Cedar Point Frontier Festival 2023 Guide: Food, Fun, Tickets, and More!

Are you ready to enjoy some of the best food, drinks, and entertainment at the Cedar Point Frontier Festival?

Don’t worry, I have all the insider tips just for you!

Cedar Point is one of the most coveted parks to attend on any theme park enthusiasts must-do list. This popular Sandusky, Ohio destination has a vibrant history that cultivated back in 1870.

Cedar Point is also considered the second oldest amusement park in the world and is home to world class roller coasters.

This allows it the be the only park in the world currently with five roller coasters towering over 200 feet.

The park itself is a historical landmark and has been voted “Best Amusement Park in the World” 16 years consecutively by Amusement Today.

But if you are reading this, you’re probably already well versed in Cedar Point and its famous coasters that draw in a little over 3.6 million visitors a year.

What you may not be aware of is the park’s seasonal offerings and so we come to Cedar Point’s Frontier Festival!

Today, I will be going over the festival and what it has to offer you!

I was invited by Cedar Point to check out this fun summer event and I’m excited to get into all the details.

Cedar Point Frontier Town Entrance. Keep reading to learn about the Cedar Point Frontier Festival.

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What is the Frontier Festival at Cedar Point?

The Frontier Festival is the park’s annual celebration of hope, health and harvest.

Appropriately located in Cedar Point’s Frontiertown, you will walk into hootenanny of southern comfort.

Cedar Point Frontier Festival wagons with vegetation on them.

The small-town vibe street festival boasts live entertainment, games, shopping along with artisan and food booths.

This area of Frontiertown comes to life as you enjoy with the roar of some of its famous coasters in the background.

Cedar Point Walking Into Frontier Town with Maverick in the background. Keep reading to learn about the Cedar Point Frontier Festival.

But when it comes to the Frontier Festival, you will be so immersed in its offerings that the Cedar Point Roller Coasters won’t even be noticed.

On top of this fun filled festival’s offerings, the official partner for this year’s annual celebration is “Prayers from Maria.”

The symbol of the organization, the sunflower, is strewn all about Frontiertown.

Cedar Point Frontier Festival Merchandise with Victoria Wade.

The local organization strives to bring awareness to the struggles of children having to suffer with cancer and work to fund research to find a cure. We will talk more about them later on.

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When is Frontier Festival at Cedar Point?

You’ll be happy to know that Cedar Point’s Frontier Festival takes place May 25th until June 18th, 2023 from 12 p.m until 8 p.m. each day.

Cedar Point 150th Anniversary Sign. Keep reading to learn about the Cedar Point Frontier Festival.

This means that if you’re thinking about making it out to this event, you’ll need to make your decision right away!

What Does the Cedar Point Frontier Festival Offer?

As I mentioned previously, the festival offerings are immersive and quite big fun for all visitors.

Cedar Point Steel Vengeance Roller Coaster Curves. Keep reading to learn about the Cedar Point Frontier Festival.

5 Fun Things to Do at Cedar Point Frontier Festival

There is an abundance of activities that also highlights members of the local community and organizations, like Prayers from Maria, for example.

Cedar Point Frontier Festival Merchandise

1. Explore Artisan Square

The Artisan Square plays host to local crafters who showcase their handmade fares, all available purchase.

In the square, you can also partake in viewing a demonstration that will certainly intrigue and please all who view.

Cedar Point Opt in Lead Magnet Blog Banner

2. Play Games

Around the corner, you can take a break and play some classic games like checkers or horseshoes. The best part is the daily Cornhole tournament, if you’re in a competitive spirit!

Cedar Point Frontierland with view of Millennium Force and Skyhawk. Keep reading to learn about the Cedar Point Frontier Festival.

Or you can try your hand at the sunflower themed garden games where you can win a prize. Proceeds go towards the Prayers from Maria organization.

3. Enjoy the Cedar Point Entertainment

There’s daily special entertainment that takes place upon Gossip Gulch Stage that features the mayor of Frontiertown kicking off the celebration.

Cedar Point Cedar Creek Mine Ride Roller Coaster. Keep reading to learn about the Cedar Point Frontier Festival.

Later in the evening, you can join in with the townsfolk in a hubbub hoedown and dance the evening away!

Throughout the festival’s run, there will be special guest acts on certain days. Check your guide map upon arrival for more details.

4. Eat Your Way Around Frontier Festival at Cedar Point

Or while you’re enjoying your grub from the nearby food booths, you can take in the sweet sounds from the Homegrown band, who’s taking a break from cooking in the Farmhouse Kitchen.

Cedar Point Frontier Festival Food Cherry Pizza

5. Compete in the Eating Contest

For the kiddos, there are eight activities throughout the day including an adorable corn-on-the-cob eating contest with Snoopy from the Peanuts being the judge!

Cedar Point Snoopy Inflatable next to Top Thrill Dragster

There is plenty of down-home fun for everyone to enjoy during the afternoon.

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What to Buy at Cedar Point’s Frontier Festival?

