REVIEW: Is the Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures Worth It in 2024?

Are you ready to Dine Like Royalty at the Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures?

As a Walt Disney World frequent solo visitor, it’s always a treat to be able to visit Disneyland and explore everything that they have to offer!

I recently visited and was able to try quite a few new experiences like Disney Genie in action and Holiday overlays on classic attractions.

But of course, I simply had to try the food and the Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures experience inside Grand Californian’s acclaimed Napa Rose restaurant, which was highly recommended by local friends.

As someone who has experienced character breakfast offerings in Walt Disney World (WDW), Disneyland and Disneyland Paris, this particular quickly rose to the top.

While the price may scare some people away, let’s dive into why I feel it’s worth it, especially if this is a once in a lifetime visit for a solo traveler.

Disneyland Resort Sleeping Beauty Castle in California

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Location: Napa Rose Princess Breakfast

The setting for this scrumptious 3 course meal is in the lavish and gorgeous Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa.

It is similar to Disney World’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. The hotel features premium accommodations, impressive amenities and rich, award-winning dining options.

Disney Princess Adventures Breakfast at Disneyland Napa Rose Restaurant

Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa is the epitome of luxury and that’s what you get when you enter it.

When heading to Napa Rose Restaurant, you will want to head straight out until you reach the doors on the left-hand side of the lobby to the outdoor area.

Disney Princess Adventures Breakfast at Disneyland Victoria Wade at the Entrance of Napa Rose

You will continue going straight past the entrance to Disney California Adventure and Storytellers.

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There you will find the entrance to the restaurant. I got a bit lost on our way so please always feel free to ask a Cast Member for directions.

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How to Book a Reservation for Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures?

This part of the process was actually the most difficult part of the entire experience and my only major complaint.

Booking the restaurant was probably the most exasperating time that took a total of 4 hours.

When I attempted to book on Disneyland’s website, I got an error page.

The error page gave the Guest the Hotline Number for Walt Disney World’s dining reservations. I figured if I waited a bit, it would fix itself, but it did not!

BEWARE: Making a Reservation Can Be Challenging

When I called Disneyland’s numbers, I got a message saying that it was temporarily unavailable, leaving really no way for me to book.

Disney Princess Adventures Breakfast at Disneyland Victoria Wade at Napa Rose

With that, I tried the website again and assumed that they would have the WDW number up and the two (WDW and Disneyland) would be joined together.

I thought that this was the way they manages both Walt Disney World and Disneyland’s guests who called to make reservations for dining.

After about an hour and a half of waiting, I was told this was not the case and had to let the Cast Member know that was happening.

The Solution to My Reservation Nightmare

I tried calling the Grand Californian Hotel & Spa with no response and thankfully, a Twitter follower gave me the direct number to the restaurant where I was able to leave a voicemail with my information.

About an hour later, my call was returned, and I was finally able to book the coveted reservation to Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures.

Normally, you can just book on Disneyland’s online system, but just in case you run into the same issue I did, you can call the Grand Californian Hotel & Spa at 714-635-2300 and ask them to connect you to the restaurant.

Or you can call the restaurant directly at 714-781-4636, leave a voicemail and they will reach back out to you to book.

Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures: 3 Courses of Heavenly Delight

Let’s move on to the fun stuff! When I first arrived for check in, I was ushered to a section to immediately meet the first princess, which was Princess Tiana.

Rightfully so as it was the anniversary of her film!

Disney Princess Adventures Breakfast at Disneyland meeting Princess Tiana in Napa Rose

I was then treated to a processional of all the visiting princesses entering the restaurant.

After meeting with Miss Tiana, I was escorted to my table which gave me excellent views of the princesses greeting guests outside, as well as guests entering Disney California Adventure via the Grand California special entrance.

Royal Morning Libations

My friendly and spectacular server, Neady, got me and my party settled with drink menus. My friend and I ordered the Awakened Beauty drink, which is under the Royal Morning Libations section.

