Japan Pavilion Exterior View

What EPCOT Japanese Restaurant is the Best?

Are you trying to figure out which EPCOT Japanese restaurant you should visit on your trip?

EPCOT attracts foodies from around the world to its theme parks with an extraordinary gastronomic scene. The food offerings at EPCOT encompasses everything from home-style American burgers to a delicious platter of authentic Japanese sushi.

Scattered across this eater’s paradise are over 50 restaurants, of which some of the top choices are in Japan Pavilion alone.

It should be no surprise that gourmands often visit this Walt Disney World park, especially to sample multiple cuisines. In this post, I will guide those of you who are in pursuit of scrummy Japanese dishes. Get ready to chop-chop with the chopsticks.

Here is a list of best EPCOT Japanese restaurants.

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Millennium Force front entrance logo sign at Cedar Point

Millennium Force at Cedar Point (Your Full Handbook)

If you’re a roller coaster fanatic (like me), you must have heard the name Millennium Force several times till you finally decided to google it.

For a two-minute ride, this ride definitely has a certain oomph. It has since broken almost 20 records worldwide and also was the reason the term ‘Gigacoaster’ was coined.

Cedar Point definitely made its mark with this one. 

I love me some adrenaline rush, but if you are someone who doesn’t here is a note of caution: the Millennium Force is a steel monstrosity over 300 feet tall. You will be rattling along the rails at a speed of approximately 93 miles per hour.

Now those of you who haven’t been fazed by those numbers, welcome! You are the inner squad that I will train to take on the Millennium Force without hesitating or faltering.

At the end of this article, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to take a ride on the feared Millennium Force.

Let’s get started with your training, shall we?

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Epcot Mexico Pavilion Pyramid View

ULTIMATE Guide to Epcot Mexican Restaurants 2021 (menus, ambience, comparison and more!)

Are you wondering what are the BEST Epcot Mexican restaurants? Or… Ever love a particular cuisine so much that you have considered relocating for it?

I have.

It’s Mexican food all the way for me! I love the flavors, the spice, the way they make it, oh my. You may relate with me (even if its a teensy bit) because who does not like Mexican food right?

Well, I’ve got good news for you.

You don’t need to relocate to Mexico to find good Mexican food. Epcot offers plenty! 

Epcot Mexican restaurants are all stomach-grumblingly mouth-watering (if there is such a word). You can start with tacos, move on to enchiladas, throw back an avocado margarita and end the feast with some flan. Of course, this is but a fraction of what’s on the menu!

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Test Track at Epcot

Is Test Track at Epcot Scary?

So, you wanna ride Test Track at Epcot?  Well to be honest, we can’t blame you! This ride is the perfect mix of thrills, surprises, and family fun. Plus, it constantly ranks as a favorite among Disney guests.

But, what is the history of this ride? What should you expect before going on? At what point during your park day should you plan to ride it?  

We know your head is probably spinning with questions, but don’t worry! 

All these questions, and more, will be answered in this very post! So what are you waiting for? Sit back, relax, and buckle up your seat belt- we’ve got lots to get to!

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Disney Springs Christmas Tree Trail Robin Hood

Christmas at Disney Springs: Guide to Your Most Magical Season Yet!

Are you ready to celebrate Christmas at Disney Springs?

We know that 2020 has not been the most kind to us and our constant desire for theme park adventure. With so many big events cancelled and park closures, is there anything we can look forward to for the 2020 Christmas season?

Well ThemeParkHipsters, today we’re happy to tell you that the answer to that question is an enthusiastic Y-E-S!  Starting on November 6 (less than one month away) Christmas at Disney Springs, and all over Disney property, will officially begin!

But what exactly does that mean for this year? What kind of offerings can you expect? How different will it be as compared to years past? Is it still worth experiencing?

Well ThemeParkHipsters, we can’t wait to cover all of this, and more, with you below!

