2024 Review of Takumi Tei at Epcot: One of Disney’s Best Restaurants!

Dining in serenity and sophistication is what you’ll experience at Takumi Tei, one of Epcot’s best Japanese restaurants which officially opened in July of 2019.

As you walk through Takumi Tei, you’ll notice the natural beauty of Japan infused everywhere inside of the table service restaurant.

Once you are guided to your seat, you’ll be immediately placed into a peaceful state-of-mind as you observe the mixture of nature and artistic craftsmanship of the world presented.

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What Does Takumi Mean?

Takumi is a Japanese word that means “artisan” or “skillful,” which is something you’ll notice engulfing the serene restaurant no matter where you sit.

Whether from the décor to the exquisite presentation of the food, you’ll quickly come to understand the meaning of Takumi in this new Epcot Japanese restaurant.

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How to Make Reservations at Takumi Tei?

Like many of the Walt Disney World Resort restaurants, Takumi Tei takes reservations up to 2 months (60 days) in advance.

Reservations are not hard to get in advance, but I’m pretty sure that as the word spreads more about this dining location, they may become much more difficult in the future.

I do recommend booking as soon as possible if you are celebrating a special occasion on your next Disney vacation.

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I was super lucky to get a reservation within one (1) day of my requested date, but this may not work for everyone.

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What to Know About Takumi Tei at Epcot Before You Go

Takumi Tei is currently not participating in the Disney Dining Plan. So, you’ll want to keep that in mind when planning your Epcot trip.

It is operated by Mitsukoshi USA and is located on the side of the Japanese Pavilion that’s closet to the Morocco Pavilion.

This artisan dining experience is divided into 5 rooms that are inspired by a natural element:

  1. Water
  2. Wood
  3. Earth
  4. Stone
  5. Washi Paper

You’ll immediately notice these natural elements upon arrival in Takumi Tei if you look to your left.

Note the dress code: Tank tops, flip-flops, swimsuits, swimsuit cover-ups, hats for gentlemen, cut-offs, torn clothing and t-shirts with offensive language and/or graphics are not allowed in Takumi Tei.

The Takumi Tei Menu

Takumi Tei showcases modern Japanese cuisine with impeccable ingredients and presentation to display the beauty of the island.

This EPCOT Japanese restaurant offers a slew of unique dishes on the Omakase Tasting Menu with seven options to pick from.

Epcot Theme Park in Disney Japan Pavilion Takumi Tei with tea ceremony
Dessert Course with Green Tea

Plus, signature cocktails, premium sake, wine and Japanese craft beer.

7- Course Omakase Tasting Menu

  1. Zensai Moriawase: Chef’s selection of five seasonal appetizers
  2. Sushi: Nigiri and roll
  3. Agemono: Lobster tempura served with creamy ponzu sauce and matcha salt
  4. Sashimi: Seasonal Fish
  5. Yakimono: Your choice of: 3 oz Japanese A5 wagyu steak, curry-roasted potatoes, roasted seasonal mushrooms, or Roasted duck, garlic sautéed spinach, pumpkin puree, black grape reduction, or Grilled Chilean seabass served over rice with bonito and kelp broth
  6. Shirumono: Seasonal broth
  7. Ocha to Kanmi: Green tea accompanied by your choice of: Chestnut crème brûlée, or Strawberry yuzu sorbet served over plant-based shiso jelly, or Monaka daifuku with ice cream and kinako crumble
Epcot Theme Park in Disney Japan Pavilion Takumi Tei with A5 Wagyu Steak and fried lobster
3 oz Japanese A5 Wagyu Steak and Lobster Tempura

There’s also an array of cocktails, sake, Japanese beer and whiskey, a Plant-based Omakase Menu “Hasu” and a Children’s Omakase Menu “Himawari” (for ages 8-12). You can get the full menu here.

How much does it cost to eat at Takumi Tei in EPCOT?

The prices are Takumi Tei are between $100 and a whopping $250. On average, you can expect to spend around $310 per person for a wholesome dining experience.

