2024 Complete Guide to Parking at Universal Orlando Resort: FREE Options, Prices, Hotels, and more!

Are you trying to figure out the BEST way to park at Universal Orlando for your trip?

Admittedly, no one really talks about a really important factor when it comes to visiting the Universal Orlando Resort.

Normally, guests are either staying on property or at a good neighbor hotel nearby, so it’s not a concern.

If you are local or renting a car to get around the Orlando area, then this becomes a bigger concern because it’s not as cut and dry as one would think.

It can even get confusing and frustrating when you don’t know everything but of course, now you have me!

I have all the tea you need to prepare for parking at Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, CityWalk and the hotels.

Flume Water Ride at Islands of Adventure. Keep reading to learn about parking at Universal Studios Orlando.

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Parking Options at Universal Orlando Resort

Universal Orlando allows you to choose from a different variety of parking options in their garage areas. The prices are per vehicle and can depend on your vehicle type.

Spiderman Section in the Universal Orlando Parking Garage. Parking at Universal Studios in 2024.

How much is parking at Universal Orlando Resort?

  • Regular Parking: $30
  • Prime Parking: $50 to $60 (depending on the season)
  • Prime Upgrade: $20 to $30 (depending on the season)
  • RV/Bus Parking: $40
  • Valet Parking: Between $30-$75

The parking complex boasts two multiple storied structures and a main transportation hub. This easily gives guests access to CityWalk and all three Universal Orlando parks.

King Kong Parking Area in Universal Orlando Resort Garage. Keep reading to learn about parking at Universal Studios Orlando in 2024.

The sections of the structures are named after a classic universal character and features rows and levels.

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Regular Parking and Prime Parking at Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure and Volcano Bay

Let’s go into a bit more detail with each parking option. With Regular Parking, you will be allowed access to a spot in one of the parking structures.

2024 Universal Orlando Resort Parking Garage with Volcano Bay Sign. Keep reading to learn about parking at Universal Studios Orlando.
When you visit Volcano Bay, you will have to go to the main parking hub. You will then let the Team Member know that you will be visiting the water park. There will be a special parking area for you where you will then take a bus over to Volcano Bay.

If you choose to do Prime Parking, you will on one of the structure’s lower levels.

RV/Bus Parking and Valet Parking

RV/Bus parking is also in the structure but in a different area and on different level.

Valet Parking is slightly complicated because your cost depends on how long you are parked.

Universal Orlando Parking Gate. Parking at Universal Studios.

Not to mention, availability is limited so make sure you want it when you arrive. Valet is in a separate area, but it is right up an escalator closest to the CityWalk entrance.

How much is Valet Parking at Universal Orlando Resort?

Now as far as Valet Parking, here’s what pricing will vary:

  • Two Hours or less: $30
  • Over Two Hours (Before 6 p.m.): $65 to $75
  • Over Two Hours (After 6 p.m.): $40 to $75

Just weigh the options that works best for you and your budget!

Hotel Parking at Universal Orlando Resort

You may think that it might just be easier to park at one of the Universal Orlando Resort Hotels to avoid parking costs at the garage, you’re out of luck.

Universal Orlando Cabana Resort Famous Entrance with classic 50s cars. Keep reading to learn about parking at Universal Studios Orlando.

While every Universal Orlando hotel has their own parking structures, they do charge a nightly rate ranging between $21-$40 per day. This is if you’re a hotel guest.

2024 Universal Orlando Resort Volcano Bay Bus Stop with Aventura Hotel in the Background. Keep reading to learn about parking at Universal Studios Orlando.
Volcano Bay Bus Drop-off Area

You do have several risks if you are not a hotel guest attempting this idea.

However, if you’re parking and staying longer than 30 minutes, then you will be looking at $45 plus tax.

If you wanted to pay that, you might as well do Valet parking entirely. And if you plan on taking the shuttle bus, you will also have to consider when the shuttle’s schedule.

Sometimes they only drop off/pickup at certain times of the day.

If you do plan to take this into consideration when planning for your day, you should be fine.

This option is reasonable if you plan on just having a quick bite in CityWalk, but I would not take this route for your day visit if you are a non-hotel guest.

Getting Through the Transportation Hub Area at Universal Orlando Resort

The hub is where you will end up once you have parked and made your way towards CityWalk and the parks.

Located here are the security checkpoints, featuring metal detectors and bag checks.

Thank you for Visiting Universal Orlando Resort Sign in CityWalk. Keep reading to learn about parking at Universal Studios Orlando.

You will pick a lane, place your bags and metal items in a container and walkthrough the scanner while their bags and items are x-rayed.

This must be done or everyone’s safety in order to enter into CityWalk.