Disney Princess Adventures Breakfast at Disneyland Menu with Drinks

This menu features drinks such as Sparkling and Regular Wines by the Glass and Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic beverages that range from $8-$19.

The Awakening Beauty drink is one that was recommended by my server which I enjoyed so much that I am recommending to you!

Awakening Beauty Drink at Disneyland Princess Adventures Breakfast

It is a very fruity drink that isn’t too sweet and is blue and pink when mixed in honor of Aurora.

The Awakening Beauty, if you are curious, and features Ketel One Citron and Combier with passionfruit, strawberry puree, lemon juice and sparkling water.

1st Course: The Appetizers

My 1st course was presented to me via the Appetizer Tower, and it was very extravagant and lovely!

Disney Princess Adventures Breakfast at Disneyland Appetizer Tower Platter with lobster roll parfait mini sandwich

I was in awe of the pastries and savory delectables that were given to me and my party, and my server was kind enough to name off every single piece that I was about to devour!

A Tower Filled with Treats

We were given the Banana Brulee wrapped in a Nutella crepe on the top of the tower, a ham sandwich that was open faced on the second level of the tower.

Disney Princess Adventures Breakfast at Disneyland Creme Brulee at Napa Rose

Topping it off on the third level was Tiana’s man catching beignets, freshly made, a scrumptious lobster roll and coconut chia pudding!

Lots of Pastries

I was also given a pastry basket that featured a strawberry muffin, cranberry scone and a yummy cinnamon twist. The pastries were quite delicious with my coffee and tea.

My Favorites from the 1st Course

The favorites of my group were the lobster roll, beignets, cranberry scone and the pudding, which caught us by surprise with its lovely and fragrant flavors!

Disney Princess Adventures Breakfast at Disneyland Lobster Roll

The portion sizes were great and much bigger than anticipated, and we loved it!

2nd Course: The Main Dish

Moving on to the delicious main course, which is changed seasonally based on what the server told me! It was awesome to see the chefs and cooks making the food fresh for guests.

Disney Princess Adventures Breakfast at Disneyland Dining at Napa Rose

The food is served buffet style and you can come up and choose as much as you care to eat. It is requested that you wear your mask when coming up to fill your plate.

Lot’s of Food to Choose From

I was in absolute shock about the spread for the second course. It featured standard fare including fluffy Mickey shaped waffles and crisp chicken with syrup.

There was also plenty of bacon, scrambled eggs, sausage and breakfast potatoes!

Disney Princess Adventures Breakfast at Disneyland with Mickey Mouse Waffles Bacon Sausage Green beans Mac and Cheese and Strawberry

My bacon was crispy and perfect; however, the sausage was standard and nothing to cry home about though.

The breakfast potatoes and scrambled eggs were super good though!!!

I like my eggs with cheese, but even without it, the eggs were still very good!

Disney princess breakfast adventure Review

There was plenty of fruit options and they were all so fresh, crisp and flavorful!

I enjoyed the fruit skewers, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, grapes, pineapples and melon. In fact, it seemed like there was more fruit than hot offerings.

A Great Surprise!

What threw me for a loop was the mini lump crab cakes that were being served, which is a staple of where I am from!

It was an absolute delight for me and my party, and it was up to our Maryland standards.

We asked our server for old bay for the mini crab cakes, and they delivered, which made us feel right at home!

Disney Princess Adventures Breakfast at Disneyland meeting Mulan in Napa Rose

They served up melt-in-your-mouth braised pork tenderloin paired with cooked to perfection asparagus.

The pork tenderloin had just enough fat and the spices incorporated in it had us going back for seconds and thirds.

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Finally, I have to talk about the Mac n Cheese served topped with breadcrumbs and served in an adorable mini pot. Perfectly warm and cheesy!

You can get it without the breadcrumbs, but I opted to try the full experience. While I adored this offering, I wish there was a bigger portion size for it.

