Be Our Guest Restaurant at Disney is the Hardest Reservation to Get For a Reason (FULL REVIEW)

Are you trying to figure out if Be Our Guest restaurant at Disney World is worth a visit on your vacation?

In case you’re wondering, it’s absolutely worth fighting for a reservation to this magical place!

I have all the details you need to know about this unique dining spot at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. From where to sit, what to order, and how to get those coveted reservations!

So, let’s dive right in.

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What is Be Our Guest Restaurant at Disney World?

Disney’s Be Our Guest Restaurant is a table service restaurant that serves an infusion of both American and French cuisine.

In 2009, Disney made the announcement to expand Fantasyland and as part of the expansion, there would be a restaurant called Be Our Guest Restaurant that would be themed on the Beauty and the Beast film.

When did the Be Our Guest Restaurant open at Disney World?

This Disney restaurant would go on to be opened on November 19, 2012 at a minor event. However, the grand opening came on December 6, 2012, less than 3 weeks after.

I can still remember the excitement in the air as this was being built. It was around the time I started this blog so it’s one of the earlier things I covered on ThemeParkHipster.

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Where is Be Our Guest Restaurant in Disney?

The Be Our Guest Restaurant is located in the heart of the Magic Kingdom Park section of Fantasyland.

It is right behind the famous carousel with large gargoyles standing guard outside of the Beast’s Castle.

What does it feel like to eat at Be Our Guest Restaurant?

As mentioned earlier, the restaurant is themed on the Beauty and the Beast film so you can expect to see and experience an environment similar to that in the famous Disney franchise.

What you may not know is that your experience may be different depending on the dining room that you eat inside of Be Our Guest castle at Disney World.

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Be Our Guest Restaurant: West Wing

The West Wing, which is the smallest dining room, is made to recreate the desolate times of the Beauty and the Beast film when the Prince was still beastly.

This Disney dining room uses dark lighting to recreate the dreariness of the period when the curse had not been broken and in the background, ominous tunes are played.

Do you remember that wilting rose that was like the clock indicating how much time the Prince had left to fulfill the conditions for the spell to be broken? The Enchanted Rose?

Well, the Enchanted Rose is put on display in the West Wing dining room with its petals falling slowly and the events of the wilting of the rose are recreated using special effects.

At the point the last petal falls, you will hear a thunder sound from outside the room followed by a flash of light like lightning.

The lightning reveals a portrait of the prince before he became a beast and the portrait is flawed with claw marks like it was in the film.

This portrait changes with the flash of lightning, from that of the Prince as human to the Prince as Beast.

Be Our Guest Restaurant Belle and Prince Mural Window Stain

On the other hand, the larger rooms have a livelier atmosphere.

Be Our Guest Restaurant: The Castle Galley AKA Rose Gallery

The Castle Gallery dining room is a breath of fresh air when compared to the West Wing dining room. The room is brightly-lit and music comes from a tall music box that will surely catch your attention.

Be Our Guest Restaurant Rose room with Bell and Beast Dancing

This majestic music box stands around 7 feet tall and is made in the structure of Beauty and Beast dancing in the most beautiful library.

Also, the walls of the Rose Gallery is covered with exquisite tapestries showing the images of the most iconic scenes of the film.

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Be Our Guest Restaurant: The Ballroom

Next up is the largest dining room of the 3 dining rooms, the Ballroom. The Ballroom is perhaps the most recognized of the 3 rooms as it showcases the moments when the curse on the Prince was lifted.

This room is brightly lit also and you will also see snow outside the room similar to the way it was in the film.

The music played in the Ballroom is not ominous and the music is in sync with music from the Rose Gallery.

Also, in the Ballroom, there is this huge and beautiful chandelier with over 80 candles and 100 crystals that hangs at the center of the room adding more light to the room.

While you eat your dinner, you may see the Beast walking around the dining rooms to interact with the guests.

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What Type of Food is Served at Disney’s Be Our Guest Restaurant?

At the start, Be Our Guest offered two types of services: over-the-counter lunch and table services for dinner. This went on until 25 February 2015 when lunch reservations became available for guests.

Dining at Be Our Guest Restaurant is usually in the Ballroom but you may request tables at the other dining rooms if you want a different scenery.

The Ballroom, being the largest dining room, holds many guests at once so it may not be the perfect fit if you desire an intimate lunch or dinner.

It may be a bit rowdy in the Ballroom compared to the other rooms (obviously due to its size and the number of people it holds), but this is usually not an issue for diners.

Lunch and Dinner Menu at Be Our Guest Restaurant

At Be Our Guest Restaurant, the menu is a prix fixe, 3-course menu that features French-inspired dishes.

Disney Magic Kingdom Park Fantasyland Beast Castle Be Our Guest Restaurant Potato Leek Soup with Caviar
First Course

This include entrees, appetizers, desserts, non-alcoholic drinks, champagne & wines, sparkling & wines, beer & cider, and the kids’ create-your-own items.

