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17 Tips for Doing Walt Disney World on a Budget

Walt Disney World on a Budget.

17 Tips for Doing Walt Disney World on a Budget

You can save money by budgeting for your Walt Disney World vacation in so many ways. Don’t stress yourself about breaking the bank for a chance at experiencing the famous mouse. I’ve put together a few tips in helping you do Disney the cheap way!

Tips and Tricks for a Cheap Walt Disney World Vacation

1.Shop around.

theme park tickets

Remember that hotels are less expensive off-site. If you do stay on site you will get special perks such as free transportation within the property which can save on car rental or cabs.

2.Book a vacation package with your tickets.

theme park hipster

Through the authorize vacation sellers, you will be able to get a significant discount on your Walt Disney World vacation package. Your theme park tickets will also get scooped up in that whole package price.


3.Use professional or club discounted rates.

theme park tickets for nurses

If you’re a part of a professional organization or travel club, always check to see if they have any theme park discounts. Dental, pharmacy, AAA are just a few examples of organizations that may have theme park deals. AAA usually has significant discounts on Walt Disney World tickets.

4.Stay at an all-suite hotel with an in-room kitchen.

orlando hotel

This is important because it gives you the chance to save on your dining budget. You can go grocery shopping and based on the planned-out meals, you do breakfast and dinner at your hotel or vacation rental and do a lunch at one of the parks. Just have it all mapped out. It will cut your dining budget in half.

5.Look for a flight leaving on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Saturdays.

cheap plane tickets for disney

Those days tend to be the cheapest to travel. Booking your actual ticket on a Tuesday mid-afternoon about 3 PM to 4 PM has been said to be the best time to book flights. The industry is usually updating prices and for some reason I’ve been lucky when it comes to booking flights during that time.

6.Check local travel agents for Disney discounts and deals.

Destinations in Florida: Universal Orlando’s Agency of the Year 

There are a lot of authorize travel agents in the Central Florida area. I personally use Destinations in Florida as my theme park vacation planner. Travel agents can help you put your whole plan together. They usually know the different Walt Disney World discounts and deals that are available right away before anyone. They also know different time frames that are best for you to book. They’re really good with when it comes to planning a customizable Disney vacation.

7.Purchase the multi-day park pass.

flower and garden festival epcot

Get cheap tickets that are one or two days short of your total vacation length. If you will be at Disney for four days, maybe book only two days to go to a park. On the first day in Orlando you may be tired or jetlagged. Use that day to explore Disney Springs or discover your resort. On your last day, you may not want to go to one of the parks and try to travel back on the same day.

8.Do free (or almost free) activities at Disney.

fort wilderness disney

Discount Disney Tickets

There are so many other things you can do at the Walt Disney World Resort for free…or almost free. Such as animal viewing at Animal Kingdom Lodge, resort tours, campfire tales at Fort Wilderness Campground, and more!

9.Take advantage of Disney freebies.

Free art classes- Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

Hopefully your Disney trip does not dig too deep into your wallet. In case it does, take advantage of some of the free stuff throughout the parks. Items such as, celebration buttons, trading cards, stickers, art classes (Disney resort guests), Wi-Fi, sample soda at Epcot, a cup of water at theme park kiosks, and much more!

10.Use discounted travel sites for hotel deals.

find disney ticket deals

Book portions of your vacation through website like Hotels.com for great hotel deals. Hotels.com offers a FREE night special. When you book 10 hotel nights through their website, you’ll receive one night free. You may get one of your nights at a participating Disney area hotel for free.

11.Book vacation during the off-season.

walt disney epcot flower and garden festival

Be sure to use Disney crowd calendars to help you determine the best season to book your Disney vacation. I recommend early November or mid-January. You will be able to maximize your days and really enjoy the whole property offered by Walt Disney World.

12.Don’t forget the Airbnb website.

airbnb orlando

Airbnb is a website where you can get super cheap lodging for your Florida vacation. Airbnb allows you to rent from people in Orlando, FL from about $20 per night.

13.Research dining options at Walt Disney World.
Disney Dining Waffles

Belgian Waffle at the Magic Kingdom

The dining options at Disney can be overwhelming. It is very important to plan out what you want to eat at each theme park. Have an idea of what’s on their menu. If you plan on having lunch there, then decide where you want to eat and possibly what you want to eat. This is a very important first timers tip in enjoying Disney on a budget. Disney dining plans are also a good way to stick to a dining budget.

14.Bring your own snacks and water.

bring snacks to disney

Having snacks and water will help hold you over between your meals. Water is very important to have especially in the severe summer heat. Be sure your snacks are within the Walt Disney World guidelines.

15.Purchase Disney souvenirs offsite.

solo theme park

You can use websites like Amazon or go to the Disney outlet store in the tourist area of Orlando. The cost of many Disney merchandise is at least a 50% off. Also, local stores like Target, usually have a vast collection of Walt Disney World merchandise for lower retail prices.

16.Buy ponchos, water, and sunscreen prior to your park visit.


Amazon Value Pack

Don’t get caught up in the Disney rain and the Disney $20 price of a poncho. A lot of the items such as a poncho, sunscreen, and water can be bought at a dollar type store for as little as $1.00.

17.Use discount websites for cheap Orlando activities.
Icebar Orlando

Icebar Orlando

Get great discounts on different activities happening around Orlando. Websites such as Groupon has some of the best activities to do off of the Disney properties.

I've always wanted to know how some people were able to go to Disney for less than $1500. The 17 tips really helped me have a cheap Disney vacation.

Hope these Disney saving tips helped you all. Let me know some tips you use when planning your Walt Disney World vacation.

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