Epcot Theme Park in Disney Japan Pavilion Takumi Tei Kochi Cocktail
Kochi Cocktail

Please note: The menu can change at anytime, so what I describe today maybe different during your dining experience.

Water Room

As if the menu wasn’t mouthwatering enough, you can book a private dining session at the Water Room inside Takumi Tei.

You’ll experience this incredible meal with seven (7) courses amongst the serenity of the dining space provided for you.

How to Book Reservations at The Chef’s Table

The Water Room experience (which seats up to 8 guests) can only be booked by calling (407) 827-8504 or by emailing TakumiTei@mitsukoshi-orlando.com

There is a fee of $100 per party for exclusive use of the room plus a dedicated server.

What About the Cancellation Policy or Changes to Your Reservation at The Chef’s Table?

You can modify or cancel your reservation at least 48 hours prior. If you cancel with less than 48 hours in advance, you will have to pay a $100.00 charge per person in your party.

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My Full Review of Takumi Tei at Epcot

Ever since I heard that Takumi Tei was coming to Epcot, I was excited to experience this new Japanese restaurant since it’s my favorite type of food.

I made my reservation online the day of which was pretty easy since it was still in soft opening.

Just so you know, I have since returned to restaurant to experience the Omakase menu which is now the only option. I will give both reviews (the al la cart menu vs the Omakase experience).

First Impressions

As I walked through the beautiful doors, I was pleasantly welcomed by the ambiance and décor.

I was led through the entry hall that has the 5 elements that Takumi Tei is based on. They are:

  1. Water
  2. Wood
  3. Earth
  4. Stone
  5. Washi Paper

I was greeted by the cheerful staff as I walked towards my table, then I was seated quickly in the stone room. Once I was seated, I was given a wet cloth to cleanse my hands.

Epcot Japanese Restaurant Takumi Tei Front Entrance 1

My waitress took her time and explained every item on the exquisite menu. She was knowledgeable, friendly, and professional.

As I sat in the superb restaurant, I was put in a relax state by the peaceful Japanese soundtrack.

The décor was simple, but sophisticated. Which is something you don’t see in theme park dining locations.

The Food at Takumi Tei

For the most part I did enjoy my dinner at Takumi Tei.

I didn’t get the beef the first time, which is supposed to be the Wagyu beef that is very famous in Japan. I did get the duck and I felt like it was very tender and pretty delicious.

And although everything was pristinely presented, I did have some disappointments.

Maki Sushi

For my starter dish I got the Mozaiku which came with Tuna, Yellowtail, Asparagus, Tobiko, Red Shiso Rice, and Lemon Grass Ponzu.

I didn’t really care for it. Although I really like sushi, the Mozaiku roll was just okay…

Takumi Tei Epcot Japanese Restaurant Sushi

For what you’re paying for here, I wanted the best and I didn’t feel like I got that with the sushi.

The flavor of the fish was bland and it just felt like there was something missing that I couldn’t quite put my hands on.

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I was upset that I got this sushi knowing that I could’ve got something better at Morimoto Asia in Disney Springs.

Keep in mind that this was on my first visit when they first opened up in 2019. Since then, things are much better.

Kamo Rosu – Roasted Duck: Marinated Duck, Kabocha Squash, Edamame Beans, Japanese Mizuna, Cured Duck Egg Yolk, Grape Reduction

I’m not really a duck fan because of the fatty texture, but this one was fine. It did have some fat texture, but it was on the outer shell.

Takumi Tei Japanese Restaurant Epcot Kamo Rosu - Roasted Duck_ Marinated Duck, Kabocha Squash, Edamame Beans, Japanese Mizuna, Cured Duck Egg Yolk, Grape Reduction
Takumi Tei Japanese Restaurant Epcot Kamo Rosu – Roasted Duck_ Marinated Duck, Kabocha Squash, Edamame Beans, Japanese Mizuna, Cured Duck Egg Yolk, Grape Reduction

It was well seasoned, but I do feel like the roasted duck could’ve had a bit more salt.

What I did like about this dish is that it had little bits of cut-up grapes around it in a reduction.