Before we dive into the amazing food at this Cedar Point festival, let’s talk about the shopping.

Cedar Point Frontier Festival Merchandise

Frontier Festival Merchandise at Cedar Point

Cedar Point is showing off with their fun and brightly colored festival merchandise. It features everything from home decor to clothing and plushes.

You WILL have to take something home with you to commemorate your unforgettable visit to the Frontier Festival at Cedar Point.

The park has worked with its official partner organization to introduce hope into your lives while helping introduce it to those in need. There are a wide variety of shirts, buttons, artwork, toys and more that are inspired by the organization’s symbol available for purchase.

By purchasing, you will be helping fund research towards finding a cure for childhood cancer and 100% of proceeds goes to Prayers from Maria.

Cedar Point Frontier Festival Merchandise Package

Frontier Festival is putting a spotlight on its merchandise with a special bundle. The bundle includes (final details pending for 2023):

  • A baby blue t-shirt with Snoopy and Woodstock surrounded by sunflowers
  • The Cedar Point Frontier Festival bandana
  • A button featuring the Peanuts duo

You can get all of this and the commemorative button for only $19.99!

Cedar Point Frontier Festival Food and Drink Guide

The food offerings for this year’s Frontier Festival is a wide range of home-cooked goodness with a combination of testing the boundaries of your taste buds.

Cedar Point Frontier Festival Food Cherry Pizza
Cherry Cola Braised Beef Pizza and A Cherry Pie Streusel Pizza

A distinct ingredient for this year is the addition of cherries in some of the food items.

Some of which, I first side-eyed, but I am always open to try something once. A decision I don’t regret when it comes to this.

But before we dive into the menu, let’s quickly discuss the tasting cards.

Cedar Point Tasting Card at Frontier Festival

There are 2 tasting card offers and one package that help benefit visitors who want to check out the festival at Cedar Point.

Cedar Point Frontier Festival Tasting Card

How does the Cedar Point Tasting Card work?

Once you buy a tasting card, they are good for the remainder of the festival’s run.

The card allows you to try between 6 to 10 different food and drink items around the festival that range from sweet, savory, mild and spicy!

How much is the Cedar Point Tasting Card for the 2023 Frontier Festival?

A tasting card on its own starts at $39.99, which I feel is a good value for what you’re getting, especially since it lasts for the duration of the festival.

Cedar Point Frontier Festival Bundle

You could also go for the Frontier Festival Bundle which includes admission to the park, 3 ticket tasting card and parking for one. This option starts at $59.99.

Cedar Point Swing ride in front of Maverick. Keep reading to learn about the Cedar Point Frontier Festival.

Something to note is with this option, the tasting card is valid only for the date that you choose at checkout and not the duration of the festival.

Frontier Festival Resort Package

If you plan on staying overnight or for a weekend, you may want to consider the “Frontier Festival Saddle Up Stay & Save” package.

It’s priced per person, per night and is as low as $95. This price includes:

  • 1 day admission to Cedar Point
  • Overnight stay
  • Free fountain beverages
  • A free Frontier Festival tasting card
  • Access to the Cedar Point Beach along beautiful Lake Erie
  • Parking for the duration of your stay

I felt that these were fair options for a wide variety of visitors to consider. But let’s get into the food and drink menus.

Cedar Point Frontier Festival Menu

At the festival, there are a total of 11 food booths serving up between 2 to 3 different items to try.

I would highly recommend taking my advice and trying out things you wouldn’t normally try as it’s a perfect time to explore some new dishes.

Cedar Point Frontier Festival Tasting Card and pizza food.

I have attached the link to the festival guide here and below are the booths and their offerings (2023 details still pending):

Campfire Cookout

  • Cherry Chipotle Chili
  • A Cherry and Chocolate Bread Pudding

Engine House Custard

  • Cherry Cola Cupcakes with Cheesecake Frosting
  • The Cherry Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwiches

Wagon Wheel

  • Cherry Cola Braised Beef Pizza
  • A Cherry Pie Streusel Pizza

Farmhouse Kitchen and Grill

  • Panzanella Salad with Fresh Cherries
  • Fried Cherry Hand Pies
  • Gochujang Glazed Pork Ribs

Frontier Tacos

  • Steak Fajita Tacos
  • Cherry Pork Tacos
  • Cold Marinated Shrimp Tacos

Stockade Refreshments

  • Glazed Donut Bacon Cheeseburger
  • Cherry Buffalo Chicken Tenders


  • Mojo Whole Hog Sliders with Kimchi Slaw
  • Smoked Cherry Brisket Sliders with Cherry BBQ Sauce


  • Summer Cherry Fruit Salad
  • Gluten Free Chocolate Flourless Cake with Cherry Black Forest Topping

Chuck Wagon

  • Barbacoa Nachos
  • Chicken Nachos

Coca Cola Fountains & Floats

  • Signature Ice Cream with Wild Berry Crumble
  • Cherry Coke Float with Signature Ice Cream

Miss Keat’s Smokehouse

  • Mini Corn Dogs
  • Chicken Chunks
  • Mac n Cheese
  • French Fries
  • Dry Rubbed and Smoked Chicken Wings

We were told specifically that Farmhouse had been working on a revamped menu as well, so I look forward to coming back to test it out!

