Top 10 BEST Things to Do at SeaWorld Orlando in 2024

Are you looking for the best things to do at SeaWorld Orlando?

We all know how it goes. You plan your trip to Orlando, you buy your park tickets for SeaWorld, and then you realize that you’ve still got to plan the itinerary! 

What rides should you ride? 

Where is the best spot to eat?

What kinds of fun events are going on while you’re visiting?

I’ve got answers to all these and more, so read on for our take on the Top 10 BEST things to do at SeaWorld Orlando this year. 

Today, I’ve gathered up all the best tips and ideas just for you!

SeaWorld Orlando Resort Kraken Roller Coaster. Keep reading for the best things to do at SeaWorld.

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1. Conquer the Roller Coasters 

Let’s start with the roller coasters because SeaWorld Orlando has some of the best thrill rides in the country.

SeaWorld Orlando Resort logo sign next to Manta Roller Coaster. Keep reading for the best things to do at SeaWorld.


This coaster falls under SeaWorld Orlando’s category of extreme thrill rides. I’d say this is mostly because this roller coaster is floorless! 

What does that mean, exactly? 

SeaWorld Orlando Resort Kraken Roller Coaster. Keep reading for the best things to do at SeaWorld.

Well, your feet will be hanging in mid-air as you twist and turn at a high rate of speed. 

The track is above the seats instead of below. Kraken is for the bravest of riders! 

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The Manta roller coaster is yet another high-thrill ride at SeaWorld Orlando. 

SeaWorld Orlando Manta Rollercoaster flying over in the sky. Keep reading for the best things to do at SeaWorld.
Manta Roller Coaster

Imagine riding through the air at the same angles that a manta ray glides through the water. That’s what to expect on Manta. 

SeaWorld Orlando Opt in Lead Magnet Blog Banner

You’ll feel as though you’re skimming through the water, but super fast!


Zip and zoom through the sky on Mako. This super coaster is TALL and FAST. 

SeaWorld Orlando Lagoon overlooking Mako and Kraken. Keep reading for the best things to do at SeaWorld.

Did You Know? Mako is actually the tallest and fastest coaster in all of Orlando! Riders must be 54” tall to ride. 

Plus, Mako was voted #1 Best Roller Coaster by USA Today!

Ice Breaker

The Ice Breaker roller coaster is what’s known as a “launch coaster.” 

Ice Breaker SeaWorld Roller Coaster Entrance. Keep reading for the best things to do at SeaWorld.

Be prepared to be not only launched, but also twisted at high speeds, zoomed forward and backwards…and more! Ice Breaker is no easy thrill ride experience.

SeaWorld Orlando’s Super Grover’s Box Car Derby 

Super Grover’s Box Car Derby is an awesome, (and calmer!) coaster for kids of all ages. 

SeaWorld Orlando Sesame Street Land Roller Coaster Grover Box Car Derby. Keep reading for the best things to do at SeaWorld.

It’s loads of fun and it will still give you that stomach-drop feeling that all the best coasters do.

Hipster Power Tip: If you’re under 41 inches tall, make sure you have a taller guest accompanying you on the ride.

Journey to Atlantis  

The Journey to Atlantis ride puts the water in water coaster! 

SeaWorld Orlando Resort Journey to Atlantis Water Ride Roller Coaster. Keep reading for the best things to do at SeaWorld.

Anticipate a thrill ride that even less thrill-seeking people can handle. 

You’ll ride in a boat-like vessel, and – you will get wet. 

Enjoy the mystery and intrigue of Atlantis as you make big drops and get splashed and soaked in the meantime!

Pipeline: The Surf Coaster

So, what’s Pipeline: The Surf Coaster? 

Well, it’s an ultra-innovative new steel roller coaster. The idea is that you’re “surfing,” so you’re almost completely standing up straight. 

SeaWorld Orlando Resort Boardwalk view of Pipeline Roller Coaster. Keep reading for the best things to do at SeaWorld.

However, you’re secured tightly and safely. Not only is this ride fast and curvy, but you’ll feel like you’re surfing the entire time. 

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COMING SOON Spring 2024 – Penguin Trek Coaster

Are you ready to have the most EPIC research mission ever! 

That’s what you’ll get on the new Penguin Trek roller coaster coming to SeaWorld Orlando. 

It’s a mind-blowing family launch coaster adventure through the stunning vastness of Antarctica. 

SeaWorld Orlando Penguin Trek Concept Art
NEW Penguin Trek Roller Coaster Opening Spring of 2024 (Image Courtesy of SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment)

When you arrive at your basecamp, you’ll hop on your snowmobile and zoom along with your expedition crew at speeds of up to 43 miles per hour.

Here you’ll be twisting and turning as you narrowly avoid the crumbling dangers of an icy cavern on this launch coaster. 

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2. Purchase the All-Day Dining Deal 

For those of you wondering what there is to do in SeaWorld Orlando, aside from all the awesome thrill rides, SeaWorld Orlando has some excellent dining opportunities! 

