s heartthrob, Johnathan Taylor Thomas is hilarious and not your typical Christmas film as it starts in California, which normally doesn’t have snow and ends in New York. 

That’s right, it’s a quirky teen travel film but with holiday flair. Sounds super corny but trust me, it’s not!

Disney I'll Be Home for Christmas Film on Amazon

There is only one thing on Jake Wilkinson’s mind and that’s getting home to Christmas dinner on time or he risks forfeiting the vintage Porsche promised to him by his father.

Jake is very all about himself and self-centered so he does whatever it takes to get there on time.

Days before the appointed day, he wakes up in a desert stranded with no money in a Santa suit and white beard. He continues to do literally everything he can to get to New York but along the way, he runs into some hilarious situations and strangers that seek Santa’s help.

As he gets closer and closer to home, he gets closer and closer to the true meaning of Christmas and the importance of family.

See, I told you it wasn’t corny! It’s truly one of those fun little Disney Christmas movies.

Rent or Watch on Amazon.

20. Home Alone

When anyone thinks of amazing films to watch during the holiday season, this one is usually at the top of the list.

The 1990s instant hit starring 90s kid star Macaulay Culkin held the record for highest grossing live action comedy ever up until 2011 when the record was taken by The Hangover Part 2.

Home Alone 1 and 2 on Amazon. Disney Christmas Movies to Watch.

Its amazingly wacky but you can’t stop watching how the story unfolds.

Culkin plays Kevin, who is part of a huge family who is preparing to leave on a flight to Paris for the holidays. Due to a power outage and some mix-ups, 8-year-old Kevin is left home alone, (get it?) and his parents don’t realize it until they are on the plane, on their way to Paris.

Meanwhile, Kevin has to defend his home from burglars, Harry and Marv, who have been hitting homes in the area. As the family rushes back to get Kevin, he sets up loads of traps to defend his home from the invaders that are absolutely hysterical!

Home Alone was so successful that it spawned several sequels and is considered by many to be the best Christmas film ever made.

It’s also known to have some home shots done used in the home where films such as Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off was filmed too.

Safe to say, you won’t have to worry about missing this on TV during the holiday season at any time. You’ll always catch it at least twice.

Rent or Watch on Amazon or Disney Plus.

21. Nutcracker and the Four Realms

Disney decided to take a crack at another holiday classic, “The Nutcracker and the Mouse King” by E T.A Hoffman and the ballet. The film stars Keira Knightley of Pirates of the Caribbean fame and debuted in 2017 with Newcomer MacKenzie Foy who is known as Renesmee in the Twilight Franchise.

Disney The Nutcracker and the Four Realms one of the Best Christmas Disney Movies

Foy takes on the role of Princess Clara, who receives a locked egg from her deceased mother as a gift. On Christmas eve in Victorian England, she attends a ball where she finds a string with her name on it.

It leads her to a forest in a parallel world where she finds a key which is taken by a mouse before she can grab it herself.

A captain name Phillip Hoffman takes Clara across a bridge to the fourth realm. She soon discovers that she has to help end a war between the realms and restore peace and balance.

It is a gorgeous rendition of the story that we all know due to the visual effects, production design and cinematography. If you want a brand-new take on the classic story, we would recommend giving Disney’s version a try!

Rent or Watch on Amazon.

22. The Ultimate Christmas Present

If you are a 90s baby who grew up on Disney Channel, then you will remember this film starring Spencer Breslin and Brenda Song! The film debuted in 2000 and is a coming of age holiday comedy that really takes you back.

The Ultimate Christmas Present a Disney Christmas Movie

This one was also popular for the California natives who dream of seeing snow!

You will join 13-year-old Allie Thompson and her BFF Sam who dream of seeing a white Christmas in Los Angeles.  But by some holiday miracle, they discover a weather machine that was tossed away by Santa Clause!

Obviously, the best usage of the machine is to make it snow, causing a snow day and cancelling school, right?