My Review of the Food at Cedar Point’s Frontier Festival

I tried food from 8 out of the 11 booths and almost everything we found to be absolutely scrumptious!

Victoria Wade at Cedar Point Frontier Festival

My personal favorites were the Steak Fajita and Cherry Pork Tacos, both pizzas from Wagon Wheel and the Cherry and Chocolate Bread Pudding.

It was fun to see how the parks tested the cherry flavor in all their food offerings!

Steel Vengeance Roller Coaster Cedar Point Entrance. Keep reading to learn about the Cedar Point Frontier Festival.

As I had to drive back home the same day, I did not want to try the drink options for safety reasons, but I spoke to a few colleagues who was around for the festival with us, and they enjoyed many of the 8 oz beer pours available at the 6 Belly Washer stands!

Cowboy whiskey in front of barrel at Cedar Point. Keep reading to learn about the Cedar Point Frontier Festival.

It would be interesting to see more vegan or vegetarian options in future festivals or even impossible burger features. Overall, II had zero complaints about the menu for the festival!

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Wild Frontier Nights at Cedar Point

Last year, Cedar Point tried some brand new experiences and it started with its limited time event, “Wild Frontier Nights!”

Cedar Point Frontier Festival Wild Frontier Nights Pink Drink with Grilled Cheeseburger Slider

This event was for 21 and older, so was great to see that they were catering to an adult crowd.

I noticed during my visit that there were lots of families and teenagers around, so I’m sure this event will be a fun draw for the adults.

I’m not sure if it will return this year, but I will keep you posted.

Nighttime Fun at Cedar Point!

I got to experience the park’s own, Lusty Lil, who threw a nighttime bash and invited me to be a VIO (Very Important Outlaw) by having Frontiertown all to myself!

Cedar Point Maverick Roller Coaster Entrance. Keep reading to learn about the Cedar Point Frontier Festival.

We got to have attractions like Maverick and Steel Vengeance to ourselves with very little to no wait along with comfy bonfires all about the land to warm us up.

There were various activates like mechanical bull riding and axe-throwing, along with bull roping and wood carving demonstrations.

The axe throwing might have been my favorite thing to do for the night!

Don’t Miss This at Cedar Point’s Frontier Festival!

The must-do items to eat and drink were the signature Lusty Lil drink available in the Last Chance Saloon, where Lusty Lil herself popped in to make sure we were having a good time!

Cedar Point Frontier Festival Frontier Nights Cherry Brisket Pizza with Drink in Cowboy book with Grilled Cheeseburger Slider

But when I tell you I would LOOOOOVE to have another taste of their Grilled Cheeseburger Slider. I still miss it right now!

And the Cookie Dough Egg Rolls made me curious but was indeed super sweet and yummy!

Unlimited soft drinks along with live music from bands, line dancing and awesome shows really made this a really cool event.

Did I mention you get a Souvenir Pass and Cowboy Hat to take home? Yee- and I cannot stress this enough- HAW!

How Much is Wild Frontier Nights at Cedar Point?

As mentioned earlier, I am not sure if this upgrade will return this year. In 2022, to simply enter the event, it was $99.99.

This meant that you would’ve paid for your own food and drinks a la carte with the event starting at 9 p.m until midnight.

Last year, there were multiple bundles that got a bit confusing. So, it may not have been successful making it one of the experiences that will not possibly return this year.

Cedar Point Town Hall Museum in Halloween Decor next to Skyhawk. Keep reading to learn about the Cedar Point Frontier Festival.

Personally, I got a bit confused with where everything was at first in the land, but once I figured out, it ended up being a cozy and fun evening!

My Final Thoughts on Frontier Festival at Cedar Point

Cedar Point’s Frontier Festival is a great time for everyone!

It has the charm of an ol’ fashioned small southern town and its heightened with its menu offerings.

I love that they stepped outside the box with their food while still managing to stick to its theme.

Cedar Point Frontier Festival with Victoria Wade

I genuinely admire their commitment and addition of the community with its artisan booths and demonstrations.

Giving out of state visitors a peek at the entire community allows guests to want to explore beyond the park and support.

Cedar Point Steel Vengeance Roller Coaster Maverick Beauregard Chamberlain Easter Egg. Keep reading to learn about the Cedar Point Frontier Festival.
Steel Vengeance

Not to mention, partnering with a local organization and fully immersing it into the festival brings the message full circle that Cedar Point is a park that is beyond its famous coasters.

It is a hidden gem of amazing and memorable experiences where guests can have fun while making a difference to the people who celebrate and love their community.

Cedar Point Frontier Festival Guide
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This writer, who was a first time visitor, can back up the park and fully say that it’s worth visiting for its good ol’ fashioned experiences as well as its coasters.

Until next time, Happy Park Hopping Hipsters!

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