First Step: You’ll Choose One Appetizer

  • French Onion Soup: Au Gratin with Gruyère
  • Mixed Greens Salad: Goat Cheese Mousse and Roasted Tomato Vinaigrette Dressing
  • Tuna Tartare: Dijonnaise, Chopped Egg, and Black Olive Oil
  • Escargot de Bourgogne: Baked in Garlic-Herb Butter with Baguette
  • Sweet Corn Bisque: Corn Madeleine, Tomato, and Chive (Plant-based)
Be Our Guest Restaurant Filet Mignon Steak
Second Course (Filet Mignon)

Second Step: You’ll Choose One Entree

  • Seared Pork Tenderloin: Potatoes, Stewed Pepper Piperade, and Sauce Verte
  • Short Rib Beef Bourguignon: Smoked Bacon, Potatoes, and Red Wine Jus
  • Poulet Rouge Chicken: Asparagus, Petit Potato, Watercress, and Whole-Grain Mustard Sauce
  • Trout Amandine: Crab, Smoked Almonds, and Haricots Verts
  • Center-cut Filet Mignon: Robuchon Yukon Potatoes, Seasonal Vegetables, and Mushrooms with a Red Wine Sauce
  • Pan-roasted Squash: Eggplant-Black Garlic Purée, Grilled Sourdough, and Olive Tapenade (Plant-based)

Third Step: You’ll Enjoy Your Dessert

The dessert items also called “Dessert Trio” include 3 items Dark Chocolate Truffle, Lemon Jam Macaron, and Chocolate Tart with Grey Stuff. ALL absolutely delicious!

Disney Magic Kingdom Park Fantasyland Beast Castle Be Our Guest Restaurant with Grey Stuff Dessert and Macaron
Dessert Trio

OR you can select the Vanilla Cake with Lemon Curd that comes with fresh berries and strawberry meringue.

Drink Menu at Be Our Guest Restaurant

At dinner, they offer 3 signature non-alcoholic drinks, an All-Natural Fruit Punch and an All-Natural Lemonade.

For Beer & Cider, there are 7 options; for the Wines, there are over 20 options to choose from.

Be Our Guest Restaurant Peach Bellini and Grey Stuff Cupcake
Peach Bellini and Grey Stuff Cupcake

Bottles cost approximately 3 times as much as a glass of the champagnes, sparkling and wines so depending on how much you want to drink, you know what to get.

How to Get Reservations at Disney World Be Our Guest Restaurant

A simple way to explain the state of reservation at Be Our Guest is to say that dinner reservations are the hardest to get with lunch reservations being easier.

The best way to get a reservation to Be Our Guest Restaurant is to have a MyDisney experience account, download the MyDisney Experience App, search for the restaurant and choose your time ASAP!

Is Belle at Be Our Guest Restaurant at Disney World?

While you can meet the infamous Beast lurking through the castle, Belle does not make an appearance in Be Our Guest restaurant. However, you can find her next door in the Enchanted Tales with Belle attraction.

Disney Magic Kingdom Theme Park Festival of Fantasy Parade Belle of Beauty and the Beast one of the best shows at Disney World.

7 Easy Tips for a Good Visit to Be Our Guest Restaurant

  1. If you have allergies, speak with a chef or a member of the cast trained on special diets.
  2. You may want to go for lunch on non-Extra Magic Hours days.
  3. Some meals may contain uncooked ingredients and if you are sensitive to such, you should avoid them to avoid getting sick.
  4. You may request for the Rose Gallery or the West Wing dining room if you want more intimacy with whoever you are dining with.
  5. Making Advance Dining Reservations especially for dinner is essential to enjoying your visit.
  6. You could get something special if you indicate on your reservation that you are celebrating something like a birthday or an anniversary.
  7. In the West Wing dining room, try as much as possible to avoid the table closest to the rose because people will constantly come close.

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Final Thoughts and Review on the Be Our Guest Restaurant at Disney World

I did get the Master’s Cupcake which came with Chocolate Sponge Cake topped with Lumiere’s special “Grey Stuff” and man-o-man was it absolutely DELICIOUS and the highlight of my dining experience!

Now it’s a bit different as it comes mixed into the Dessert Trio via the Chocolate Tart.

Try the Grey Stuff…it’s delicious!

Not only was the “grey stuff” mixed to perfection, the cake was moist and not too overbearing in the chocolate flavor.

I was so surprised at how much I enjoyed this dish as I thought it would be an overrated food item at this Disney Park.

My meal was then topped off by a Peach Bellini which I had to do because it was my first time enjoying an adult beverage inside the Magic Kingdom. And what better place to do in than deep inside the Beast’s castle.

Be Our Guest Restaurant Peach Bellini and Grey Stuff Cupcake
Peach Bellini and Grey Stuff Cupcake

The winner of the evening was the Filet Mignon steak! Not only was it juicy and tender, it was seasoned to perfection.

I guess I was just happy to have an exquisite dining experience at Walt Disney World!

Be Our Guest restaurant has a whole lot in store for you and the excitement of visiting is always wonderful.

Going with no prejudice will help you realize and enjoy this place to the fullest. So for your trip to Fantasyland, add Be Our Guest restaurant on the list of places to be.

So, for your trip to Fantasyland, add Be Our Guest restaurant on the list of places to be.

Disney Food Review of Beauty and the Beast Be Our Guest Restaurant
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Final Score for Be Our Guest Restaurant Breakfast at the Magic Kingdom

  • Ambiance: 9
  • Food: 9.5
  • Prices: 7.5
  • Drinks: 9
  • Service: 10

I give this restaurant a 9 out of 10 on the ThemeParkHipster dining scale.

Until next time, Happy Park Hopping Hipsters!

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