How Did Walt Disney World Inside Out Become the Best? Find Out.

Do you remember the Disney Channel show from the 1990s called Inside Out?

Did the ThemeParkHipster really go there?

Yes I did 🙂


Because the other day I was checking out YouTube to watch past Walt Disney World documentaries and low and behold I came across some old videos of Walt Disney World Inside Out.

One of my absolute favorite shows ever produced on the Disney Channel!

Beauty and the Beast at Hollywood Studios
Photo Credit: Pixabay


So how did Walt Disney World Inside Out become the best?

5 Reasons to Love Walt Disney World Inside Out

Cinderella Castle Magic Kingdom Cost to Park at Disney World
Photo Credit: Canva

1- Made a Way for Bloggers and Theme Park Content Producers Today

We all run on the same format as they did in delivering information. Only today we have much more avenues to release our Theme Park content across the world.

2- Cutting Edge

I know those are strong words to use for a TV show in the 90s, but for someone who only visited Walt Disney World once every few years, this show gave me a wonderful insight on Disney like never before.

I know it wasn’t just me who felt this way.

Before Walt Disney World Inside Out, you had to rely on your local newspaper or the free (only produced annually) Walt Disney World vacation guide video.

We were also able to dive right into the weekly magical Disney updates with, Scott Heriott, the original host.

Thunder Mountain Railroad Magic Kingdom Disney Hidden Secrets with golden mountain in the background.
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Photo Credit: Pixabay

He would take us on tours of the newest Disney projects in production at that time.

Of course, his version was always a bit whimsically, sarcastic and slightly offensive 🙂

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3- The Show Hosts

There’s no way I could make this list without mentioning the talented hosts throughout the years.

Photo: Walt Disney World Inside Out Hosts Brianne Leary, George Foreman, and JD Roth.
Walt Disney World Inside Out Hosts Brianne Leary, George Foreman, and JD Roth. Photo:

They were the epitome of classic TV hosts that only people of the 90s can understand.

After all, TV was our internet so any on camera talent had to be great and able to connect to the audience.

Walt Disney World Inside Out Hosts:

  • Scott Heriott (Original Host)
  • Brianne Leary
  • George Foreman
  • JD Roth
  • Talia Osteen (Teen Host)

4- Great TV Programming

There was no DVR!

If you wanted to see what “hair raising” ride George Foreman was going to try to conquer for the week or which celebrity guest would have Brianne Leary going goo goo gaa gaa over, then you had to be in place.

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5 – It Just Flowed

It was a peaceful calm before the Millennium influx of websites and social media competition of who delivered the best Walt Disney World news.

It was perfect for Disney fans during the 90s and helped usher us into a new wave of Walt Disney World culture.

Final Thoughts on Walt Disney World Inside Out

This television series will always be one of my favorite Disney nostalgic programming.


I will always appreciate the consistent behind the scenes footage that provided us with a one stop place for phenomenal Disney news!

What do you remember the most about Walt Disney World Inside Out and what was your favorite episode? Let us know in the comments section below.

Until next time, Happy Park Hopping Hipsters!


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