5 Best Disney Haunted Mansion MagicBands You Gotta Buy!

Ever had a hard time deciding which Disney accessory best suited your needs? If you’re a major fan of Disney’s spooky attractions, then the Haunted Mansion MagicBand is a perfect gift for you.

You can even get if for a diehard fan of the 999 Happy Haunts!

Before we dive into your many Haunted Mansion MagicBand options, let’s first talk about the purpose of a Disney MagicBand.

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Haunted Mansion Secrets Tombstone

What is a MagicBand from Disney?

If you haven’t been to the Walt Disney World Resort in a few years you’re probably wondering what are MagicBands and do I even need to use one?

Well, a MagicBand is basically a wristband that is your theme park ticket, credit card, room key, and PhotoPass all rolled into one.

Haunted Mansion Ghost Hosts in interactive line at Magic Kingdom

Disney is now on their second version of MagicBands which now has a removable center puck. This allows you to swap them between bands or add them to different accessories.

Now that you understand what a Disney MagicBand is, let’s go through some of my favorite Haunted Mansion MagicBands.

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1. Haunted Mansion Maid and Butler Magic Band

Rock the famous Maid and Butler uniform designs as seen at The Haunted Mansion on your wrist.

The Haunted Mansion Magic Band 2 Maid and Butler from Official shopDisney

Your own ghostly hosts will guide you throughout your Disney World vacation with your unique MagicBand design.

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2. The Haunted Mansion Wallpaper MagicBand Decal Wrap

As you wear your Disney Haunted Mansion MagicBand, try not to feel the foreboding presence of the “happy” haunts on your purple and black design.

Haunted Mansion Wallpaper Magic Band 2 Vinyl Skin Decal Wrap Sticker Cover

The Vinyl Skin Decal Wrap Sticker Cover will be perfect to take your plain MagicBand up a notch!

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3. Haunted Mansion Wallpaper MagicBand with Yellow Creepy Eyes

Disney Haunted Mansion MagicBand Purple and Black Wallpaper

Click here to get your Haunted Mansion Yellow Creepy Eyes MagicBand on Amazon.

4. The Haunted Mansion Wallpaper MagicBand with Limited Edition Gray and Black Color Scheme

This is a rare, classic gray and black Haunted Mansion wallpaper that was a hit when it first came out in Disney stores.

Haunted Mansion MagicBand Gray and Black Wallpaper

You can sometimes find it on Amazon. So, be sure grab yours right away to add to your Disney collection!

Click here to get your Haunted Mansion Gray and Black MagicBand.

5. Madame Leota MagicBand 2 – Limited Release

This limited edition is of the Haunted Mansion’s infamous resident psychic medium, Madame Leota, who will have you feeling as if you can foretell your own future (just kidding, lol).

Madame Leota MagicBand 2 – Limited Release on Amazon

With the Madame Leota MagicBand 2, you will be able to enter parks, charge purchases to your room, and more!

Get the NEW Madame Leota MagicBand here on Amazon before they’re all gone!

Do You Have to Use the Disney MagicBand?

If you are a resort guest, yes.  The Disney MagicBand unlocks important things like your room, parking access and it acts as your theme park ticket.

A MagicBand decorated with MagicBandits.
Copyright photo: Disney.

For those who are Annual Passholders or just visiting the parks for a few days and not staying on Disney property then MagicBands are not a necessity.

How Does the Disney MagicBand Work?

The MagicBand 2 uses radio frequency (RF) technology to connect guests to their plans and entitlements safely and securely.

You simply touch your band to touch points in places such as resort room doors, theme park and water park entrances, and cast mobile devices.

How Do You Get a Haunted Mansion MagicBand?

There are several ways you can acquire your Disney Haunted Mansion MagicBand. 

1. Through My Disney Experience

You can order a customized one online (more to come on that below) through MyDisneyExperience or you will receive a generic one at check-in.

Your MagicBand customization options online at MyDisneyExperience.com.
Your MagicBand customization options online at MyDisneyExperience.com.

2. On the Disney Store

If you are an Annual Passholder you can order your MagicBand 2 online through MyDisneyExperience as well. You may also purchase a MagicBand online at the Disney Store or via the Shop Disney Parks App.

Disney Store Entrance

3. At the Disney Parks & Outlets

If you would like to pick one out in person, they are available at almost all the stores inside of the Walt Disney World Theme Parks. As well, you can find MagicBands at your local Disney Store or Outlet.

4. On Amazon

You can find ones like the Black Disney Parks MagicBand on Amazon for a slightly lower cost.

Haunted Mansion Facts and Secrets

You may not know it, but each Disney attraction has special little hidden gems and secrets attached to them.

Join the happy haunts on the Haunted Mansion.
Haunted Mansion

Hipster Power Tip: There have been rumors throughout the years that the Haunted Mansion MagicBand has special effects whenever you come near the attraction. I haven’t found anything to prove this myth, but if you have experienced an effect with your band, then I’d love to hear about it.

Let’s go through some of the most intriguing things to know about the actual Haunted Mansion attraction inside Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

1. Madame Leota’s Final Resting Place

Pay close attention to Madame Leota’s tombstone. Her eyes may magically open for you.

Disney Memento Mori Shop at the Magic Kingdom with a painting of Madame Leota

2. Gargoyles in the Haunted Mansion

As you leave the stretching room of the Haunted Mansion, listen for gargoyles talking. They are making sure you “stay together.”

Haunted Mansion horseless carriage in front the Disney dark ride.

3. Haunted Mansion Pipe Organ

There’s a replica of the pipe organ from the film 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea in the ballroom scene of the Haunted Mansion.

Haunted Mansion Magic Kingdom Secrets at Disney with Organ covered in Skulls.
Disney’s Haunted Mansion Pipe Organ

4. Tony the Tiger in the Haunted Mansion

One of the singing statues in the Haunted Mansion was the voice of Tony the Tiger from Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes!

Final Thoughts on the Disney Haunted Mansion Magic Band

When it comes to choosing the best Haunted Mansion MagicBand skin, you should choose one that best fits your personality. These bands are fan favorites and can be hard to find if you want to purchase.

Mickeys Halloween Party Ghost PhotoPass
Haunted Mansion Ghostly PhotoPass Feature

Do you know someone who’d love these MagicBands or are you going to snag one for yourself? Let us know in the comments section below.

Disney Haunted Mansion MagicBand with creepy Magic Kingdom attraction.
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(Original Date October 25, 2015/Updated August 24, 2021)

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