3rd Course: Time for Dessert!

Last but certainly not least, the dessert course!

The desserts presented to my group represented several of the princesses we met during our breakfast.

Disney Princess Adventures Breakfast at Disneyland Yogurt with crumbles on top

There was a plethora of tarts, cake pops, mousses, and more!

They were presented on an adorable and elegant dish and featured the Mango Macaron shaped like a clam with a chocolate pearl centered in the middle to represent Ariel.

Two Brownie cake pops that represent Aurora, and Aurora’s being pink with a flower and gold tiara on top were on the plate.

Disney Princess Adventures Breakfast at Disneyland Victoria Wade meeting Princess Aurora the Sleeping Beauty

The other cake pop was a holiday inspired one covered in white with red and green sprinkles.

There was a Pocahontas Peanut Butter Mousse topped with a sugary green leaf on top, a raspberry tart to represent Belle, who was meeting guests in her holiday gown and a sorbet topped with cotton candy.

The brownie pops were a bit much for our taste and heavy, so I personally only ended up eating one of them. My friend tasted both and agreed they were a bit heavy.

Disney Princess Adventures Breakfast at Disneyland Meeting Rapunzel in Napa Rose

The mousse was thick but very good in my opinion. My favorites were the macaron, raspberry tart and sorbet!

They were not overpowering in their sweetness, but were still super delightful and light!

Meeting the Characters at the Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures

Now I will go over all of the characters that I met on my visit.

What princesses are at the Princess Breakfast?

You will be able to meet eight of the princesses. On my visit, I met:

  1. Tiana
  2. Mulan
  3. Rapunzel
  4. Pocahontas
  5. Aurora
  6. Belle
  7. Ariel
  8. Cinderella

Normally, there is a Storytime session for children attending but during our time in the restaurant, but I didn’t see it happen and I arrived at 9 a.m.

At the end of your brunch, you are gifted with a card signed by all the princesses and a button to commemorate your visit!

How much is the Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures?

So, let’s get into the nitty gritty. The Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures price is $135 plus tax and gratuity not included. This is the price for both adults and children.

What are the hours for the Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures?

This experience is only available Thursday through Monday between the hours of 8 a.m.- 11 a.m. PST.

Is the Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures worth the cost?

In the end, this is the million dollar question. Some pros are obviously location, meeting numerous princesses and enjoy multi course dining.

If you don’t want to be rushed, that’s a plus too!

Ferris Wheel at Pixar Pier Disney California Adventure and Disneyland Halloween Event at Oogie Boogie Bash

HOWEVER, I will say that I spent a good chunk of my morning there and missed out on valuable time in Disney California Adventure due to the length of the experience.

Flo's V8 Cafe Disney California Adventure Entrance Nighttime

Not to mention, I expected a bit more diversity with the food offerings for the price I paid, although the food I did have was absolutely scrumptious!

This meal was also a “Treat yourself” experience, so I’m not necessarily sure I would pay this every visit. Keep these things in mind, when determining if this is for you.

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My Final Thoughts on the Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures

Overall, I had an amazing time during my visit here! I felt very luxurious and as if I was dining like true royals.

The interactions with the princesses were so much fun and interactive, as if it weren’t even in a modified capacity.

Disney Princess Adventures Breakfast at Disneyland Victoria Wade at the Entrance of Napa Rose

Also, the food and the Chef, who I got to speak to for a moment, was so good!

Cast Members were all accommodating and the service me and my party were given was immaculate.

Is it Worth it the Disney princess breakfast adventure
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I would genuinely recommend this experience for first time visitors, for a special occasion or a treat yo self-meal!

What is the best Disney Park meal you ever had? Share with us in the comments section below.

Until next time, Happy Park Hopping Hipsters!

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She is a Proud Native to Baltimore, Md but always will call Disney World home. You can find her at Disney Tea with V.

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