Takumi Tei Japanese Restaurant Epcot Kamo Rosu - Roasted Duck_ Marinated Duck, Kabocha Squash, Edamame Beans, Japanese Mizuna, Cured Duck Egg Yolk, Grape Reduction

Combing the grapes along with sautéed leafy accompaniment gave the Kamo Rosu a nice blend of savory and sweet.

Kami Cocktail

For my adult beverage of choice, I got the Kami which came with Roku Gin, Sayuri ‘White Lilly’ Nigori Sake, Calipco, and Lychee.

Epcot Japanese Restaurant Takumi Tei Kami which came with Roku Gin, Sayuri 'White Lilly' Nigori Sake, Calipco, and Lychee

It had a little bit of ginger flavor to it, but it wasn’t too overpowering. The lychee hint was an added bonus and very refreshing.

The Kami cocktail was sweet, but not too sweet where it would overpower the taste of the dinner.

The Kami was the highlight of the night for me. Plus, each drink came with an origami on the top of the cocktail.

Omakase Experience

I’m not new to the Omakase tasting experience as Orlando has some of the best sushi restaurants in America, I just was surprised that we would have one in the middle of a theme park.

I would only recommend doing this is you’re an adventurous foodie or if you’re someone who loves Japanese cuisine like myself.

After enjoying Michelin Star restaurants like Kadence, I feel like Takumi Tei can compete with them all.

The 7-Course Meal

In this 7-course meal, you start with the Zensai Moriawase (an assortment of appetizers chosen by the Chef).

This was quite an adventure for me with uni and other seafood offerings. But I will say that everything was quite flavorful and marinated to perfection.

Let’s not forget the presentation of the second and third course which were the sushi and Agemono options.

The fish for the sushi and sashimi were super fresh and the fish just melted in my mouth like butter. That was the highlight of my evening.

As for the Agemono, this was a fun twist to tempura Lobster Tail which came with creamy ponzu sauce and matcha salt!

It was crunchy with a hint of sweetness from the lobster which was balanced with the saltiness from the ponzu sauce. Chef’s kiss 🙂

The fifth course was the main highlight of the evening which was the Yakimono selection in which I chose the 3 oz Japanese A5 wagyu steak.

It came with curry-roasted potatoes and roasted seasonal mushrooms.

This was the best wagyu steak I’ve ever had and although I wanted mine on the more cooked side of things, it was still buttery and took my dining experience up ten notches!

My savory side of things was completed with Shirumonom, the seasonal broth that actually gave my stomach a break and allowed me to prepare for my incredible dessert course.

Not only did I get an array of options such as: Chestnut crème brûlée, or Strawberry yuzu sorbet served over plant-based shiso jelly, or Monaka daifuku with ice cream and kinako crumble, my experience ended with a Japanese Tea Ceremony.

It was perfect on my solo trip to Disney’s Epcot.

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My Final Thoughts on Takumi Tei Japanese Restaurant

Overall it was an exquiste dinner and one of the more luxurious things you’ll do at Walt Disney World.

I will say it is very pricey and I’m not sure it is something that I would recommend you coming to do if you’re not into doing theme parks this way.

However, if you have a Disney bucket list and you love Japanese food, then you MUST eat here!

Is Takumi Tei Worth It?

I’m not really sure I would recommend it for family travelers, but if you are trying to do something like a romantic date here in Epcot or a solo trip, then it’s perfect.

The ambiance was romantic and cozy and I think you’ll like it. Takumi Tei is expensive, so I can’t say that I can 100% recommended for you.

It’s a nice addition to Epcot, but there are some other places out there that you might be able to try that’s in a better price range (if you’re on a budget).

Final Score and Review for Takumi Tei at Epcot

  • Ambiance: 10
  • Food: 10
  • Prices: 7.5
  • Drinks: 10
  • Service: 10

I give this restaurant a 9.5 out of 10 on the ThemeParkHipster dining scale and I know you will definitely enjoy it too!

You can visit the official restaurant website to book your reservation here.

Epcot Japanese Restaurant Takumi Tei Front Entrance
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Until next time, Happy Park Hopping Hipsters!

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