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Scorpion Roller Coaster at Busch Gardens Track Curve near phone charging station

Scorpion at Busch Gardens Tampa (ULTIMATE GUIDE)

Scorpion at Busch Gardens Tampa is one of the few remaining attractions in the park.

I remember as a kid, I would be fascinated by how much people screamed on roller coasters. I would stand beside the ride, looking at the riders and then deem the ride worthy or unworthy based on how much people were screaming.

Yup, I was a budding adrenaline junkie alright.

My point is: if I were to visit the Scorpion at Busch Gardens Tampa as that twelve-year-old, I would still rank it pretty high.

Scorpion will take you to the highest heights of exhilaration, drop you into the depths of stomach-lurching fear and finish with a high-speed 360-degree pirouette.

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Animal Kingdom Dinoland USA Dino Rama Entrance with Chester and Hester Green and Blue Dinosaurs

Dinoland USA : Animal Kingdom’s Most Fun Rest Stop

To the average guest, Dinoland USA located in Disney’s Animal Kingdom is one of the most skipped lands probably out of most of the parks.

Most only venture to ride the thrilling Dinosaur attraction, meet characters like Scrooge Mcduck and Launchpad , or to entertain the kids at the Boneyard.

Dinoland USA is full of hidden, quirky details that pay homage to the little known Disney film and the returning fad of Road tripping across America!

And with everything in the Disney Parks, Walt Disney Imagineering (WDI) has a well themed and well laid out tale behind it!

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7 Best of the Disney Christmas Shirts YOU MUST HAVE for 2020

Are you trying to pick out the BEST Disney Christmas shirts for the holidays?

I’ll be lying if I said that I didn’t have an abnormally large collection of Disney merchandise. Clothes are one of the best souvenirs you could buy in my (*ahem*) professional opinion. 

Just think about it– they are useful, comfortable, help you express your interests without speaking (hello introverts!) and they (almost) always smell like the place you bought it from.

My Disney shirts carry so many memories and meaning. And each one reminds of a different moment– screaming at the top of the ride, spilling ice-cream (or something stronger), meeting my favorite characters and more!

Now that you know how much I love my Disney shirts, there is something I would like to confess: I have favorites. I know, I know. Merch is like children and you’re not supposed to play favorites. But I caved alright?

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Magic Kingdom New Fantasyland Gaston's Tavern Entrance

Gaston’s Tavern at Disney World– Everything you NEED to know!

When I heard that Disney had recreated Gaston’s Tavern, I bust out my yellow ball gown and rode my horse all the way to Orlando. Well, almost.

The Beauty and the Beast is a tale as old as time and is as addictive as the song. I have watched it myself over five times.

Although Gaston was a villainous piece of toxic masculinity and everyone who watched him dance or speak (or literally do anything) cringed internally, he is one of the main characters.

And as a tribute to that (and his ginormous ego) Gaston’s Tavern actually has a statue/water fountain of Gaston at the entrance.

Now that made me want to go there more than ever. So I did. And guess what? It is literally a perfect replica!

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Best Disney Christmas Ears

12 BEST Disney Christmas Ears YOU MUST GET for 2020

Can you believe it’s already almost that time of year again?  Are you looking for some Disney Christmas ears to sport this season?

From snowfall in Disney Springs, to Magic Kingdom’s iconic Christmas Tree – that’s right Theme Park Hipsters; it’s time to start thinking about the most wonderful time of year in the Happiest Place on Earth!

And while you might already have plans for everything you want to do IN the theme parks during the Christmas Season…do you know what you’re going to wear TO the parks to show off your holiday spirit?!

Your theme park holiday photo-ops are only as good as your outfits after all, and that’s why today we’re excited to show you our 12 favorite Disney Christmas ears – so you can go park hopping in holiday style!

And, more than that, you might even find that one of these adorable Disney Christmas ears is just the item that special someone on your Christmas shopping list has been missing! 

So, whether you’re searching for the perfect Disney accessory for yourself, or a gift to give someone else, search no further!

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