What To Wear To Disney World In November? FUN Outfit Ideas for You!

Are you trying to figure out what to wear to Disney World in November?

Orlando in November and December almost feels like an oxymoron as a concept. 

When you think of Disney World and Orlando, FL, I know you think of those palm trees, the bright sun, and the need to stay hydrated all throughout your day.

Right? Me too. 

So then, that does beg the question, when it comes to dressing for the parks at WDW around the holidays, especially in November, what DOES one wear?!

Today, I’ve put together a list of suggestions for you that I think would be great options for the parks during the holiday season. 

Don’t forget to comment and let me know what you decide to wear! 

Disney Magic Kingdom Cinderella Castle view from Main Street view. Keep reading to learn what to wear to Disney World in November.

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What to Wear to Disney World in November At a Glance:

  • Come to Disney World with light layers
  • Sweatshirts, spirit jerseys, and cardigans are a good idea in the case the morning or evening is chilly
  • Be sure to have some fun, festive and holiday-themed Disney merch in your outfit!
  • Incorporate colorful (Christmas-inspired) leggings or knee-socks
  • Don’t forget to Disney Bound as your favorite character with a holiday twist

Keep reading to get a full guide on how to choose the best outfit for Disney World in November!

Why We Love Disney World in November

In November, the holidays are upon us, and those who love to be festive typically want to dress for the season!

That said, it’s still Orlando, and even if it’s “chillier” for Orlando, you’ll be sweating if you show up at the parks in a sweater and scarf.

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What to Wear in November to Disney World for Women 

What women like to wear to the parks is definitely a personal choice. The best clothes for Disney World in the hotter months are going to typically be a tank top and shorts. 

But we’re talking about Disney World in November, so this is a different situation! If you sweat easily, dress lighter!

Main Disney Outfit What to Wear to Disney World in November with White Crop Top with light jacket, brown crossbody bag, tan pants, comfortable brown shows, necklace or light blouse with thicker skirt.

Always choose comfortable shoes (trust me, you’ll be glad you did.) 

Depending on the day and the temperature, you might even be able to get away with long pants or jeans and a short-sleeved top. 

Upgrade Your Disney Look!

If you want to go for a more “styled” look, you could wear a skirt or dress! This gives a more “festive” feel for wintertime. 

Another great option is leggings! They will keep you warm and make sense for the theme park, as they are athletic wear. 

My favorite Disney outfit in November is:

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What to Wear in November to Disney World for Men 

For men, the best clothes to wear to Disney World in November are going to depend on what you typically wear during the day.

Disney Magic Kingdom Train Station on Main Street USA. Keep reading to learn what to wear to Disney World in November.

Jeans are a great option since the sun won’t be blazing like it is during the summer. 

Short sleeve shirts are a suitable option for Disney World in November, and either a light jacket or sweatshirt packed in a backpack just in case. 

What About Cooler Days at Walt Disney World?

For the chillier days, if you’re visiting closer to Thanksgiving, long sleeve t-shirts might be wise for men as well! 

Beanies are an option but plan your days for wearing beanies carefully since it could still be a lot of layering for Orlando. Just be sure to pack wisely!

Don’t forget to check the weather for the week of your vacation to Disney World right before you leave.

You’ll also want to do this while you’re packing to make sure there are no dramatic changes in the temperature predictions. 

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Walt Disney World Weather in November 

The weather averages with a high of around 78° and a low of 59°.

It will be chillier than you might expect for Orlando, but if you’re used to snowy winters, it will probably feel on the warm side to you. 

Disney Magic Kingdom Main Street Cinema with Christmas Tree in the Background. Keep reading to learn what to wear to Disney World in November.
Disney Magic Kingdom Main Street Cinema with Christmas Tree in the Background

It really rarely rains in November at Disney World, so you won’t have to expect too much precipitation. That being said, it won’t be cold either. 

Orlando winters typically fall somewhere in the middle. That’s why you want to be prepared for almost anything with your November packing.

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Best Holiday Accessories for Your Disney World Outfit 

Let’s talk about seasonal accessories!

During Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, men and women alike enjoy dressing up for the holiday season when they visit Disney World in November and December.

Santa and Reindeers during Disney Christmas Parade Magic Kingdom. Keep reading to learn what to wear to Disney World in November.
Photo Courtesy of Disney Co.

Disney World sells holiday themed-Mickey Mouse ears that are for purchase in advance on Disney’s website!

Minnie and Mickey Green Holiday Ears on Etsy. Keep reading to learn what to wear to Disney World in November.
You can find these Disney Christmas Ears on Etsy!

Plus, Disney sells holiday-themed jewelry, bags, t-shirts, and more!

These can be fun gift items to purchase in the parks but also ahead of the trip if you so choose.

Disney Christmas Jersey in stop in Main Street USA Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World. Keep reading to learn what to wear to Disney World in November.

Disney sometimes even carries fun seasonal phone cases and pop sockets, so be on the lookout!

Disney Bounding in November 

Let’s discuss Disney bounding! First of all, what does it mean to “Disney Bound”?

Essentially, the definition of Disney Bounding is when Disney fans dress up like their favorite Disney characters but not quite in costume, instead more of a regular clothes- look that gives the essence of said Disney characters’ style. 

For example, if you love Pooh Bear, you might wear yellow tights and ears on a headband and a red t-shirt. 

So, what could you Disney Bound as in November?

The answer is: any of your favorite characters! Just the same as throughout the rest of the year. 

Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty at Disney Epcot. Keep reading to learn what to wear to Disney World in November.

But the difference is, for November, you’ll want to incorporate longer sleeves, jackets, and overall light layers into the character look. 

Get creative! Use the opportunity to wear colorful tights and cute scarves while still keeping to the theme of whoever you are Disney Bounding as!

What to Pack for Disney World in November? 

As previously mentioned, it’s a great idea to check the weather all the way up until the day before you leave for your Disney World vacation. 

I know that planning your Disney outfits is more complicated in November than it would be other times of the year. 

Main Disney Outfit What to Wear to Disney World in November with a Christmas Sweater, black crossbody bag, ripped jeans, black boots, black hipster sunglasses, and mickey mouse ears.

Here’s Your November Packing List for Disney World:

  1. Comfortable shoes
  2. Sunglasses
  3. A Hat
  4. Light T-Shirt
  5. Bathing Suit
  6. A Lightweight Jacket/Sweater 
  7. Flip Flops
  8. Backpack
  9. Poncho/Umbrella
  10. Neck or Cooling Towels

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Top 5 Tips For Choosing the Best Disney World Outfit For November:

Now that you know what to wear to Disney World in November, let’s go through a few of my favorite tips to make packing easy for you!

  1. Check the weather repeatedly while packing
  2. Prepare with light layers
  3. Sweatshirts and cardigans are a good idea in the case of a chillier day
  4. Incorporate fun holiday-themed Disney merch!
  5. Consider colorful leggings and knee-socks

My Final Thoughts on What to Wear to Disney World in November

All in all, we hope this article helps spark your inspiration for packing for your upcoming Disney World trip. Don’t forget the essentials! 

What to wear to Disney World in November. Keep reading to learn what to wear to Disney World in November.
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I hope you have a magical and merry visit to Disney World this November!

Happy Holidays Hipster!

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