But the machine gets out of whack and cause major problems. It’s so bad that it threatens to cancel Christmas so it’s up to Allie and Sam to save the day!

Throwbacks are a big part of what makes the holidays so memorable so I know many 90s babies will probably rewatch this with such nostalgia and believe in their hearts still that it could snow in California someday.

Rent or Watch on Amazon.

23. Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas

Another Disney film featuring Mickey and the crew will really make you feel like the holidays are truly here. Disney does storytelling so well and they do it again with this 1999 animated anthology.

Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas one of the Best Christmas Disney Movies on Amazon

This is a few stories that express lessons about what the holidays mean to all of us and reiterate it to us so we remember what we are truly celebrating.

We take a look at the wonder filled stories of the character’s past as we see how Mickey and Minnie give up something special to them in order to make each other’s Christmas unforgettable without both of them realizing they did it.

Huey, Duey and Louie think back to when they wished Christmas was every day and that dream came true! But with those boys comes comical catastrophes and so with it, the lesson of what the holidays are truly about.

Christmas at Epcot with Christmas Tree in Santa's Village
Christmas at Epcot 2013

We meet up with Goofy and his son Max as they relive their crazy holiday Hijinx but when Santa comes to visit to make the most of the magical time.

The fact that it’s a series of stories that each tell an important lesson through beloved Disney characters really show what it’s all about and brings everyone together. Making it one of the best Christmas Disney Movies for you to watch this year!

Rent or Watch on Amazon.

24. Noelle

A fairly new film but still worth watching, this 2019 holiday film starring Anna Kendrick of Pitch Perfect fame will have everyone going awe for a good chunk of the move.

It truly encapsulates a great Christmas family comedy with how kooky and full of holiday cheer it is! The cast featuring Shirley MacLaine and Bill Hader really ties it all together!

Noelle Disney Christmas Movie Soundtrack on Amazon
Noelle Soundtrack

Kendrick plays Noelle, the beloved daughter of Kris Kringle and full of the holiday spirit and cheer. Her brother Nick, who expected to take over the family business, doesn’t feel the same way as he’s training to be Santa but not doing so hot.

Noelle suggests he takes a break and he does. He doesn’t come back though!

As chaos ensues in the north pole, Noelle goes on a search and recover mission into the real world for her brother. Along the way, she understands the true meaning of Christmas and the other things she has in common with her famous father.

Noelle is truly reminiscent of the 80s and 90s holiday movies but with a modern flair. The cast does a brilliant job bringing the true meaning of the holidays to life in a comedic but sweet and light hearted manner.

25. The Small One

I started to end the list with Die Hard but that is still up for debate on whether or not it’s a Christmas movie. Plus, it’s not on Disney Plus haha!  Instead I decided to keep it traditional with a little known short called “The Small One.”

The Small One a Classic Disney Christmas Holiday Movie on Amazon

It should also be noted that the short is presented in its original form on Disney plus. It’s a truly heartwarming, historical animated short from 1978 that isn’t usually on everyone’s list but should be.

Small one, a Hebrew boy who lives in Ancient Israel, is ordered by his father to sell his old donkey as the market.  No one wants to buy and he is ready to give up when he comes across Joseph.

Joseph purchases the donkey and uses it to transport his pregnant wife, Mary to Bethlehem.

For those who are familiar with the biblical story, it truly does it justice. It really is an amazing take on the tale and absolutely wonderful take on it. You will really want to give this a chance this December as it is one of those classic Disney Christmas movies.

Rent or Watch on Amazon.

Let’s Wrap it Up…

That’s it for this holiday list! I hope by watching these Disney Christmas movies and shorts you will get your fill of holiday memories, cheer and the true meaning and spirit of the season!

25 best Disney Christmas movies to get you in the holiday spirit
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Let us know which one of the Disney Christmas movies you MUST watch every year in the comments section below!

Until next time, Happy Park Hopping Hipsters!

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