Woman Solo Traveler finding Cheap Flights to ORlando at Airport

How to Find Cheap Flights to Orlando (10 Pro Tips for Flying to Orlando)

Do you know how to find cheap flights to Orlando?

When people ask me about planning their vacations to Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando or SeaWorld, I tell them the two most important things to take care of first are Hotel and Flights.

You always need to confirm where you will lay your head and how you will get there. In fact, many people always wonder how I can afford to fly to Orlando so much. This year alone I have gone 5 times with 5 more visits in my back pocket for the year.

Today, I’ll be sharing a few of my favorite tips on flying into one of my favorite airports, Orlando International Airport (MCO).

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Disney fireworks show

10 BEST Magic Kingdom Shows You Have to See!

Do you want to know what the BEST Magic Kingdom shows are for your upcoming trip to Disney?

Well ThemeParkHipster, you already know when it comes to the title of “The Most Happiest on Earth” – Disney’s Magic Kingdom in Orlando, FL takes the cake.  

And that’s not just because the Disney Parks and Resorts in Orlando, FL are the biggest in the world – it’s also because of the endless choices when it comes to Magic Kingdom entertainment.

Truly, if you wanted to spend an entire park day at Magic Kingdom just watching shows – you could! And that’s why today we’re going to rank the BEST Magic Kingdom shows. So on your next park day, you’ll know which Magic Kingdom shows are first class, and which are a HARD PASS!

So without further ado, let’s get to it!

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Minnie and Mickey Mouse Topiary in Front of Cinderella Castle

What’s the Best Backpack for Disney (These 7 Will Help You Decide)

Hello there ThemeParkHipster! Today I hope you’re in the mood to ACCESSORIZE – because we’re talking ALL ABOUT the best backpack for Disney!

Too many times, we focus SO MUCH on planning out what we’re DOING during our Disney day, that we forget to plan what we should BRING!

So today, I’m here to help you solve that problem with a list of the best Disney bags I could find. From cutesy and magical to roomy and practical, I’ve got an awesome pick for every type of ThemeParkHipster out there – so let’s get to it!

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Best Sushi at Walt Disney World

What’s the Best Sushi in Disney World? These 8 Will Help You Decide

Sushi lovers unite! Because today I’m going to talk all about the best sushi in Disney World. And let’s be honest, I already know what you *might*  thinking: can theme park sushi actually be good?!

And luckily the answer is YES; times ten! That’s right, believe it or not there’s 10 places at the most Magical Place On Earth for you to enjoy the best sushi Walt Disney World has to offer. Some of which are Michelin-starred and Zagat rated!

So let’s start listing them, because my tummy is already rumbling with excitement!

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Disney Hollywood Studios Entrance Sign

How Much Does Disney World Cost? (Let’s Make Disney Affordable Again)

Are you trying figure out how much does Disney World truly cost?

Some people find it difficult to successfully afford to travel and enjoy Walt Disney World, especially families. As a solo traveler, you do have some benefits because of that.

The fact of the matter is, we can all find it feasible to visit and enjoy the most magical place on earth. If there are two things I learned as a Disney specialized travel agent, it’s this:

  • Research will be your guide and savior
  • Shop with your wallet, not other’s

By researching, you understand your options and what is available to you in order to make this trip come true.

Being aware that most cost guides are family focused and not solo travel focused, meaning your expectations of cost may deter you from trying if you’re traveling solo.

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Rise of the Resistance Pre Show

Rise to the Challenge: Rise of the Resistance Virtual Queue and Boarding Group FAQ

Are you having a hard time using the Rise of the Resistance virtual queue to get on this popular Disney attraction? Trust me, I understand your frustration.

With Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary just 4 months away, it’s important to know several things.

To start, anniversary years tend to bring in more crowds than ever. Once October 1st is upon us, it will prove more difficult than usual to get park pass reservations, dining reservations, and yes, boarding groups for Rise of the Resistance in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

Now with that being said, it very important that if you are visiting Walt Disney World in the next few years to understand another key fact.

Disney is more than likely going to start normalizing virtual queues and boarding groups for their upcoming attractions.

You can see proof of this in the announcement that Webslingers over at Avengers Campus in Disney California Adventure will utilize this system as well.

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Cedar Point Wicked Twister Roller Coaster

Cedar Point: Is it Weird to Go Solo? NOPE, here’s why…

You may be wondering…is it weird to have a solo trip to Cedar Point? Absolutely not! It’s NEVER WEIRD TO GO SOLO!

Ahh… Cedar Point! The theme park has 72 rides, 18 roller coasters, a water park, two marinas AND an outdoor sports complex. 

Sounds like the dream? Just wait till you hear all the accolades it’s got!

It held the title of ‘Best Amusement Park’ from Amusement Today for (wait for it, wait for it) SIXTEEN YEARS! 

Not only does it have the ‘Friendliest Park Staff’ award, ‘Cleanest Park’ award and ‘Best Shows’ award, but they also have numerous Golden Ticket awarded rides too!

This right here, folks, is the ULTIMATE theme park. With the power vested in me and on behalf of all Theme Park Hipsters, I pronounce Cedar Point the Adrenaline Junkie Capital of the USA!

*ringing applause* *standing ovations* *people fainting*

And you, my dear solo traveler, are the latest ThemeParkHipster! (Unless you have been here already. In that case, WELCOME BACK!).

As part of your welcome (back) party, I will take you on a personal tour of Cedar Point! Let’s begin!

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Best Beaches near Disney World

Best Beach Close to Disney World (Top 9 Florida Beaches Near Disney)

Are you trying to figure out, What is the best beach close to Disney World? Trust me, I understand your curiosity.

When you’ve been to Disney World a couple of times (or a couple hundred times), you start wondering what lies outside those hallowed gates.

And then it strikes you– you’re in sunny Florida! There are so many beaches you could begin walking blindly in any direction and happen upon one! (Well… almost)

But you don’t want to go to just any beach on your Disneycation. You want to go to the BEST BEACH around!

That’s when you google: “best beach close to Disney World’ (because let’s be honest you don’t want to stray that far from the mothership).

And that’s probably how you found this article. So welcome, fellow Disney  travelers! 

I shall show you the place(s) where you can rest your weary feet and get that tan on! Below is a list of the 9 best beaches close to Disney World. Go on, have a peek. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

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Minnie and Mickey Mouse Topiary in Front of Cinderella Castle

7 BEST Disney Shirts for Adults Who LOVE Park Hopping

Are you trying to find the BEST Disney shirts for your upcoming trip?

As die-hard theme park fans, I know that half the fun is picking out the perfect theme park fit – so that’s why today I’ve listed out the best Disney shirts – so you can go theme park hopping in style!

But where can you find the most unique Disney shirts? And which Disney shirts for adults will arrive on time for your trip? We’ve got the answer to all that, and more, below!

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Dragon Roll Tempura Shrimp at California Grill Restaurant

5 Very BEST(and Very Worst) Disney World Restaurants You MUST KNOW!

So, you wanna know the Best Disney World Restaurants? I don’t blame you!  Because let’s be honest, a full theme park day isn’t complete without a satisfied stomach!

So today, in typical ThemeParkHipster fashion I’m going to give you a comprehensive guide of the DOs and DON’Ts of Disney Dining…aka the 5 Best Disney World Restaurants, and of course, the 5 WORST Disney World Restaurants!

Are you ready? I thought so! Let’s get started!

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