SeaWorld Orlando All Day Dining Deal. Keep reading for the best things to do at SeaWorld.

So how can you make sure you get to try the culinary delights that you want to, without going over your budget? 

Enter: The All-Day Dining Deal. 

The All-Day Dining Deal at SeaWorld Orlando starts at $49.99/per adult and $24.99/per child 9 & under. (If your child is 10 or above, they are considered an “adult.”)

If you take advantage of All-Day Dining at SeaWorld Orlando, here’s what you’ll get: 

Every 90 minutes, guests with the All-Day Dining Deal have the option to try a new soft beverage or iced tea, one entrée, plus one side or a dessert. It’s a pretty sweet deal!

SeaWorld Orlando Voyager Smokehouse Texas STyle Brisket with Fries Mac and Cheese Water and Cheesecake all day dining. Keep reading for the best things to do at SeaWorld.

Hipster Power Tip: Not every restaurant at SeaWorld Orlando participates in All-Day Dining, but many do! 

Just be sure to ask before ordering or look at the menu for logos indicating all-day dining package participation.

Below is a list of the participating restaurants according to SeaWorld Orlando’s website: 

  1. Voyager’s Smokehouse
  2. Expedition Café
  3. Captain Pete’s Island Eats
  4. Seafire Grill
  5. Lakeside Grill
  6. Altitude Burger
  7. Panini Shore Cafe
  8. Waterway Grill

These are definite All-Day Dining restaurants! 

3. Explore the SeaWorld Exhibits 

The SeaWorld Exhibits are one of the biggest reasons why guests flock to SeaWorld. 

SeaWorld Orlando Resort Dolphin Area in Key West. Keep reading for the best things to do at SeaWorld.

There are countless opportunities to experience all the sea life at SeaWorld through its many exhibits. 

So, what are some of these exhibits? 

Below are the current exhibits available at SeaWorld Orlando:

  • Dolphin Nursery 
  • Wild Arctic 
  • Shark Encounter 
  • Jewel of The Sea Aquarium
  • Stingray Lagoon
  • Pacific Point Preserve 
  • Flamingo Pond 
  • Manatee Rescue 
  • Manta Aquarium 
  • Turtle Pointe 
  • Dolphin Cove 
  • Penguin Encounter 

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4. Do A Special Tour 

SeaWorld Orlando offers a wide variety of tours that guests can sign up for to get the ultimate experience at SeaWorld. 

SeaWorld Orlando Tours Sign. Keep reading for the best things to do at SeaWorld.

The best is their “Ultimate VIP Tour,” but they also offer several animal encounters that can be both hands-on and one-on-one!

SeaWorld Orlando Resort Alligator area. Keep reading for the best things to do at SeaWorld.

In addition to the private VIP guided tour (starting at $600), guests can also register and reserve: 

  • Dolphin Tours
  • Orca Tours
  • Penguin Encounters
  • Sea Lions Tours
  • Walrus Tours

There are also so many other awesome “up close” opportunities to see the animals right in front of you.  

5. Dine at Sharks Underwater Grill and Bar

For an excellent dining experience at SeaWorld, make your group a reservation at Sharks Underwater Grill! 

Sharks Underwater Grill in SeaWorld Orlando Sign. Keep reading for the best things to do at SeaWorld.

This award-winning dining opportunity has a fabulous menu, and it’s also very allergen friendly! 

With plenty of options on the menu for kids and adults, Sharks Underwater Grill is a perfect option to try while you’re in SeaWorld Orlando. 

Hipster Power Tip: Don’t forget to request a seat near the aquarium and to glance at their extensive Cocktail and Wine list too!

6. Party it Up at One of the Festivals and Special Events 

From early February through early May, SeaWorld Orlando puts on their Seven Seas Food Festival. 

SeaWorld Orlando Stilt Walkers at the Seven Seas Festival. Keep reading for the best things to do at SeaWorld.

Amid this festival, guests will find options for a delectable variety of foods from all over the world. 

SeaWorld Orlando Resort Seven Seas Food Festival Polynesian Market with Ahi Tuna Poke Nachos. Keep reading for the best things to do at SeaWorld.

A large variety of craft beer, wine, and cocktails will also be available. 

Plus, talented live music performers can be found all throughout SeaWorld Orlando during this special festival. 

Check out the awesome offerings if you visit during the festival dates.

More SeaWorld Orlando Festivals and Events 

Throughout the year, SeaWorld Orlando also puts on other special events, including: 

Check SeaWorld Orlando’s website for more information on dates and tickets for these events. 

7. Conquer the Water Rides 

While you’re planning what things to do at SeaWorld Orlando, you can’t ignore the fact that SeaWorld has a lot of water rides.

These are the water attractions at the park that you must try:

  • Infinity Falls
  • Journey To Atlantis
  • Flamingo Paddle Boats
  • Don’t forget about the Splash Pad in Sesame Street Land

If you don’t mind getting splashed, then grab your poncho, and board the rides on these fin-tastic water attractions.