Golfing at Universal Orlando Resort next to Parking Sign. Keep reading to learn about parking at Universal Studios Orlando.

Coming from a Universal Orlando hotel, you will come across a security checkpoint on the sidewalks going towards CityWalk or before boarding a water taxi.

While sometimes it may seem busy and backed up, security is usually very efficient and thorough. Just be patient and let the security do their jobs.

What’s the deal with Accessible Parking at Universal Orlando Resort?

Accessible parking, from my understanding, is located on level three of the parking garage.

Welcome to Universal Orlando Resort Sign in CityWalk. Keep reading to learn about parking at Universal Studios Orlando.

Your next question may be, how does accessibility parking work at Universal Orlando?

A friend who utilizes the accessible parking informed me that you will need to inform the parking attendant upon arrival, who will ask you to turn your hazard light on, while leading you to the designated lane.

To make it easier, you will also have the ability to rent wheelchairs on this level if need be.

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Is there any kind of free parking available at Universal Orlando Resort?

Parking is free to all guests after 6 p.m., as long as it’s not a Halloween Horror Nights evening.

HHN 30 Universal Studios Arches

Another time you will be able to get free parking is if you are seeing a matinee showing at the Universal Cinemark theater.

Universal Orlando Resort Cinemark Movie Theater in Citywalk

You will still have to pay upon arrival, however, if you show your parking ticket AND movie tickets at the box office, you will be reimbursed.

Universal Orlando Resort NikkyJ getting ready to watch Jurassic World Dominion at Cinemark in Citywalk
Editor, NikkyJ, at Jurassic World Dominion Premiere

Now I have only done this once personally, so you will be reimbursed in the manner in which you paid.

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What are the Universal Orlando parking hours and what’s the address?

The parking structure is usually open when the parks are open and closes about an hour after CityWalk closes.

E.T. Parking Section at Universal Orlando Resort. Parking at Universal Studios. Keep reading to learn about parking at Universal Studios Orlando.

Here is the address you will want to put into your GPS to get you directly to the parking structure:

  • 6000 Universal Boulevard Orlando, FL 32819

Please remember that on certain occasions, Universal may open the parking garage early for special events like attraction grand openings.

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Are there any parking discounts at Universal Orlando Resort?

Annual Passholders get discounts (mainly free unless you upgrade your parking option) on parking dependent upon their pass type.

This discount applies to the parking structures only and NOT hotel parking and does not apply for event nights.

Parking at Universal Orlando Resort Golf and Bubba Gump Sign at CityWalk. Keep reading to learn about parking at Universal Studios Orlando.

Premier Annual Passholders can Valet Park for free (when available) while Preferred Annual Passholders can Valet Park at a 50% discount.

UGH! My car needs a jump! Can Universal help me?

Yes! You can actually get a free battery jump from a Universal Orlando Team Member if you get stuck in the garage.

Cat in the Hat Parking Area at Universal Orlando Resort. Parking at Universal Studios.

You can call for help on one of the security phones on every level of the structure and let a parking attendant know.

I’m driving from the Orlando International Airport (MCO), any Perks for me?

If you rent a car from Avis or Budget rental service at Orlando International Airport(MCO), you can get upgraded to Prime Parking for free.

Orlando International Airport Gate A
Orlando International Airport Gate A

You will still have to pay for regular parking and a voucher is required as proof.

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I need to leave Universal for a bit. Do I have to pay again to park?

No, you only pay once per day per vehicle. Just show your receipt from the same day and you’ll be good to go!

How can I avoid paying for Universal Orlando parking?

The only true option is to be dropped off or picked up at the designated area.

If I recall correctly, if you’re doing a ride share vehicle, the drop off/pick up is near the Jurassic Park level of the parking structure.

CityWalk at Universal Orlando. Keep reading to learn about parking at Universal Studios Orlando.

Now if you are being dropped off by a taxi, you’ll be dropped off in an area nearby the transport hub.

Universal Studios guide and tips
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Because of where these lanes and drop off/pick up areas are, drivers won’t have to pay a fee.

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Final Thoughts on Parking at Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, and Volcano Bay

And there you have the basics of parking at Universal Orlando Resort. Compared to their competitors, the pricing offered is fairly standard and affordable.

The Amazing Adventures of Spider Man Islands of Adventure

But ultimately, I have covered everything you need to prepare for parking at this awesome and epic resort.

ET Parking Section at Universal Orlando Resort. Parking at Universal Studios.

I touched on pricing, accessibility, valet, discounts and much more, making it that much easier to travel solo to the very best destinations Orlando has to offer you.

How do I Park at Universal Orlando Resort. Keep reading to learn about parking at Universal Studios Orlando.
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Until next time, Happy Park Hopping Hipsters!

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