8. Become a Pass Member 

If you’re a regular visitor of SeaWorld Orlando, the Annual Pass may be something to consider for you and your family. 

SeaWorld Orlando Annual Passholder VIP Entrance. Keep reading for the best things to do at SeaWorld.

The SeaWorld Orlando Pass has a few different tier options to choose from. 

SeaWorld Orlando Resort Seven Seas Food Festival Food and Beverage Sampler Lanyard. Keep reading for the best things to do at SeaWorld.
Special Annual Pass Member Perks Such as More Festival Samples at No Additional Cost

The best part about paying for an Annual Pass at SeaWorld is that some of the special events we mentioned are included in your Pass membership!

With the SeaWorld Orlando Annual Pass, you’ll get benefits like: 

  • Free tickets for additional guests (the number of guests you can bring varies depending on the level of annual pass you have)
  • Admission for a full year
  • Exclusive access to preferred parking 

At SeaWorld Orlando Resort, having the Annual Pass provides bonus perks, access, and ease to your visit. It’s also cost-effective! 

9. Create a Foodie Tour 

I know there are a lot of foodies out there so I’ve rounded up some top picks for restaurants at SeaWorld Orlando. 

SeaWorld Orlando Food and Drinks Margarita and Nachos. Keep reading for the best things to do at SeaWorld.
Flame Craft Bar next to SeaFire Grill. Drinks Margarita and Nachos.

My recommendation is to also check the menus beforehand and select your own restaurants, creating a specific “foodie tour” that’s personalized for your tastes. 

Your Foodie Tour Itinerary for SeaWorld Orlando

  • Sharks Underwater Grill and Bar: Grilled Lambchops, Cannoli Cake, and Mako Margarita
  • Lakeside Grill: Bacon Queso Burger, Loaded Fries and Chocolate Cake
  • Voyager’s Smokehouse: Texas Style Brisket, Mac & Cheese, and Cheesecake 
  • Mama’s Pretzel Kitchen: Pretzel Nuggets with Beer Infused Cheese
  • Flamecraft Bar: Nacho Supreme and Tropical Hurricane
  • Expedition Café: Orange Chicken and Teriyaki Chicken

This is just a place to start. Feel free to take away or add your own touch to the list.

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10. Visit the Christmas Celebration 

On specific dates throughout November and December, SeaWorld Orlando puts on a show-stopping Christmas Celebration.

SeaWorld Christmas Celebration Holiday Tree in Front of Altitude Burgers. Keep reading for the best things to do at SeaWorld.

Some of the incredible opportunities during this holiday celebration include: 

  • O Wondrous Night: Performed at the Nautilus Theatre 
  • Enjoy holiday carols and storytelling, plus live animals.
  • You can look forward to meeting Santa, Rudolph, and many more holiday friends.  
  • SeaWorld Orlando also puts on an amazing Sesame Street Christmas Parade.
  • Don’t skip the Christmas lights, delicious holiday treats, and even snow flurries!

One of the best things that SeaWorld Orlando Resort offers during the Christmas season is the “Sea of Trees” show. 

SeaWorld Christmas Celebration Sea of Trees. Keep reading for the best things to do at SeaWorld.

The trees on the water light up and float to the music for a beautiful holiday production. 

SeaWorld Christmas Celebration with Toy Soldiers at the Entrance. Keep reading for the best things to do at SeaWorld.

PLUS! In addition to the ice-skating show that SeaWorld puts on, you have the opportunity to go ice skating! 

SeaWorld Christmas Celebration Ice Skating in Orlando Florida Sun. Keep reading for the best things to do at SeaWorld.

There’s endless winter fun and surprises at SeaWorld Orlando during the holidays. 

Honorable Mention: Go Solo!

As an honorable mention for this Top 10 Best SeaWorld Orlando list, take a theme park day with you and only you! 

SeaWorld Christmas Celebration NikkyJ enjoying Fried Chicken Sandwich. Keep reading for the best things to do at SeaWorld.
Enjoying my Hot Chicken Sandwich at the Christmas Celebration

Ride the thrill rides you want, skip the lines you don’t want to wait in, and try some delicious snacks, treats, and beverages throughout your SeaWorld visit. 

SeaWorld Orlando Resort Empire of the Penguin Exhibit. Keep reading for the best things to do at SeaWorld.

Just because you’re headed to a popular theme park doesn’t mean you have to bring a whole crew along with you. 

Go solo and only do the attractions that YOU think sound like fun. 

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My Final Thoughts on the Best Things to Do at SeaWorld Orlando

So, now that I’ve given you my top ideas for some of the best things to do at SeaWorld Orlando, I can’t wait to hear what new things you try and what experiences you love! 

10 Best Things to Do at SeaWorld Orlando. Full Travel Guide.
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SeaWorld Orlando has a lot to try. So much so, that you almost can’t see it all in one trip. 

Until next time, Happy Park Hopping Hipsters!

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